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Kha'Zix Build Guide by hexs34130

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League of Legends Build Guide Author hexs34130

After the Nerfs, He has Consumed and Adapted. [In depth]

hexs34130 Last updated on September 20, 2014
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Jungle Kha'zix


Top Lane Kha'zix

Ability Sequence

Ability Key Q
Ability Key W
Ability Key E
Ability Key R

Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 21

Legendary Guardian

Defense: 6


Utility: 3

Threats to Kha'Zix with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Lee Sin You are always going to have an insolent lee sin going to invade your red level 2 to try and kill you(this is why we have green trinkets). If for some reason you didn't start red against lee, you will need help from your team. Live through a few levels though and you destroy him.
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Who am I? Well I'm certainly not the most qualified. BUT I can talk about my favourite champion Kha'zix here and maybe you can pick something up. The ign is hexs34130, gold V Jungle main. Not much else to say.

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Pros / Cons

Again, as we all know, Kha'zix has been nerfed unbelievably hard with each of his iterations of bug-ness. But at the very least, he's balanced now... You can go ahead and put that down as a con.


    You're a bug.
    You're jump is somehow more broken than Tristana's.
    Because Kha'zix has been hit hard no one understands his damage. Even in the pro scene, they don't build him full assasin.
    Invis is always nice for running away from a bad decision.
    Good Clear
    Good Sustain
    Great Damage

    Well, with the non-tanky build here if you don't kill them in 1 second you're kind of in a bad spot.
    Again, squishy.
    Weak Engage. (Aside from fearlessly jumping into 5 people and commiting seppuku for the sake of 1 Orianna ulti).
    You don't get to look cool and red in Mecha Kha'zix anymore because ulti evolution is not worth it anymore

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Masteries aren't anything special. We take the cdr, the armor pen, all the fun stuff. We avoid 9 points in defense giving up a little health in exhange for move speed which gives us more map pressure.

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Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Mark of Lethality

Greater Quintessence of Lethality

Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage
Ah here's the fun, and where my play style differs from others. I run mostly Armor Penetration in my runes. Why? because early game people have the equivalent of like 10 armor which lets you shred them. Late game, it lets you be a little more AD focused while still being able to deal with armor stacking.

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You'd think this one is obvious but you never know. Flash: Yes

Again, if you're jungling, always take smite.

Only in top lane. Use in unfavourable matchups to teleport to make plays and get kills.
Also, if you're one of those people who uses this to tp into lane and never help the team, I hate you.

Only for Top lane. Gives kill pressure in favourable matchups.

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Unseen Threat

When Kha'Zix is not visible to the enemy team, he gains Unseen Threat. Unseen Threat lasts until consumed and has no internal cooldown.
Unseen Threat causes his next basic attack against an enemy champion to deal 15 / 20 / 25 / 35 / 45 / 55 / 65 / 75 / 85 / 95 / 110 / 125 / 140 / 150 / 160 / 170 / 180 / 190 (10 + 5 / 10 / 15 / 10 at each level) (+ 50% AP) bonus magic damage and slow by 25% for 2 seconds.

Okay so here's Kha'zix' passive. Honestly it's kind of broken. When playing Kha'zix get in the habit of using bushes during a fight to refresh this. Yeah these numbers don't seem like a lot, but you have to realize that at level 4 if you get this off twice or three times in a fight, it's almost an entire auto over someone.

Taste their Fear

PASSIVE: Kha'Zix marks enemies that are isolated from their allies. Enemy champions are marked as isolated when they have no allies (allied champions, minions or turrets) within 500 units.
ACTIVE: Kha'Zix slashes, dealing physical damage to a single enemy. If the target was isolated, the damage dealt is increased by 30%.

Here we have Kha'zix' bread and butter. Hit this. Every time you can.

Evolved Large Claws

Increases by 50 the range of both Taste Their Fear (375 total range) and Kha'Zix's basic attacks (175 total range).
Additionally, Taste Their Fear now deals an additional (10 × Kha'Zix's level) (+ 104% bonus AD) bonus physical damage to isolated targets.

Okay so with these you hit like a truck. Probably still not worth evolving until 16 though (As top I suggest you evolve this first).

Void Spike

ACTIVE: Kha'Zix fires a cluster of spikes in a line that explode on contact with an enemy, dealing physical damage to all nearby enemies and slowing them by 20% for 2 seconds. Monsters take 20% extra damage.
PHYSICAL DAMAGE: 75 / 115 / 155 / 195 / 235 (+ 100% bonus AD)
PHYSICAL DAMAGE VS MONSTERS: 90 / 138 / 186 / 234 / 282 (+ 120% bonus AD)
Kha'Zix is healed if he is within the explosion radius.
HEAL: 40 / 70 / 100 / 130 / 160 (+ 50% AP)

Basically this thing is amazing. It will heal you for a good amount of health while still hitting for a lot of damage(provided you don't miss). It will also slow by 20%.

Evolved Spike Racks

Enhances Void Spike to fire three spikes in a cone, increases the slow to 50% and grants vision of champions hit for 2 seconds. Multiple explosions upon the same enemy do not deal extra damage, and the vision does not apply to stealthed units. Being within multiple explosions does not heal Kha'Zix for an extra amount.

Okay after that long and fancy explanation no one cares about, basically you shoot 3 now. And they slow for a lot... a lot a lot. Also missing this makes you look like an idiot so try not to do that. You should probably evolve this first.


ACTIVE: Kha'Zix leaps to an area, dealing physical damage to nearby enemies upon landing.
PHYSICAL DAMAGE: 65 / 100 / 135 / 170 / 205 (+ 20% bonus AD)

Alright so this may not be the most damaging but that's really not the point here. It's a gap close, an escape, it's your utility, it's your everything. Leap is love, Leap is life.

Evolved Wings

Increases Leap's range by 300 (900 total range), and causes kills and assists scored by Kha'Zix to refresh Leap's cooldown.

Okay, so we've all played against Tristana. Especially thoes annoying AP ones. They jump into you, blow up your mid laner, and then jump away before anyone can do anything. Yeah well Kha'zix has one too. Also, this jump goes like a bajillion times further than leap and is honestly the one move you will always evolve(now and in pretty much any other iteration of Kha'zix, without completely redoing his kit). This should probably be evolved second, although I have seen some Koreans in the pro scene evolve it first for stronger ganks. It's a preference thing.

Void Assault (Put like a weird Japanese Anime Accent on this)

PASSIVE: Each rank of Void Assault allows Kha'Zix to evolve one of his abilities, granting it an additional effect.
ACTIVE: Kha'Zix enters stealth for 1 second, acquiring Unseen Threat, gaining 40% bonus movement speed and ignores unit collision while stealthed. After leaving stealth for 2 seconds, Void Assault can be cast a second time within 15 seconds at no cost.

Yeah, so this thing is kind of garbage. The only thing it's good for is running like a chicken, chasing, or reapplying your passive. So yeah... It also does a weird evolution thing that I'm not going to get into because I believe you're smart enough to figure it out.

