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Akali Build Guide by Akali187

Middle platinum

All Aspect Akali Guide

By Akali187 | Updated on September 21, 2020
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  • LoL Champion: Akali
    All Aspect
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  • LoL Champion: Akali
  • LoL Champion: Akali
  • LoL Champion: Akali

Runes: One Shot One Kill

1 2 3 4 5
Taste of Blood
Eyeball Collection
Ravenous Hunter

Presence of Mind
Last Stand

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+15-90 HP (lvls 1-18)


1 2
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


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Middle Lane
Ranked #58 in
Middle Lane
Win 48%
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Champion Build Guide

All Aspect Akali Guide

By Akali187
About me!

Hi, I'm just a guy who loves to play Akali . I have only ever played Akali in league. Akali was the first champion I bought pre rework and still continued to play her after rework. I have played Akali in every role with every kind of runes and every item set. In my opinion Akali is the most fun champion in the game, from her fancy flips, too her extreme damage and mobility. I love to experiment with my champion and learn new things about her every day. Hopefully you will find this guide helpful as well as give you ideas to try new things. You will int a lot before you get a good grasp on her as well as her match ups so be patient..

Pros/Cons Back to Top


Great mobility

Really fun to play

High Damage

Many ways to play her

Almost every play you do looks cool

High outplay potential

Can take on multiple targets


Their are no Cons this is Akali.

Spells Back to Top
Flash and Ignite: Flash and Ignite are great to use especially in mid lane so you can try and go for that early game first blood or that early game jungle kill over scuttle. It's also great to take against champions who have healing such as Vladimir and Darius. As well as if the enemy bot lane has a strong healing comp such as Sona or Soraka.

Flash and Teleport: Flash and Teleport are just as good, especially if your playing with a team and you have communication. When you have teleport always watch the other lanes and make sure you punish them if they over extend. Teleport is also great to manipulate minion waves as well as get back into lane quick if you had a poor start or died. Teleport also allows you to Teleport to your team if you are split pushing late game.
Runes Back to Top

You can play with many different runes with Akali. I've used all the runes before, the ones that I think are viable is, Conqueror, Fleet Foot Work, Electrocute, Dark Harvest, Omnistone and Grasp. My favourite is easily Electrocute, it just gives so much more burst damage but all the others work fine and are also quite fun!

- Conqueror is great with Akali especially when versing a team that is tanky. Akali can proc conqueror quite easily especially because she can hit multiple targets at once with her Q and also can proc her e twice allowing it too stack faster. Conqueror is great for doing damage over time instead of going for the one shot one kill, you want to try and land your Q at as many enemies as you can while in team fights as you will shred your enemies as well as get insane heals from this rune.

Fleet Foot Work
- Fleet is good if your versing someone who pokes you down a lot or if you want to stay in lane longer as it give you great sustain. Also the movement speed from Fleet works well with Akalis Passive
and W .

- If you want to have a fun time pick this. You can one shot anyone in the game early especially with ignite. Late game its great for squishys even though you may over kill sometimes, other times it will save your life.

Dark Harvest
- Dark harvest is also fun especially if you have a lot of stacks late game. It does tons of damage with your R and some people believe it helps with Akali's late game. I personally don't take this as I believe Akali's ult is plenty but give it a go maybe your play style is different.

- Omnistone is also really fun and keeps you on your feet the whole game. Having dark harvest , Fleet Foot work , Conqueror and Electrocute is Over Powered as you can proc them really easily. But the down side is when you get lethal tempo , hail of blades and press the attack if you can't proc them you have to wait 45 seconds for another rune. If your willing to look past the other runes its great but you have to play according to the stone. Also your team mates will flame you as they think you will be trolling.

- Grasp works great in the top lane allows you to heal heaps when you trade and gives you abit of health. I'm still working on this rune for a new experiment for Akali support. I've tried it top lane in ranked and it worked. Just build Gunblade like normal than rush spirit visage than buy Rylais . The Spirit Visage is for the increased heals from Gunblade and Revitalize and the Rylais is for Font of Life , the slow on Rylais activates Font of Life which allows your team mates to heal off slowed champions. You become a heavy healing tank who supports their team, I try go dark seal too make up for some missing damage but its still very fun.
Precision Side Runes Back to Top
Their are so many different secondary runes to pick with Akali. It is all preference at the end of the day just open your mind to the possibilities.

