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Vladimir Build Guide by Tesota

Middle 8.2 Vlad Mid Build/Guide (Read Notes)

By Tesota | Updated on February 3, 2018
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  • LoL Champion: Vladimir
  • LoL Champion: Vladimir


Taste of Blood
Zombie Ward
Ravenous Hunter

The Ultimate Hat
Gathering Storm


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


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I started playing League a while ago, and my first champion I bought with IP that I earned was Renekton, but not too long after my friend convinced me to buy an RP card and Vlad was on sale, and I had faced him in top lane before, it was hard to beat him especially considering how new I was. So I decided to pick him up, best decision I ever made. He is now my 3rd most played champion at 100k+ mastery and I own the Soulstealer skin (my fave). My favorite part of playing Vlad is the cocky tower divers that forget you have W and then you get a kill or sometimes a double bc of the jungler. This is my first guide ever, and may very well be my only one, which makes me dedicated to it. I know I only covered a few mid lane match ups but if you comment a specific one or a few (even top if you want) I'll post them ASAP from my experience. If you have any other questions, or need clarification, read the notes or comment and I will reply, or if I have said something incorrect or if you have a better method please let me know so I can fix it. All my reasoning and explanations are in my notes rather than a long boring guide. I hope you all enjoy this short but sweet Vlad guide, and I hope you have as much success and fun as I have had playing the new Vlad! Thanks for reading, and please vote up and fave so more people see this! Thanks again!
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Recent Patches

Vlad is a burst mage, not a bruiser, not a tank, not a control mage. A BURST MAGE. If you disagree, then you aren't playing Vlad to his true potential, a one shot machine.

As of 7.3, Vlad has increased auto attack damage and missle speed. His Q damage has been buffed, but Empowered Q has been nerfed from 100% bonus damage to 85%.

As of 8.2, (current patch) Unsealed Spellbook is on the PBE getting nerfed and Frost Queen's build is dead. I have read there is hope yet for Vlad itemization coming in 8.4.
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Pros / Cons

High Sustain
Outplay Potential
Easy Poke (nerfed in 8.2, Q now draws minion aggro)
Slippery AF
Can use Hextech Protobelt and Flash while in pool!
Scales off of AP & HP
You can stall emp Q by charging E, using W, or Stopwatch/Zhonya's for more outplays

Vulnerable to bursty all ins and poke
CC and Chain CC are very effective on him early on
Weak early game
Somewhat predictable when new
Requires managing of HP and timing
If you don't play with Stopwatch/Zhonya's you need to get used to it
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Passive: Crimson Pact

You get 1.4 Bonus Health per 1 AP, and gain 1 AP every 40 BONUS health. Does not stack with itself.

Basically, you get strong and tanky no matter how you build, but your power and tankiness depend on your build. AP Vlad just got buffed and tank Vlad got nerfed because he fell into the "too much damage and unkillable" (Ekko, Fizz, Akali etc.) meta so tanky builds are much less damage but building AP is a lot more damage with a 0.4 BONUS HP scaling buff off AP items (Luden's Echo gives 100 AP, 10% Speed and -ONLY- Vlad also gains 140 bonus health via his passive). When looking at a tankier build, look at items with HP as HP/AP, for example Warmog's gives 800 HP, 10% CDR & the passive, but for Vlad it also gives a bonus 20 AP because of his passive. (This was 32 AP before 6.13, scaling as follows: Vlad gains 1 AP from every 25 BONUS Health, which is now every 40 BONUS Health as aforementioned.)

Q: Transfusion

Vlad drains the lifeforce of his target, healing for a small amount. After 2 Transfusions, he gains Crimson Rush (a speed boost), making his next cast within 2.5 seconds deal 85% more damage, healing him for a percentage of his missing health. (Halved against minions.) Ratio: (0.6) AP.

Basically it crits. And the heal is a lot stronger. Manage it wisely, because if you do it right, EVERY OTHER Q will crit, because the emp Q counts towards the Transfusion count for the next emp Q. It's better to use it on a minion than not at all. A particle will come up around Vlad to signal Crimson Rush activated. People will see it and run to the bushes. This is also why CDR is important. Also, a good tip is to use a full E on minions (or in a fight) right before your emp Q comes on, so you minimize HP loss.

W: Sanguine Pool

Vlad sinks into a pool of blood for 2 seconds (costs 20% of CURRENT HP) slowing and damaging enemies above and healing him for 15% of damage dealt. He is UNTARGETABLE during this time. Scales off AP and HP.

He CAN still take DoT (Ignite, poison, etc.) while pooled, and use item actives (Hextech) and summoner spells (Ignite, Flash). I learned recently that it does not break tethers (Fiddle E, Nocturne E) so you still need to move out of range. Use this like a Fizz E to dodge incoming CC or heavy damage. This CAN be used to tower dive without aggro and dodge incoming shots, but remember as soon as you're back up it's back on you.

E: Tides of Blood

Vlad sacrifices HP to charge an AoE attack (costs more HP and does more damage the longer you hold the key to charge) that sends out a burst of missles in a circle around him that damages the first target hit (per missile). Scales with AP and HP.

This costs you a max of 8% MAX HEALTH (which means yes you can kill yourself) and charges for a max of 1.5 seconds, after which it detonates automatically. Vlad is slowed at holding max charge. Remember to heal with Q and emp Q, or you are basically harassing yourself out of lane. Don't use it to farm unless you know you can handle it.

R: Hemoplague

Vlad places a virulent plague on the floor and afflicts all enemy champions with 10% damage taken increased from all sources and after 4 seconds detonates dealing magic damage and healing Vlad. Scales off AP.

Use this at the start of a teamfight (preferably towards the back where the carries are), or when you need the most burst or healing. Remember it amplifies the damage taken by the afflicted target from ALL sources (includes teammates, excludes Ignite) until detonation, so use it at the start of a fight, or if it's a longish fight you know you'll need it in. Make sure your combo is off cooldown before use. You can also use this as a finisher on a running low health target you know you won't catch. Aim carefully, the cooldown is moderately long until late game.
League of Legends Build Guide Author Tesota
Tesota Vladimir Guide
8.2 Vlad Mid Build/Guide (Read Notes)
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