Evolved Active Camouflage (Pretend you're in one of those "Call of Duty Games" although it doesn't feel like that because this move is so baaaaaaaad

Allows Void Assault to be cast up to three times and the stealth duration is increased by 1 second (total 2 seconds).

If you evolve this move, you are the reason why I lie awake at night. But seriously the only reason to evolve this is for the pretty red colour. You'd think this would be a good last evolve for top lane Kha'zix but the Spike Racks let you siege and set things up so much better.

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Skill Sequence

This is really only here to make sure of one thing, don't double apply your slows or waste all your gap closers for nothing. Okay so pretend we have a poor unsuspecting Gangplank walk into the bush you are in. You probably want to lead with an auto, into your q(not w, because the slows don't stack), then your w, and then kinda mash q. Save your jump for when he flashed because if you jump before it you lose the kill, this should be obvious. Use your ultimate to catch up and reapply passive.

Same for ganking. Walk into lane, hit your w at the start, followed by q. Try to land the auto, but if they are a squishy mid laner let's say, they would probably flash by now(Try to time it so that the creep wave is not alive during the gank for isolation). After the flash, leap+auto to reapply the slow and go back to breaking your q button.

You need to remember though, that it's easy to fall off on Kha'zix and once you do, you're probably going to feed unless you know what you're doing. Remember CS is always important. It's better to be farming for 1 minute than sitting in a bush waiting for a countergank for 1 minute. Don't bother counter-ganking until you learn the jungle properly and don't have to spend more than 30~ seconds waiting.

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Okay so we have our standard Machete Start, woohoo. Next.

Lizard Elder

This should probably be your first rush. If you are playing top ignore this.

This item is staple for Kha'zix. Like Staple Staple. It gives armor pen, damage, cdr, if they stacked, I would literally just buy brutalizers all game.

I think this should be rather simple. Get tier 1 early for move speed in the jungle, it's a must. Calculate the cdr in your build in your head. If it's short get lucidity boots. If the enemy team is fed, or you already have 40% cdr, build tabis or merc treads.


Alright so here is where the Kha'zix' builds really start to split. Generally I go into Tiamat unless I A) Don't want to inherently push lane because I'm top, or B) I'm snowballing pretty hard. Simple? Simple.
This Bf sword for the record, should go into an Infinity Edge because you are snowballing. If you are top and not snowballing but don't want to push lane, go Bloodthirster for the sustain.


Alright so both these guys are pretty good penetration items. Black Cleaver gives you tankier stats and higher sustained damage while ghostblade gives you sticking power and higher burst damage. So here's the rundown on when to use which one. If you are snowballing and know how to use item actives, go Ghostblade, it gives you more money(not much), some nice crit to go with your Infinity Edge, and ridiculous burst. If you don't know what an active is, and need tankier stats, go Black Cleaver, it's better for longer fights.

Okay that's the important stuff. NEXT.

Mercurial Scimitar

This item is pretty good on Kha'zix. It gives you 80 AD which Kha'zix LOVES, some magic resist, and a get out of jail free card. Learn to use this item. It's too strong not too.
Maw of Malmortius

Alright this item is decent in it's own right. Ad, Magic Resist, a nice little shield. I feel the Scimitar outshines this though. Yeah this item is good from a tankier perspective, but this guide is more about assassin Kha'zix and carrying. To be fair though, this thing goes nicely with Bloodthirster for pissing your opponent off with shields. Now all you need is a Lulu, Janna, and Orianna and you can make your enemies rage quit before taking 1 turret.

**Note: If you built this early because you saw some pro do it, don't bother upgrading the Hexdrinker into a Maw. Why? 2 reasons, 1) That 975 gold is better spent elsewhere for the stats given, and 2) It has "Hex" in it, like my name.**
Last Whisper

Yeah yeah I get it, "But Hexs-Senpai, Last Whisper is such a good armor pen item, why don't you build it?"(Use a little kid voice, it makes it more fun). Why? Because you have armor pen in your runes and the other ghostcleaver whatever thingy. It doesn't give as much AD as other fun stuff either. To be fair though, it is a good pickup against a tanky enemy team.
Guardian Angel

This item is pretty much a good concept gone wrong. "Wow it gives Armor AND Magic Resist?! No way!" Honestly, this item can work on assassin Kha'zix, but think of it this way, even ADCs now, don't build it.
Randuin's Omen

Oh look good items now. If you want to be tanky for the team, this is the item you want. Gives you health, armor, Attack Speed slows, and Move Speed slows.


Okie Dokie here's the fun one. Honestly Banshee's Veil is better than Spirit Visage in almost every way. But, the things Visage is better at, it's significantly better at. So basically if you are missing cdr in your build, as sad as it is, build Visage over Veil. If you want a stronger heal off your w, for god knows why with all your lifesteal, get Visage over Veil. If not just get Banshee's Veil.
Frozen Heart

Alright this item is a pretty decent item if you are running a super team player non-assassin Kha'zix. It gives you a whopping 20% cdr and 100 armor, not to mention the Attack Speed slow aura. So if you want to be that nice guy everyone loves and peel for your team, get this, if not don't bother.

For the love of God don't build this. Ever. You hear me? Ever.

Seriously, this item costs so much, and gives Kha'zix so little compared to other items. So let's run though a few scenarios.


Your seat 1 challenger korean friend who won the last 4 world championships and is Faker's mentor tells you to build Trinity Force. What do you do?

Guide Top

Clearing Your Jungle

When jungling it is usually best to decide where you are going to start your first buff off enemy lanes, your lanes, and what you want to do early, keeping in mind the leash you would get for each buff, where the enemy jungler would likely start. However, I do reccomend starting Golems(blue buff) first ~80% of the time.

Blue Buff Clear

1) Blue Golems - You start hitting it. Once you drop about 100 or so health hit your W. Make sure to have a pot running and smite it.

2) Wolves - You have blue so you can spam your moves.

3) Take Red Lizard - Same as usual. Smite at start if you are not worried about it being stolen.

4a) Gank one of the corresponding closest lanes.

4b) Take Wraiths - Continue to farm until gank opputinity presents itself.

4c) Head into enemy jungle.

Red Buff Clear

1) Red Lizard - Start hitting it. Pop Health pot. Hit Q. Smite it.

2) 3 Lesser Wraiths - Take only the 3 smaller wraiths of wraith camp, not the big one, using your Q sparingly.

3) Take blue - Take blue

4a) Wolves

4b) Set up for Countergank / Gank

4c) Head into enemy jungle

General Tips

- Whenever you gank a lane, push the turret. From doing this you get creeps from that lane, and turret damage.

- Hold Lanes for people who died/gone B. They may get angry at you for whatever reason, but it's free money and exp that no one is getting.

- If you are ahead take dragons, and make the enemy team feel that you are ahead.

