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Vi Build Guide by Yzroma

Jungle [9.15] 980k Diamond OTP Vi guide

Jungle [9.15] 980k Diamond OTP Vi guide

Updated on August 4, 2019
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Yzroma Build Guide By Yzroma 604 31 1,058,562 Views 15 Comments
604 31 1,058,562 Views 15 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Yzroma Vi Build Guide By Yzroma Updated on August 4, 2019
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Hail of Blades
Sudden Impact
Zombie Ward
Ravenous Hunter

Coup de Grace

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Smite


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Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
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None Low Ok Strong Ideal
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Champion Build Guide

[9.15] 980k Diamond OTP Vi guide

By Yzroma

Hello I'm Yzroma, main jungle and diamond since season 5. I played Vi for 3 seasons because she is a Swiss knife. Ganks, clearing, teamfighting, peeling, snowballing, pushing, she does everything, adaptability is one of the most important things in soloQ. Also, once you master Vi combos you realize that in every situation there is something to do.

There is my compilation of every combo you can do with Vi :

Now that she got buffed, a lot of players are playing her but badly, in this tutorial I'll explain to you how to take advantage of these changes. Let's climb with Vi !

Hail of Blades is currently way better than Electrocute because of the nerf of Vi's AD ratio, this is harder than ever to one shot, Electrocute is now has been. Thanks to the 9.5 patch buff, Vi is now about AA and Hail of Blades fit perfectly in every combo. Also, it allows Vi to win a lot of duels she lost before the buff. Pick Electrocute only versus really squishy enemies in jungle like Twitch or Kindred. Also, with the buff of Denting Blows attack speed fits perfectly.

Sudden Impact gives us lethality every time we use Vault Breaker or Cease and Desist, if you compare damages of the 3 possible runes at the end of your games, you will see this one is better, especially versus a squishy team.

I picked Eyeball Collection before patch 9.5 but now that AD is less good on Vi, better focus on something useful. If you dominate the enemy jungler, pick early Oracle Lens to get vision with Zombie Ward and be able to counter jungle or catch the enemy.

It allows you to win a lot of hard 1v1 like versus Olaf or Warwick. It is still useful on mid and late game. Also, Relentless Hunter is a very good option if you're sure that you can 1v1 the enemy jungler.

You will regenerate after every kill 12% of missing health, which is a lot when you play around HP. Plus, you will get 20 gold bonus everytime, which is good to increase snowballing potential. Also, it is a good combo with Ravenous Hunter, Blast Shield and mal of malmortius, because of every time enemies will try to kill you when you are low you can always take some HP or shield. Surprising the enemy is the key.

You inflict 7% more damages on 40% or less HP targets, which is very good to pick up a kill, what Vi does really well. Also, not a lot of people know that but when you kill someone you will get 9 AD bonus for 10 seconds. So if you engage a fight and pick up an enemy, you will regenerate HP with Triumph and get some AD bonus for the rest of the fight. You don't need Legend: Alacrity because of you already have attack speed in your runes and especially with Hail of Blades.

Flash is essential on a lot on champions and especially on Vi because flash + Vault Breaker is an insane combo. As a jungler you need to be able to catch up low HP enemies and Flash helps a lot. Furthermore, Flash is strong to disengage a bad invade.

Smite is always a must have, with every jungler.

Versus squishy jungler as Kindred, Twitch, Kha'Zix, Chilling Smite is really strong because of you can one shot in one combo. Even if the enemy use Flash you can get the kill because of the slow. Also, it helps not to miss Vault Breaker during a gank.

Versus not squishy jungler as Sejuani, Nunu & Willump, or fighters as Xin Zhao or Udyr, you have to pick Challenging Smite because of you need it to win duels in the jungle. With Vi's attack speed you will deal more damages than with Chilling Smite and the damage reduction is actually very good.

In this topic I will explain how use every points of these spells and how to take advantages of the new changes in patch 9.5.

PASSIV : You get a 15% HP max shield when you touch with Vault Breaker, Relentless Force or Cease and Desist.

If you're trying to escape from a fight, remember that a simple Relentless Force + AA can give you a good shield to survive. Check the cooldown of the passiv like every other spell.


