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Lulu Build Guide by Quite Nomible

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Quite Nomible

A Wicked Lulu guide: Lulu anti-carry.

Quite Nomible Last updated on July 17, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Introduction - When to pick Lulu?

Hello, and welcome. So this guide might be really odd. ADC Lulu? Well... it works. I'll explain why.

You want to pick Lulu as ADC, just to completely get rid of the enemy ADC. Lulu + any support with disables = TONS and TONS of CC. Even a quicksilver sash won't help them out. And you thought that Urgot is the number 1 anti-carry? Well, you're wrong. Lulu wrecks even more.

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Pros / Cons

+ Damage is very hard to counter, as you will do magic AND physical damage.
+ Great CC.
+ Underestimated damage output and underestimated in overall.
+ Can also aid other teammates very good in late-game.
+ You can play risky with her, because of the great escape mechanisms Lulu has.
+ Also can be picked for a viable top laner.
+ Can't be tower dived with her ult ready. Meanwhile, she is the ultimate towerdiver with the right support.
+ Decent burst damage on early levels.

- Low crit damage.
- Struggles early game, until first items are bought.
- Ultimate has not really a good use if there are no divers on your team like Amumu or Volibear.
- No AD scaling skills other than her passive doing bonus damage.
- Base movement speed...

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Masteries are different than normal ADC masteries. I go 21/9/0, focussing on the armor and magic penetration, because you deal magic and physical damage. With this mastery set you deal great physical and magical damage while being a little bit more bulky early game, because you WILL struggle early game. I think the other masteries are pretty obvious... just for dealing more damage.

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Summoner spells

I simply take Ignite and Flash for secure kills and an emergency getaway. The reason for that is because I barely get in trouble in my lane, since you're having a double support anyway. Therefore I just want to secure the kills. You can take Barrier if you're having a support that can't heal or shield you.

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My build for Lulu is mainly focussed on attack speed, on-hit effects and movement speed. I like the on-hit effects because you are building attack speed anyway, meaning that you will proc the on-hit effects also a lot.

Items to take on Lulu

It provides attack speed. Works good with your passive.

This item is a must-have. It provides attack speed, attack damage, sustain, a kite/escape mechanism and a passive that deals %Health damage. Since you build a lot of attack speed, you deal tons and tons of damage with this item.

Best item for Lulu ADC. It provides everything that Lulu needs: attack damage, attack speed, movement speed (Lulu has a terrible base MS), cooldown reduction and it makes you more resistant to CC. Perfect item, a really must-have.

Since your base movement speed is already buffed by your items and Whimsy, I never choose Enchantment: Furor and always take this enchantment on my boots, no matter what.

Another item with a nice on-hit effect. Since you have a ton of attack speed and you move really quick with your Whimsy, you proc this item's passive really quick.

At this point, I stop building attack speed. The reason for that is that your passive will only fire the three bolts if your attack speed is below 2.000. If you get anything above 2.000 attack speed, your passive will only fire 2 bolts, meaning that you will only do 2/3 of the damage with your passive. At this point you should have around 1.90 attack speed

Only reason to pick this item because you want to do some critical hits. This item just does a lot of damage. That's it.

You will be more bulky and harder to kill, and you get a second life. Great item when long games are going on. If you already predict that you are going to die, make sure to save your ultimate on your second life, so your chances on escaping are higher.

Other items to consider on Lulu

You can replace this item with Statikk Shiv to get some higher critical chance, attack speed and the ability to move through units. There is not much of a difference between the items, but I like the Statikk Shiv more on Lulu because of the on-hit effect that rapidly recharges.

Can be a great item as well, giving you attack damage, attack speed, some critical chance, some movement speed, and a spellblade effect and a 25% chance slow on your auto attacks. However, I find it very pricy to build this item.

If the AP is really fed, then take this item instead of Statikk Shiv. It makes you really bulky (50 magic resist!), and gives you a nice on-hit effect and gives a lot of attack speed, again.

