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Rengar Build Guide by jomarix

[7.2] Season 8 Diamond Assassin Rengar Top

[7.2] Season 8 Diamond Assassin Rengar Top

Updated on November 11, 2017
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League of Legends Build Guide Author jomarix Build Guide By jomarix 43,639 Views 2 Comments
43,639 Views 2 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author jomarix Rengar Build Guide By jomarix Updated on November 11, 2017
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Sudden Impact
Ghost Poro
Ravenous Hunter

The Ultimate Hat


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


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Hi everyone, I am Jomarix, a Diamond 4 Rengar Main at PH Server and welcome to my Rengar guide. In this guide, I will show you how to play the Knife Cat as an assassin in the top lane.

I started maining rengar at about season 3 when I started to discover Ryan Choi's Rengar. I was fascinated at how strong and Rengar is and at the time, I don't really care about the cat. But seeing how strong he is I decided to try him out, imitating Ryan's build with Doran's Blade stacking to Tiamat and Last Whisper combo. As time passes, Rengar's kit has been changed a lot so I decided to experiment with new builds and in this guide, I will show you what I think is the best build for him atm.

This guide is a remake of the outdated guide Power Rengar Top - S6 Diamond Guide, check it out if you want.

"Tonight, we hunt!"
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About Rengar

/// Rengar is an assassin. Your main role is to assassinate the ADCs or APCs during teamfights. Using your ultimate, Rengar can hunt those targets. By using the combos, your target should be killed by 1 shot. Rengar doesn't have mana but he has Ferocity. Whenever Rengar uses his abilities, he gains 1 stack of ferocity. At 4 stacks, his next ability will have a bonus effect. Making him a versatile champion in choosing what skill to use.

/// Ever since Rengar was reworked, many Rengar mains have complained about it for many reasons. I for one, is one of them. But what I think about the rework, is it made Rengar stronger, but his clunkyness and his new kit made him less fun to play. However, he has also became much easier to play as his combo is easier do.

"Monsters can be made to fear."
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Pros and Cons


+ Can deal massive damage
+ Can easily trade with anyone
+ Fun to play
+ Great ganking abilities
+ Hard to master
+ Control Wards counter him
+ No real escape ability
+ If behind, can be hard to come back

"Strike when ready."
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// Basically the same old Thunderlord's Decree but this one deals more damage and is adaptive meaning it'll deal physical damage. Take this so you can add more damage to your burst and so that you can do the first blood cheese at level 1. Other options include Dark Harvest or Predator

Sudden Impact
// Unseen Predator is coded as a leap so everytime you'll leap on someone, you gain free lethality which is kinda overpowered since it only has a 4 seconds cooldown so you can abuse it while in lane while harassing the enemy laner

Ghost Poro
// Ghost Poro is good since its basically a free ward. But why not Eyeball Collection? Because free vision is better than 20 AD at level 18.

Ravenous Hunter
// Rengar has no sustain or healing in lane ( Battle Roar doesn't count). So some healing will benefit Rengar. There's no such thing as too much healing.


The Ultimate Hat
// Free cooldown on your ultimate? Yes please. Use your ultimate 5 times and get free 15% cdr on your ultimate. Which at level 16, goes to 42 seconds cooldown.

// Get 10% CDR at level 10. Gives you free CDR since with this build, you'll only get at max 20% or 30% cdr so 10% cdr is never not good.
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Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Unseen Predator
// When Rengar is in a bush, his attack will make him leap to the target
// This is the skill the makes Rengar. Basically, while in a bush, your attack will make you leap to the target. You can use this skill in many ways like zoning, harassing, chasing, escaping and gap closing.
Tips and Tricks
    1. Use this as a zoning tool while in lane. Whenever they try to farm, jump on them and use the harassing combo.
    2. Whenever you are chasing an enemy, try going into a brush and leap on them when you are in range as an easy gap closer.
    3. When being chased, go into a brush and when the enemy goes inside, jump on a minion to get away safely.
Bonetooth Necklace
// Rengar gains a trophy whenever a champion he damaged within 1.5 seconds dies.
// Pretty self-explanatory. Kill all 5 enemies and gain a huge boost in your Attack Damage. However this does not stack and can only gain 1 trophy per champion killed.

