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Nidalee General Guide by T3rina

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author T3rina

AD Nidalee - Deadly Claws ⼺

T3rina Last updated on July 27, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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- I saw a lot of similar titled build guides that are unfinished and I have no idea why are they abandoned.

You probably wonder if Nidalee is viable as AD or not?

  • After her rework I have switched mid lane with top and I must confirm that she IS viable as AD top laner. She's very mobile and great poker. Firstly I'd recommend to play her patiently and tactical. Read more in "Tactics" chapter.
Items were sorted very simply but it looks like they were randomly combined in each partition,
so I made visual representation of purchase order paths for easier understanding.
Descritpion in "Items" chapter.


Greater Mark of Attack Damage

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage

Greater Quintessence of Life Steal

9x and 2x to burst her Damage.

9x and 9x for her safety hungting on the rift.

1x for her great poking in early game.

Ignite- Secure your kill with . Don't miss out this opportunity by switching this spell with any other. Flash - will help you to escape enemy ganks and avoid death.

Teleport- You can also take Teleport if you want to force push on top lane or help your team mates and you are confident with your escaping skills.

- Prowl - As AD Nida you should rely on "HUNT" a lot beacuse whenever you mark your opponent you will gain bonuses for every spell.

- Javelin Toss - Mark your target with Javelin Toss and provide bonuses for following spells you may use.

- Takedown - This is most effective DMG dealing spell with AD Nida, use it carefuly because of CD. If you only want to "scare" your opponent use it as 1st spell. If you are looking for a real fight, use it for finishing the kill.

- Bushwhack - Place Bushwhack whenever you have no wards in bush and your trinket is on CD. Be aware that you are mobile but squishy opponent.

- Pounce - Use this spell to jump on your opponent you've marked.

- Primal Surge - With AD runes you have no power for healing but you will gain attack speed indeed. Best description for this ability is - destroying turret for few seconds etc.

- Swipe - Best way to fast clear minions.


"She's very mobile and great poker. Firstly I'd recommend to play her patiently and tactical."
As I said she is very mobile and in early game all you have to do is: Poke, spear, farm.

While farming minions throw basic attack on your opponent too. When he tries to last hit your minion let him pay for it, throw some more basics and deprive his health little by little. When you damaged him enough and he's on about 50% health or less, transform into CAT form and try to shut him down.

Be annoying - Throw spear basic attack whenever you are near bushes, you will drive your opponent crazy. If he's on high HP he will likely attack you in case to shut you down, so he can chill for a while. Be ready to run away.

If your opponent have low HP and already used his HP potions he will probably recall. Use that moment to push your lane, take free farm and damage his turret. Make him use teleport to defend his lane instead of helping his team mates.

Battle flow description:
  • Calm fight:
1. Farm - throw some basics on opponent - farm - repeat until he attacks you,
2. Throw Javelin Toss to mark him, use Primal Surge and throw some more bassic attacks,
3. Draw back and start farming - repeat.

  • Both side fight:
1. Farm - throw some basics on opponent - farm - repeat until he attacks you,
2. Throw Javelin Toss to mark him, use Primal Surge and throw some more bassic attacks,
3. Transform into CAT form - Use Pounce, Takedown and Swipe - hit with basic attacks - Pounce away,
4. Primal Surge and throw some more bassic attacks,
5. Choose "Calm Fight" if you need to draw back and restore health or repeat "Both side fight" if you are able to shut him down.

Well, there's nothing more important than teamwork and good communication with your team.

If you are eager to know when should you pick AD Nidalee, the answer is when your teammates agreed with that.

Withouth their premition you should know - if you fall once, you will fall each following fight and thus become target for feeding.

To prevent this incident be polite and try to make a good team.


Since AD Nidalee use only one high damage spell Takedown and she's incrasing her base damage with Primal Surge, she can't really be IN a teamfight.
But that doesn't mean she shouldn't be present in fight. She should be played as Assassin.


Champions with mediocre auto-attacks or defense, who specialize in killing their enemies quickly. These champions usually are physical attackers and are DPS-based (damage per second) or are AP (ability power) burst oriented. Many of them have some form of invisibility or blinking ability which lets them choose the right moment to step in or out of a fight. They should focus on items that will increase the damage they put out over a short period of time. In fights, they play a role as sneak attackers of key targets (like the Marksman or the Mage), who pick off weak enemies and carry champions at the right time.

Assassins usually kill Marksmen, Supports, and most Mages with ease, but perform worse against Fighters and Tanks.

⼺ First Buy

Steady Start:

- Doran's Blade - It will give you HP that does mean a lot at start, AD and little bit of bit of Life Steal. + combining with suggested runes Doran's Blade will effect stronger.

Aggressive start:

- Long Sword - If you combined 2x LS Quint and 1x AD Quint for your Aggrssive play style, Long Sword can substitute Doran's Blade.

⼺ Movement & Upgrades

- Berserker's Greaves - I'd start with these boots considering that you should poke a lot with your basic attacks.
+ you will be able to take damage and quickly recover HP without using HP potions. (duble plus with Primal Surge)

- Later on change your boots into defensive one.

- Enchantments for your boots. Enchant them in mid/late game.

- Greater Stealth Totem - upgrade it in mid game.

⼺ Paths


- Blade of the Ruined King - Best item in early game to poke your opponent and farm your lane. with suggested runes - "perfecto".

- The Black Cleaver - If you want to have higher damage, but also to be strong - The Black Cleaver will do so. Armor pene. breaking their armor.

- Youmuu's Ghostblade - Combined with Blade of the Ruined King will crush your opponent. you will be squishy.

- Essence Reaver - Very useful because it has high dmg and life steal, but also restores your mana. painful pokes for opponent and improves survivability.

- Ravenous Hydra - it's not for farming but for its passive that will torture your opponent.
expensive and not useful vs more than 1 opponent.

- Bloodthirster - You can also build The Bloodthirster to replace Essence Reaver but it's hard to maintain its passive. not very useful passive.

- Last Whisper - Best item to burst your damga (AD + Armor Pene.) - Add this item after stabilised Off/Deff items.


- Randuin's Omen - A lot of Armor and HP against AD opponents. It will slow opponents movement with Active, and slow their attack speed after they hit you.

- Frozen Heart - I dont prefer this item on AD Nida but it could be builted too. 100 Armor and reducing opponents attack speed +10 cd reduction for "Pouncing" away? xD

- Spirit Visage - Gives you everything against AP opponents. Count it in "I ALWAYS need this" list.

- Banshee's Veil - This item looks like it's made to counter 'one target' skilled champions, and use it to counter them. (It could reject stuns, slows etc.)


- Blade of the Ruined King - with this item you will still deal a lot of damage and aditionally build Magic Resist. 'stayalive' shield

- Frozen Mallet - Real Def/Off item. Buy it when you already builded 1 offensive and 1 defensive item just to improve both paths. only HP, no Armor or MR.

- Trinity Force - If you don't want to stat with Blade of the Ruined King or any offensive items that were suggested, you can use Trinity Force.
gains movement speed and incrased damage by passive that has short cd.
it takes a long time to purchase it.

- Mercurial Scimitar - Power up your AD and Magic Resistance. Aditionally you can Activate to remove all buffs and gain movement speed.
Great stats but with AD Nida it should be used only after stabilised build (around mid/late game).

Thanks for reading my Nidalee build guide. Feel free to comment and discuss. -T3rina

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