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League of Legends Build Guide Author XxB33B0YxX

[6.8] - Lighting Up The Jungle With His Big Lampost [Plat]

XxB33B0YxX Last updated on May 4, 2016
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Ability Sequence

Ability Key Q
Ability Key W
Ability Key E
Ability Key R

Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Natural Talent
Bounty Hunter
Battering Blows
Piercing Thoughts

Ferocity: 12

Dangerous Game

Cunning: 0

Tough Skin
Runic Armor
Veteran's Scars
Legendary Guardian

Resolve: 18

Season 6

(added on 25/03/2013)

(This Was Added On 25/03/2013)


Hey :)

This is my first "serious" guide on MOBAFireand I hope you guys will enjoy reading it and possibly trying it out ^_^

NOTE: This won't be the prettiest guide out there, mainly because this is my first time making a guide ;)

Leave me a comment and a vote :)

P.S - Here is my own League HUD, check if you like it :) Instructions to install is on the site

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About Me

I would have to admit, that Jax has never quite been my main champ on LoL, infact, I never really jungle because I have always hated jungling, however, Jax has been the one champ that I have success jungling with because of his simplicity and great ganking protencials and now I main him in the JUNGLE.

I am not the best at league, you wouldn't be either if you are looking at my guide :P I am just making this guide because I feel like I am good enough to help other people at playing Jax. Now before you saw I'm not Plat V and this is false advertisement, I was in Plat V but I got demoted because I was in China for a month and couldn't play ranked -.- sad times.

BTW - Jax is a VERY FUN champion to play !!!

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Spoiler: Click to view

Awesome Fan Section

Here are some of the results people got by using my guide :D * I HIDE ALL BAD ONES ]:)*

People submit the results in different formats, I don't mind :)

Awesome game by XavierX ^^

2 Great games by Miksiiw :3

Three win streak by Solakug ^^( Had to edit out his Ashe lost :P )

Four win streak by Eliran :D

Awesome game by Tribalz :)

Epic 30+ Score By MoxiMamori
3 Win Streak By TheCue ^-^

Nice game by Gumisu !

Game by DerPillePalle

3 Wins by Deathypus :33

3 Awesome games by KaireFeare !

Flawless game by AngrySwarmOfBees, even more flawless than his/her name xD

Nox Revus with 2 amazing games, very impressive!

Dominating game by Uable ^^

Legendary game by Ukbar The 72nd ^^

EbonyKris carrying two games !

KermetDaCrackFrug's 4 win streak !

FatzigePanda :)








KarateKappan, overall stats

Nighter, whole collection of his awesome games





Thanks for sending me your scores :)
You can do the same by simply posting the image link in the comments or PM me !! :D ( AFTER YOU HAVE PWNED WITH THIS BUILD OFC )

For now though, CONTINUE READING !

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Pros and Cons


+ Incredible Survivability
+ High burst damage
+ Great Escapes With Leap Strike
+ Amazing AoE Stun
- High Early Game Cool Downs
- No Built In Sustain
- Not Tanky Pre 6
- Copies Master Yi's Mask, just ewww.
- Can be abit useless if behind

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Summoner Spells

This is just a must have summoner spell, it can help you secure kills, escape from dying, set up plays, or land that game winning stun onto the enemy carries, just brilliant.

This is a must have with every junglers ! It increases jungle clear time and lets you secure objectives such as Dragon and Baron , it also allows you to steal the opponent's buffs , dragon or even Baron ! Also you can't buy a jungle item without smite so yea xD


You can replace Flash with this, if you prefer, it has a lower CD than flash but that's about it :)

You can replace Flash with this too, it can certainly shut down the enemy carries in team fights but it isn't too reliable

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5 points in Fury to increase jungle clear time, as it works well with Jax's passive
I take Feast because it helps sustain in the jungle, I think Double Edged Sword works as well but I like the extra sustain.
5 points in Vampirism because Jax benefits from both spell vamp and life steal, this will help him sustain in the jungle and also make him quite a powerful duelist.
1 Point in Oppressor , this works with red buff and Jax's E.

5 points in Recovery for extra sustain
1 point in Tough Skin as it helps staying healthy in the jungle
5 points in Veteran's Scars
1 point in Insight so your smite is up more often, and more flash engages
1 point in Strength of the Ages , this mastery is taken on almost all junglers now, flat 300 hp is just very strong, especially with Jax's ult making him very durable.