Precision Side Runes:

Presence of Mind
- This rune is a must go with Conqueror due to it potentially increasing your maximum energy to 250 energy. This allows you to use your Q more often granting more damage over time, as well as if you get a take down it will restore 20% of your energy. This is perfect for you in team fights especially against multiple opponents as well as against tanks as you are able to keep outputting consistent damage.

Legend: Bloodline
- This grants you more life steal on top of your already huge healing build runes. You may want to take this if you feel you need more healing or if you don't like the other 2 options. (I personally don't take this as I believe Akali has enough heals from her gunblade as well as from conqueror and other side runes.)
Legend: Tenacity
- This is great for Akali especially with conqueror as your doing consistent damage, you don't want to stop for anything. This reduces the amount of time your CC'd. (Works well with )
Legend: Alacrity
- Alot of people like to take this as they believe it makes her passive proc smoother as well as allows Akali that touch more attack speed for pushing towers.

Last Stand
- This rune is great when your on low health as it grants you tons of damage. I don't normally take this rune with Conqueror due to me being able to stay healthy because of Conquerors heals.
Cut Down
- If your versing a team comp that is all tanks you can take it but you shouldn't take it in a normal game as you want to pick off the squishys. I personally don't use this rune.
Coup De Grace
This is the rune I use when I play conqueror as it just gives consistent damage to enemy champions who are lower than 40% health works well with your R
as well!
Domination Side Runes Back to Top
Their are so many different secondary runes to pick with Akali. It is all preference at the end of the day just open your mind to the possibilities.

Domination Side Runes:

Taste of Blood
- Great for early game sustain I personally take this as it helps you stay in line and win trades.
Sudden Impact
- This also works well with Akali as you can proc it easy and do more damage. It also has a short cool down 4secs.
Cheap Shot
- Cheap shot does work with your Gunblade , E Combo. As well as your Q tip slow. You can use this for the extra true damage but it is not as consistent as the other runes.

EyeBall Collection
- I believe this is the best rune choice for this category as it gives a lot of bonus AP which allows you to snowball harder.

Ravenous Hunter
- Ravenous Hunter is what everyone takes its heal stacks with Gunblades Heal giving Akali tons of healing from her abilities.
Ingenious Hunter
- This gives you extra cooldown on your active abilities including wards. I used this rune for quite a while and it is really fun especially with Zhonyas and Gunblade . You get to abuse these actives. Though I don't think it is better than Ravenous Hunter but give it a try maybe it will suit your gameplay.
Relentless Hunter
- Relentless Hunter is good for roaming as it gives you extra out of combat movement speed. If you love to roam alot and are greedy for kills you could take this.
Ultimate Hunter
- This grants reduced R cool down. A lot of Akali players feel her R has too much of a cool down especially during the times of the cool down nerf. But she is in a good place right now with this. But again if you want to do more flips sure go ahead and use this.
Abilities Back to Top
Their are many ways to play Akali, you can either be a 1 shot kamikaze assassin or a damage over time Akali or even a utility support Akali they all work.

Basic things you have to know is her kit of course and how to use it.

- When you land any ability you proc your passive which creates a ring, walking out of the ring gives you an empowered auto attack. If you don't walk out of the ring it will disappear in 5 seconds. This gives you 5 seconds to auto attack or to bait the enemy champion to walk back toward you or something similar. This is great for level 1 trades as you can Q than AA than walk out of ring and Passive again to proc electrocute. You want to use your abilities to gain as much empowered auto attacks as possible so you can keep consistent damage going in. Unless you are going for a quick burst combo.

- Akali's Q is the first ability you upgrade and is practically your main damage. Learn to use your Q so it hits multiple opponents. Use your shroud to line them up. Your Q also slows at the tip. You can use your Q in other abilities such as your E while you reactivate it as your running back you can Q before you land.

- Akali's W is a smoke bomb she throws and grants you invisibility while in the shroud. It also grants her extra energy so I recommend to use this at least after you have used Q once. Use her W to position your self in places where you can attack multiple enemies at once as well as use it to dodge enemy abilities. Obviously you can use it just to escape or waste time until your team mates arrive. Her invisibility is given away by true sight which allows players to target her. True sight includes ( Lee Sin Q , Morgana R , Twisted Fate R , Karmas W , Leblancs E , Kaisa's W and you will find many more this is just from the top of my head).

