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Build Guide by DRiZaRD

AD Leblanc It's actually Legit.

By DRiZaRD | Updated on May 25, 2011
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LoL Summoner Spell: Ghost


LoL Summoner Spell: Exhaust


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Welcome to my guide on AD LeBlanc,
Even through she was originally made for pure ap nukes, she can be played as AD well, it reminds me AD Sona with more useful skills to catch your enemy, or to just get away.
this is my first Build ever on Mobafire,
so i took some notes form other builds too, also English isnt my main language so sorry if i made mistakes on the build bellow.

IMPORTANT: Please read this WHOLE guide before you decide on if you would like to upvote or downvote. You will see that there is numerous sections tailored for each kind of game style, and I do NOT expect you to build what ive listed every single game. Please read the item choices for more information, and thank you so much for taking the time to read my guide!
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Pros / Cons

-Extremely huge damage output.
-Range, is always useful thing.
-Not that squishy as Ap builds
-No mana depended
-Still useful after casting skills.
-Is super mobile, can get away from ganks pretty easy.
-Super Chaser she can doubly cast her Distortion
-Hard to escape from her "Gotcha" Skill Ethereal Chains (plus Mimic Shot )
-Can 1v1 almost every champ (with some exception of course), and even 1v2 if played well.
-Useful Auto Attacks.
-Legit Farmer / Pusher

-Still squishy
-No Burst damage as Ap build
-Item depended.
-Expensive Build.
-Can't 2 shot 1 enemy
-Your Q are almost useless (except silence)
-Skill does no damage at all after level 10-15 (Only effect matter anyways on AD build)
-Team Depended (means need teammates to dominate)
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Greater Mark of Desolation || Armor penetration is always a good thing on DPS / AD builds

Greater Seal of Attack Speed || for more attack speed early game useful thing as well.

Greater Seal of Critical Chance || Well critical is the thing we all love.

Greater Glyph of Cooldown Reduction || We need cdr, even through you wont use your skills as main power.

Greater Glyph of Attack Speed || You know...

Greater Quint of Desolation || Ye armor penetration is ALWAYS a good thing.
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15/0/15 Is my way, you can change them as you want, but remember you are AD, and not AP, so dont take masteries for AP champions.
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Summoner Spells

What I go with:
Ghost - Hell yeah, helps a lot to chase / escape and be on team fights you missed.

Exhaust - Reduces 80% of targets damage. Deny nuke/ult/aoe champs from killing everything. Allows you to 1v1 champs that get into melee range of you.

Other useful spells:

Teleport - You want to be in your lane as much as possible. And of course teleport is always useful spell.

Ignite - Always good to have extra damage. Plus Sadism makes me angry. This helps.

Flash - It's definitely nice, but your escaping ability with your W and if needed the Ulti from the W is pretty insane.

Cleanse - Helpful when got CCed, but i think you dont really need it.

Bad Summoner Spells to get:

Heal - If you have to use this your probably dead anyway.

Revive - Oh please me, do i even have to talk about this spell?

Smite - Are you jungling? No, when keep away from this. However if you mind to control Dragon / Baron, when it would be not that bad idea, but i believe you'd better leave this for Junglers.

Clairvoyance - Just leave this for supporters. Or for AoE Chasers.

Clarity - Ad build isnt mana depended, stay away from it.
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LeBlanc's Abilities

Mirror Image - is really good if your opponent is giving you trouble early game, or even in team fights late. Throughout the whole game, the deceptiveness of your Mirror Image can save you more then you know!

Sigil of Silence Sigil of Silence - Well, good damage output early game, good silence skill late game. Since you build AD, it won't nuke as much as pure ap builds, maybe even NO at all, However some damage always helps.

Distortion - you can't imagine how i love this skill, paired with Mimic can be fatal gank machine for enemy, as well as great escape machine too.

Ethereal Chains - The most important skill on AD build (at my opinion always), keep the enemy away from escaping however keep away from getting closer to you as well, paired with your Mimic it may be fatal end for your opponent to escape. Very useful skill for FB, very useful for early game, and extremely useful for late game, providing almost sure kill for you / your team if opponent is alone, or even trying to bait you.

Mimic - i told everything on skills before, well it repeats your last casted skill, plus 10/25/45% more damage, very useful skill to chase / hold / escape your opponent.
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Skill Sequence

Your main skills now are Ethereal Chains and Distortion max them first and when your Sigil of Silence, and of course remember to always level up your Ultimate Mimic (at 6/11/16 Level)
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Item Choices, read all of this!

