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Ryze General Guide by Wookien

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Wookien

Ryze, The Mana Monster [S3]

Wookien Last updated on March 28, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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"Ryze, The Mana Monster"

This is a guide about Ryze and his great mid lane skills.
Hopefully this will help viewers, to learn more about Ryze
and what items he needs.
And you will hopefully also get great use of this guide too.
Let's get started on the chapters.

Arcane Mastery
Rune Prison
Spell Flux
Desperate Power

Athene talking about Ryze guide:
There's a small amount of knowledge in this video, like what spells to go for first, for killing minions etc.

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Pros / Cons


+Great at farming minions
+Good lane control
+Doesn't run out of mana fast at mid/late game
+Big mana pool
+Cooldown on Spells

-CC get's you killed fast
-Runs out of mana fast at early game
-Can be squishy

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These is usually the most beneficial and useful masteries for Ryze, since he needs both Offensive and Utility masteries, but mostly Utility because of the mana and stuff.


Offensive Masteries
Sorcery = Good for Ryze, because of the Cooldown Reduction
Blast = For the extra small AP, and also so you can get to Arcane Knowlegdge
Arcane Knowledge = Especially good for Ryze because of the Magic Penetration

Utility Masteries
Summoner's Insight = Good for the Teleport cast reduction so you can get to your tower/minion faster, and good for flashing faster.
Wanderer = You'll need the movement speed to get fast forward or to escape.
Mastermind = Allows you to flash/teleport faster, so you can have a better advantage by either escaping/teleporting or catching an enemy champion.
Expanded Mind = Very useful for Ryze, because he's based on mana.
Runic Affinity = Good for mid, since you get to have blue buff 20% longer.
Vampirism = Every AP champion can always use extra Lifesteal
Strength of Spirit = This allows Ryze to regen health fast, because of his big mana pool.
Intelligence = Same as Sorcery
Nimble = Always good to run faster, so you can outrun other champions.

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Greater Mark of Magic Penetration

Greater Glyph of Magic Penetration

Greater Glyph of Mana

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed

Greater Glyph of Magic Penetrationand Greater Mark of Magic Penetration is needed for Ryze, since he needs alot of Magic Penetration, because you aim for mana items, and not magic penetration items, when you're playing ingame.

Greater Glyph of Mana for the flat mana, very good at start for more damage and being a bit longer in the lane

Greater Seal of Armor You'll need the armor for teamfights and when being attacked by the jungler.

Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed Is great for the movement speed for either escaping or chasing other enemy champs.

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Summoner Spells

Flash Is a great escape spell and/or good to catch enemy champions or avoiding getting hit by a tower, from turret diving.

Teleport Is a great mid lane summoner spell, since it allows you to get back to your lane fast, after either recalling or if you died, great thing about it, is that you can use it on both towers and minions (Your team's ofc).

Ghost Can also be used, but I don't suggest it, since it's better to have flash as an escape spell / enemy catch spell.

Ignite Is a nice Finish-Off Mechanism at low level, but if you're gonna use it, I suggest you get the Summoner's Wrath Mastery, and take 3/4 in Sorcery then.

Exhaust Can be used, but I really don't recommend it, since it's not really that good, unless you're against tons of enemy AD champions, it's better to choose one of the other Summoner Spells.

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Time to start on the abilities

Arcane Mastery: Is why you need Cooldown Reduction, because everytime you spam Overload or any other fast cooldown spells, you can get Desperate Power reseted faster, which is very good.

Overload: This spell is good for harassing and cooldown reduction, since it gives you 2% Cooldown Reduction, each time you take 1 level point in it. This is your primary spell for damaging.

Rune Prison: This is your CC spell, it allows you to trap your enemy, so you can either escape or catch an enemy champion, but you shouldn't stack this spell full first.

Spell Flux: This is your AoE spell, it's especially good to use it there's 2 enemy champions next to each other, since they'll keep bouncing onto eachother. It's also good for farming minions, and is your primary "minion-killer" spell.

Desperate Power: This is a great AoE spell if you combine it with Spell Flux, it also grants massive Spell Vamp, and some movement speed, so you can either use it to gain HP in fights or use it to escape.

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What to choose first?

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

As you see, we want to build up our main ability, Overload(Q) first, since this is a good damaging spell and also gives you cooldown reduction by 2% each level you put into it. So this is aMAIN PRIO. Spell.

Next up is, as you can see, Spell Flux(E), this is a good ability to either farm minions or make it bounce between enemy champions, or harass enemy champions by using it on a minion, so it bounces onto them. You should go for this spell as a Second Prio. after you've filled out your Overload ability.

And last but not least, Rune Prison(W), this is a good CC spell, but I prefer going for Spell Flux > Rune Prison, because of the AoE. Rune Prison is a great escape, or even better to catch an enemy.

Desperate Power(R) You should level this spell whenever you can, because this is your ulti ability, it grants you amazing spell vamp and movement speed too, so just take a level point in it, whenever you can.