- Akali's E is her throwing a shuriken. When she throws it she flips backwards, this allows you to hop over walls, dodge abilities and look cool. If you land your E you are able to activate it again and you will travel to where ever it lands on.(It has to be a minion, monster, champion or her shroud.) E is really good for engaging on champions who have low health or are really squishy as it does damage on landing as well as if you reactivate. Her E is also great if your chasing enemies as you can throw it backwards to displace yourself toward the enemy thus closing the gap.

- Akali's R is very powerful but can get you killed if not used correctly. Akali's R contains two parts first part she can only use it on an enemy champion and her second part is free to use anywhere. Her first part doesn't do much damage but is great to dodge other peoples abilities, chase down people or jump straight to the back line. ( You can dodge Malphite R if timed well, Zed W ,Q Combo, Ahri E and pretty much everything if you position yourself correctly.) Her second part of the ult is where the damage is. You use this part to assassinate low health enemies, you want to use this like you use your Q try to line up the enemies while your in your W and than ULT AWAY . If you think your in trouble go for an early R so you can use the second R to get out, their are many creative ways to use Akali's R BE CREATIVE.
Starting Items Back to Top
Dark Seal - If your greedy for damage and kills you take this item with the refillable potion actually has great sustain because of the dark seals passive. I take this when I'm feeling greedy.

Doran's Ring - Great if you want some health as well as early AP damage. Most people take this item. Mana is useless though and you can only take 2 health pots .

Doran's Blade - I've used this many times it works, gives you a bit of life steal as well as health and damage.

Doran's Shield - This is the item I use when I go against tough match ups as well as when I'm taking the game serious. Most reliable item against all champs in my opinion.

Cloth Armor - People like to take it against heavy ad comps as well as heavy ad champs in lane with health pots . Can also build into Zhonyas early or Tabi Boots .

Boots - You can take boots first as well if you want that extra bit of movement speed early, maybe to get easier trades on ranged champions as well as dodge early poke.

Null-Magic Mantle - Against heavy ap if you want to build into banshees straight after Gunblade or get Mercury's Treads .

Amplifying Tome - No sustain but lots of early damage, if your confident why not, very greedy pick.

Long Sword - Does more physical damage, can take 3 pots or refill potion with it.
Items! Back to Top
- This is the item that is most essential for Akali. It gives you a heap of damage as well as a ton of sustain. This item allows you stay in lane for longer due to its healing passive. Its active is awesome granting you damage as well as a slow which is great too land her E as well as give you an opportunity to get you in range of her ult.

Items After GunBlade: (Do in what ever order you think is right, I prefer to go Liandrys 2nd unless they have heavy ad or heavy AP than I'd go either Zhonyas or Banshees. 3rd Item would be Rabadons death cap unless they have a heavy healing team than I would go Morellonomicon. After this I'd go what ever other items according to their team.)

Liandry's Torment
- This is my preferred item at the moment as it gives you abit of health as well as does loads of damage due to its passive.

Zhonya's Hourglass
- Alot of players love to go Zhonyas for the extra armor as well as the active if you want to do this go ahead.

Banshee's Veil
- Great if they have a very heavy AP team, spell shield works great with a short cool down of 40 seconds

- Only purchase if they have lots of healing such as champions like Vladimir, Darius, Yuumi, Sona ect. Alot of people like to build oblivion orb second for the magic penetration as well as tank, you can give that a try if you like its not to bad.

Void Staff
- This item is great if you see the enemy starting too build magic resist or you can pre-emptively build it if your whole team is AP as they are most likely to build magic resist. It is a very strong item if they build magic resist!

Rylai's Crystal Scepter
- Not many people build this item but it is cheap and works well with Liandrys because of its slow. Give it a try and see how you like it.

Rabadon's Deathcap
- Great Item for extra damage, I always grab it in my games whether early or late.

