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League of Legends Build Guide Author Meiyjhe

AD carry Teemo ranked?! LEGIT!!!

Meiyjhe Last updated on November 28, 2012
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Welcome ladies and gentlemen!

This time, I will guide you to the suprising greatness of AD carry Teemo.

There is no guide of this yet! So I find this a very good reason to make one no? :D

Hold my hand and I shall teach you the greatness of this yordle.


!!!WARNING!!! This guide requires a certain skill for Teemo, making it possible that you will not succeed the first time you use it !!!WARNING!!!

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Teemo lore

To play a good Teemo, you must BE a Teemo. So please sit and listen to this old mans story: the story of Teemo:

Teemo is a hero, a hero amongst the yordles of Bandle City. He, though he has a very kind personality, is one of the most distinguished of the Bandle City's Special Forces. Going on solo missions and succeeding at every one of them, makes him one of the most dangerous yordles alive.

Yes, you understood correct. Teemo is one of the most dangerous yordles alive!!!!
He is like a super hero with a double life. The kindest man alive in the bars, and the most dangerous yordle when on the battlefield. Not what you expected was it?

Though this lore isn't very touching, if you really want to know, Teemo has a girlfriend named Tristana :D.

Anyway, you need to break up with Tristana because you are the AD carry of your team, not her :P

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Jollies and Notties (pros and cons)

Teemo┬┤s powers lie on different fields, here I will explain what he can, and cannot do:

+ Great movement speed :)
+ Free "wards" :D
+ A blind :D
+ A damage over time ability :)
+ Extra damage done each hit :)
+ Stealth :)
+ AD Teemo is rare :D

- Squishy >:(
- No abilities are AD scaling :(
- Requires skill >:(
- Low early game power :(
- Short range compared to other AD carries >:(

Thus I am going to learn you to strengthen your Jollies, and minimalize your Notties.
So I can make you a Teemo master!

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Your first step to victory is to master your abilities available to you.
Let us take a look what to do with each ability.

What is it?: Passive
Effects: Stealth and bonus attack speed
Requirements (Stealth): Standing still for a few seconds out of combat and stay standing
Requirements (Attack speed): Breaking stealth (walking or getting in to combat)
Use: Positioning, escaping and trapping
Keep in mind: This passive can make you an easy target for skill shots, so make sure you are safe when you use it!

Blinding Dart
What is it?: Q-spell
Effects: Damage and a blind
Requirements (Damage): In order to do more damage you need more AP
Type: Enemy target shot
Use: Sabotaging AD champions and extra damage
Upgrading at: 2 - 14 - 15 - 17 - 18
Keep in mind: This ability scales with AP, thus not your damage source. Only use it for defensive reasons.

Move Quick
What is it?: W-spell
Effects: Movement speed and even more movement speed
Requirements (MS): This will only be activated when not hit
Requirements (MS+): Activating the spell
Type: Passive + Activation
Use: Escaping, chasing and positioning
Upgrading at: 4 - 8 - 10 - 12 - 13
Movement > AP blind spell, since you are AD Teemo. This can save your life many times, you just take it :P. (This spell allows you to be faster than almost any AD carry!)
Keep in mind: The activation does not require you to be out of combat, you can use it any time!

Toxic Shot
What is it?: E-spell
Effects: Damage upon hit and over time
Requirements (Damage): This does not scale with AD, only with AP
Type: Passive
Use: On every auto attack
Upgrading at: 1 - 3 - 5 - 7 - 9
Keep in mind: The damage over time effect does not stack!

Noxious Trap
What is it?: R-spell (Ultimate!)
Effects: Damage over time, slow and vision
Requirements (Damage + slow): Only scale with AP, besides it only damages upon meeting an enemy
Requirements (Vision): Only grants vision when the shroom is still alive or a few seconds after explosion
Type: placement + AOE
Use: For speed farming, extra damage in combat and map control
Upgrading at: 6 - 11 - 16
Keep in mind: The damage of the shroom is strong even though you will not have AP. Though, the amount of vision gain from a shroom is much less than from a ward. Also, the damage of the shrooms do not stack, meaning that putting multiple shrooms on one spot does not help you!

I hope you learned a lot from this young student, for we shall continue to the next chapter.

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D and F spells (Summonner spells)

We discussed already what to expect from Teemo's own abilities, but what about summonner spells?