Works really good on Lulu, because of your base attack speed that lowers the other's armor extremely fast. If you combine this item with Wit's End, this makes you a decent anti-tank champion.

If you still feel really squishy, take this item. Also makes you the ultimate kite champion.

It's extremely easy for Lulu to earn assists. All you have to do is land a spell on one of your teammates and you already earned one. Lulu has also great escape mechanisms, making it more likely that she won't die and that she will keep the stacks. Since 99% of the people also have no idea how to lane against Lulu, this item can be really good.

Items NOT to take on Lulu:

Just don't. If you don't want to push your lane, this item won't let you. Also the secondary damage you do with it is just too low and doesn't proc your passive.

You want to deal damage with your autoattacks, not with your abilities. Not worth it to build, despite it's passive.

If you run out of mana, just don't engage and wait for the right moment to recall. Even though the Muramana is capable to deal heavy damage, it takes really long to charge this item up. Also, Infinity Edge is capable to deal more damage in overall.

Does give some decent stats against tanks, but totally not cost-efficient at all, unless the passive is activated.

Gives attack speed, but that's all. It's activation is also not the best thing for Lulu, as you won't do a lot of critical damage.

Gives more attack speed and ability power each time you hit with a basic attack. Also gives +20% attack speed, +10% life steal and +10% spell vamp if you fall below 50% health. These stats are good, but I find this item not viable on Lulu, because it does not give any base attack speed, and the ability power you get is useless, because you rely more on your auto attacks.

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Skill sequence and explanation

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
Pix, Faerie Companion:
Pix fires a barrage of 3 bolts, dealing 9-105 bonus magic damage (depending on your level), at whomever Lulu (or the ally shielded by Help, Pix!) attacks. These bolts are homing but can be blocked by other units.
This passive is really unique. And does tons of damage, at level 17 being 105 bonus magic damage. Really amazing. However, make sure to land your Help, Pix! on your target to make sure that you will deal the full damage, because they can be blocked by other units.

Lulu and pix fires a bolt that damages any enemies it hits and slowing them for 80% of their movement speed that decays over time. The slows lasts up to 1-2 seconds. An enemy can only be damaged by one bolt.
I unlock this ability on level 3, give it an extra point on level 5, and max it at level 13. I take an extra point in it on level 5 to make the slow stronger on early levels.

Cast on an ally: Lulu boosts the targeted ally's movement speed and ability power for 5 seconds.
Cast on an enemy: Lulu polymorphs the target for 1,5-2,5 seconds, making him unable to attack and reduces the target's movement speed by 60.

I unlock this ability at level 1 and max this at level 9, mainly because of the cooldown reduction with each stage, and the heavy disable. This ability makes you the ultimate kite champion, and it is also a great escape from ganks. Using this ability is pretty situational. If the target flees, use this ability on yourself to kite. If the target stays in, you punish him for that and cast this ability on him to make him harmless for 2,5 seconds.
Note that this ability does not interrupt all channeling ability like Fiddlesticks' Crowstorm or Warwick's Infinite Duress. I don't know it for all channeling abilities, but certain channeling abilities will still work if they get Whimsy cast on them.

Help, Pix!:
Cast on an ally: Commands Pix to jump to an ally and grant them a shield for up to 6 seconds. Additionally, Pix will then follow the ally and aid their attacks instead of Lulu's for 6 seconds.
Cast on an enemy: Pix deals magic damage to target enemy unit. Pix then follows and grants vision of them for 6 seconds.
I unlock this ability at level 2 and max it at level 18. The main reason to use this ability is to make sure to land your attacks from your passive. Other than that, I use it as my barrier. Also a great ability to use if the enemy support likes to hide in the bushes or tries to escape by bush. TIP: if you use this ability to save your ally, use it ONLY if you are going to run as well. 25% of the damage you do comes from your passive, and your passive is lost if you shield someone else.

Wild Growth:
Lulu enlarges a target allied champion, knocking up enemies within 150 range of the target. For 7 seconds, her ally gains bonus health and an aura that continually slows nearby enemies.
Divers on your side love this ultimate. Divers on the enemy team don't. If the enemy has his flash burned, this ultimate will give you instant kills when diving correctly. Meanwhile, people that are trying to dive you will be punished for that, because of the knock-up and the bonus health it gives. And a 7 seconds slow... that's insane!