Be creative with your items, I don't think Akali has a set build other than Gunblade. Give everything a shot and see what you love best!
Boots Back to Top
Preferably you want to go into most of your team comps, unless your versing a heavy ad or heavy ap team so than you would choose or

You may also go for extra movement speed. It feels good with her w movement speed and her passive. It is also great to dodge opponents abilities with as well as outrun opponents if you ever need to back out of a failed assassination or keep the enemies on a wild goose chase.

is for the real greedy Akali players. If your only going for kills and want to be everywhere this item is for you. Weakness is once your in the fight dont expect to get out and run away because you will be a lot slower than everyone else.
Combos Back to Top
Akali's Combos are different in every situation depending on which champion your versing and which team comp your versing. You have to adapt to every situation and think instantly on the spot.
AA - Auto Attack

Basic Combos!

Q , P

Q , AA, P

E , E2 , P , Q , P

E , E2 , Q , P

E , E2 , P , Q , W , P , Q , P

Gunblade , E , E2 , Q , P

R , E , E2 , Q , P , R2

(This is great to use when tower diving!)

This is an example of stringing combos against 2 enemies, in this case the opposing laner and jungler.

AA, Q , P , Q , P (If you want to proc electrocute wait a few seconds before you walk out of circle so your energy can regenerate for a second Q instantly)
E , E2 , Q (before you land on them use your Q )
Q , P , R , W , P , Q ,
P , R2
R , E , E2 ,Q , R2 (Great for tower diving:)!)
Basically that's your basic combos you just string them together depending on each situation. The combos revolve around your passive. You can take multiple opponents using different strings (example: Jungler ganks you, you can E your laner than R onto the jungler than P , Q , W , P , R2 .)
Gunblade can be used to start the combo if you need the slow (Example Gunblade too slow enemy so you can land your E ) or you can use it mid through or at the end. But I recommend to use it as early as possible so you can reuse it again as early as possible. Don't underestimate Gunblades Active damage it makes a huge difference.
I suggest you use practice tool so you may get a feel of her combos before playing in game.
Early Game Against a Mage Back to Top

Early game Akali game play varies with every opponent she takes on. Against most mages you want to wait to hit level 2 before trading with your and what ever other ability you choose to upgrade. When you hit level 3 that is when you want to try and force a mistake and go for an early kill or force them to back. Until than let them push onto you so you can give your jungler an opportunity to gank as well as keep you safe from being ganked. If nothing happens just keep farming and try to look for picks around with your jungler or see if other lanes are over extending.

Early Game Against Anyone else! Back to Top

Early game Akali game play varies with every opponent she takes on. Against most champions you will want to play very aggressive. You can start to trade at level 1 with your , and auto attacks. I recommend pushing their minions always with your auto attacks forcing them under their tower. This forces the enemy to farm under tower and thats when you continue to poke them under tower waiting for the enemy jungler to gank you. If the enemy jungler is someone that is a threat against Akali such as a Lee Sin you have to be more aware. While your minions are pushed always keep your eye on the map to see where the enemy team is positioned and wait for a mistake so you may have priority and engage. You will win most skirmishes early especially if your running ignite and electrocute. Your goal is to get enough gold to get your hextech revolver on your first back hopefully before the 5 minute mark. Once you have this item try and bully your enemy laner hard as well as enemy jungler so they can fall behind in the mid game. If you see an opportunity to gank bot lane or top lane go for it. If bot or top has a bounty make it a priority so they don't snowball, let your team mates know what you plan so they can set up for you. Ultimately your goal early game is to be a bully and force the enemy to fall behind, as well as trying to get your self ahead with your strong early combo damage.

The Gunblade! 11 Minutes Back to Top

Now this is your core item, your goal is to get this item as quick as possible, preferably before the 11th minute mark. Once you have this item start looking for the smallest of mistakes your enemies make and abuse it. You should win almost every fight at this stage of the game against multiple opponents. Keep your minions pushing so you have the opportunity to roam. Roaming is key especially if your team is not performing well. If your enemy laner is overwhelming you than just play passive and try to counter on their abilities that they miss or if the misplay. Though you should be able to fight against any laner if you know your matchup correctly. Keep this aggressive style until about 20-25 minutes depending on their team as well as how much damage your still putting out.

