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Akali Build Guide by Wookien

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Wookien

Akali, Twisting in the Treelines [S3]

Wookien Last updated on March 13, 2013
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Hey Mobafire users.

This is my first guide, and I wanted to start out with Akali for a starter.
I chose to create a 3v3 guide for none-ranked players, who'd like to play 3v3 as Akali.

Akali is a great 3v3 player, including 5v5 too.
Akali's W allows her to reach players easily in Twisted Treeline, since it isn't that big.
So if you're waiting in a brush, just throw down your W and start nuking the other champions with your Q -> R -> E.

Akali is a great Ability Power champion, she also uses Attack Damage, (Reason for why I chose Hextech Gunblade) her Q allows her to nuke players easiliy, and with the attack damage included in E allows her to nuke even more, since it deals with both AP and AD at the same time.

Anyways, let me start on the other chapters.

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Let's start out with the items.

Start / Early Game Items
Boots + Amplyfying tome is a great starter, the tome allows you to already start at a high AP (40+)
And with the upgrade of the tome to Hextech Revolver allows you to gain some Spell vamp, but you already gain some from you AD.
Upgrading your boots to Sorcerer's allows you to penetrate the enemies magic resistance easily and with the help of Hextech Gunblade to both slow and damage with AD + AP is just a great combo for start-ups.

Mid Game Items
When you get Mid Game, you get the armor from Wogglet's Witchcap which makes you greatly resistant towards AD, which is great, but! you also get great Ability Power from it, including the 25%
Rylai is great for more HP and slowing enemy champions, so you can easily catch them.

Late Game Items
The purchase of Lich bane is a great deal, since you get movement speed / "Sheen ability" / alot of AP.
Void Staff is very good to get, if you don't have enough Magic Penetration already, since it gives you alot of it, and good ability power included in it too.

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Make sure to aim for your "Mark of the assassin" [Q] always, since it's a great ability which deals loads of damage and is your main prio. damage.

After you've filled it, make sure to go for your "Crescent Slash" [E] for great AoE damage and AP + AD damage combined in one spell.

And last but not least go for your "Twilight Shroud" [W] for a great escape + Armor / MR increase inside it, if ganking. It's also useful in team fights or escape, since it slows enemy units inside it, so it allows your own allies to run faster than the enemies

Always go for your Ulti [R] when you can (Level: 6 - 11 - 17)

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Team Work

As Akali it's important to jump enemies with your ulti [R] at the right time, to time your allies attacking. And also make sure to use your [W] to either reduce movement speed of enemies, or for you to stand inside it and gank with increased MR + Armor.

Also try to hit enemy champions as much as possible on range with your [Q], so that you can [R]in their face with a great amount of damage when you hit them, if [Q] is on.

But if the enemy team got an ADC or APC, make sure to aim for them as first prio. so that you can take them out immediatly.

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Farming minions with Akali is a great easy deal. All thanks to her [E] since it deals massive AP + AD damage at the same time, and it's especially epic if you purchased Hextech Gunblade for the extra AD.

You can also use your [W] to not being seen by minions since it allows you to escape into the shadows/twilights, and letting your team's minions getting hit instead, so you can start killing enemy minions again.

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Thank you for reading!

Thanks for reading this guide, if you've read it ofc :D

This was my first guide, and I thought I did well, so far.

Make sure to like the guide if it works great for you people out there or if you just like it ofc.

-Wookien [The Wookie]