Note that the skill order can be completely situational. It highly depends how your lane goes, and you might find that this ability sequence is not working at all in that situation.

For instance, spending more points in your Help, Pix! is great against poke champions such as Varus and Ezreal, because of the shield it gives. This helps you to stay in lane longer.

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Greater Quintessence of Attack Speed

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Mark of Precision
I take marks of hybrid penetration, because you deal physical and magic damage.
I take flat seals of armor to resist early level damage done by opponents. You do have a hard time early game, so this is the way I cover it.
I take scaling glyphs of magic resist, to scale better late-game. It's really dependant on the jungler and who you're laning against, though.
I take quintessence of attack speed, because you want as much attack speed as possible on Lulu (not above 2.000, however.). You are also going to take items that have a lot of on-hit effects.

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Supports to take.

As an ADC, you will need a support that fits with your own abilities. Since Lulu has a lot of slows, she misses the stuns.

Best supports for Lulu


Leona has everything that Lulu misses: stuns. She is also a great diver, so your ultimate has a great use here. Even though she lacks any heals or shields, this is a great killer lane. 0,5 seconds snare ( Zenith Blade) + 1,25 seconds stun ( Shield of Daybreak) + 1,5 seconds stun ( Solar Flare) + 1,5 seconds knock-up ( Wild Growth) + 2,5 seconds polymorph ( Whimsy) = 7,25 seconds disabled. I mean, how can anybody survive that. I'd pick her as a support if the enemy has no great pokers, such as Draven.


Another great diver. Once he lands the hook, it will scare the **** out of the enemy ADC. Also can shield you for a nice amount. However, the hooks are really easy to dodge if the enemy stands behind creeps, so it isn't that reliable to take him as a support, in my opinion.


Pretty much the same reason as I'd take Leona. Even though Blitz is not a diver, you can still Ult him for the knock-up if he lands his grab. Great to pick if the enemy champion has not a reliable escape mechanism, such as Miss Fortune or Twitch. Also try to tell Blitzcrank to move a little bit behind the enemy, to make your Wild Growth more effective.


The fling is really amazing combined with your own ultimate. Also is really bulky in his lane because of his passive. The fling is somewhat predictable, however.


Very bulky with his passive, great diver, can knock-up and slow units. His ult also allows you to take less damage. Also grants temporarily vision with his saplings, which can also be used to play aggressively. Also, his dive hits instantly and is very hard to escape from. Great support!


Since you have your own disables and shield, you can also choose for infinite sustain. Therefore, Soraka might be the best support to have, because beside of her healing abilities, her Starcall has a Magic resist debuff, which works really well with your passive. Also has the unique ability to restore your mana, and grants you extra magic resist. Make sure to have a jungler that can dive, though.


The same reason why you would pick soraka. Sona also gives you plenty of buffs to choose from. However, Soraka's abilities fit Lulu better than Sona, in my opinion, because of the magic resist debuff. Also, if you take her as a support, make sure you have a jungler that can dive.


Her E gives bonus attack speed and a heal, which is really great early game! She also helps you early game by poking with spears. I'd pick her as a support if you are playing against a lane that has a great poke, such as Ezreal. She can also dive a little bit, but I'd really recommend a diving jungler, because Nidalee's dive ability is predictable and can be avoided very easily. Also, to make the poke of Nidalee stronger, make sure to land your Whimsy on her, because it gives bonus AP. This champion is great to pick to cover up your early-game potential, and to get rid of pokers. She falls behind late-game, however, unless you build her support off-ap or however you call it. Also, try to engage when an enemy gets caught by a Bushwhack, because it gives a magic resist/armor debuff on the enemy.

Xin Zhao

He has a slow that hits instantly ( Audacious Charge), he has a knock-up ( Three Talon Strike), he has a knockback ( Crescent Sweep) and he gives an armor debuff on his autoattacks ( Challenge). This combo with Lulu can be really, really scary.


