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Nidalee Build Guide by Chewbeex

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Chewbeex

AD/ Bruiser/TOP Nidalee [In-Depth Rework Analyse]

Chewbeex Last updated on August 27, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Garen This nigga is a Piñata vs you, just can't avoid you harass. Deny his farm and GG.
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I play this lovely Kitty since i started playing in season 2 and she was the only reason that kept me playing this game.
Nidalee was reworked recently in an amazing Fighter/Assasin after being an extremely OP sniper.
Now, Nida is more dependant of her cat form due to Riot brutally nerfed her human form, but buffing hard her Kitty stance.

Sorry for my english, im Native Spanish and have just school's english formation.

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The new Nidalee!

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Rework Analyse.

First of all, i want to focus on her rework:

Prowl: This ability was reoriented in chasing instead of scaping, now nida hasn't her 20 mov. Speed granted by her Cat form, but now her chasing potential is KINDA AMAZING!. Because of this, Nidalee's best friends are bushes. Travel through the map with nida in your cougar form [Spamming W] and nobody will scape from your claws.

Javelin Toss/Takedown: This ability used to be the base of the old Nida AP, sniper all enemies down. But Riot changed it nerfing hard this Skill in human form but BUFFING HARD it in Cougar form...
In cougar form this skill provides the burst that Nida needs as assasin or bruiser.
In an AP build the spear still being good, but in AD you just want it to put on your enemies the HUNTED debuff and then be able to use your amazing cougar W>E>Q combo and get them death.

Bushwhack/Pounce: Bushwhack still resembling as the old one Nida's human form W, but now it deals % of dmg and applies the HUNTED DEBUFF, if you arent good using Nidalee's Spears you can try to apply the buff with this.
In cat form, this skill was buffed and nerfed... More cooldown but now you can jump in the direction you choose and no in front of nidalee.
Vs Hunted enemies, this skill is like Lee Sin's Q, you can jump a long distance to get your enemie and kill him down. The distance is sooooo big.

I think this is going to be nerfed soon cause Nida really flies.

Primal Surge/Swipe: In human form, this heal and AS steroid was...Buffed and Nerfed now her base heal is Higher (This is nice to AD Nidalee) but her ap Ratio was reduced (Nida AP nerfed). In cat form its AP ratio was reduced too.
Vs Hunted enemies Swipe reduces Pounce's cooldown in 1 sec. This is amazing to still chasing until you get your enemie Nidaleed!(Ate).

Aspect of the Cougar: This ablity now is able FROM LVL 1! This is something that much players want to duo to champs like Jayce or Elise have their Shapeshifts from first lvl. They nerfed the form by deleting her movement speed provided by her cat form. (Personally i think that she could start with 10 mov speed in cat form, like elise, but Riot dont want this...Dunno why).
Ultimately, this skill was the reason why Nida lost her amazing scape potential. But her chasing potential compensates this.

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Post Rework Buff.

After Being reworked, Nidalee received a big Buff from Riot. I let you here all the changes received in the 4.12 Version Patch:

As you can see, this buff is pretty high to their skills.
But i think that riot didnt realized about her AD Bruiser potential and they are going to nerf this.

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+ Good mobility
+ Amazing Roam potential
+ Nice Harassment
+ Really easy to win the lane
+ The best chasing potential in the game
+ Hard to gank
+ She can become a kitty

- No innate Tanky.
- No innate cc.
- Nerfed scape potential.
- Nerfed spears.
- Squishy if bad-builded.
- Hard to master.
- Use to be banned in High Leagues Ranked Queue.

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Summoner Spells

Flash: In the current meta you are nobody if you dont use flash, i dont like this because it reduces the versatility in the game, but you have no chance. Flash is a must to.

Teleport: I love this Summoner spell, is so versatile and a must have to the top laner, i recomend it in the 90% of the cases.
The TOP lane is ,with the botlane, one of the largest 3, so you will spend a lot of time walking to arrive this ones.
In bot lanes some supports can give extra movespeed or can help with some skills like Thresh's lantern to cover distances with their carry.
In top YOU ARE ALONE, just you and your enemie. You don't want to let your lane alone... NEVER!