// Rengar slashes all enemies in an arc in the target direction before piercing all enemies in line
// This is Rengar's bread and butter tool. Deals a little damage at early level but can be monstrous at mid game. I max this first as this is Rengar's primary damage tool in trades

Empowered Savagery
// Rengar slashes all enemies in an arc in the target direction before piercing all enemies in line with increased damage
// This is the same one but it deals more damage and grants you movement speed after use. Using both can deal both amounts of damage so try using both this and the normal one.

Tips and Tricks
    1. You can use Savagery to exit a bush to leap a greater range that you cannot reach while inside.
    2. While it has a dash, it is not recommended to be used as a mobility tool.

Battle Roar
// [Rengar stores 50% of the damage he's taken in the last 1.5 seconds.
// This skills let Rengar trade and survive fights. However it cannot be used as a non combat healing tool for it only heals you for the damage you took. Use this so you can tride with your opponents while not taking any damage. I max this second to reduce the large cooldown of this ability while also increasing its damage.

Empowered Battle Roar
// Rengar stores 50% of the damage he's taken in the last 1.5 seconds while removing all crowd control effects
// Pair this with the normal Battle Roar, you are sure to heal all of the damage you took for the last 1.5 seconds. This skills also makes a good escape ability as it removes all the crowd controls effect on you plus a movement speed boost so you can run away to safety.

Tips and Tricks
    1. When trading in lane, use both battle roar and empowered battle roar to heal all the damage you took while also winning the trade.
    2. Try to time your empowered battle roar when you get CCd with stuns, slows, or snares.
Bola Strike
// Throws a bola in a direction slowing the target.
// This will be one of your skills you're gonna use in your combo. It can also be used to kill minions when you're facing someone like Darius or Jax. It also slows the target hit so you can use it to slow enemies you're chasing someone or when you're escaping. I max this third because it's the only skill left, I don't max this second since Battle Roar can save you more with its reduced cooldown.

Empowered Bola Strike
// Throws a bola that roots the enemy
// Same skill but deals more damage and roots them. It is really useful when ganking, escaping or chasing the enemies. Using this skill right can sure-kill someone. Overall, good skill for chasing or escaping.
Tips and Tricks
    1. You can use this ability while in mid-air to slow the enemy after landing.
    2. You can use this as a farming tool or as a harassing tool when in lane.

Thrill of the Hunt
// Rengar goes invisible. His next attack will cause him to leap to the target.
// The ability that made ADC mains **** their pants. But not anymore, as a huge *** eye shows up at the nearest target and also, the only one you have vision with is the one neareast. Basically, any decent players know how to protect their carries. However, this ability also gives a free crit to the nearest target and gives a huge movement speed buff while active. It is also important that like Twitch's Q, you also get revealed whenever you are near an enemy so it is not a recommended escape tool unless you got Flash.
Tips and Tricks
    1. Try to position yourself to be able to mark the carries for an easy kill
    2. Buying Infinity Edge is a great pair up with this ability.

"Leave only a trail of bodies."
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Item Sequence

Mercury's Treads 1100
Duskblade of Draktharr 3200
Youmuu's Ghostblade 3000
Infinity Edge 3400
Edge of Night 2900
Guardian Angel 2800

Starting Items

Good item for a safe start. Gives you HP and Damage and lifesteal for sustain. Overall, best item for the laning phase because it's balanced.

Very safe start. If you're facing someone that deals a lot of physical damage like Riven and Renekton. You can start with this and 4 Health Potions but Doran's Blade is better and this is optional

Gives you +10 attack damage and makes it easier for you to buy Caulfield's Warhammer or Serrated Dirk after first back.

Gives you health and blocks some damage on enemy basic attacks. Great with champions that uses auto attacks as main damage tool.



Your next basic attack after not being seen deals bonus damage. The passive damage is insane as it deals a huge amount of damage and can be spammed while in lane. Also gives 10% cdr and Lethality while having the ability to destroy wards.

Gives you 10% cooldown reduction and lethality which is good for Rengar. The active also helps when using Thrill of the Hunt.

Gives you lethality while also having a free Banshee's Veil to prevent getting cucked by peeling supports like Thresh's Death Sentence.