Once the snares will land correctly, it has a very high chance of giving you a kill. She also has a blackshield to make you immune to any CC. Tormented Soil also gives a magic resist debuff. This support is decent, but it is hard to make the snares hit, though.


Has the CC that Lulu is missing, gives sustain and is very bulky. Unfortunately lacks the aggression, but this support is great for dominating your lane.


Grants you some nice sustain and also has some nice disables. Even though it's a ranged champion, you can get in range really quick to activate your Wild Growth with a Whimsy + Aqua Prison combo. Also grants the movement speed that Lulu misses early game. And her ultimate just wrecks a whole teamfight. Her Aqua Prison is also a lot easier to land if Whimsy is first cast.

Support that aren't really good with her


It just doesn't work. She has a knock-up and a slow, but she lacks the ability to play aggressively and her tornados are very easy to dodge. She is also mainly played for a safe lane, but you just want to wreck the whole lane.


Can be played somewhat more aggressively than Janna, but lacks the disables. Also no healing potential and only has 2 abilties...

Not a viable support, as everyone says. Same thing with Lulu. It takes way too long to make the snare hit, and lacks the better CC's, again. Her early-game poke potential can be really high with her ultimate, but I'd rather take Nidalee instead of her.


Grants some sustain and has an armor aura, but lacks a dive ability. Also very mana hungry on early levels, which is also your weakness.


Has a strong slow and makes you invulnerable for a few seconds, also grants you some sustain. However, no heavy disables. Has a nice wombo combo if you use your ultimate with her ultimate for the ultimate tower-dive.


Urgh no... doesn't work at all. His Blood Boil combined with Ice Blast can be really good, but hard CC is what you really need. Also, you have your own kite-potential.


Pretty much the same reason why it doesn't work with Janna, although the snare is somewhat more handy.

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Laning tips.

Early game

As I mentioned before, your early-game potential is weak. Therefore, deny any trades with your enemy. You can start trading a little bit when you have bought your first item or when you have reached level 3. Don't completely waste your mana on all trades, because you really need to save it when real fights are going on.
Just focus a little bit on farming minions, until you reach level 3.
So once you and your support reach level 3, you can try to trade a little bit more with your ADC. Your burst is quite strong, despite not being AD-scaling at all.
This is my basic combo with Lulu:
Help, Pix! >> AA >> Glitterlance >> AA >> AA. If the enemy tries to trade back at that time, also land a Whimsy and land some more AA's.
So because you have a weak early-game potential, your lane is 99% of all cases in a pushed state. You can use this to your advantage with your Whimsy, because this makes you the ultimate kite-champion (gg Ashe). If you already have a Bilgewater Cutlass, you will even have more kite potential.
So once you have bought your Blade of the Ruined King, you can start to play extremely aggressive. Your kite potential is very high, and so are you disables. If the enemy is playing aggressive, punish them for that with your Whimsy to get a lot of free damage off, as they can't do anything in the time they're polymorphed.
If it still goes wrong in your lane though and you are getting behind, even then it is not much of a worry. Just stay passively and call for a gank. Your escape mechanisms on Lulu are awesome, and once she reaches level 6, you can't be tower dived because of your Wild Growth and your Whimsy.
For the support, I highly recommend to take an early Mana Manipulator, because the skillcap that Lulu has is insanely good of use at any time.

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Lulu VS...

If you can't find your opponent that quick, use ctrl + F for a quick search!


Watch out for her critical strike early-game and stay behind your creep to avoid her Volley. She has a little range advantage against you, but deals little damage in overall. You counter her Frost Shot with your Whimsy and your Glitterlance to deny her kiting potential. Make sure that you keep high on mana though.
Due her lack of dealing damage and escape abilities, I'd pick Leona as support against her.


The only thing to worry about is her range and her traps. Avoid her Headshot at any time. Past level 6, make sure to have your health high enough at any time. Her ult does a LOT of damage. Take a support that gives you some sustain, because she can abuse her range at any time against you. Alistar or Nami might be the best choice in this situation, because of the disables, and the buffs that Nami gives.