- If you are behind, dragons are risky especially if there are wards. You are probably better off sacrificing drag to make plays top-side.(If you get it down to 1000 health, and then the enemy Lee Sin slides in, takes dragon, kills you, and then you lose your blue, you're kinda boned).

- Patience is key when jungling.

- Giving blue to your mid laner is nice and all, but only if they are doing something. If they are 0/1/0 you will probably do more work with it.

- Always look at your and your laner's health and mana. A good rule of thumb is you gotta be > 50% on both.

- Don't be afraid to call early Barons. Alot of people have this misconception that you have to wait until late game for Baron. Honestly Baron during the mid game while you are ahead is pretty much a guaranteed win. Just don't do what Dignitas does.

Guide Top


Alright I'm not going to put Star Difficulties or whatever like other guides, mainly because you can counter the champion, not the player. Therefore, I have written these matchups assuming that both you and the enemy are of equal skill level. Also, never in this guide will you see me tell you to level 1 invade. Honestly, I think that as a jungler you have to have respect for the enemy jungler until you know what they can do. Just brazenly walking into their jungle (blindly I may add since this is level 1), is honestly, a good way to screw yourself, or pretty much just trade buffs if the enemy jungler is half competant. Lastly, if I do tell you to go in their jungle to kill them, this should be obvious but I'll say it anyways... Make sure you have a way out. As in, no invading without flash and map awareness.


Alright Aatrox was a horribly strong jungler in season 3 but got nerfed in his transition to season 4. So yeah you won't see too many anymore, but in case you do, here's what's going to happen. Aatrox has extremely high damage early game, and due to his bloodwell can dive turrets early game. Buuuutttt this is solo queue, no one is competent or co-ordinated enough for that. He's most likely going to farm his feral but because Rito apparently "destroyed" feral power farm(which is so not true), he's going to gank on top of farming. Counter Ganking is a bad idea due to his bloodwell, unless you have a broken *** champion on your team like Lee Sin helping you. Get sight on him after first b. If he has a spirit stone, you can take your time and leave it up to player skill(go with Jungle Late Game Menace build, and make sure someone builds a frozen heart on your team). If he has a feral go with Slightly less farming, more killing build.

Okay Aatrox top, unless he's new, a good Aatrox will poke you down with his e and sustain forever. Don't bother trying to fight him, you won't win unless you avoid his third hit. Live off roams, call jungle.


If someone is stupid enough to play this against you top, just go red pot and kill her at 2. If you're scared call your jungler. Dodge charm and it's easy. If you do fall behind farm at turret and live off of roams, it doesn't matter if you're top goes down.


Alright this right here, is a joke. Some people claim it's a thing, just kill her about 4 times before she hits 6 in her jungle and make her rage quit(try to find her low on energy after taking a camp). You can also wait in a bush to catch her on rotation.(0:16 - 0:35)
Yeah okay then, please just kill her, it's not a hard matchup. Make sure to ignite to stop spell vamp. Even if it's not a hard matchup, call your jungler if you're not used to it.


Alright so Alistar top was a thing growing in Korea and then brought over to EU and even NA. Basically Alister is completely broken in teamfights so that's why they have him. Honestly, I doubt you will ever kill him in lane unless he makes a mistake. Bring tp, kill other lanes. If he goes AP Alistar cry because he hurts you. If he goes Frozen-Force-Lucid-Boots Alistar cry because you do no damage.


Sigh, Rito really messed up in redoing his lore. Whatever as Kha'zix be fast enough to jump out of his ulti, don't counter gank bot, farm til 6, destroy bot with your w, and pressure drags. If mid has an advantage pressure his blue.


Sadly, I have seen this, and sadly I have seen it work. It won't work against level 2 fort pot kha'zix though. Jump the wall and/or stun and just kill that useless bird. Note that, if the game reaches late game and she is full build run for your life. Especially if she's one of those birds who builds dfg **Shudder**


Honestly, I've seen this, and if she get's past the early levels it's kind of scary. Find her in her jungle, wait for her spells to be on rotation while taking a camp, and kill her.


This champion still exists?


Haven't had a chance to play against a good one in top or jungle because they all seem to think he should go mid... I'll get back to this when people start copying pros.


I hate this champion. Just because whenever one is on your team you HAVE to go invade the enemy blue because you can pull it over the wall.
You could try to find him in his jungle and kill him, but chances are his passive will save him. Farm, outscale, counter gank. Contest early blues if mid is at an advantage.




I remember Jungle Braum and Top Lane going on in PBE awhile ago. Don't think it's remotely viable anymore but basically in top lane, just farm and avoid getting locked down in a gank. Ward inside his jungle to always see which side of the map he's on and laugh at how useless he will be.


Yeah uh I doubt you'll ever see this in your top lane or jungle. If they thought they were lcs pros and lane swapped to top just switch lanes with bot.


I remember a post about this on reddit before. She's squishy. Kill her because obviously in our ecosystem Bugs > Snakes.


Most Cho'gath's(at least not troll ones) will go ROA into full tank. If you want a kill it's before he has a catalyst. Dodge his q, don't stand in the way of his aoe auto. Also don't fall for the ulti execute that does 650 true damage end game.

In the jungle, you don't have time to get ROA. Smart Cho's (can we just call him that it's so much easier) will go Ancient Golem into full tank. Yeah.... Farm, gank, and pressure objectives trying to snowball the game before he's unkillable.


Even though you won't ever have to directly face him in lane or in jungle I do want to say, if he has a trinity force, and you have less than ~75% health, don't try to fight him, fed Corki's are never fun. I mean it's not like a fed Vladimir where you can laugh at how he still can't carry going 61-2-5 11 minutes in.


Oh god why would you pick Kha'Zix into this. Like even if you get a jungle gank he will kill you both. Don't trade with him. Ever. At all. Just wait until 18 minutes when he falls off horribly hard because he hasn't gotten 1 kill.

You don't see this too often. Farm, place defensive wards, and pressure objectives and lanes that he is not near. Let him fall off.


You have the natural advantage of her being dog sh*t until level 6. Do whatever you want until level 6. When she hits level 6 focus on out rotating her and having your team fed from being useful pre-6. Note, her moonlight will reveal you in stealth however your invisibility will still refresh your passive.

Try to cheese her early before she get's too tanky. If you can't tell, Kha'zix doesn't deal with tanks well in the top lane. Thing is about Diana, apart from ultying your creep wave, which only works if shes horribly overextended she has 0 escape. 1-2 ganks from your jungler should win you this lane.

Dr. Mundo

No not the Vicodin addicted doctor, this guy takes some seriously stronger stuff.
Farmapalooza. Really that's all there is to say. Oh and don't get dove by their jungler.

From what I remember of Mundo in season 3 he has problems sustaining until about his first b. If you can find him before then he's easy, once he has ulti don't bother, just pressure somewhere else when he ganks.


