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Lee Sin General Guide by BlueMoon01

AD Offtank [6.8] Lee Sin to your Inner Insec

By BlueMoon01 | Updated on April 21, 2016

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Hello everyone this is my second guide on MOBAFire. I have my first guide that is on = Viktor! Do check it out if you want to learn indepth on Viktor.

I will keep this Lee Sin guide as simple, short and informative as possible.

Note : The guide will be updated when theres a change to Lee Sin / New item introduced / Nerfs & Buffs
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Pros and Cons

+ Good ganker
+ High mobility with many gapclosers
+ High damage output early game
+ Huge damage in a spell rotation / High burst
+ Flashy plays fishes free honours
+ Fun and unique playstyle

- Falls off late game
- CC hurts his combo
- Require times to master
- Bad wave clear
- Relies on making plays in late game
- Need quick decision making
- He's blind

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Items [Boots + Enchantments]

Good boots for Lee Sin because it helps to get nearer to cooldown reduction cap and the reduction of cooldown reduction for summoner spells gives more outplay potential.

Get it if you want stronger presence in the early game and the speed it gives out of combat makes you travel throughout the map faster and catch people off easily. Boots of Swiftness is also an alternative if you want a constant movement speed.

Get this if enemy have a heavy AD comp or their AD Carries are fed.

Get this if enemy have a heavy AP comp, CC heavy comp or their AP Carries are fed.

I take this most of the time when playing Lee Sin because of its cheap cost for 2 ward slots so we don't have to waste 800g to spend on Sightstone and waste an item slot. A good choice/

Gank heavy choice for Lee Sin, the steal of movement speed helps you to get closer to enemy. Although this is quite a good item, but you have to sacrifice an item slot for Sightstone to make plays using wards or rely on trinket alone.

Mostly getting it if the game is snowballing because of its good smite effect that allows us to deal more damage and able to solo enemy easier.

Gives more AD and CDR. Nothing to say much. Self explanatory, get this unless your behind

Gives nice amount of health to be tank Lee Sin and get this if your really behind and prefer to be carried / assisting instead of killing.

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Items [Viable Items]

Viable Offensive items : Black Cleaver / Youmuu's Ghostblade / Death's Dance / Titanic Hydra / Ravenous Hydra
Viable Defensive items : Sterak's Gage / Maw of Malmortius / Dead Man's Plate / Banshee's Veil / Locket of the Iron Solari

All of these items will be explained in the next chapter
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Items [Explanation]

The Black Cleaver / BC
Shreds armor every successful attack + spell
Pick this up most of the time on Lee Sin, its just what all he needs. Armor penetration , Tankiness, and 20% Cooldown Reduction which is very cost-effecient alongside its amazing passive to help you kill tanks. Get this as 2nd to 3rd item

Yoummu's Ghostblade
Gets a burst of movement speed and attack speed upon activation
Good item for Lee Sin if you prefer damage over tankiness. The build path is pretty benefits Lee Sin a lot from the armor penetration and cooldown reduction they give. The active is okay too but you might need that movement speed over attack speed most of the time

Death's Dance
Heals you for every attack, but receives % of damage taken in bleed form
This item is wayyyyy too underrated and no one buys it for Lee Sin and mostly built on tanky bruisers like Graves. The heal is really good and getting one let you have so much sustain you don't even need potions anymore. You receive % of damage taken in bleed is good for tanking some damage and your single spell rotation from Q to R heals you about 600 atleast or if not more

Titanic Hydra
AA splashes and deal damage to enemies in front of you
This item is great for the Lee Sin that wants to go tank over damage but still having decent damage and waveclear. It got nerfed recently with the hard hits of reducing 15 AD but its still good for Lee Sin, but your not gonna AA that much in teamfights but rather casting spell so I don't really recommend it.