Has no range at all, but can be quite dangerous with his Gatling Gun. Play very aggressive pre level-6, because his Missile Barrage is very annoying if your lane is being pushed. You need a support that can play aggressive as well, so Maokai might be the best support to pick, because his ultimate reduces the damage you take, making it a little bit safer to take some Missile Barrages.


His passive has recently been nerfed, so he's somewhat less dangerous early-game. You can see where he will catch his Spinning Axes, so make abuse of that. His Stand Aside and Blood Rush combo isn't that dangerous, because you can either simply Whimsy yourself or Draven. His ultimate is global, so if you're low on health, recall on places that are either completely out of sight and/or completely unpredictable. As support, I'd take Nami to make it dangerous for him to catch his spinning axe with her Aqua Prison. Nami is also great in buffing your stats, and since you have some disables, this lane can work out pretty well. If Draven has no sustain support, pick Leona instead to tear him down in no-time.


Stand behind creeps to deny his Mystic Shots and to take less damage from his Trueshot Barrage. Other than that, it's quite easy to lane against him. Make sure to push the lane from the beginning, so you have the creep-block advantage, and get a champion that can poke back as well. Nidalee will help you a lot in this lane, because of her early-game attack speed buff and heal if you're still suffering his Mystic Shot damage.


He is quite mobile with his Quickdraw, and has high burst damage with his Quickdraw + Buckshot + AA's combo. Also quite bulky because of his True Grit. This lane can be quite hard for Lulu, because she relies on disables and AA's, while Graves can burst after the disables. Some sustain is really needed to recover somewhat from his Buckshot. As a support, Nami or Alistar are a great choice for some early-game sustain and the long disables.


I rarely see him as an ADC, but watch out for his basic attack that deal extra damage. His stun is also quite weak, so don't freak out too much about it. All of his abilities are also scaling AP, just like you, but the difference is that you have a lot more disables than he does. When he tries to lightning rush away and you have your Blade of the Ruined King ready, use it when he does that for an INSANE amount of movement speed. As a support I pick Leona to show him what real stuns are.


I don't know, never had to fight any Kog'Maw. Looking at his abilities, he has a armor debuff and some %health magic damage. So flat Mres runes can be really handy against this matchup. Make sure to have some sustain support as well, because of his insane attack range with his Bio-Arcane Barrage and his Living Artillery. Nidalee, Nami, or Alistar can be great supports


Her Double Up harass can be very annoying and she has an attack speed buff. Past level 6, safe your Whimsy or your Wild Growth to break her Bullet Time ultimate. Other than her ultimate and her Double Up, she doesn't have the range advantage to do a lot against you. As support, I'd recommend someone that can give you some sustain for the Double Up damage, as it will do quite a bit of damage and it's hard to avoid it. Alistar and Nami are great choices.


I usually see Quinn being very aggressive. Be aware on early levels, punish her on later levels. She is quite mobile with her Vault. When she tries to do Vault, immediately cast Whimsy on her to deny her Harrier damage. Her ultimate is really easy to counter, because your self-cast Whimsy and Glitterlance will give you enough distance to be out of reach of Quinn. Also make sure to be on high enough health to survive her Skystrike, as it will do more damage to targets that miss more health. Her Blinding Assault does AoE damage, but can be avoided by standing behind creeps. I suggest to take a support that gives some sustain, and can abuse her range a little bit. Nami, Soraka and Sona are good choices as they will all give the sustain you need to survive her combos while being ranged as well. Make sure to have a jungler that can dive, though.


Has long-range abilities that can deal heavy damage, and has a spellshield to block an ability. Also quite mobile with her passive and ultimate. It's a trick to bait her spellshield with the ability that doesn't add a lot. [Help, Pix!] is your spellshield bait, because it will not reveal Sivir, but Pix will still follow the target, meaning that you can get your passive damage all the time on Sivir. If that doesn't work, don't worry, because your glitterlance can hit Sivir twice: the first bolt being blocked by the spellshield and the second one still dealing the full damage and the slowing effect. So either having a good aim at Sivir or baiting the Spell Shield will break it. I suggest to take a sustain support, because her Boomerang Blade can be really painful to take in your face. Alistar or Nami are good choices.