: If teleport killed your parents,raped your sister and ate your dog... or there is a Dr. Mundo in Top you can think about taking this, much players take it, but i think that teleport still being much better to me in TOP.


Heal: This spell works good with Nidalee but is not good in top.

Exhaust: Possible choice, but not good in TOP.

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Start Itemization.

Cloth Armor/Mana Potion x3/ Health Potion x2: This is the most recommendable start to Nidalee bruiser. Her damage is enough with runes and masteries, while this set gives her a los of sustain in lane.
I prefer more mana potions than health ones due to her E in human form.

Doran Blade/Health Potion: The standard way to start Nida in top, if you want to start with this, C'mon, still being amazing.

Null-Magic Mantle: This works nice with some potions if you are going to face a Magic Damage based champ in Top like Fizz or Ryze and then... Rush Mercury Treads when backing.

Boots and Potions: Can be risked, but is a good way to harass as hell your enemies in Lane phase.

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Nidalee, as an AD Bruiser wants to be tanky enough to hold on in team fights but needs to have damage enough to doesent lack of damage like the Tank.
Remember, This build isn't TANK NIDALEE... Dont build her as a Tank, she is a bruiser.
At this point im gonna talk you about the boots. There are three boots we can build as Nidalee:

Mercury Treads: The MOST RECOMENDABLE, it gives TENACITY which can not be stacked, so this is the fastest and comfortable way to get tenacity with Nidalee. If you dont get Tenacity with Nidalee you will be soooo vulnerable in TeamFights.

TIP: If you dont want to buy Mercs you can get the tenacity from Zephyr

Ninja Tabi: This is your second choice, if the other top laner is a fed Physical Damage based champion that is geting fed you can buy this to counter him, its passive is kinda amazing to low their damage.
This champions can be Fiora, Jax or Yasuo...For example.

Sorcerer's shoes: This is a good option if you want to maximize as much as possible your Q in Cat form. Remember that all Nidalee's skills in cat form are based on Magic Damage. Much people make the mistake to stack armor vs Nidalee forgeting that her damage is, as Shyvana, Hybrid. Use this common mistake against them.

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UNIQUE PASSIVE - SPELLBLADE: After using an ability, your next basic attack deals 200% base AD bonus physical damage. (1.5 second cooldown).
This Unique Passive is the base of your Damage, it makes your Q SOOOOOOOOOO strong, so dont forget to build one of this items:

Iceborn-Gauntlet: This item gives you Armor; A little AOE damage; A little AOE Slow; And his amazing passive. I use to build this due to Trinity is too Expensive. Get this if you are not getting fed enough to rush trinity fast.

Trinity Force: This **** gives you TONS OF DAMAGE, and a lot of usable stats. Build it if you are getting fed enough.
Never build this if your top matchup is an AD and is getting snowballed, Iceborn's is the best option in this case

The passive Spellblade works amazing to maximize the damage on basic attacks.
Never forget to build one of this Diamonds!

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Offensive Items.

Maw of Malmortius:

    + Magic Resist
    + Magic Shield
    + More AD when lower HP
    + AD

Mercurial Scimitar:
    + Magic Resist
    + CC Dispell (Amazing with Nidalee)
    + Tons of AD
    + Movespeed Burst

Much players dont recoment to build this if you got Mercury Treads, because tenacity is enough for Enemies cc's. Build both JUST if you are playing with a heavy CC enemy team.

The BloodThirster:
    + Tons of AD
    + Lifesteal
    + Useful Shield
- Highly Recommendable

    + AS
    + AD
    + CDR
-Highly Recommendable

Blade of the Ruined King:
    + AS
    + AD
    + Great Passive which slows enemy and burst your movespeed up
    + One of the best passives in Lol which deals % of enemie's HP
-Highly Recommendable

Statikk shiv:
    + AS
    + Critic Chance
    + Movespeed
    + Great Passive who allows you to do a little Nuke damage.
-Highly Recommendable

Last Whishper:
    + Maximizes all our damage (Ad+Armor Pen.)
-Situational: Just buy this vs enemies who have stacked armor.

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Deffensive Items (Armor).