Alright this is just to tell you that he only needs 1 kill to be fed. And quite frankly, because all ADC mains are geniuses, the best way to deal with this is to feed Draven 7 kills so that they can show off their superior mechanics late game. What I'm saying is camp the lane Draven is in.


Alright yeah, she has been nerfed, but she will still burst you if the coccoon lands. She has strong ganks, diving potential early, and strong counter jungling. Pitch a city up in top lane until she falls off compared to you when you start 2 shotting the adc.

You don't really see this anymore, but she will poke you alot. Get the flask, sustain, and wait for jungle ganks or for her to be ******edly isolated with nothing to rappel to.


Yeah make sure to line the river with pink wards. She isn't strong until level 3, when she has her power spike. Contest her blues early, and her reds during mid game. (She's kind of red dependent).


"Pew pew Doublelift-Senpai notice me"


Contest his blues, have wards on drag in case he tries to do it early. If you can't burst him in one combo, get out, or he will kill you with drain.


She will stab at you, she will sustain, she will be annoying as all hell and hard to duel. Bright side? She's useless f*cking Fiora with 0 cc or escape. Call for jungler and shut her down so hard her mommy calls Rito in real life.

This somehow became viable with the creation of feral. So pressure the game early, just ward dragon, and farm. Also note, that entering a bush will cancel Fiora ulti.


This will probably be run 1 of 2 ways. The first, is with a feral, trinity force and full tank(believe me it works, try it), or the conventional spirit wraith item thingy for junglers into full ap assassin. I'm going to say it flat out, playful is broken. Kill Fizz early when he has trouble sustaining in his jungle, but to be honest he will probably just playful away wasting your time. Pressure objectives, farm, gank, and play some smooth jazz.


This thing is a champion?! I thought it was just the cool thing for when you can't connect to shop! My life is lie!


HarHarHar and a bottle of dead. Remember when I said Fiora was useless? Well this guy reaches a whole new level of useless. Go red pot and kill him. A lot.


Sigh, more tanks. Don't even bother trying to poke this guy. Just farm and tp to other lanes trying to get kills. Oh and don't stay in lane at low health or he will just hit r.

Garen jungle is kind of bad. Why? It lacks hard cc. In order for it to work his lanes need heavy cc. That means alot. Get Merc Treads at some point. This guy will also go Hydra since he's jungling. And well, it hurts alot more than you think since his spin procs it.


When Gnar first came out people were going borkforce into tank on him. But right now Darien is going cleaver into sightstone into full tank. Sooooooo sustain through his harass, get jungle ganks before he finishes his sightstone, and don't fight him while he's in his beasty form.


Gragas.... I still hate this guy from when he would destroy me as Orianna mid, and to be honest he's still pretty damn broken. He's tanky, he does damage, he has waveclear, he has hard cc, good mobility, enemy displacement, and sustain. He brings to much to the table. I doubt you could kill him top lane without outplaying him to hell. Even with jungle help Gragas is likely to get away. Again, live off other lanes and cs.

Gragas Jungle is well, I just hate Gragas with a burning passion. Predict where Gragas will be and counter gank it, and keep your fingers crossed behind your back that he doesn't destroy you. While take objectives watch out for his steal by knocking you away with ulti and smiting it.


Alright this matchup is a pain in the ***. Just flat out. Get jungler help, one or two kills for you and Graves will be beyond useless.


This is pretty much a standard jungle match. Just remember, you need deep wards because because of Hecarim's move speed it is unlikely you will see him in time with lane wards, and to watch out for his objective steal because of the fear off his ulti.


Heimerdinger lanes are never fun. Especially on Kha'Zix. He will farm, he will harass you and he will push your turret. Want to know the best part? He will never be isolated because of his turrets. Let the outer turret fall, don't kill yourself protecting it, farm up. Group with team for important objectives.


Alright this champion really has no counters. She will either rush a triforce, or a bork, or a frozen heart. I suggest going into a bloodthirster and hoping to wreck more havoc on the enemies backlines than on yours late game.

Now this, now this is the matchup you can win against Irelia. What makes her so strong is her tankiness. Unfortunately for her, she has to go feral to make jungling on her work. On top of that she has to go second item trinity. She will hit her power spike late, especially if shes ganking. Pressure everything, countergank, and have fun. Offensive deep wards are good to see what side of the map she is on.


As far as I know Jungle or Top Janna isn't a real thing so I'm going to skip it. Although I will mention to save your leap for after she blows you away with ulti(well if you can, if not use ulti to try and gap close).

Jarvan IV

Jarvan has strong ganks and high damage early game. Avoid fighting but if you have to, juke his e>q combo. Jarvan will like to gank the lanes without flash or an easy way out of his ulti, making his ganks easy to predict.

Don't get hit be his q, it has a weird long hitbox. He will try to cheese you early. Make sure you have the creep lane advantage, so when he e>qs he will end up in a large creep wave and take a ton of damage.


Jax's early game has been nerfed pretty hard. If he does get his items though, he will hit like a truck. Try to bully him early, dodge his helicopter spin thingy, and deny cs. If you're hungry for kills at level 6, you can go try to find the enemy jungler and their blue buff.
Jax jungle is going to run off this juice reccuring item, Feral Flare. The best way to do this is probably to snowball the team early, and then power farm after a few levels when your jungle clear is actually mentionable. So counter-gank early, because remember his early game sucks now, and pressure him in his jungle. It may be worth mentioning to grab an early giants just to not have to worry about going in his jungle.


Yeah he's going to harass you. A lot. It will hurt. Your best chance is probably to all in early and hope to get lane dominance. If not sustain through his harass and get jungle help. You're advantage here is that you're both squishy.


Her zap will reveal you. Use your ultimate to get that move speed to juke out her skill shots.


Popularized by Voyboy, I doubt you'll see too much of this. I would say kill her early but her shield is a pain. She will harass you to hell. So you are probably best waiting for her to blow Mantra+Q jumping past it and killing the almost defenseless Karma. Try to burst her shield and save a slow for when she uses it as a speed up to run away. If she tethers you she is probably setting up for a gank so get out.

Popularized by Diamond back in season 3(maybe 2?), it has insane map pressure due to ridiculous move speed with those mobility boots. She has problems sustaining early, and her ganks include her running in with shield and Mantra>Q-ing into a tether. If you counter-gank she has no more damage past that.


Personally I think this is a pretty troll pick, but people do it anyways. Just run rampant in his jungle, don't stand in his e, and dodge his Q's with your superior mobility. Contest his blues, his reds, his wraiths, his anything. A few will also go Mejai's and just stack it with ulti. I will say this simply, Karthus is too squishy to deal with you.

I swear to god if you see a Karthus top he's going to run Revive/TP. Why? For 2 reasons, even if you kill him, he doesn't miss any farm? The second? In a teamfight, he goes in, does damage, dies, does more damage with his passive, and then can revive tp back into the fight. Exploit the fact that this has no flash early game and have your jungler camp top(Although I doubt you'll need it). Don't take too much Q harass, and don't keep standing in his ground circly thingy around him if you can't burst him.


