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Amumu Build Guide by cheirosou

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League of Legends Build Guide Author cheirosou

Amumu the sad mummy in the jungle

cheirosou Last updated on June 21, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hello everyone,my name is cheirosou and welcome to my amumu guide,amumu are my main char i have purchase at lv 1,remember,the runes,the masteries and etc are MY opinion,hope you enjoy

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Pros / Cons

-good early game
-too much cc
-ult OP
-clear the jungle too faster

-vulnerable to counter jungle
-forever alone

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Unique skills

(Q)-bandage toss- amumu launches a band up to the enemy and stun for 1.0 second,good skill for ganks.
(W)-despair- amumu cries and all enemies suffer damage as a percentage of life, good for killing neutral monsters and tanks.
(E)-tantrum-amumu causes damage to enemies around him and while he did not activate the skill, he passively gains damage reduction on basic attacks from enemies.
(R)-Curse of the sad mummy-amumu damages all enemies around, stunning them and giving a reasonable damage, good ult to turn team fights or even normal fights for example an 1x1 or 2x2.
(passive)-cursed touch-amumu reduces magic resist from enemies when amumu hit them,good passive to clear the jungle faster because you give magical damage with your skills.

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Skill Sequence

I get Tantrum at lv 1 and maximize at lv 9 too clear the jungle faster.
I get Despair at lv 2 and maximize at lv 13 too clear the jungle faster too.
I get Bandage Toss at lv 3 and maximize at lv 18 cause help on the ganks.
I get Curse of the Sad Mummy at lv6,11 and 16 (everybody do this).

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I get attack speed marks because helps to clear more faster the jungle,attack speed marks combo with your passive.
I get armor seals because reduce damage to champions and neutral monsters gonna make me more durable.
I get magic resist glyphs to reduces damage taken by ap champions and others...
I get moviment speed quints to follow your opponents and use bandage toss (are a good combo with the quintessences and the bandage toss).

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MY masteries are 0/21/9 focus on health,armor,health regen and reduction of summoner's spells on defense,in ultility i focus on mana regen,reduction of summoner's spells and neutral buff duration,because amumu needs too much the blue buff for jungling,so the time increases off the blue buff.

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For itens i start with boots and 4 health potions.My full build are mercury treads or ninja tabi dependend on enemy team,sunfire cape are a OP item on amumu,combo with your bandage toss,rod of ages to got mana,health and ap a good choice for amumu,abyssal sceptor gonna combo with your passive and give ap and magic resist a good choice,rylai´s crystal sceptor for anyone scape from your skills and to end my build i do one aegis of the legion because gives magic resist,health,armor and etc,a good choice for amumu.

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For summoner´s spells i get smite and flash,smite for clear the jungle faster and flash for high mobility,scape tool,to follow enemies and etc (ghost also serves too but for amumu i prefer flash to follow your enemies and use bandage toss).

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Creeping / Jungling

The jungle route of amumu is : go to the blue,do wolfs, do wraths, go to the red and do golems, if you want you can go back to the wolves before going to the red, so you catch the red'll be ready to gank in any lane, if not you have to gank lanes always try to counter jungle the enemy jungle.

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Counter items and conter spells

The quick silver sash also counter amumu because of the tenast and Amumu have much cc, then that item counter Amumu together with the mercury treads.
The summoner´s spells that counter amumu are:cleanse because remove all cc of your champion and flash because with flash you can escape easy from amumu skills,until the bandage toss depending.

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Last words

Ok guys,this was my Amumu guide,hope you enjoyed, pls rate this guide if you like it,because it´s free and besides, helps me a lot.Ok guys see you at the next guide.