Q : Slow yourself and charge during 1.25s, increasing damages and range.

Most important spell on Vi, you have to max it. Cooldown is really low so you have a good mobility. You should engage with it, you have to train a lot because it is sometimes difficult. If you fail Vault Breaker you will be in the middle of the fight, no shield, and you just missed your maxed spell. Use it only if you're sure to hit.
Flash use : you can charge it, flash then use it, it surprises the enemy and increase the range. Also, you can Q then flash. It stops your Q but where you flash you inflict the damages, if you wanna catch an adc behind his support for example, you Q in the support direction then flash on the adc. If you want an example you can check my Youtube or Twitch channel :)
Use a quick Vault Breaker when you want to stop an enemy spell such as Katarina or Nunu & Willump ultimate.
Patch 9.5 reduced AD ratio, so it's less interesting to play Vi full AD, but it increased damages on jungle by 25%. So, Vi is easier than before because if you fail your spell the impact is less important.


W : Every 3 attacks on the same target ( Vault Breaker and Relentless Force works aswell), you get attack speed and you inflict a percent of HP max to the target. When you use W you reduce 3s on your passiv cooldown.

In our meta, this is the spell to max in second. With the combo Q AA E R AA E AA you use your W two times. The buff of the patch 9.5 increase damages on tanks and reduce (a little) on squishy enemies, BUT you are able to farm faster so you can dominate squishy enemies in their jungle and the tanks. This is why Vi is so good actually.


E : Reset auto attack and inflict the damages to everyone behind the first focus.

We will not focus on AP ratio or on critical strike on this spell because we can do better with this build. You can max Relentless Force in second if you're ahead a squishy jungler (it is easier to one shot).
Remember that you can flash and auto attack everything to kill a low enemy behind it. We are not a lot of Vi able to do that, it surprises enemies everytime. Check my YouTube or Twitch channel to see the combo :)


R : Vi chase quickly an enemy and lock it down 1.25s, inflicting same damages to all the enemies on the road. During the charge Vi can't be controlled. It also knock aside enemies in the way.

Since patch 9.5, Cease and Desist is better in teamfight, the impact late game is better than before.
Use your ultimate to escape a teamfight focusing the farest enemy.
Use it on the enemy adc, they will have to let him alone during the charge not to be knocked up, so your team can engage. Don't do it with no backup or you will be one shotted. Generally, you should never engage with Vi. Just catch someone alone.
Cease and Desist is also very good to peel. For example, Yasuo use his ultimate on someone in your team, Q him (he can't move during the ultimate), then he will engage your team, R him. Same for Rengar, Kha'Zix, Irelia...
Don't use it during a gank if the laner has his flash and is close to his turret or you will be forced to dive.
You can flash during the charge to get one more enemy. Just flash on him, it won't stop the charge.

The AD enchantment is the best on Vi because you still have good ratio on your spells. Tank Vi has a lack of damages. Also, attack speed Vi has less DPS than AD. Also I tried AP Vi, don't try at home ahah


In front of a lot of AP damages or a lot of CC.

In front of a lot of AD damages or a problematic AD jungler to duel. Usually I prefer these boots.

A good choice if you're really ahead but you will quickly fall. I don't recommend, you need defensive stats and the passiv of Ninja Tabi or Mercury's Treads.

Still good when ahead if you also pick Youmuu's Ghostblade.


A strong acceleration for Vi. A must have. Don't buy Black Cleaver or Frostfire Gauntlet which are fake friends, you need attack speed and Sheen passiv. Buy Trinity Force even when behind.

It gives HP, AD, stackable HP (+150 free HP max, easy to get with the new buff on Vi). Also, shield is insane. This item is the compromise between damages and tankyness.

People stopped to play this item because of Guardian Angel looks to be a better source of armor but if you are behind I recommend you to buy this. Movespeed is really good on Vi and this item gives a surprising amount of it. Plus, it gives HP and guardian angel doesn't (HP are always a good idea with Vi's passive). Also don't underestimate the slow of the first hit, you can peel really strongly with this item. It is strong in attack and defense. I buy it almost every game.

