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Gnar Build Guide by Massive Nuts



Updated on October 1, 2018
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Massive Nuts Build Guide By Massive Nuts 11 0 23,867 Views 0 Comments
11 0 23,867 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Massive Nuts Gnar Build Guide By Massive Nuts Updated on October 1, 2018
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Gnar ADC

Skill Priority

> > >

Poke, kite, then engage

G'morning summoner, Massive Nuts here to present to you one of my greatest discovery in the history of League of Legends. No, not the fact that pyke is OP, nor that there's a secret champion called Rek'Sai. I discovered the true marksman power hidden in Gnar. Here it is: The Gnar ADC
Gnar is everything. He is a melee-longrange-fighter-marksman-assassin. He does the engages, the poke, the kite, the control of the lane and the game in general. I present to you the solid Gnar ADC, made from blood and sweat. Enjoy the reading!

I recommend you have your drinks and snacks ready, and a cool music in the background like this one right here because this is the best gnar ADC guide you'll ever see.

Enjoy the guide, and if you like it please upvote it and share with your best friends and family so they enjoy it too. If you have any questions, (why would you?) feel free to leave a comment.

Now without more trashtalking, here are the 3 parts you should understand before trying it yourself:
The runes
The items
And the gameplay


Press the Attack is the key rune as Gnar ADC. Cumulating perfectly with your Hyper, this rune will make most of the burst damage but also increase your damage on the target for the next 6 seconds. Mini-Gnar's big attack speed even at low level allows him to proc this rune fairly easily and win early-game trades. Overall, this is the best key rune as ADC.

Triumph has a very decisive role in Gnar ADC's playstyle, allowing him to take some risks to get a kill. As Gnar's E is pretty high, knowing when to engage is often a tough decision even if you are sure of getting a kill. This rune restores 12% of your missing health and grants an additional 20 gold.

Legend: Alacrity is a must to keep Gnar's attack speed high throughout the game. Takedowns on enemies grant permanent Attack Speed which will allow you to kill even more enemies even faster. Also, having a high attack speed allows him to proc his Hyper faster (aka. gaining movement speed faster), but also farming faster too.

Coup de Grace is a very silent rune, but it really does its job. On enemies below 40% health, you will deal 7% increased damage. As your engage is pretty solid, this will help you finish them off with just a few autos, or even a boomerang. Additionally, this rune grants a bonus of 9AD for the next 10 seconds after a takedown. Not much, but still makes a difference.

+9% AS & 6AD

Cheap Shot deals bonus true damage to enemies with impaired movement or actions. Gnar has 6 abilities slowing or stunning, making enemies practically always slowed when gnar is attacking them. True damage will inflict massive damage even to tank champions, giving you some sort of tank-bursting.

Relentless Hunter will grant Gnar some huge mobility after 3 seconds out-of-combat. This is important for several reasons: going back to lane faster, throwing that boomerang further to poke your laners, chasing enemies or escaping from them. The more enemy champion you kill, the faster you will be out of combat. Snowball effect.

Items Explanation
On Spawn
These starting items are pretty basic especially for an ADC. Due to your poking and high-movement speed, you are less vulnerable to autoattacks in early and therefore don't need to buy Doran's Shield. Instead, doran's blade will give you some lifesteal and damage, making your early-game sustain pretty simple.
Item #1 OR OR
Although your first back will probably be a B.F. Glave, the first item you should finish is your boots. On a casual game, I recommend building Berserker's Greaves for the attack speed bonus which will make your kiting a lot more efficient. If the enemy team has a major assassin like Zed or Rengar, maybe sacrifice some of your kite towards building Ninja Tabi. If you're planning to splitpush, (even though you shouldn't really as an ADC) or move a lot in that game and feel quite fragile, take Mobility Boots for more efficiency in your poking too.
Item #2
Stormrazor really is a gamechanger and should be your first real item as soon as possible. For a fairly reasonnable price, you get those crazy stats and this amazing passive which makes your first AA deal 140% the damage when you haven't attacked in 3 seconds. After you get your core items, this bonus extends to 200% AA damage and 10% of it being redirected to true damage. Add to that the movement speed bonus and you get an amazing synergy with Gnar's kit.
Item #3 OR
The choice between Statikk Shiv and Rapid Firecannon is really up to you. You decide according to how your game is going and how the enemy team is doing. If the enemy team is stronger and you are pretty scared of them, prefer Rapid Firecannon to poke them from distance. On a casual game, I usually build Statikk Shiv because it has a good synergy with Stormrazor.
Item #4
Infinity Edge is a must on any crit-based build, but even more on Gnar ADC. The true damage it provides makes an insane difference in your kite and damage. Giving you 70AD, IE doubles your crit chance (making it 60%) and converts 10% of crit damage to true damage, applying to your Stormrazor. Insane.
Item #5 OR
Again, this is your choice, if the enemy team has strong CC-chains, go ahead and build Mercurial Scimitar. If they don't, I recommend building Bloodthirster. The extra lifesteal from both item will provide you sustain aswell as a strong kiting strength. The extra shield of Bloodthirster can protect you from burst lethal damages.
Last item OR
Now if you reach this stage of the game, it's either you die too much, or they have too much tankiness. The answer to these problems are in these two items. Easy to build and really useful, build Lord Dominik's Regards if they are too tanky and Guardian Angel if you die too much. Maybe your team will peel for you this time lol.

