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Ahri Build Guide by addBacon

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League of Legends Build Guide Author addBacon

Ahri: Burst on Through (To the Other Side)

addBacon Last updated on December 22, 2011
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is an unforgiving Champion.
She'll reward you with feeling awesome if you pull of those crazy kills...
but you gotta have mad skillz.
You gotta Dash.
You gotta Skill shot.
You gotta be Daring to take the risks, which can sometimes end up bad...
but most times: if you pull it off, it'll pay off.

Thank You for taking the time to read my little Guide.

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So here's a brief Rundown on what works for me in pretty much this order.

The only thing that really breaks this is getting an Oracle's Elixir early on for those Stealthy Champions that you may be up against. Get one ASAP, and try not to die.
- Try not to give away that you have the Oracle's Elixir.
- Never attack first, instead let your team mate(s) attack first, unless you're on your own.

Start with:
Doran's Ring >>

Get at least 500 gold, go buy:
Boots of Speed, 2x Health Potion & 2x Mana Potion >>

Get at least 750 gold, go buy:
Sorcerer's Shoes >>

Get at least 1745 gold, go buy:
Tear of the Goddess, another Doran's Ring, 2x Health Potion & 2x Mana Potion, maybe 2 x Sight Ward or Vision Ward >>

Farm until you Get at least 1600 gold, so you can get:
the Needlessly Large Rod >>

Get at least 2100 gold, go buy:
Will of the Ancients >>

Get at least 2250 gold, go buy:
Rabadon's Deathcap & boost up on an Elixir of Brilliance >>

Get at least 1550 gold, go buy:
Sell 1 Doran's Ring, replace with Spirit Visage & boost up on another Elixir of Brilliance >>

(Alternatively you can buy the Spirit Visage before upgrading your Needlessly Large Rod to a Rabadon's Deathcap)

Get at least 2795 gold, go buy:
Sell the last Doran's Ring & Sorcerer's Shoes, buy the Void Staff & new Boots.
If you find CC is killing you: Go the Mercury's Treads. I like the Ionian Boots of Lucidity boots myself, but Boots of Mobility and Boots of Swiftness are also very good options... >>

Get at least 1860 gold, go buy:
Your Tear of the Goddess should be well close to it's mana-cap so: Upgrade that to an Archangel's Staff... and if you find you there are a lot of tanks, sell the Spirit Visage and buy a Deathfire Grasp (2620 gold) and use it as your 2nd attack after you've Charmed the pants off them... and Don't forget to fill up on Elixirs when you've got your full build...

15625 gold is needed to complete this build... so FARM well. Jungle around when you've hit level 6 - 10... you're definitely safe to then, and Assist Gank as much as you can, it's not always about taking the kill, its about suprise... wearing them down with a burst of AP and running back quickly to your lane, letting your team mates get the kill which helps them and you... and everybody.

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Summoner Spells


Ghost: to get away, to catch up, to quickly be somewhere when you're needed...

Ignite: to get that last hit... because you're going to be doing a lot of risky things, and Spirit Rushing in once > to Orb of Deception > Spirit Rush twice > to Charm > to Fox-Fire > to Spirit Rush thrice to >> Ignite and possibly a last Orb of Deception for a Brilliant way to burst Kill anything.

Flash: Yeah, it's good. It adds your escape when you're all out of Spirit Rush, and helps you get that kill... or maybe you just like Flashing through walls?

Cleanse: It's possibly the best, greatest life saver I've ever used... It's saved me countless times... and it will Save you too.


Surge & Exhaust- She don't need them, but use them together, oh man... Watch their health go down like the their Mum did last night...

Heal - Great for start game, when you wanna just burst and burst and take those risks... but totally useless by end game due to your own boss ways of healing.

Clarity - Up until you reach level 8 - 9 she's a Mana Hungry Fox. But you will get a good Mana Pool with the Tear of the Goddess if you buy it early... Until then I buy pots... but, one of these would come in handy... when you just need to throw your Orb of Deception to last hit... but... YOU HAVE NO MANA!?!!?

Teleport - A bit like Star Trek, having the ability to be anywhere where your team may be, is pretty handy to Gank... (which she really is good at)

Clairvoyance - You need to know whats lurking in the map... Wards are an easy buy... but if you want to save yourself all that Gold... then this could be Useful.


Revive - She really doesn't need to pop back up, but it is fun to get back quickly late game... and make them go... "I knew I should've GONE BACK!!" as their death countdown appears.

Smite - She is no Jungle Lady, she can do it, totally. But that's a different Build.

Promote - Just No. Farm like a boss yourself. You don't need no "Super Minion" to do your dirty work...

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- She plays great Mid, but I prefer to help out in a lane and Assist a Tank or Range DPS... or a Tank Soraka, which by far is the most complimentary to her.

- Because Ahri really needs to know what's happening around her areas of attack, plan wisely and use Sight Ward & Vision Ward to know where it is safe to Spirit Rush out of sticky situations that you'll no doubt find yourself in. Wards will allow you to disappear towards the safest route.

- Once you've gotten Will of the Ancients & Spirit Visage:
When you stack your Passive( Soul Eater <- Nasus? Silly MOBAFIRE), unleash your Orb of Deception in a position that will hit as many targets as possible, and watch your life fill up. By doing this you can stay in lane longer.

- Time those attacks on their Minions. get the last hit... get the Gold. GO MAKE A CUSTOM GAME and PRACTICE on JUST KILLING MINIONS... that's how you Farm like a Baaauuwwws.

- Getting the Crest of the Ancient Golem Buff from any level (get some health pots if early or a friend to leash) will help you a lot with bursting, and staying in lane.

- Find the spots you can Spirit Rush over, you'll be surprised to find out which areas she can quickly escape to/from. Always fun when leading them astray... Jumping through the Baron Nashor wall to shortcut and steal the Blessing of the Lizard Elder Buff is nice, (if you're on Blue side...) especially if you have a Sight Ward setup and you see they're halfway through... Break on through to the other side. Steal it. Destroy their pitiful attempt at getting the Red... then */laugh* and GTFO... 'cos their team mates will be coming.

- Be prepared to Die. You will find that moment when everything is on cool down... don't worry about it. Congratulate them, breathe... Get back into the game, and ENJOY yourself.