So the ability order: Desperate Power > Overload > Spell Flux > Rune Prison

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When doing combos with Ryze, you have to make sure what kind of combos you can do:

AoE Combo:

When doing AoE Combo, you gotta make sure there's more than 1-2 champions OR atleast 1 champion and 2-3 minions. You should start the combo like this; Desperate Power(R) --> Spell Flux(E) (To make a massive AoE Damage) --> Rune Prison(W) --> Overload(Q) --> Spell Flux Should be ready now again.

Single Target Combo:

When doing a single target combo, make sure to start with your Desperate Power(R) first to gain that extra Spell Vamp + Movement speed, then --> Overload(Q) --> Rune Prison(W) --> Overload(Q) (Overload should be ready again, if not use Spell Flux) --> Spell Flux.

Extra damage in combos:

For extra damage in your combos, you should activate/toggle Muramana to make that extra 6% damage of your current mana as damage, even though it costs 3% of your current mana, it's still worth it, since you got tons of mana at mid/late game.

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When in a teamfight as Ryze Make sure you're standing behind, so you won't get ganked, Ryze should use his Desperate Power(R) and then pop his Spell Flux(E) so he damages enemy champions with loads of AoE damage. But you should also make sure to CC at the right time, with your Rune Prison(W). Also make sure to harass enemy champions with your Overload(Q) as much as possible.

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These items as you can see, is based on mana, which is what Ryze needs, he is "The Mana Monster", he needs mana to gain damage to his spells, therefor the mana items.

Item Sequence

Sorcerer's Shoes

Archangel's Staff

Rod of Ages


Iceborn Gauntlet

Banshee's Veil

Sorcerer's Shoes is great to get, since they give you movement speed + a good amount of magic penetration, which allows you to penetrate enemies magic resistance more. So get this after Tear of the Goddess has been purchased.

Archangel's Staff Is great for Ryze since it gives you more and more mana for each spell you use, and when you get it to 750/750 mana, you turn it into Seraph's Embrace which gives you 1000 mana, and allows you to create an absorbing shield for some of your mana, which is great, since you got tons of mana as Ryze.

Rod of Ages Is a great item, since it gives you both mana and health, but it also gives you more health and mana every 1min, 10 times. It gives you 20 mana each 1min, which is a great advantage to get more damage while not leaving the lane.

Manamune This is perfect to get after you've gotten Seraph's Embrace, since this also gives you mana on spell use, and when you get this to 750/750 mana too, you get Muramana which gives you 1000 mana, and you can even toggle it, to damage with your mana!

Iceborn Gauntlet Is good, since it gives you both mana, armor, cooldown reduction and a small amount of AP, but the good thing is, that it can also slow enemies whenever you used a spell, when you hit them with a basic attack.

Banshee's Vial Is good for the mana, HP, magic resistance and the Spell deflection every 45 sec.

Frozen Heart Is great for the mana, armor and cooldown reduction, it's also good to counter enemy champions attack speed, by reducing it by 20%.

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Your Lane


When you're in your lane, you're responsible of warding the brushes at both sides, so you won't get ganked and possibly loosing the mid lane control.

You can also counter enemy team's wards in the brushes so your team can get an advantage of mid lane, so you can get a good control over it. You can use Vision Wards to see enemy team's wards. So if you want, you can purchase them and get the control.


Farming Minions in your lane:

When low level, you can use your Overload(Q) to last-hit enemy minions, but it get's expensive at the end, because of the low mana at early game, so I suggest you try to kill minions with basic attacks as much as possible, but farming minions become easier as you gain Spell Flux(E), since it bounce from minion to minion, sometimes just between 2-3. But Spell Flux(E) is your best minion farming tool, so use this spell for it.


Harassing in your lane:

Ryze main harassing spells is Overload(Q) and Spell Flux(E). Overload(Q) has a good cast distance, and damage quite good, so this allows you to harass enemy champions, and make them fall back. You can harass with Spell Flux(E) by using it on an enemy minion and make it bounce on the enemy champion, and hopefully he/she will get hit 1-3 times.

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End of the Guide

I hope you've learned a little more about Ryze and his spells and what items/runes/masteries he needs, and how to dominate your lane and how to harass enemy champions in your lane.

And I hope you'll use some of the knowledge of Ryze I wrote, and use it yourself.

Also make sure to Upvote the guide if you liked it, and if you've gotten any use of it.
Only downvote it if you've got a good reason too, but I hope you haven't got any reason to downvote it at all. :)

This is only my second guide I've made, so I haven't learned how to use all of the BBCode mechanisms and some more, but hopefully I'll learn it.

Thank you for reading!
-Wookien [The Wookie]

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Changes and stuff:

-Changed a few items in "Introduction Chapter"
-Added Combos chapter
-Added "Extra Damage" in Combos Chaper
-Added "Spare Gold" in "Buy Section"
-Added "Spell Vamp" in "Buy Section"
-Added Will of the Ancients to "Items Chapter"
-Added Banshee's Vial to "Items Chapter"
-Changed Final Build
-Changed Early / Mid / Late game builds
-Removed Athene's Unholy Grail Build in "Buy Section"
-Removed old runes
-Added new runes
-Changed abit in "Runes chapter"
-Removed "Spell vamp" + Will of the Ancients
-Added Frozen Heart to "Buy Section" and "Items chapter"


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