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Cho'Gath General Guide by MeMister

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author MeMister

AD Cho' Rekd

MeMister Last updated on September 25, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 23

Legendary Guardian

Defense: 4


Utility: 3

Threats to Cho'Gath with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Aatrox if he engages you, simply Q him and go away. don't try to kill him without the help of your jungler, dodge his skillshots and trade damage between your creeps cause hes got some burst! remember that when he ults he gets too big to be chewed, just Q him and run! buying some mana pots is a good call since he doesn't use mana, ask for ganks if you feel like
Alistar don't try to poke him under his creeps, he'll throw in the middle of them, but do poke everytime hes badly posicioned. he can't outamage you unless ulted, if thats the case Q and run. milk those titties real good
Cho'Gath that noob will probably go AP, so just buy a negatron and slap him like you earn money out of it. do watch for his Qs and don't stay in lane if low
Darius don't try trading, unless hes under your creeps, ward for ganks frequently and if he pulls you, silence him, hit, Q him and run. ask for ganks
Dr. Mundo take ignite. stay behind your creeps, farm and thats it. if hes dumb enough as to come in your wave to trade, combo him and juke him into your creeps, avoid trading auto attacks when hes got his AD buff on, dodge his cleavers if you can't get any creeps between you two. remember that staying in your wave can sometimes be better than rushing to your tower, since then he can hit you with his cleavers, and when he ults, if you have no creeps, run. build executioners calling instead of atmas until late game, then you change it back to normal. buy mana potions
Gangplank try not being an easy target for his Qs, if he pokes you little enough your sustain will handle them. you always win trades, unless you make them too long, then consequences will be awful. when he ults Q and run. simple enough
Gnar you can trade with him even under his creeps. just Q him from a distance and go for it. but NEVER dear to get close to him when he has his rage bar going up, no matter how low it is in that instant. a good time to strike is when hes in mega gnar form and his rage bar is almost ending. watch out for ganks tho, and buy mana potions.
Gragas dont trade with him, last hit, and whenever he gets close slap him once or twice. if he bodyslams yousilence him instantly, hit, Q, and keep kicing his ass until hes back on the floor. watch out for ganks, dont be low in lane
Irelia don't trade. farm like a boss, and whenever she jumps on you, hit her, silence her, Q, hit her again, after your Q goes hit again then run. avoid getting close to her, watch out for ganks. if you're feeling brave silence her when your creeps get low, so she has to walk to them, and if she does hit her, Q hit and run. ask for ganks
Jayce keep them creeps between you two, farm, if he jumps on you instantly silence him, hit, Q, hit and kick his ass, try to stick in your wave, and watch very carefully for ganks. if hes auto attacking you too much, rush your armor, ask for ganks
Kayle shes your bitch. Q her from a distance, hit her silence her and run. hit more and more as she gets low, apply as much pressure as possible for her to burn her mana on sustain, but watch the fuck out for GANKS cause there will be ganks. pay attention not to ult her ultie, buy mana potions
Lee Sin keep creeps between you two. youll outdamage him unless he lands his Q on you, and if he does, insta silence him as soon as hes jumping on you. buy mana potions and watch out for ganks
Malphite if hes doing ap buy some early mr, try to suck as much as possible from your passive, combo him every time he gets in rage for his Q, being the combo: Q, hit, silence, hit, run. try to have more creeps than him, watch out for ganks. don't be low in lane. if hes doing tank ignore him and farm it like it's money. of course trade with him if he comes for it
Maokai don't force trades, but if he comes for it, kick his ass. hit Q hit hit silence run. farm, watch out for ganks and don't hit him if hes ulted
Master Yi fuck him right in the pussy. trade early, push, farm, ward, but when 6 be careful, try to poke him down, then kill him with fire. if lane is too pushed watch out for ganks
Nasus push the lane so much that you forget how not to push it, keep him out of the farm, combo him everytime he comes for a cs and you have more creeps than him, which should be always. watch out for ganks, and if he ults Q and run, do ask for ganks cause you want to turn his game into a total nightmare
Renekton bully the bully. Q him, hit, silence, hit and run, but ONLY if ou have creeps helping you. don't dive his wave. if he ults, Q and run. don't be too agressive cause hes got a stun. watch out for ganks, ask for ganks and buy mana potions
Rengar whoop his ass. dive his wave, whatever, just Q him, hit, silence, hit and go behind a creep. he will never be able to trade. ask for ganks, cause he can snowball if you screw up, and buy mana potions
Rumble stay away from him. if he rushes for you, silence hit Q hit run. try to dodge his harpoons, they are prett unhealthy. don't fight him if hes got his passive on. ask for ganks, buy potions and ward bushes
Shen farm like hell. if he goes for you, as soon as youre free from taunts Q him and slap his ass. no need to waste mana on a silence if hes already done his whole combo. try to always give back as much dmg as he has caused on you. don't expose yourself too much, otherwise hell get his wave to atck you, and you wont be able to trade. ask for ganks, but mana potions and watch out for ganks. one huge detail is that if shens farming top while both teams are close to a team fight, counter him by staying top and denying his tp by simply using your Q. but be ready, and if he enters a bush ward it.
Shyvana don't force trades. if she comes for it, hit, Q, hit and retreat to your wave, don't silence her since shell already have used all of her skills. dont ever fight her when shes ulted. ask for ganks, buy mana potions
Singed just farm. ignore him. if he get's too close and you feel like hell pull you silence and Q him, run. if you want to win your lane really much, apply tons of pressure early game, but take a crystalline flask with you. ask for ganks and watch out for ganks, slap him everytime he gets in range. DON'T FUCKING CHASE!
Teemo force trades. Q him from a distance, hit, silence, hit twice and retreat, cause hell blind you. if he somehow blinds you during your combo either you keep on with it, in case youre winning, or retreat, in case its tied or hes winning. your E will still dmg him. you can pink ward bushes, and when he tries to destroy them you kick his furry ass. if you are attacking him and he places a shroom right where you are, move. ask for ganks, buy mana pots and ward bushes
Volibear don't force trades. if he comes, Q him, then hit, silence, hit and retreat. if he duves your wave, Q him and keep hitting until his third attack, then silence him and keep on hitting him. should be easy match up, just dont expose yourself or trade under his creeps. ask for ganks, watch out for ganks and farm a lot
Wukong dont trade. when he comes, Q, hit, silence, hit forever. always trade under your creeps. ask for ganks, apply pressure early game, push a lot, watch out for ganks after lvl 6 and feast
Xin Zhao exact same strategy for wuokong, except for the fact that you dont want to get too exposed!
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You're probably wondering what the **** is this. So, lets think:
-After 6 stacks, full build, youll have about 4k hp
-Youll have 400 Ad, with high as, 50% crit and an iedge
-You have lane sustain, cc, burst, dps, armor and mr.
Are you convinced yet? if not, you can go **** off dude. like i give a ****.
Mr cho' rekt is the most OP char ever born, have such good lane control, ganks, team fights and tons of damage. Hell tank you all day and explode your ADc in three hits. The only con is that the build is really expensive, so it takes a long time for cho to get real. But get over it, bro. its nothing.