Late Game -_- Back to Top

Late game Akali is not easy. Your goal is to eliminate the carry on the team during team fights as well as looking for picks due to the enemy team being in a bad position. The reason Akali late isn't easy is due to her aggressive style with her abilities your forced to go into the heart of the enemy team and try to take out their carries whilst trying not to get CC'd or burst down. That is why it is preferable to wait for your team to initiate the fight that way you may jump straight to their back line. Positioning is key. Again every game is different some teams you may be able to jump head on, whilst other teams you wont be able to engage unless your team is their tanking the opponents abilities. In this stage of the game you don't want to always 5 v 5 unless you have a very strong team, otherwise go to a side lane and keep the minions pushing, force the opponents to split up so you can go for an easy pick. At this stage of the game Akali can be very strong but one mistake may cost her the game, so you have to be very aware of what is happening currently in the game. Ultimately keep the minions pushing, look for picks and target the carries. You want to end the game as quickly as possible, every minute past the 25 minute mark you will become to find it harder and harder to end the game.

Who does Akali Ban? Back to Top
If your stubborn like me and think you can take on anyone ban no one or Ask your team mates if they would like a certain champion banned. (Sometimes helping your team mates ban a champ can change the whole atmosphere of your team).

Depending on what role your playing your bans may change, for example if your playing Top you may want to ban a top laner you struggle against or if your playing mid you may want to ban a certain support who stops you from assassinating the ADC as you should be roaming heaps in the mid lane.

Typically as Akali you want to ban someone who stops you from doing Akali things, like using your shroud (So champions who are able to put true sight on you easily like Lee Sin.) or destroying carries (a support who disables your assassination potential like Lulu with her polymorph). Or maybe you don't want to deal with a fed Renekton in the top lane, so you ban him even though your playing mid. Perhaps you can't stand another mid laner like Galio as he has great CC in team fights?

Theirs many champions you can ban when playing Akali but at the end of the day you can only ban one champion and theirs always going to be champions that counter your kit on the rift, but that is part of the game so get used to it and try to adapt.

Typically try and ban players who are annoying to play against and are picked often (theirs no point banning someone who annoys you but is barely ever played, you want to have some sort of consistency in your games). You can always look on websites that hold league stats such as LoL Graphs, as they tell you who the most played champions are in your ELO and region and you can ban according to that.

Again all this stuff is personal preference and their is no right or wrong way of who to ban.
Tips and Tricks Back to Top

This is an example of how you can use your ult to jump over walls

This is an Example of how to use your abilities to play against strong melee champs with CC and one shot potential such as Renekton. In this case even if you get stunned your still moving a fair distance so your able to move again once they get back in melee range

Learn to try and hit multiple opponents with your Q, your objective is to do as much damage as you can so use your kit to its full potential.

Remember your very mobile with Akali and do lots of damage so try and take out as many enemies as you can in the team fights, target the squishiest champions first so you can move on too the next enemy as soon as possible. (Unless of-course their is a carry you have to eliminate each situation is different)

Learn to line up as many opponents as you can when you use your 2nd part of your ult R2 .

In Game Video Clips Back to Top

Some game play of how I play Akali, have a watch. Take the good and leave the bad!

Skirmish against Galio Level 2

Getting caught in a 1 v 4

Level 1 Trade on Malzahar

Level 2 Kill on Malzahar after the level 1 trade

Example of using Zhonyas on Rengar

Example of Akali s Damage when Ahead

Example of Assassinating Ezreal whom was very ahead early game,

but was in a bad position!

E Combo against graves with a standard Q, W Combo after to finish.

E Combo assassination on Nidalee

Good Example of how Akalis R can be used to hop over walls

Example of the enemy teams perspective of Akali in a team fight

My Akali 20/09/2020 Back to Top
This section is just an update on how I am currently using Akali according to that date I put up, if anyone is interested.

Mid Lane

Runes - One Shot One Kill
Spells - Flash Ignite
Items in Order - Gunblade, Boots (Situational), Liandry's, Rylai's, Rabadon's DeathCap and Zhonyas. (I have been building this most games as I have been loving the Liandry's Rylais Combo and the damage it does. Been going death cap after them 2 items for even more damage so I can snowball. Than Zhonyas last so I am able to make plays and have a safer option.
True Assassin. Back to Top

This is for those who choose to play like a fearless assassin. Your only goal is to put fear into the hearts of your enemies

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