Anyone else remember this reddit post from awhile ago? The blue build kassaking top lane? Yeah well this guy is going to heavy stack armor and mana, and still do pretty decent damage. His job will pretty much be the same as Singed, he will dive your backline, slow them, and be a pain in the *ss. You are probably better off peeling Kassaking off of your backline because he will be isolated when jumping in. In lane, Kassaking is literally the most annoying champion to play against. You can't gank him, you can't trade unless it's an extended trade, and he has infinite mana. Grab ignite and try to get an early game kill and snowball. If not I suggest going into the enemy jungle.


Okay yeah I'm going to get some funny looks for including this. I've played it a few times, and basically it's an exploit on Katarina early and level 6 damage. What's most likely to happen is the Katarina will be overaggressive early, ganked every second, and never stopping. Due to the damage off her ulti, she may get a kill or two in a few lanes for her team. But after that, she will be built full damage, diving the enemy team and soaking up damage. Okay maybe mostly tank and some ap tanky items. Buuuuut you get the point.


Sigh, this is going to be long. Kayle is a champion that can be built many different way, and quite frankly she's broken, even after her nerfs. Let's just look at her skill set. Her passive shreds your armor and magic resist by 15%. Add 6% off her masteries, aaaaannnnnnd she pretty much does true damage early game. And a ton of damage late game. Next, she has her Q which she will probably max first. This move is strong poke early and will always do strong damage, slowing you by 35-55%. Sooooo yeah, it's hard to run from her. Next she has a heal which increases her move speed by a bajillion. Soooooo it's even harder to run, and it gives her ridiculous sustain in lane. Her E gives her splash damage and range, so a half decent Kayle who can orb-walk will kite you if you don't slow-chain properly. Don't worry, her ulti will make her invinsible, so that she can dive you, or escape, or win a fight, or survive an ignite... So yeah, until she has enough cdr, she is stupidly weak with her e down if you aren't poked too hard. If you want to fight, fight when her righteous fury is on cool down. Also note, that even though she can go invisible she is not immune to cc. As Kayle she will naturally push your turret, and then when she gets ganked she has to run allllllllll the way back to her turret. She will probably have to blow ulti before her turret because of you and your junglers damage, and then you can just dive a kayle with no moves up.

Kayle can be built many ways, and you have to understand how they build, and the builds play style to play appropriately. So Kayle's generally go AP, so I'll cover this first. In an AP Kayle build, they will always rush a Nashor's Tooth. If you want to fight her, it's before she has this. This is where the build changes. She will either go Lich Bane into Void Staff, or Runaan's into Deathcap. If she goes Lich Bane into Void Staff she's just going to 3 shot you.... not gonna lie. At this point people should be teamfighting so I suggest you let her kill your team while you flank and do ... something. Well if she doesn't stop your assassination by ulting someone. If she goes Runaan's into Deathcap you will cry. She will splitpush all day, and then using her broken move-speed steroid fly into a fight in mid-lane from the side, getting the most benefit off her Runaan's and a octa-kill in 2 seconds. On the bright side this build has lower AP therefore, less mobility, and less of a heal. One on one, this build is easier to beat than the Lich Bane one. Against Kayle you are probably better off building some form of tank, because assassinating will be hard.

Alright now for AD Kayle. A lot of people don't understand the power of this but I'll make this short. Yes she has a weaker heal. Yes she has less utility. No, she actually does MORE damage than AP Kayle and will probably have insane lifesteal. AD Kayle is manaheavy early though, so force her to waste it on her heal during laning.

Okay I'm going to make this brief. You won't see it often, but she's only weak super early. Once she hits level 4, just play the map, and map the plays(~Imaqtpie). She will go either AD or AP. Refer to Above. She will either go spectral wraith thingy or feral. Honestly, wraith thingy is better because it gives 150 AP more than conventional AP items and will burst like a madman. If she goes on-hit flare Kayle, exploit the fact that if she wants to gank she won't be relevant until late game. Pressure early hard, be ready to countergank dives (because who wouldn't dive as jungle when you can go invincible?).


So Kennen is annoying. Juke his harass(his q), make sure when you go in that he doesn't have his 5th auto proc up whatever it is. Bait his ulti and jump out before actually going all in after 6. Kennen is squishy so you can probably level 2 cheese him if you exploit your passive.


I only play draft, I don't believe in mirror matches. But let's say there is a Kha'Zix on the enemy team and you are playing god knows what. Here's some tips, figure out his build. Is he going with a team player(lcs type) build? Okay he will be tanky, peel him off your carries. Is he going full assassin? Get ready with exhaust and a ton of cc. Don't let him get resets. Stick in a group to avoid isolation.


This late game "monster" is a joke to Kha'Zix. He has 0 mobility so just jump on him and kill him. Use your ulti to gain the mobility to juke Kog'Maws ultimate.


This isn't season 3, you won't have to lane against her.

Lee Sin

I just barfed a little in my mouth. This guy is just flat out broken. He will be all over applying broken Lee Sin snotz all over your lanes and jungle. A lot of Lee Sin's will try to cheese you level 2 at your red. Make sure you have your green trinket to watch for that invade. Have your team collapse on him and kill him. And this is why we don't blindly invade level 1/2 without information. Farm up, gank, and outscale.

Again, Lee Sin is broken. Judge this Lee Sin's skills. You're in lane with him you can tell how competent he is. If he's an idiot, let him do something idiotic and punish him. If he's a good Lee Sin call for jungle. Yeah Kha'zix needs alot of Jungle help in a lot of matchups. But once you get 1 or 2 kills under your belt you are unstoppable. I should mention that Lee Sin will reveal you in your super useful ulti, so you can't actually run(The ulti will refresh your passive though!).


If you do this, .... I don't even know what to say. I've seen this a few times, it's a joke. Run ranpant, and counter gank early, because she has low damage early.


This was played a lot in season 3 top lane by Soaz with Fnc in a double AP comp. This matchup really it nothing more than annoying. She's kiiiiiinnnnnd of tanky, and pokes you a lot. Dodge, don't get kited and just do the usual.


Don't eat a culling to the face. Use your invis to juke it. Save one of your slows for after he uses his e(which removes slows).


Okay this little squeaky thing is broken. Like honestly. I don't even want to get into it. If you are against her, farm, and TP bot for kills and drag. Don't try to kill the enemy jungler because she has so much mobility she will get there in a few seconds, save the jungler and 2v1 you.


If someone is stupid enough to play this top or jungle, just kill them. Repeatedly.


This guy is tanky. He gets damage for stacking armor. On the bright side your passive will always do full damage(yay?). You need a crystalline to sustain through his q harass. Whenever he goes for cs, q and apply passive on him. Then go into a bush to refresh it. Rinse and repeat.