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Greater Mark of Attack Damage

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Seal of Health

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Attack Speed

This rune is a must on Jax for early game straight up damage, it will allow him to clear camps faster and be able to do faster and more deadly ganks

I take these because of the recent buffs to jungle monsters, increasing their damage, so you will need more health to be able to do your jungle safely
These are also needed to reduce the damage done to you by jungle monsters, the amount you take is totally up to you but make sure you take a mixture of Armor seals and Health seals

Some MR to tank the AP mid's burst in late game, it is scaling so it gives more late game, you won't be needing the flat MR glyphs as you aren't laning with an AP carry

These runes help with clearing the jungle faster, which means faster jungle clear and more ganks. Also a bit more pushing power on turrets and split pushing etc. It also goes well with your passive.

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This is Jax's passive, Relentless Assault, it is rather nice for speeding up your jungle and makes Jax a nice duelist that can fight better in longer fights. Overall a nice passive. This is also why Jax is a deadly split pusher as he can push towers down super fast

This is Jax's Q, Leap Strike, it is Jax's only gap closer, but a very good one as it has a decent range ( about the range of Flash ), so even if your opponent Flashes out, you can still catch up with them to secure the stun.

This is Jax's W, Empower, you will be maxing this first to reduce its cooldown and increasing its damage, this is a AUTO ATTACK RESET so timing it right would mean a quicker jungle time.

This is Jax's E, Counter Strike, this is what makes Jax's ganks deadly, it is a non skill shot and only requires you to stand NEXT TO THEM, also it is an AoE stun! This also makes Jax a very strong anti-carry because it dodges all basic attacks and reduces surrounding AoE damage. Use this ability to engage fights or to peel bruisers off your ADC ! Max this last because it does not increase the stun duration by leveling, so there's no point in leveling it.

This is Jax's ultimate, Grandmaster's Might, it gives Jax bonus damage after every 3 attacks, the bonus damage is MAGIC DAMAGE , therefore it works with SPELL VAMP ! The active of this ability makes Jax very tanky mid/late game, gaining him about 80-100 ARMOR and MAGIC RESIST ! :D This ability has a very low CD so it is always available in team fights. Put a skill in this a 6/11/16 ^^.

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

At level 1 I get (e) to reduce the damage I take at the starting buff

I put a point in Empower(w) at level 2 and use it as an auto attack reset to quickly get the blue buff, your E should come off CD during the fight so you can use it again here

Then I get Leap Strike(Q) at level 3 incase there are easy ganks available

I leave Counter Strike at level 1 because the stun duration does not increase, so there are no point in upgrading this spell.

Ofc I take Grandmaster's Might(R) when ever possible.
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Mini Tactics Sections

There are a few fun tricks you can do with Jax

1) Jax's Q Leap Strike can be used on allies and wards, this means that if you place your trinket ward down on the other side of the wall you can Q to it, basically a free Flash !!

2) When clearing camps make sure you leave Counter Strike on for as long as possible, this is because it will do more damage depending on the amount of attacks you've dodged, also you will take less damage from the camps.

3) I am sure I have mentioned already, but incase you didn't see it, Jax's W Empower is an auto attack resetter, this means that after you auto attack, use W, then your next auto attack will happen straight away. Timing this correctly will maximise your damage output.

4) When ganking, you can wait till the enemy uses Flash first before Leap Strikeing to them, this will mean the opponent has wasted Flash and has took damage too. ( This will not always work as some players don't panic, or if they are playing champs with a lot mobility such as Ahri and Lee Sin )

5) A nice trick to do with Jax's E is to let the jungle monster hit you first which will proc the poison damage of the Gromp buff, then use your E, this just allows you to clear little bit faster, but every little helps !

6) General tip, if the enemy has some kind of escape, for example Fizz's E, make sure you wait until they use it first before ganking, or the gank will not likely to be successful. It will be easier to bait out their escape if you have communication with your laners.

7) Jax is super good at solo'ing the dragon due to his E and ability to dish out a lot of single target damage. So after you have your partly stacked Devourer and are level 6, buy a pink ward and you can most likely solo it.
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This is in my opinion the trinket to go for, as it provides early game vision, or it could prevent you from doing a deadly face check ( #DoubleLift ). A free 1 minute ward is worth around 26 gold, which isn't too bad. ( come on , its free ). You can keep this trinket through out the game for the ward hops and rely mainly on the Raptor camp to clear vision.