If fed and versus AP damages team, you can buy this right after Trinity Force. This will give you the 10% cdr that you miss. Also, the violet shield is super strong and enemies will be mad to see all these shields.

If fed, you can buy this right after Trinity Force. Your engages will be super strong, you can one shot every squishy with this ammount of AD. Then, if you die, the passive will keep you alive when your mates come to help you. Also, the passive is super good when you want to engage with ult into enemy team. Before to do that, just check that someone can come with you ( Fizz, Jax, Irelia...).


Now we will talk about pathing which is what does the difference between platinum and diamond. First of all, I would like to thank Virkayu for the next images coming from his videos. I also recommend to follow him for more jungle tips, he is really good and pedagogical.

First option :The first option is the option dual force. Use only if you can fight the enemy jungler at level 2. In case you use this with Vi, you can also pick Vault Breaker in second spell, depends on the matchup.

Ward the bot river -> Red -> Blue -> Gank mid or just walk in the midlane (no problem if you're seen by the enemy jungler because you pick this path to force 1v1).

Then if the enemy jungler took the second crab (what you know if you warded the other river) you can decide to invade (only if your botlane has pushed so you have the priority) or to go for raptors -> golems. It is always interesting to kill golems in the early game because the first golems give 30% less xp than the next one but golems give a lot of xp and gold, you want the next one as soon as possible.

Second option :
This is almost the same but faster. It allows you to make a full clear, which is strong against powerfarming junglers. Also, you can gank mid lv 2, if you think you can kill I recommand you to take Q as second spell. If you want to securize both crabs but you can't 1v1 the enemy jungler you can use this option.

Ward bot river -> Blue -> Gromp -> gank mid -> wolves then full clear.

Third option :
This one is safer. I usually realize this one because I know I will be able to read enemy jungler moves and I will counter gank. You can reverse it if you think he will gank top instead of bot.

Ward bot River -> Blue -> Gromp -> Wolves -> Red (now you are lv 3). Then you counter gank on mid/bot (or mid/top if you did reverse), or you take the crab if he doesn't (what you know, because you put the river ward).

Anyway, try to take at least one crab because it gives a lot of xp and map control (very useful for counter ganking by the way).
Also try not to gank when you don't know at all where is the enemy jungler, a counter gank is really stronger than a gank.
If enemy jungler is bot and you thought he was going to gank top, realize a gank top then invade him. Read his number of cs killed to check what is up or not. One camp is 4 cs. You can also check, if he has 8 cs but only one blue, it means his red is up. Read his mind, see him without vision.
If you are behind, take yellow trinket to use it defensively. If you are ahead, use red trinket to destroy wards in his jungle and Zombie Ward will do the job !

In teamfight, the role isn't simple. Vi isn't the best champion to teamfight because of if you go first you will die (even if you're a little bit fed). You have to peel for your carries, try to catch someone joining for the fight, and if an opportunity is here, like a Sion or an Alistar is engaging, just combo Q AA E the first focus. You can also R the enemy adc if possible, this is better. The combo right after the R is : R AA E Q AA E.

If you lose teamfights, don't keep trying, sometimes enemy compo is just better for teamfight than yours. Try to catch someone thanks to vision control (and then force a fight 4v5, easy to do with your R and guardian angel). Or you can just spltpush, [Vi] is super strong in terms of pushing. Push on top if Nashor is the next objectives or bot if Drake is the next one. You ask your toplaner to go to the other sidelane (especially if he has tp). And the rest of the team mid. They will try to force a fight somewhere, others are pushing. Sometimes an enemy comes to you, if you kill him just keep pushing.

Vi is really fun to play. This is now a very good jungler to climb. I recommend to play her to leave low elo, mecanics aren't simple but can be mastered with some training.

If you enjoyed the guide you can follow me on Twitch : and on YouTube : you can also vote UP for this guide :)

Thanks a lot, have a nice day and good luck !


* 10 000 views reached, thanks a lot woah !!
* Wow 50 000 views thank you so much !
* Well 140 000 views, I didn't expect that, thanks thanks thanks, if you have any question feel free to ask !
League of Legends Build Guide Author Yzroma
Yzroma Vi Guide
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