Luckily you don't have to deal with him until 6. Once he has ultimate he will gank whenever it is us. This ulti is too op to try and counter gank. With a full tank jungler there will probably be a squishier type of fighter top. Those are fun to feed off of. Once you are fed off top or whatever lane, make Malphite's jungle yours. Remember in league if you have an advantage, you have to push it. If you did well in getting fed top lane, you have to make jungle and bot lane feel it.


Jungle AD:
Anyone else remember this reddit post and guide? Anyways, he's squishy early and has trouble sustaining especially if he doesn't have blue. So by now it should be fairly obvious what to do. Farm, counter gank, gank, outscale. If you are 1v1-ing him, let the voidlings run to you and then jump over and behind Malzahar to create distance between you and his damage source. Contest his blues, and I suggest getting QSS rather early.


I hate trees. His level 3 beats yours. Flat out. Farm like a madman, show your face to protect lanes, ward, and become a late game menace. Dragon's are nice too.

This matchup is interesting to say the least. Your big window of opportunity is before he gets his ROA or Catalyst. At level 6, bait his ulti, jump out, and then re-engage before it's back up(it has like a 20 second cooldown). But seriously, that ulti hurst if you are trying to burst him while he has it up.

Master Yi

Alright our first real farm jungler. Master Yi's will go TP/Smite with Madreds with a Spirit Stone. They will have ridiculous wave clear, and perfect sustain. They will farm their Feral sacrificing their team, only counter ganking with TP and then winning the game through picked fights and objective control. To win against full farm feral you have to pressure the lanes. And when I say pressure I mean get kills. The moment you get a kill in a lane, push the turret. By pushing it you force Yi to cover it. If he doesn't, it's a free turret, and global gold. If he does cover it, make him cover for as long as possible, because it means he's not stacking. Once your team is snowballed make Yi feel what it's like letting the team lose to carry with your feral.

Miss Fortune

Something Something why AHQ WHY


When he walks forward to use his e(the thing where maces fly out of the ground) walk back to avoid it. Don't stand near the target with swirling metal around it. Poke down his shield with your w before going in. One jungle gank and you win lane.


When ganking bot with Morgana support start on the adc so she blows her golf ball(e) on the adc and then blow your slows on her.


You can't jump the wave. Use your ultimate to juke her bubble.


Junglers like to isolate Nasus because they figure he will stack up anyways. Get your jungler to gank this lane alot to delay Nasus as much as possible. Freeze lane near your turret/middle. Q + AutoPassive Nasus every time he goes for cs. Don't go Hydra.

Aside from the troll Nasus every once and awhile that goes feral and doesn't put any point in ulti or wither(totally not me), any Nasus you see in the jungle is a player from before the Great Season Change. As we all know this world disaster shook the very foundations of our beliefs, so any Nasus you go against will be from 2001 stacking the Q all game and building Ancient Golem. Oh old-school Feral how I don't miss you. Anyways Pressure, Steal, and quite frankly treat him as if he were your new princess in your prison cell.


Nautilus packs extreme CC with extreme amounts of tank to be a horribly strong jungler if his team follows him(well if he doesn't go Feral like the new dawn cinematic showed you were supposed to. I mean how else does Nautilus 1-shot Graves?). What makes up for this is that Nautilus has slow clear and pretty bad early game. Unfortunately, he only has to hit 3 to no longer be weak, and I don't believe in going into the enemy jungle level 1-3. So abuse his bad clear time. Show your face to stop his ganks(requires you to predict his movements) and outfarm him.

Top Nautilus means he can afford to go ROA before his full tank. So yeah pretty much the same as other ROA tops. Do that I do not advice flashing a Nautilus ulti, because it's not worth it, however I do advise leaping it to cover some ground incase you are getting ganked.


Yeah this is a matchup where you would want to go D.shield. Why? Because she will autoattck you. Nonstop. Don't get that weird tringle on your head that makes her op, and make sure to stay in lane to stop her split push.


Nocturne is a little special in that can go either lizard or flare. So let's not get into that, I'm assuming you know what to do for each one by now. Don't waste a slow if he's spell shielded, and early he hits like a truck so watch out. Also, put some deep wards in to see where he is. That way you have an idea what lane he is ultying when he does ulti. Feral Nocs may also try to sneak a dragon. Make sure to stop an early ward on it.


Oh for the love of God. There is so much I can say about him. But to make it short, if he tries to be a lege and and blindly invade your jungle 24/7 have your team collapse on him and his 0 escape. At level 18 to smite steal, smite at 2000~ health. Also, this should be obvsious, but jump out of his escape.


Olaf lanes are hard to win without jungler help for anyone. Same goes for Kha. Make sure to dodge his axes.

Honestly, nothing special here just a boring matchup. Just try to burst Olaf when he ulties and charges your backline.


Don't bother jumping the orianna ulti, you are fast enough with tier 2 boots and ulti to walk out of Command:Schockwave.


You don't see this too often anymore. Seemed like it was the flavour of the month at one point and now he's ignored. Anyways regardless of whether he's played often or not, you have to respect his early game power and 10000000% percent crit. Farm up, outscale him, and have better objective control. Watch out for his ulti counter gank though.

You're going to need crystalline to live through the poke. You can't fight him early. His shield will block your passive damage(untested). Make sure to be at high health when he hit 2 and 3 or he will cheese you.


Farm up, Q her every time she goes for creeps, and overall be annoying. Don't position yourself to be knocked into a wall(like Vayne condemn), and remember that her W will save her from fatal damage from your Q. Also, I'm not bothering to go into Poppy jungle.


She will harass you, and it will hurt because of her passive. Try to not die and get Jungle help. You can't engage without jungle because she will vault your leap. She will split push like crazy this game and then ulti away when people come for her, so tank out the creeps to keep them from hitting your turret and keep your lane alive. Alternatively, try not to get poked too hard and go ham at level 2 trying to get lane dominance.


This guys has like the worst clear ever. Outfarm and out gank him. Watch out for the taunt. Pressure dragons too... hard(keeping in mind the taunt+smite steal).


I'm going to say it flat out, you can't win this matchup. Renekton is just too strong and too tanky. Live off other lanes and cs, also I suggest getting an early glacial shroud into frozen heart.


Okay so there's 2 types of Rengars. If you're against a Ryan Choi Rengar who runs 4 d.blades one shot everyone, try to trade and outdamage, but you will need a bloodthirster for sustain and to soak up his burst. If you are against a sesaon 3/4 bruiser Rengar go with a Hydra to push him in and keep him away from bushes. Also, keep near the bushed(sounds counter-intuitive versus Rengo right?). Yeah well by being extremely close to bushes, when he leaps you can Passive+Q him, and then immediately enter the bush and Passive+Q him again. Keep in mind if he follows you in, it makes running away rather hard.