Since Thrill of the Hunt gives free crit, why not abuse it? Use this to increase your damage with the free crit that is if only you jump to the nearest target. But even if you don't, this still gives you +80 AD and crit chance.

The Last Items (Offensive)


When the tanks started to build a bunch of armor, build this to shred it

Can be used to counter lifesteal and healing. Can be used against Soraka, rhaast, Swain or any ADCs that has a bunch of lifesteal.

You won't be focusing the tanks but if the situations says so, build this to counter those tanks.

Heals you for the damage dealt and some of the damage you took is turned into a bleed effect. Useful for the heal while also giving 10% cdr.

Gives you health and the passive can be used as a part of your combo.

Used to buy this always before but since Rengar does not need the auto-attack reset anymore, I rarely buy this but you can if you want the aoe effect or for the lifesteal.

Last Items (Defensive)


To die and live to tell the tale

If you keep getting burst down, you can use this to save your own life and continue the fight as it gives you life steal and spell vamp and bonus health.

Gives a nice amount of health and armor and also movement speed. Makes you more tanky and the bonus damage is also nice.

You can use the active to slow down the enemies after landing but it also gives reduced damage on critical strikes if the enemy has a Yasuo or any adcs that likes to build 100% crit.

Gives you magic resist. Buy this if the enemy mage is a spamming machine so you can negate some of the damage you take from the last 4 seconds.

Gives you magic resist but also increases the healing you get from Battle Roar

Gives you ap so you can deal more damage with Battle Roar The magic resist is great and also gives you a spell shield to pair with Edge of Night.

"Let's see what they're made of."
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Best spell to take on anyone. Helps you escape, chase ,juke and do anything with this spell. Can also be used in making big plays for Rengar like Flashing on a bush and jumping on the enemy.

Helps you respond on bot lane fights and get back in lane easily after recalling.

I take this since this gives me the advantage in lane when dueling. Also, you can snag an easy first blood if you play the level 1 game right.

Helps you fight enemies that deal a lot of damage or prevent the enemy from escaping or just trying to escape.

"Nothing will escape."
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Early Game

Laning Phase

Rengar can outduel anyone at lane at levels 1 and 2. There is a secret trick to easily get first blood with Rengar. First is jump on a minion and lure them near the bush so you will have the advantage on the first wave. Farm until you are able to get 3 or 4 ferocity stacks. Once you have it, jump on the enemy with a Passive > Q > AA > empowered Q combo at level 1. With this, the enemy's HP will have dropped to 40%. Farm until you get level 2 and get either Battle Roar or Bola Strike. Do the same combo, get 2 or 3 ferocity stacks, jump on him > Q > AA and Ignite > empowered Q > or use empowered E to make sure he doesn't escape and finish it off with a W or E. Do this right and you will get first blood while also burning the enemies' Flash. However, this does not work with everyone.

In lane, you can harass your enemy with a simple Q > AA > Q combo. Use the brush for you advantage. Stay there and try to zone the enemy from getting CS. Whenever they try to farm, harass them again. After some time, they can finally trade with you. However, if you play it right, they will always lose. Jump on them and use Q > AA > E to get 3 stacks then use both Battle Roar and Empowered Battle Roar to heal yourself. This way, you will heal the damage you took while the enemy is struggling with the damage you dealt.

Mid Game

Coming Soon

Late Game

Coming Soon
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Unseen Predator > Bola Strike (MIDAIR) > Battle Roar > Savagery > AA > Empowered Savagery
Unseen Predator > Bola Strike (MIDAIR) > Savagery > AA > Battle Roar > Empowered Savagery

Trading Harass

Unseen Predator > Bola Strike (MIDAIR) > Savagery > AA Battle Roar > Empowered Battle Roar > RUN

All in Combo / Assassination

Thrill of the Hunt + Edge of Night + Youmuu's Ghostblade > Bola Strike (MIDAIR) > Battle Roar (shortly after landing) > Savagery > if dead already Empowered Battle Roar, if not Empowered Savagery.

"There is the hunter and the hunted."
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That's all everyone. Thank you for reading my guide. Hope you guys learned anything from this guide. Happy Hunting!

"Whose head shall I take?"
League of Legends Build Guide Author jomarix
jomarix Rengar Guide
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[7.2] Season 8 Diamond Assassin Rengar Top

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