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League of Legends Build Guide Author Wantox

A team for the winners

Wantox Last updated on July 10, 2011
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Hey everybody!

This is a short guide that will show you 2 teams which, in my opinion is balanced.
I've never lost a game with these setups so I believe it should work for anyone, just communicate with your team.
This is mainly made for new players with little experience, so It doesn't contain jungling or warding (so far).

Let's begin.

p.s My english sux :)


2011-07-10 - Added some lane info to the teams including lane setup and tactics.

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Team 1: AD Based

As you can see, this is an AD-based team with one strong AP carry.
The reason why I don't like to play with 2 ad and 2 ap is simple.
If you have 3 ad champs, the enemy team's tank will stack some armor, and the carries will stack small ammounts of armor.
But, if your team has a great AP champion, he can easily kill the tank, then the rest of your team can get the carries down with no problem.

As you can see in Shaco's build, he has got a Madred's Bloodrazor.
This will deal magic damage equal to 4% of the target's hp, which means that he can kill an armor built tank easy, if he has stacked some hp.

Caitlyn has the black cleaver to easily kill carries and Soraka is there to heal your team and restore their mana.

In this team I put Malzahar in mid, Rammus with Caitlyn and Shaco with Soraka.

The reasons is that Rammus needs someone to protect him so no one can harass him.
And Soraka + Shaco is great because Soraka can restore both health and mana.
So if Shaco is putting Jack In The Box in the brushes then Soraka can restore the mana it costs, cause the box spell and the mana restoration spell has about the same cooldown.
And since shaco deals 20% bonus damage when backstabbing Soraka can heal him so he can get away after backstabbing someone with the Decieve.

And for Malzahar, I can only say that he is a very good mid champ, especially against casters thanks to his Silence.

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Short champion explanation: Team 1

Rammus is a great tank thanks to the spin, the taunt and the shield (defensive ball curl).
When playing as rammus, try not to stack unnecesarry hit points, like Warmog's Armor.
This will make the enemies focus other champions in your team, because they think that you are too tough.

Try to always enter a battle before your teammates, taunt the strongest enemy, and try to stay close to your team whatever happens.

Soraka is a great support tank, even though she just costs 450 IP.
Try to always stay behind your team in battles, and heal the one who needs to be healed, in most cases, the tank.

With a good healer like soraka, you can kill baron in lower levels than usual, which is just awesome.

When playing a support champion like Soraka, try to assist your enemies with kills and last hit a lot of creeps, you will need this to earn gold.


Malzahar is one of those epic ap champions.
His DoT spells is awesome in teambattles, especially against melee enemies.
Try to silence the strongest caster in the enemy team, cause if he can't cast spells, he can't kill, and you and your team can easily kill him.

Save your ultimate to the right moment, example right before Tryndamere activates his ultimate, or when you really have to save a teammate who's chased by someone.
Don't use it just for fun, it may make you lose.

When you are going for a kill with Malz, cast the spells like this: Q-E-W-R as fast as you can, so the enemy stays in the W while your ulti is damaging him.


This is one of the best melee champion in the game in my opinion.
With a good build he can easily destroy the enemies most important hero, and then your team can kill the rest of the enemies with no problem.

And if you are chased by the enemy team while soloing a lane, it's easy to get away with the ulti-->stealth combo.
Just hide in a bush for 1 second, use the ulti and then stealth away.

If your enemies are stacking armor, just get an armor penetration item like Last Whisper.

The build I made for shaco is maybe hard to understand, or looks weird.
Well, to clear this out, build it untill you have the infinity edge, and if you want to, swap the boots for a Phantom Dancer and the Trinity Force for The Bloodthirster.

With 2 bloodthirsters you damage will be insane, and so will your crits be.
And with 2 Phantom Dancers you attack speed and Crit change will be sick.

This will be your team's main pusher, with nice dps you can push a turret in just a few seconds, and you can also kill an enemy almost by looking at him after right-clicking him, well, if you dont play against a stunner or any OP champ like tryndamere or a good Yi.

Since you are the main pusher, you should bring the tank and destroy a turret when the enemies are busy doing something else, like defending or waiting to respawn.
Just don't go solo without warding every single corner on the map.

With Caitlyn, you are also a great anti-carry, so make sure to focus right enemy.
Not the tank for god sake, that's Malzahar's job.

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Team 2: AP Based

In this team we have mainly AP champs and one insane solo pusher AD champ, Master Yi.
Let's say that if Alistar is 100% tank, Mordekaiser is AP offtank, Nidalee is support DPS and akali is a pure nuker.

What can beat this team?
Exactly, not many can, especially if you are playing premade and all 5 in our team are talking to eachother.

With this team Mordekaiser should go mid, Akali and Nidalee together and Alistar together with Master Yi.

I put Alistar with Yi 'cause if Akali lanes with a healer, and Alistar and Yi can heal themselfes, this will be the unstoppable early/mid game team.
And since they almost never have to go back, they will have a huge advantage in late game, both in gold and experience.

Well, what about Mordekaiser in mid?
He shouldn't have any problems at all thanks to his strenght and survivability.
Hextech's Revolver will help him to survive, and it will also make his spells cost less hp, or heal him.

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Short champion explanation: Team 2

This is one of my favourite tank, mostly because of his CC spells and the heal.
When you play as Alistar, be aware of how fast he can go from full mana to empty mana in just a few seconds.
You may want to start with an item like Mana Manipulator which will not only help you, but your lanemate aswell.

Since you are the tank, always enter a fights before your teammates and communicate with them so they know who to kill first and when to attack.

This is one of the best healers in the game in my opinion, since her healing increases by 125% of her ability power.
And she can also deal massive damage if that's needed.
Her spear has an insane range and deals a huge ammount of damage, and her ulti can make the enemies run in fear, or you can use it when you run in fear, since it increases your movement speed.

Mordekaiser is simply the best AP-DPS/Tank in the game.
Get some spell wamp and some ability power, then some armor and magic resistance and you are unbeatable.
You won't get focused in teamfights if they realize that you wont die by just a couple of hits.

Always try to use the ulti on an AD carry who's low on health, because you can't use your "pet's" spells.

Master Yi
What can I say?
The best pusher/melee carry/chaser/DPS in the game.
Play him right and no one can stop you without stuns/prisons, since your ulti makes you immune to slows.

Always start by getting attack speed, since this is Yi's main skill, running fast and hitting fast, but also hit hard.
To do this you will need crit items, don't swap them for anything.

Akali is one of the greatest bursters in the league.
She can easily solo two enemies with regular health/armor/Mres as long as you know how to play her, and you will learn after a few games.

When using her abilities, use this rotation: Q-R-AA-E-Q-AA and do so over again.
Use the Twilight Shroud if you need to.

You should kill the ones with low hp first, because that's what akali can do best, birst 1500 damage in late game, then hide in the shroud, then after a few seconds, burst again.


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