So Rengar whether or not he goes Feral or Lizard(You should know what to do with each) should not gank until level 6. If he does, it's extremely weak, and if you counter-gank it, very likely to yield good results for you. But don't worry, if you're playing on NA no one can play Rengar jungle properly, so you'll most likely win anyways. Literally the best Rengar play seen in ever ^


Rivens are not fun. Watch out for level 2 cheese and then the execution ulti at 6. Riven is mostly skill play so I suggest going flask or cloth5 and just learning the lane.

Riven jungle is pretty weak imo. She has weak objective control so contest that. I don't suggest counter ganking unless you have an advantage. Outfarm her and be a beast late game.


Rumble is a super lane bully. His flame spitter hurts like hell so don't stand in that. I suggest going ham on him early to exploit how he is sauishy early. Don't stand in flame, and maneuver out of his Equalizer and No longer Meat Balls Flame with your ultimate.


Ryze isn't a favourable matchup. He will poke, and snare, and poke and sustain all day. Your only chance to win is to get an early gank or two to snowball. Because Ryze goes tear into ROA into Frozen Heart, if you don't get that early gank you will lose lane. Ignite will also help deal with his spellvamp, but TP let's you make plays so it's your choice.


Okie Dokie here we've got the health scaling pig(presuming they're not building ap, or stupidly ap-tank). Know your damage against her and whether or not it's safe to be on her side of the map. Her cc is dangerous so learn what her ulti looks like and watch out for it. I would suggest staying on your side of the map though and focusing on ganking.


You gotta start red here. Despite it being stupid a large amount of Shaco's will take blue then rush to your red. Solution? Take Red then finish your clear, I explain how to red start above. Once you've done this, head to his red. Why? Because if he really did try to cheese you at yours you can take it before he gets back. If not, then it's just a free bot lane gank through tri-bush. The objective here is to stop any of Shaco's ganks. If he doesn't get any scores by 12 mintues he will be useless. Also, keep wards on drag, Shaco can level 6 cheese it with Madreds. Be careful dueling him, his boxes and clone will remove his isolation.


He's a rather boring tank but he will poke you down if you are not careful. Sidestep the shadow taunt, and hit him a bit whenever he tries to walk up for cs(if he doesn't q).

You see that? That's what happens when you Shen jungle. "Don't worry Feral makes him viable". Sure, go ahead and get feral, enjoy your 27 minute Feral Flare because you have no waveclear. Shen = No clear. Outfarm him, pressure objectives. Be careful when ganking after 6.


Fun stuff right here, aoe damage around her, tankiness, probably alot of lifesteal from Bork. Get a Hydra or else you will be pushed to your turret 24/7. Last Whisper is pretty decent in this matchup or you will do sh*t all for damage.

Alright so Shyvana has 0 gank pressure pre-6. If she tries to gank punich her either through jungle steal or counter ganking and actually getting stuff done. Quite frankly, even ganking at 6 on Shyvana is bad. She's probably best farming like a madman, getting that 11 minutes Feral, and then hard carrying the team. Snowball the game as Kha'Zix before this happens. And remember to have good Dragon Control.


This is a relatively easy matchup. Farm, don't bother for kills. If he walks up to try and flip you, W him and then walk away. Remember, don't chase the Singed. Once he starts proxying, call you jungle and mid up to kill him.


Oh god Sion is just weird I don't feel like explaining all the difference between AD and AP, and all his forms. So I'll just be general. Get a QSS for late game. If he's going AP you NEED a Banshee's Veil, it will effectively nullify half his burst. If he's AD and pops ulti make sure your team has an ignite or exhaust ready. How much damage he takes is based on RNG so don't always expect fights to go the same way. He is unbelievably fast. Deep wards are better than lane wards.


Something something ADC AOE something something apprently she's hot in the new cinematic soemthing something.


Skarner is tanky, and a pain in the *** to deal with. Pressure more than him, and farm more since you have better clear time. Avoid 1v1s because he can lock you down and his laners will always help.


Huh apparently Sona's name is "Sona Buvelle". Fancy don't you think? Also something about avoiding her predictable flash-ulties. But don't worry, Sona's just a worse version of Nami.


Seriously, just ban this ****, she is so annoying. Also, I'm not going to bother until they "officially" fix her skillset.


Apparently this is a thing top lane. Well whatever make sure you have ignite or that his ulti is on it's 3 second cooldown if you want to go in. Don't get hit by NeverMove or you will die in a gank. Get a flask and power through his harass. Time for all you pokemon players to show that bugs can beat birds.


Syndra is kiiiiinnnnnnnnddddddd of a top laner. Figure it out, I believe in you young bughopper.


Yeah Talon has weak poke and is generally an all-in champion(And generally a mid!) but he can be played top. Avoid his rake, and poke him as he tries to cs. If he tries to jump on you just hit him with your passive before the silence is even over, and he will regret it. Although if he does get ahead, I suggest you evolve your e and just jump away from him whenever possible.


Heard this was a thing, but I've never played against it sorry. Just remember though you can never go wrong with just Cs-ing.


Teemo kind of hurts Kha'zix. He blinds you, which makes it impossible to kill him early game when autoattacks are 60% of your damage, he harrasses you, and he's so fast that you can't keep up with him. Don't feed him, Cs, get ganks, and outscale him.


Thresh's first auto due to his flay passive will hurt. Make him blow it on cs by not getting close early. You can kill him early, if you get the jump and dodge either the hook or the flay. If you randomly get hooked in lane, I suggest you run because if the enemy jungler is there, Thresh can lock you down for days.


I suggset you don't blow ulti or jump until she rocket jumps. Preferably how you would go in is to use your teammate as bait, have her waste her jump, and then hold onto your jump for her buster shot. If not don't bother trying to get her.
**Pro tip! By playing Draft, you can ban her away!!! :OOOOOOOOOOOOOOO"


Trundle has good sustain, is tanky and steals AD. Only trade with him if his bite is down(ie used on a creep) or you will lose the trade. Ganks for him are relatively easier to escape, just don't get your leap blocked by his pillar. His ulti will also heal him for half his health so be careful about that.

Jungle Trundle is interesting to say the least. It doesn't have gap close, but instead it has speed ups and slows. If you counter gank him make sure to kite him out of his frozen domain first.


We all know Tryndamere's skill set and his 1 health point bullsh*t. Okay who cares. How do you stop Tryndamere? Don't end laning phase and win the game through rotations, that way Tryndamere can't split push to victory(Same concept as when you rotate mid but Tryndamere doesn't, it's pretty much that but everyone stays in their respective lanes).

Quite frankly, Tryndamere jungle is nowhere near as good as he is top lane. Anyways he's going to farm his feral so snowball your team as Kha'Zix.

Twisted Fate

Here enjoy a nice little video of card throwing. YEAAAAHHHHHH


The only real Twitch jungle I've seen work is the Tank Twitch. Refer to Katarina Jungle. Although I guess Feral is viable(kind of?). It doesn't really matter, if someone goes Twitch jungle against you as Kha'Zix just kill them.