- 20 AP will help you early game, plus it needs for your Gunblade.
Q: I though we are building Ad, so why we took Amplifying Tome as first item?
A: You'll use your skills to harass since Ad leblanc won't shine early game (Atleast until you get your AD items)

- You need speed.
Q: So why dont we build Berserker's Greaves it'll grand me attack speed too?
A: You need your Hextech First, be course of its passive and it grands not bad ability power, you will finish your Berserker's Greaves as soon as you finish your Hextech Revolver

Read from the last FQA

One of the best (at my opinion again) Hybrid item, gives you AP and AD dmg, and its Active helps a lot, you Just need it.

This Item is very good for you, you'll just need it, and you'll be surprised how damage you deal, Grands you 30 Attack speed and 55 Attack Damage, and its passive just paired with your runes (15 Armor Penetration from your runes and 15 A/pen from your Black Cleaver, makes 30 Armor Pen. Hell ye Good item.

Attack Damage and Life steal, and not bad passive. Any questions?.. Ye you need it.

Attack damage, Critical, and awesome passive. This Item can't be replaced. Please.
Q: uhm...what about...?
A: No, Take Infinity Edge.

Very good item, enemies would never have no AP champions. This will stop them. And Of course how can forgot its amazing passive, Hell yeah, blocks eveery 45 seconds 1 Magic Spell, you just cant imagine how many times i have been saved with this item from Requiem, and generally you will be surprised how useful this item is.
This item can be replaced, but i dont recommend it.
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Different Item Choices

Yes some of this items can be replaced.

for or or


I dont think where are something else what we can replace.
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AD Leblanc and farm extremely fast after she get her Berserker's Greaves and Hextech Gunblade.

AD Leblanc is made for farm, do not hesitate, farm a lot. it will help you a lot.
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Game Style

Early Game(1-6):
Try to Last hit minions as much as you can, and also try to keep away your opponents from farming. Yeah, Leblanc can do that easily. Get your Berserker's Greaves and Hextech Revolver and farm more.

Mid Game(6-11):
By this time you should have collected for Bilgewater Cutlass and almost done Hextech Gunblade Try to kill someone, by ganking someone, it wont be big problem with 1 little help,
your teammates, gank, using your W and E, Silence(Q) will help, your E will prevend him from escaping, if needed cast it again with Mimic, and harass with Auto Attacks.

Late Game(11-18):
Now you should had finished your Hextech Gunblade and preparing for Black Cleaver
At this point, you should have at least 1-3 Kills, and at least 3-6 Assists.
Map awareness and ganks are now your power, you see someone squishy pushing, while his enemies are farm away? Gank him. You see your minions pushing while your enemies are somewhere else? Go push with whem, ad leblanc excels at pushing. Wards might help you a lot.
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Where to lane with?

My Preference to lane with:

Sion - Hell yeah, his stun, and damage output paired with your E will just destroy your enemy.
Alistar - An other great champion to lane, Pulverize + Headbutt + Ethereal Chains = Gee Gee.
Amumu - Great staff to lane with good Amumu, right?
Blitzcrank - Rocket Grab + Power Fist + Ethereal Chains = Where are you going my friend?
Cho'Gath - Cool Staff.
Gragas - Awesome Champion if played well...
Lee Sin - Lee sin can dominate if played well, and it generally awesome to lane with every champion with good lee sin.
Morgana - Dark Binding + Ethereal Chains + Tormented Shadow + some Auto attacks = Enemy 1/4 - 2/4 HP.
Lux - Same as Morgana, Light Binding + Ethereal Chains + Lucent Singularity + so Auto attacks from Lux and AD LeBlanc = Enemy dead or almost.
Olaf - I just love good Olaf, but you will find 80% of olaf players in jungle.
Rammus - Taunt Please.
Shen - Taunt please.
Renekton - Ruthless Predator + Ethereal Chains + Auto attacks = Crazy Damage, enemy 1/4 HP.
Singed - Flip, ah how i love this flip.
Taric - Even through he cant harass well, his stun helps a lot. (Heal always included)
Zilean - Just can be so annoying for opponents, Ethereal Chains Double Time Bomb
Xin Zhao - Three Talon Strike Please.
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Wall of Fame

Drizard (Me)


Alright people, I want YOUR screenshots not just mine here, so if you have any please leave them in comments.
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In Closing

Thanks for reading my guide, i hope this helped you to realize how powerful AD leblanc is.

I spent 3-4 Hours on This Guide, as i said this is my first Guide ever on Mobafire, and kinda unusual, i havent seen AD LeBlanc Guide so far.

Please if:
- You think AD LeBlanc will suck, and you gonna down vote without even trying.
- Planning on trolling.
- You are Nuke Fan, and dont just like the idea of AD

Please do not down vote my Guide.

Please let me know what you think, and of course your results.
Thanks and Have A nice day.
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