This champion is very auto-attack reliant and has an insane auto-attack range at high levels. Her Rapid Fire provides some attack speed, which shouldn't be underestimated, and has a nice escape mechanism with her Rocket Jump. Her Buster Shot also knocks you back and deals some damage. To counter this, stay at the right position. Also avoid the passive damage from her Explosive Shot. Alistar is great at wrecking the position of enemies, so he might be a great support to have against her. As Lulu, try to use your combo a lot on early levels, because on late levels it's hard to get in range of her.


Have seen him once as an ADC, which turned out for a legendary game for me. I consider him somwhat the same as Kennen: he has a stun and an empowered basic attack( Stacked Deck). Other than that, I find him not that dangerous at all, so I'd pick Leona to show him again what real stuns are.


Has a stealth option and a slow. Don't take too many basic attacks in your face, because his Expunge will then do a ton of damage. His slow, Venom Cask and his ultimate Spray and Pray have a high range, but other than that, he can only fire basic attack at you and Expunge the stacks. Also, if you're in range before he goes stealth mode, make sure to land your Help, Pix! on him immediately to know where he is going. He is very mobile while in stealth and if you are standing at the wrong spot, it is going to be a pain for you. Consider a support that can disable him if you're caught at the wrong spot while he can also heal you. Alistar is the only good support to take, because he can simply Headbutt him out of your range if you're at the wrong spot.


Anti-carry. Lol. Show him what real anti-carrying means. So he has no range at all with his auto-attacks, but has some big range with his Acid Hunter if Noxian Corrosive Charge is used. He grants you a lot of debuffs, such as a slow, armor reduction and damage reduction. His only problem is that you grant him way more disables than he can do. If he fires a Noxian Corrosive Charge at you and it hits, you cast Whimsy on him, and he is only able to get 2 Acid Hunters off. Combined with a support that disables, he won't get any Acid Hunters off at all. Also, be careful if you want to towerdive when urgot reaches level 6. His Hyper-Kinetic Position Reverser (took me ages to write) while having tower aggro at you is very deadly. What you need as a support is someone that grants some sustain, because the Acid Hunter deals some damage. And of course, you also need some disables. Alistar is great at Headbutting Urgot out of range for his Acid Hunter, while Nami also grants a disable ( Aqua Prison, which is very easy to land with your Whimsy fired at him, and grants some sustain as well. Morgana can be very handy as well with her Black Shield, but the problem is only that it has extremely long cooldowns and it needs to be timed really good to deny his Noxian Corrosive Charge debuff.


So what does this mad horseman do against Lulu? Well... not much. I suggest to take Flat magic resist runes against him, because he can hurt at early levels with his Blighted Quiver stacks. Damage done with his long-range Piercing Arrow is easy to dodge and you can use a well-timed Help, Pix! on yourself to block some damage. He has a little range advantage with AA's, which is really annoying with his Chain of Corruption. Also he has a decent burst. Therefore, take a support that grants sustain. Nami or Alistar are good choices.


Deny her Silver Bolts damage and stay at the right position because of her Condemn and you should be fine. She is quite mobile and is all about dealing damage, but you can counter that easily with your Whimsy if it's about getting away or about the disable. Her ultimate is extremely easy to get away from with your Whimsy and your Glitterlance. As a support, Alistar and Nami are good supports to take, despite Vayne countering Alistar. Alistar is all about ruining the positions and the disables, so that's why I'd take him as a support against Vayne. And nami is just good at buffing you, and the Whimsy + Aqua Prison combo.

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2-7-2012 Started this guide
12-7-2012 Released the guide in Public. Waiting for feedback and improvements :)
12-7-2012 Slight errors fixed.
13-7-2012 Masteries slightly changed.