There are not so many viable I must say.
This one is necessary:

Effects: Moving a short distance instantly
Type: Instant skillshot
Use: Escaping and chasing
You are squishy, thus you need to be able to escape instantly when in trouble.
Keep in mind: This is a special spell which is activated the moment you click the button, please do not waste this spell, it has a long coodlown.

These are recommended:

Effects: Doing damage over time and reduces enemy healing taken
Type: Enemy champion target shot
Use: Killing and counter healing
This one I usually take, it stacks great with your damage over time effects.

Effects: Increases your movement speed and ignore collision
Type: Activation
Use: Escaping and chasing
If you think Flash and Move Quick isn't enough mobility for you, you could take this aswell, in any other cases I wouldn't take it.
Keep in mind: Press D for dance doesn't work, and F for fly doesn't either.

Effects: Breaks CC effects and reduces incoming CC effects
Type: Activation
Use: Survival
This spell can be a real life saver if the enemy team has a good focus and some good CC effects. Besides it also breaks Exhaust and Ignite. Only take it when the enemy has heavy CC, or you just love this spell :D.
Keep in mind: Only use it when you are already in a CC effect, so you can optimise this spell. Or if you have Ignite on you, which could kill you if you didn't have cleanse.

Other alternatives:

Effects: Gives you an amount of health back
Type: Activation
Use: Survival
I do not like this spell for the reason it is easily countered and doesn't even give that great amount of health. Take it if you think you are desperate for some lane sustain.

Effects: It slows, reduces damage done and increases damage taken
Type: Enemy champion target shot
Use: Chasing, focussing and surviving
This spell is a great option for any champion, but your lane friend will most probably take it :P. Take this spell only if your support does not.

The rest:

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Runes and Masteries

There are plenty of working runes and masteries, so I will not discuss them too much.

The reason why I took what I did, was because I like to go more damage like, so 26 points in offense. The reason why I took Arcane Knowledge is because still a lot of damage dealt is magical damage dealt.

The other points are within defense for the fact that Teemo is squishy, and we want our little friend alive no? :D

Whether you take attack speed, attack damage or armor penetration, they all suit Teemo. I prefer taking armor penetration because I do not really like attack speed runes and attack damage runes seem to give way to little in my opinion.

The other runes are based on defense, because, like always, we want our little friend alive ;D

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Let us take a look to the most interesting part no? :D

Boots of Speed + Health Potion
What is it?: First tier
Effects: Movement speed
Type: Unique Passive
Use: Escaping, chasing, positioning and poking
Cost: 350 + 35 * 3 = 455
Starting with Teemo, you of course do with Boots of Speed and Health Potionx3.
This will grant you well lane sustain and easy pokes with your E-spell.

Doran's Blade
What is it?: First tier
Effects: Attack damage, health and lifesteal
Type: Passive
Use: Survivability and damage output
Cost: 475
We want this AFTER Boots of Speed due to the fact we want the early game speed. I like taking 2 Doran's Blade, giving you a strong early survival and damage output.
Keep in mind: Teemo doesn't do that much damage without this item, so we need that little boost!

Berserker's Greaves
What is it?: Second tier
Effects: Attack speed and movement speed
Type: Passive + Unique passive
Use: Escaping, chasing, positioning and poking
Cost: 920 - 350 = 570
The extra attack speed with this item fully grants you the effect of your Doran's Bladex2 and your Toxic Shot. You also could go for Mercury's Treads, but only if you really fear you will stand no chance otherwise. So look at the enemies: Do they have snares? Do they hate me? Then decide whether to buy Mercury's Treads or Berserker's Greaves

Phantom Dancer
What is it?: Third tier
Effects: Attack speed, critical strike chance and movement speed
Type: Passive
Use: Escaping, chasing, positioning and poking
Cost: 2845
So this is the first real item. If you cannot buy this item within one recall, get Zeal and Vampiric Scepter first, granting you some more sustain and also a mini Phantom Dancer. I like to get more attack speed as soon as possible due to your E spell, so you can burst some more.
Keep in mind: You could take a Phage or a Infinity Edge before this item if you disagree with my view on attack speed. These items will grant you a nice amount of damage output, but do not grant movement speed nor attack speed. Take the order you prefer the most.

Infinity Edge
What is it?: Legendary tier
Effects: Massive attack damage, crit. damage and crit. chance
Type: Passive + unique passive
Use: Damage output
Cost: 3830
This item makes you an AD carry, take it! Without this your damage output will be just average.