This is good if used correctly, although early game it grants a scanning circle of like half an Anivia's ult ( Yea that's quite small ) . Also it is not Garenteed that you will find a ward, which means it isn't as reliable as the Warding Totem. But feel free to go for this if you are really experienced with early ward spots. However it is worth to note that this trinket will be better after the first 3 minutes, you will want to replace your trinket with this one and clear out enemy vision. Do remember to buy pink wards though as you no longer can place wards.

Only get this if you are a mid laner or adc, not for jungle



It is very important to choose the right boots, as you will be walking in them ALL GAME. It depends on the enemy team comp, if they have lots of AD damage champs with deals most of their damage through AUTO ATTACKS, for example Tryndamere or Caitlyn, take Ninja Tabi, if they have lots of hard cc, like stuns and slows, then take Mercury's Treads, so against champions such as Morgana, Leona or Thresh. CC such as knockback and knockups cannot be reduced with tenacity, keep that in mind.

Stalker's blade is a very good item for Jax since he is an auto attack based champion, with the Enchantment: Devourer it allows Jax to stack his passive up quickly and do max damage as soon as possible.

Another upgrade you can buy is Enchantment: Cinderhulk if you either need to become more tanky as your top laner isn't a tank, for example a Riven or Fiora, or if you fall behind early, it allows you to stack health more efficiently and helps you clear camps.

The smite upgrade I go for is the chilling smite, it basically allows me to not spend money on Blade of the Ruined King as it provides a slow for you to stick onto the carries and makes it harder for them to kite you, however you must remember to have it up during ganks, to do this you need to know when and when not to smite camps. If you are not used to this, I suggest going with the AoE smite ( the pink one ) which allows you to clear camps faster. Remember smite now has 2 charges so you can smite a camp, then in 15 seconds you can gank with the second smite

The new Guinsoo's Rageblade is like Riot has decided to redesign the item to give Jax his own Ravenous Hydra, Jax can make full use of the 40 AP and 30 AD gained, the passive stacks incredibly quickly due to Devourer and just after a few auto-attacks this item is giving you 54 AD, 72 AP and 32% attackspeed. The unique passive Guinsoo's rage allows Jax to deal a bit of AOE damage, something he is quite lacking. Overall a very gold efficient item and allows you to buy your tanky items more quickly.

This item gives 600 hp and 50 armor which is very good, the speed buff allows you to get around the map quickly and the slow + extra damage on hit damage can be applied with your Q which allows Jax to stick onto the enemy. Overall a solid item and you should be getting this in most of your games.

Welcome to the League of Randuin's Omen, basically every off tank should have one of these, especially in season 6 where marksmen seem to be overpowered and heavily buffed. Although this item may take a little longer to save up for but it is definatelly worth the while. The 60 armour gained from this item is insane and will give Jax the much needed survivability . The active allows Jax to stick onto targets as it will slow people down in an AoE, this makes kiting for the enemy adc a lot more difficult. The passive is also strong as it reduces attacker's attack speed by 15% and crit damage by 10%, which can decrease enemy carries damage output by quite a bit. Get this as a fourth item if enemy ad carries are fed

Banshee's Veil is just such a strong magic resist item, it gives you a shield which can block an ability and health regen when hit by spells. You never know what ability it will block, it can save you from a Blitzcrank hook, Thresh hook, or maybe Leona's ult, so it has the potencial to save you from some kind of deadly CC. The flat health and magic resist it gives it also quite high. Get this as a fourth item if enemy AP carries are fed.

This is a very strong item, it gives you some flat AD and magic resist, which is very nice for tanking against the enemy AP carries, it also gives you a magic damage absorb shield which automatically procs when you are on low health, this can bait enemies or save you from many annoying Karthus ults and also significantly reduces the effectiveness of AP burst mages such as Veigar and Syndra


This item makes Jax and splitpushing and dueling monster, 25 AD and 40 Attackspeed is decent but it's the passive of dealing 6% of the target's current health which makes this item insane, combine this with Devourer and you will be procing the passive 50% more often.

Hextech ( no idea why this icon doesn't work )

80 AP, 40 AD, Heal for 15% of all damage dealt? Holy this just make's Jax unkillable as long as the enemy can't burst you down or CC you. If they are forced to waste their CC on you then your carries will be doing more damage, win win situation no matter how you look at it. The addition of the active with damage and slows is just extra, pretty nice but it isn't what makes this item overpowered if you want to do go full damage Jax

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Jungle Route

Jungle Route ! Updated !! Finally !!

So, this is the jungle section, I have one main jungle path for Jax and it works great.