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Masteries, runes and spells

I always take a good Tp with me, so im omnipresent and savage, but ignite works as well. My runes are focused on damage and defenses, having some life steal. i find the life steal interesting since youll get some good hp after a crit. for masteries i take the basic ad path, followed by some mana regen, cause cho spends an awful lot of mana. Maybe taking a defensive masterie way would be better, but im here to slay, not to think, srsly

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Ranked play and pros/cons

I like AD cho, not only because its op, but its so fun, and people dont know how to play against it. most people rush negatron, not noticing that im doing AD. Cho is a rare pick, so i feel hipster by doing it
Some of the pros:
- Lots of AD (400)
- Tons of HP (4000)
- Good laning phase against most champions
- The unseen AD build is the deadliest
- Awesome ganks, team fights and duels
- Has broken sustain in lane
- Can even bully some champions
Some cons:
- Can be outplayed by heavy burst dmg champions, such as Riven, Renek or Jax
- Awful early game
- May be considered troll
- Has no escapes or gap closers, relies on hitting his Q
- Very expensive build

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When im doing AD cho i usually get my E to do stuff, like poking from a distance, last hitting from a distance or even last hitting multiple targets at once. I use my W to get lest hits, finish off low targets, or most important, to silence people. My Q is always used in a way that i can get to someone, run from someone, stop spell channelings, or to gain one or two, with as even three free hits on a target. My ultie is used to finish off targets, or deal a huge amount of damage before dying, or even bursting targets.
For my combos, they usually consist on using a skill, hitting, and using another skill, the order of the skill is determined either by the enemy or the situation. For example, for burst champs, like riven, first I silence, then hit, then Q, then hit. To get a target and keep it from fleeing or trading dmg I use Q, hit, silence, hit.

Some other important strategies involve spells, one of them is:
- Get the target low before you hit lvl 6, and, as soon as you do, Q and ult him.
Sometimes the target can flash or blink away, so I use Q, flash and ult. Sometimes only flash and ult should do the trick, but i prefer not to risk.
Another good trick is to wait in the bush, when someone walks in you Q, hit, silence and keep hitting.

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Team fights and important notes

When team fighting as AD cho, i always Q theyr Adc or Apc, walk rigt up to them and burst them. Since youre so tanky, you should last a painful long time. What people dont understand is that not only because someone is really tanky, that doesnt mean he cant deal 1150 dmg in one hit. By trucidating their carry, people turn their attention to me, then my carries go in and ace the tf.
Team fights are not hard, not confusing, but easy. You just got to be in the right place at the rigt time, and trust me, youll get that notion after some time

Important note: When you're in lane, you gotta be really careful not to waste your whole mana on pokes, in a way that after using your Q and W, you dont have enough mana to ultie. Trust me, this happens an awful whole lot of times!

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Get there and rek'em!

Thank you so much for reading my guide to here! Please vote your opinion!
Now come on! Get there in the game and wreck everyone up! Dinner is served.


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