Alright, you gotta get sight on him early. Be careful of a potential red buff invade at level 2. If he is going pheonix, he will farm his Feral all game so you have to snowball the team and pressure(Don't forget to farm though!). If he is tiger, try to make his ganks fail, I don't think you can turn them early game without how much tiger dot hits for. Regardless, Udyr is played to split push, and draw attention towards him while the rest of his team gets other objectives. Make sure someone on your team has a frozen mallet(not you), kill him, and then win the game off his 60 seconds death timer if you couldn't end sooner.

Again, it's the same strategy as before. If he is pheonix he will proxy farm to divert attention from your jungler to top. When he is proxying you have to tank out the creep wave or your turret will go down. If he is tiger, do not let him dot you, or it will do at least 500 damage end game.


This is literally everything wrong with an adc in one package. And then someone decided he would make a fun top. Dodge his poison so that his air thingys don't lock onto you(which is kind of bs but the only thing that doesn't make him complete trash. After dodging his moves, just kill him. Or show mercy for the lowly Urgot and ignore him and farm, your choice.


For the love of God don't get hit by his ulti(expect flash+ulties for initiation from him). If your teammate gets hit by it, get away from your teammate or it will spread to you.


Back off to avoid last hits. Go in when her tumble and empowered tumble are down. Sustain through her harass, farm, and get jungle help. Ignite is good in this matchup to stop her lifesteal. Also, I'm like 90% sure one isolated Q from you will just flat out kill her end game.


If you want to gank this, have your laner bait his stun. Remember only the edges will stun you. If you are 1v1-ing juke his meteor thingy which looks like a tetris block now with the new skin.


Yeah this character is beyond a flop. Just kill him and his non-exiatant scaling.


Vi is such a great jungler. Especially since she always has a guaranteed catch on someone. Well, what can you do... Right burst Vi when she ulties 1v5 into your team. During laning you can try to counter gank her but make sure you dodge her Q.

Yeah this is going to hurt. Top lane Vi has the unique advantage over Jungle to build a ton of damage. She can group the wave with her Q followed by an E for instant wave clear. Get jungle help for this lane or at least jungle pressure.


Yeah I really don't think you'll ever have to play against this. Nothing real special here except for watch out for the unexpected silence off his ulti.


Just live through his harass and farm, I mean quite frankly even with giving him kills you will be fine. He has horribly bad scaling. Okay fine, maybe there is some merit to Vladimir, but I don't see it. Back off when he ulties you and re-engage after it. Burst him any other time. Take ignite and foil his plans to rule the world. He's kind of a joke of a champion.


Don't fight this beast. As jungle you are required to bring Flash/Smite so you will NEVER kill him alone. First off he has his bite which is an execution that does like 250 damage at level 3. Then he has his passive which heals him for 30% of his maximum health. So yeah not happening. Once he's 6 Volibear should be diving left right and center. Aim to countergank these. I suggest you farm up and gank when you can(preferable bot so you can get drag too!).

This may be a bit better because you'll probably actually have ignite. His bite still broken though so try to poke him down first blowing his passive and have a good 40-50% health over him before going. It's easier to get jungler help. If he charges at you with flip hit you W for the slow and walk away(You're probably getting ganked!).


Once Warwick hits level 3, he has really solid jungling in that he sustains forever. He will pretty much always be at full health when you see him. He shouldn't gank until 6, and if he does so beforehand punish him. At 6 he should gank everytime he has ulti, so it's up to turn the tides. Keep wards on drag in case he tries to sneak it, and get a QSS.

I'm only putting this in because someone, for god knows why, thought it was a good idea. Yes Warwick's ulti is strong. But that's about all he brings. He has 0 lane pressure, 0 wave clear, he is literally a tank used for his suppress. And quite frankly Malzahar mid outshines him in every way. Heck, even Alistar does Warwick's job top lane better than Warwick. Anyways, just farm, he probably won't kill you, but you probably can't kill him(without ignite). Get some early Merc Treads so that if you get ganked the suppress won't last as long.


Quite frankly I don't even know about where Wu is played anymore so I figured I would start with Jungle. Wukong's ganks are kind of bad until 6 at which point he can pretty much guarantee kills. Get some deep wards in his jungle to see where he is. Sadly, your W does not reveal him, but you can just click to see if the target is the clone or not. Watch out for objective steals while he knocks you up with Baron.

Top lane, Wukong has strong harass along with safe laning. If you can get on the same frequency as him though, and understand how he plays, you can beat him as Kha'Zix, just stay healthy. Generally Wukong's go Hydra into Randuins, so he will push lane. Itemize accordingly.


Anyone else not play Ascension yet? Anyways, if you are against him just juke the stunball thingy and kill him. You can also dodge his other stuff with ultimate.

Xin Zhao

Oh for the love of God. Do you know what you say to people who say they main Xin Zhao? Tell them that that's a funny way of saying "Winning". This guy's simply a pain, and you can't 1v1 him because of his sustain and cc. Go gank heavy, snowball people, get drags, the usual. Oh but you don't have to risk your life for deep wards. Screw that just ward the small bushes next to lanes.

This guy's alot like Talon. If he wants to do something, he has to all in. Excepppptttttttt instead of fighting when he all-ins, just run for your life. On the bright side he has no escape for when you get your jungler to camp... I mean gank.


Why didn't you ban himmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Yasuo is horribly broken. Just simply, he is probably the most broken champion in the game. Here outplay him, outfarm him, hope that the Gods of RNG are on your side, and get your jungler to gank because he has 0 escape though. Don't worry Yasuo will come back by 24 minuetes and 1 shot your adc anyways, so who cares.


Yay fun Yorick... Don't worry no one plays him anymore, so instead of actually learning what to do against him as Kha'zix, let's watch a fun video. Woooooo Yorick Yeah!!!


Yeah so this guy is gonna throw his arms at you and be bouncy and sustain forever. Step on his globs, and if he goes for one out of position(where he becomes isolated) you have kill potentian post 6. Probably best to go TP and make plays elsewhere.

Zac is a non-buff reliant jungler. So yeah you could risk your life contesting his buffs, which isn't always bad(maybe an extra blue for your mid laner? pfft who am I kidding take both) but it really much to Zac other than slow down his exp gain. On the bright side, if his lanner has no damage or is tunnelvisioning like crazy he won't get anything done.


This isn't very common. Not whatsoever. Buuuuuutttttt it still hurts. Don't get tricked by shadow jumping and quite frankly if he ulties you wait for him to appear, then jump away immediately. Poke him down and go for the kill.

Zed Jungle flat out falls off if he doesn't get ahead. Just keep counterganking him without giving kills.


So you'll probably never have to lane against him, but if you do, go fort pot and kill him at 2. Nothing too special or tricky for ganking Ziggs either.


Because of this guys ulti you probably want to avoid going to ham without knowing if it's up or down.


When ganking her try to dodge the Grasping Roots. Her saplings also act as mini wards.