To make it simple, I will call the small Gnar Lil' Gnar and Mega-Gnar will stay Mega-Gnar. For your personnal knowledge, Lil' Gnar is an actual rapper i like, but back to the subject. I will breakdown the gameplay section in 5 sections:

Early game
Best supports with Gnar
Examples of sick plays you can make

Early game:

Laning phase is really a lot easier than you think it would be. Actually, I end up farming a lot more with Gnar than with any other ADC I play, simply because of the Hyper in Lil' Gnar which makes the farming so easy. When you are in Mega-Gnar, enemies will probably be scared and go back a bit (i don't know why but they do in 90% of my games). If they don't, just use your abilities to farm and avoid autoattacking, Mega-Gnar only lasts 15 seconds.

So you'll want to freeze the lane before level 3, because you won't have much escape without your Hop. Therefore, you should focus on poking/ harassing with your Boomerang Throw the enemy ADC. (or support if it's Soraka, Lulu or if he's aggressive) If you manage to touch one of their botlaners, make sure to double-AA them to proc your Hyper. Don't overcommit though, you should win those small trades but extending them more may make you lose quite a lot of precious HP. Doing this should give you the lane dominance.

Once you get lane dominance, make sure the bushes are warded correctly and focus on farming. I recommend you first back after you get enough to buy the B. F. Sword (1300 Gold). If you need to back before that, just go for boots and Long Sword. Once you get your Stormrazor, the lane should be a lot easier (if it was hard). Make sure to continue poking them with your combo.

On enemy ganks, make sure you Hop back on one of your minions of your support to get the double jump, and Boomerang Throw the most dangerous enemy. If you are in Mega-Gnar, use your GNAR! and Wallop. Both stunn for 1,25 seconds which should give you the time to escape.

On ally ganks, try and get your rage up, but not too much. Between 40 and 80 is good. This will allow you to get your double-jump transition to Mega-Gnar if you are planning to undertower or go further in lane. Also could help you against a counter-gank. All of your slows should really make ganks easy, so don't be scared of asking for some.

Mid game:

I'd say mid-game is the hardest phase for Gnar ADC. Your decision-making and placement will make all the work. My advice would be to try and isolate enemies. Once you get your core items, you can pretty much 1v1 anyone, and escape using your Hop. For that, you should try and catch the squishy enemies in the jungle if you can. Overall, try to stick with your team.

Most of the times, you will not be focused by enemies in mid-game teamfights because they don't know your strength yet. Take advantage of it, hard-poke and kite your target. Oh yeah, important point: try and always have a target to focus, if you try and hit everybody in teamfight, you won't get the Hyper speed bonuses, and won't be as effective. Stick to one guy until he dies, then go to the next one.

Try to stand-back a bit when in Mega-Gnar: you have amazing stunns but you have less attack speed and you become a melee, so if you're alone, you're pretty much bamboozled. Sidenote: Mega-Gnar's autoattack animations with this attack speed are just hilarious.

Special tip for your 1v1: Hop counts as a Hyper stack. So the combo is usually:
--> on them to catch your boomerang back, and AA. Making your first AA against him do the most amazing damage you'll ever see, as it procs Hyper, Statikk Shiv, Stormrazor and gives you a huge speed boost.

Late game:

Once you get to late-game, you should be pretty careful and try and avoid staying alone, just like any other ADC. You'll need some peel but most importantly, you'll need not to die, because now the damage and pressure are on you. Stick with your team and everything should go just fine.

Your Mega-Gnar engages are precious, but try not being the first one to go in if you don't think your team will follow immediately. It is safer to poke and kite from afar.

Not much more advices for late-game as your success is just gonna be determined by your positionning and focus. Be the playmaker, be the Gnar god, and make your team regret what they said about Gnar ADC. Because Gnar ADC is just the best.

Best supports with Gnar:

Top 5 of the best supports to play Gnar with:

◄ Braum: The great synergy between Braum's passive Concussive Blows and Gnar's Hyper make the enemies melt so fast. Also, Braum's ult Glacial Fissure has a really good synergy with Wallop and GNAR!

◄ Thresh: Thresh usually strugles to hook. But with Boomerang Throw's slow, it makes it a lot easier for them to land it. Then all you need to do it full engage on them, and Thresh can lantern you back. A lot of disengage power and the lane advantage is almost guaranteed. I love this duo.

◄ Zilean: Zilean is for me the most broken support. But with Gnar, oh man. The movement speed given by Time Warp will make you so fast you could proc your Hyper without the enemies being able to touch you. His bombs and your boomerang makes the poke so efficient. Also, he gives you a free guardian angel with his Chronoshift and that's just amazing after a failed enage.

◄ Janna: I don't usually like Jannas when I play ADC, but it feels really good with Gnar. As soon as she lands a Howling Gale, you throw a Boomerang Throw, or vice versa, and the enemies are perma-slowed with this freezing botlane. Her shields also make you win most trades and you can proc your Hyper safely.

◄ Bard: Hard to play, but those Tempered Fate make the Mega-Gnar engages so easy for you and then you do the job. A bit of a harder lane, but he does provide good sustain with his heals and his stunns can really win you fights. His portals may also help you get that extra mobility around the map.

Examples of plays:

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Massive Nuts
Massive Nuts Gnar Guide
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