Ravenous Hydra
AA deal damage to enemies around the target
Good item that allow Lee Sin to clear very fast in the jungle while still improving his sustain with the life steal it provides. As mentioned, you won't be AA-ing that much in teamfights but the active can help in your damage output rather than Titanic Hydra's active which requires AA to use it

Sterak's Gage
AD Version of Hexdrinker
Your gonna be kicking an enemy from their team to your team and that play will make you take a lot of damage so Sterak's Gage comes in handy at that moment. The build path is good and you can stay with Jaurim's Fist for that 300 HP total once stacked and its pretty cheap too, consider grabbing this after your 3rd or 4th item

Maw of Malmortius
Gives shield that takes magic damage upon reaching low amount of health
This item got hit quite hard recently but not that much impact on Lee Sin. The 10 MR reduce is pretty meh.. and the attack speed remove wasn't something that Lee Sin needs a lot, its still nice to get this against enemies mages that can burst you or shut you down pre-teamfight or when you trying to make plays

Dead Man's Plate
Collect speed when moving, releases them upon attacking
This item makes your roaming better with the movement speed buff and the slow it gives upon attacking helps in ganking too, or even catching / chasing enemies. The build path helps Lee Sin a lot and I recommend to buy this as 3rd to 5th item

Banshee's Veil
Gives a shield that negates all spells every minute
A good item to pick up for Lee Sin to negate those crowd controls that might interrupt your combos. It offers great passive and good stats against mages, get this alongside with Maw of Malmortius and I assure you, mages don't hurt at all ..... or maybe.

Locket of the Iron Solari
Gives MR aura to nearby allies. Shields all nearby allies upon activation
Get this if your support ain't getting one, or you need the whole team to fight against one of their fed mages that can shut you all down. The active is good and works like Karma's shield with mantra, except it doesn't give speeds
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Clearing Camps

You should be starting at Krugs at all time ( Upper part if Red team and Lower part if Blue team) and ask for leash.

Once the camp spawn : AA > Sonic Wave > AA > AA > Smite > Resonating Strike > AA (The bigger krug should be dead, proceed to the smaller krug). Make sure your teammate don't accidentally took the camp after you smited it, or keep the Smite in case.

Proceed to raptors : Kill the big raptors after killing all the smaller ones, space out your AAs between each cast of skill. Your Smite do not heal you when you have Iron Will buff on.

Proceed to Red buff : Kill the red buff and Smite it. Then proceed to gank any nearby lanes or proceed to blue buff / scuttle crab for sustain / counter jungle enemies.

TL;DR : Krugs -> Raptors -> Red -> Gank / CJ / Blue -> First back / Gank

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When ganking as Lee Sin, do not burn your Sonic Wave, unless your aiming it at fog of war and confident of hitting it, or else you waste your biggest gap closers.

Start the Gank by :
  • Place a ward ( Sightstone/trinket) and Safeguard to it then use Tempest and Cripple to slow them, if its point blank use Sonic Wave and once you have the mark on it, use it again or keep it until they Flashed.
  • Safeguard to teammate and use Tempest and slow them then proceed to do your thing
  • If the enemy happened to Flash after you make your appearance, clear the vision around the lane and gank him again later on because he lose his escape tool and Lee Sin is a great champion to abuse enemies for flash loss
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Unfortunately, I had 0 idea how to explain any insec combo possible so I advise you all to find some montage in youtube and study them.

Normal Combo : Q > Q > Put ward behind them > W > R
The burst one : Q > E > AA (If possible) > R > Q
The follow up : Q > Put ward behind them > W > R ( Flash if needed) > Q
The follow up II : Put ward behind them / around > W > R Flash > Q > Q

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Special Thanks & Updates

I hope this guide actually take a few minutes for you to guide through. Feel free to ask any questions or opinions about Lee Sin, I will reply them always.
Feel free to upvote the guide and downvote if you disliked it and give any suggestions for the guide, or any tips that I can include inside.

Thanks to :

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