If you spawn on the blue side ( the best side ! ) :

( 1 ) Start Gromp ( the big frog ), smite him immediately to get the poisonous damage buff

( 2 ) Go and do blue, you will take quite a bit of damage, but don't worry

( 3 ) Go to red and clear red, ward up the red buff if you are scared of their jungler counter jungling you, you will need to smite red to get some health back or you'll probably die, after this you can do the scuttle crab or look for a gank, or just recall and buy the jungling item.
( 4 ) I usually clear wolves then look for ganking oppotunities, which ever lane is easiest to gank for, this takes experience to know where and when to gank but that isn't what this guide is about.

If you spawn on the red side ( the worst side D: ) :

You do pretty much the same, just that gromp is now at bot instead of top, so after gromp you do blue, then red, then look for ganks or recall

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Woah, you have actually reached the end of this ugly guide? ^^

Over all Jax is a very strong jungler, he is not the easiest to master, but with enough practice you can surely carry your team.

Feel free to send me some game results on imageshack for me to add into this guide :)

I will be adding my own results soon :D

Remember to leave a comment and vote for me :P

Thanks for reading :) and GLHF in YOLO Queue ^_^ ( or just normal games :P )

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Update Log

Just keeping you guys updated as to what I've been adding to the guide ^^

03/04/2013 - Jax Guide Created :D :D :D

04/04/2013 - Spells Explained Added :)

04/04/2013 - Hit 1K views ! :D :D Thanks so much :)

05/04/2013 - Added Jungle Path Section *woop woop* :D

05/04/2013 - General Jungle Knowledge Added !! :D

06/04/2013 - Added a bit more info on runes :)

06/04/2013 - Hit 2K views ! :D :D thanks :)

07/04/2013 - Hit 3K views ! :') Thanks :)

08/04/2013 - Rearranged some sections ( Such a lazy update, I know :P ) Jungle sections are now together ^^

08/04/2013 - Hit 4 K views :D :D

09/04/2013 - Hit 5k Views :)

10/04/2013 - Added Mini Tactics Section:)

11/04/2013 - Hit 7K Views :)

12/04/2013 - Hit 8K Views :D :D Also Hit 80 + % Rating !!! Thanks !!^^

14/04/2013 - 10K Views !!!!! Yayyyy :D

23/04/2013 - 20 K Views, woo !

04/05/2013 - Hit 30K

10/05/2013 - Added some more example builds, for the noobs :P

13/05/2013 - Added Fan Results Section !!!!! :D

23/06/2013 - 100 K VIEWS MOFOS, THANKS :D

09/07/2013 - More fan results :)

26/07/2013 - Replaced Hextech With Blade Of The Ruined OP

26/07/2013 - Updated Jungle Spawn Times ETC

03/10/2013 - Finally back after abit of a break, back to editing out the general layout of the guide, general neatening up. Credits to emoriam for helping me out alot :) Still in the middle of re-colouring text

07/10/2013 - First attempt of a custom contents table, this is getting reworked soon :)

08/10/2013 - Finally done the final content table, credit goes to Mikkkeeeyyyy for designing the pictures, all I did was choose the pictures and the layout and coded them :) Check out his Shen guide if you want. :P

08/10/2013 - Hit 230K Views :) A bit of a random number to mention but oh well ^^

10/10/2013 - OMG FINALLY UPDATED JUNGLE, images are still not here yet.

10/10/2013 - Replaced Wriggle's Lantern with Spirit of the Ancient Golem to fit more into the current meta.

10/10/2013 - Better looking pros and cons section

07/12/2013 - Came back to update masteries and item descriptions for Season 4

25/03/2014 - Added flag counter xD, and updated item descriptions and shizz

08/05/2014 - Updated some item builds to make Jax an even more op mother fu*ker

15/06/2014 - 1 million milestone !! Thanks a lot guys :)

21/06/2014 - Updated for patch 4.10

23/06/2014 - Updated some fan score stuff, keep them coming :)

14/07/2014 - Corrected some things, changed some items to fit more into the meta

31/12/2014 - It's the new year and I thought why not update my jungle guide to season 5, sorry been lazy guys xD, give me any suggestions if you spot anything wrong as everyone is still quite new to the jungle items etc, but this is what has been working for me so far :)

17/02/2015 - Added changes to the enchantment you can buy for the jungle item, and updated some fan submissions

12/11/2015 - Updated for pre-season, still trying things out so expect some changes to be made, also if you have suggestions for anything please leave them in the comments section, thanks !

Many Updates To Come ^_^

Thanks again for reading :PP

Here's My Osu Profile, Ask Me For A Few Games If You Want xDD