The next items can be in an order of preference, they are all just as great.:

The Black Cleaver
What is it?: Third tier
Effects: Attack damage, armor penetration and attack speed
Type: Passive + unique passive
Use: Damage output
Cost: 2865
This grants everything our little friend needs for some extra damage. It grants AD, AS and armor penetration.

The Bloodthirster
What is it?: Legendary tier
Effects: Massive attack damage and life steal
Type: Passive
Use: Damage output and sustain
Cost: 3000 - 450 = 2550 (if taken Vampiric Scepter early)
This item is a boss, you can destroy enemies now with compensating the damage taken with your lifesteal. I like being boss so that is why I like this item. If you don't, at least take some other lifesteal item like: Zeke's herald or Executioner's Calling.
Keep in mind: To use this item to its full extend, try to farm a lot. You need at least 40 farm with this item to be the real Teemo boss.

Frozen Mallet
What is it?: Legendary tier
Effects: Minimal attack damage, massive health and a slow
Type: Passive + Unique passive
Use: Survival and chasing
Cost: 3250 - 1315 = 1935 (if taken Phage early game)
This is a real teemo item. With it, you can survive more burst and chase weaklings easier. Remember: you can take the last 3 items in whatever order you want. But since I buy a Phage earlier, I do not really feel like taking this item as 4th. Though, it is a free country so you can do what you want :D

Now go to the next chapter to see more about the builds!

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I have 4 builds in total for Teemo, naming:

My recommended build (The one we discussed in-depth):

Duelling Teemo (For Dominion, 3v3 or ABAM, basically for matches with a lot of 1v1 combat):

Glass Cannon Teemo (If your feel like defense is for the weak):

Defensive Teemo (If you feel like you aren't safe enough without some more defense):

The color of the build name, tells you how much I prefer it. The more lighter green, the more effective. Now some more information about the builds other than the recommended:

Duelling Teemo:
Like said before, this is mainly for matches with a lot of 1v1 combat. For that reason, I take real 1v1 items like Youmuu's Ghostblade and Mercury's Treads. The active and the armor penetration of Youmuu's Ghostblade grants you great 1v1 ability, and the Mercury's Treads are great because it allows you to keep distance from bruisers which snare you easier. The double The Bloodthirster gives immense sustain while giving damage output at the same time, which is great 1v1.
I like this build second, because it is just a very fun build to use, and it is effective in the 1v1 situations ;D

Glass Cannon Teemo:
This is the build of risk, that is why I like this build a bit, but still is very risky. You will do pretty much a maximum damage output with this build, but you also gain the maximum damage output due to the lack of defense items ;D. This built is meant for really easy matches, where you have 10 kills already within 10 minutes or something like that.
This will grant you massive damage output (enough to solo baron), but once they focus you, you are dead, so you need to have more skill with positioning aswell!!

Defensive Teemo:
This is the boring one, and besides that, it isn't really an AD build. For this reason I like this build the least. However, if you are taking heavy hits as a team, it would be nice to have some survivability against fed enemies. The Madred's Bloodrazor can be enough damage output for Teemo, so you won't really need other damage items. But you will not be a real AD carry.
Only use this build in desperate situations.

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You are a scout! But that doesn't mean you can scout!

Yes, that is a disappointment, but we do not want people to kill you, we prefer an alive teemo :D

Farm, poke, nothing special. When you or them engage, blind the enemy AD carry and you counter him easily.

Position yourself really really well. Is the enemy AD carry to far away? Too bad! Then you just have to focus someone else. Besides having an AD carry role, you also need to control your enemies by shrooming right in their face and blinding their AD carry, or if not possible, the AD bruiser.

Use your scouting skills in your own favor. Use your Noxious Trap and Move Quick to make an easy escape. When you find yourself following a dead end, just stand still. You will become stealth.

Shrooming is easier than you think. Every time you come by a bush or a small road in the jungle, just put a shroom down, doesn't harm anyone (except your enemies of course!!).
Do not try to shroom places which are far away from you, try to let the support ward the baron and dragon. We do not want them to trap our little Teemo do we? :P

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That was all folks

I think I made everything clear now, if you disagree, please say so :D

My goal is to make guides who help my fellow League of Legends players so :D.

Have fun playing Teemo and please leave your votes and comments!

The one and only