The Core of this build are Deffensive items.
Nidalee used to be and AD Off-Tank too before her rework, but now this is the best way to build her. Without much Offensive items, nidalee can stay as an extremely resistant Bruiser with also an amazing Burst. This, with her great positioning ability in TeamFight makes Nidalee a Monster in TeamFight and 1v1.

You MUST take one of this items in every game with Nidalee, dont care about being too tanky, Buying Iceborn's or Trinity force will be enough to do ¨A Lot Of Damage¨.
This two items, which give HP+ARMOR, are:

Randuin's Omen: This item is Really good in the current meta, and specially with Nidalee. It's passive covers her Lack of CC.
Much people thinks that Iceborn's gauntlet' CC is enough for covering Nidalee's CC need. But that is not enough. With Randuin's active Nidalee can even become her unattainable in Late Game.
-Take this and you will get an amazing cover of deffensive stats and an incredible AOE CC.

Sunfire Cap: This item has not CC but is pretty cheap and good.
Your farm potential grows a lot with it.
Don't build it if you didnt build Iceborn's Gauntlet or Nidalee will show off her lack of CC.
If you want to Build this item with trinity force you should need to Buy a Frozen Mallet because of it's slow passive in Auto-Attacks.
-Build this jewel if you want a cheaper version of Randuin's without its CC but with bigger AOE Damage.

Tips: You are not a foul if you want to build both of this vs. a Heavy AD Team.


This armor Items still being viable with Nida, but they are much more situational.
Thornmail shouldnt be builded every game, just build it if you are facing a fed physical damage champ.
Guardian Angel can be a good choice if you are going fed as hell and you are building squishy, or even if you want to sure that you wont be the focus in teamfght.
Frozen Heart use to be builded in case of enemy team having 4 of 5 champs as AD(Less support).

Tip: Remember that the most viable way in the current meta is to mix health and resistences. Dont stack armor without building HP enough.

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Deffensive Items (Magic Resist).

Magic Resist is the other resistence that you have to stack vs Magic Damage based enemies.
First of all i want to explain THE MOST COMMON ERROR in league of legends.
AP and magic damage isnt the same, much players stacks armor vs ad and magic resistence vs ap. This is not suitable.
Champions like Shyvana have AD scales in their skills, but that skills can be magic instead of physical
Magic Resist protects from MAGIC DAMAGE, NOT from Ability Power.

As you can see Shyvana's burnout scales with AD but its Magic Damage

After this brief advice we can start explaining Nidalee's best MR Choices.
There are 2 great choices that you can, obviously, choose accodring to your preferences into the game:

Spirit Visage: Here, one of the best Magic Resist items in the whole game.
This works amazing with Nidalee and her Primal Surge(Her E in Human form). Despite being an ad builded champ you can heal you a great amount of Health Points.
It's HP+Magic Resist works amazing in the current meta as i explained in the Deffensive armor items of the build.

Banshee's Veil: I just love this item.
It works AMAZING vs high burst AP carries, thx to it's passive, this item allows you to break Nuke Combos characteristics of the following champs, and much others:

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Bushes are Nidalee's best friends.

Due to her passive, Nidalee can advantage the bushes from the map and get amazing scapes and chases.
Nidalee's scape potential allows her to lead the enemy to strategic positions to her team. Much people make the mistake to chase Nidalee from all the map and then gate exterminated by the enemy team.
I let you here the places in the map who Nida can Jump with her W
This image is not Mine. Thanks to his creator, Turo.

Remember that Nidalee's scape potential was nerfed to beneficiate her Chase potential, this is one of the reasons why Nidalee is now builded Off-Tank more than then.
Due to this, now she needs to hold more attacks from enemies in persecutions.
Nidalee's Cougar form was nerfed but you can emulate the old Cougar movespeed buying the recently Buffed Boots Upgrade: Alacrity [Before: +15 Movespeed] / [Now: +20 Movespeed]

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Nidalee is my main since i started playing lol in season 2, and , actually is the champ that i use better.
Here i let you my stats with her.

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Thanks all for cheering me to do more lol Guides:

In less than one day this guide got more than 800 views!!!

...AND... In less than 24 H. i got this guide in the Top 10 Nidalee's Mobafire guides. THX!!