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Rammus Build Guide by 666Nando666

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author 666Nando666

An OK Build for an OK Guy to be an OK Tank

666Nando666 Last updated on January 31, 2012
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Jungle and Dominion

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Hello. Before I made a lane guide for Rammus, when I'm learning how to jungle, now, this is my jungle build.

Enjoy, rate, comment.

BTW, Rammus is my main champion and the first champion I buy.

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Pros / Cons

Good CCs (Taunt, slow)
Got a lot of Armor and MR with Defensive Ball Curl.
He can do anything late game
Awesome and fast ganks

You're real item dependant, more than other champions.
You really need HP.

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How to counter cons

Low Mana Pool
Get Banshee's Veil, give you HP, Mana, Magic Resist and the passive is awesome.
You can also get Chalice of Harmony, the passive is very good and give you more magic resist.

You'll need HP
Get Warmog, and if you don't want, buy various items of HP, like Banshee's Veil, Shurelya's Reverie, Sunfire Cape, Frozen Mallet

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Build and Alternatives

In this guide, I got 3 builds: My Build, my Dominion Build, and the Full-Tank Build. If you want to see the Dominion Build go to the chapter "Dominion Mini-Guide"

Own Build:
This is MY Build. You can use it, ofc. But I don't like much the Warmog's Armor, but Rammus lack of HP, and don't want to get Banshee's Veil >_<, any sugestion?
But this build is more to support, Shurelya's Reverie to speed up and catch anyone with Powerball, Aegis do nice job with the aura and give you a bit of all (HP, Magic Resist and Armor), Sunfire Cape to stack with your ultimate, but also give you Armor and HP.
Thornmail is good to your Defensive Ball Curll but almost all games finish without getting this.
You can alternate and get Raindum's Omen/ Frozen Heart instead of Shurelya's Reverie9] or [[Thornmail or even Warmog's Armor. Frozen Heart is good for the lack of mana (if you get Shurelya's Reverie you have mana regen)
Force of Nature Meh, if you don't die in teamfights you regen fast with the passive + High HP Regen, and get lots of Magic Resist and Move. Speed.

Full-Tank Build
What? Got tank items, Guardian Angel, Thornmail, Frozen Mallet, Force of Nature, got some HP, go 1x5 and let your team mates get the kills.

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Jungling and Ganking and Counter Jungle

My jungle route is Blue > Wolfs > Wraiths > Red > Gank Mid (if Blue)/Top (If Purple) > Small Gollems > Recall > Wolfs > Gank Top > Go for Blue. Etc

IMPORTANT!! Don't forget to share your buffs! Give your second blue for mages, if they're manaless feel free to get it. Red can make AD Ranged op too.

Tip: 2~3 Sec before enter to the lane you're ganking, start PowerBall, you'll get more fast and the ganks will be better.

Always try to Counter Jungle champions like Trynd, Sion and champions buff dependant, they're get low and without buffs and ganks will be less dungerous.

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You are the tank. Start the battle, taunting thier AD Carry, except, if he's Gangplank or got a Quicksilver Sash/ Cleanse, that turns your taunt useless, and you also need to give kills to your carry.
Don't start the fight if your team got someone dead or in other lane or most of your team got half HP.

Priority List:
Carrys The High Physical Damage Dealers, like Vayne, Tryndamere, Xin Zhao, they're too much squish, but too much damage, get them down first, use all your CC in them! (taunt)
Mages They deal high damage too, but they're more tankys (only a bit more defenses and HP), after killing carrys try to kill the Mage, like Brand, Annie
Support They are squishes too, normally don't do high damage, but can get down easly and the heals/shields are annoying some times. Sona Soraka
Off-Tanks Damage-Dealers the second more resistance in the team, can get really high damage, kill them at last. They're damage absorvers, like Lee Sin, Nasus, Atmogs [Gangplank]].
Tanks Pure resistance, kill them at last and do the ace! They're going to focus the carry and mage, like you're trying to do. So protect your team from them.

Note: If your mage is fed, kill them first instead of carry, or if the carry is being too much protect or too far away to do anything without die.

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Runes, Masteries and Spells

Flash Right after the nerf, it's a must for great part of the champions, especially for Rammus. He can flash over the walls, over minions to hit with [[powerball], flash to escape, flash to get a kill...

Smite Obvious for jungle, and to secure/steal Baron and Dragon.


Ghost Give you more speed, but you already have a great speed with Powerball.

Heal I don't like, but if you want support your allies, and this grant a 100% survive in the jungle. And maybe allow you to tower-dive.

Cleanse If the enemy team is full off CCs, use this (or Quicksilver Sash to survive!

Exhaust Maybe your AD-Carry get this, but if you want, exhaust the carrys of enemie team and done. And can help you ganking.

Standart tank masteries. Give you all you need, HP, speed, CDR, damage to minions, that scale with Defensive Ball Curl. And also give more buff duration.

This runes give me Armor, for the passive and Magic resist to early/late game, to gank mid.

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Hard To Gank/Counter Jungle Champions

Hard To Gank

Vayne - E will made hard ganks. Q and W combination hurts.

Alistar - Dat headbutts... And it's better tank than me at 6, and I don't like heal

Singed - Don't. Chase. Singed.

Kassadin - It's very hard gank him when he's lvl 6.

LeBlanc - Overpowered Early Game and the roots...

Vladimir - That damn Sanguine Pool!

Counter Jungle:

Fiddlesticks - Fear and Drain my health in jungle and also steal my buffs with E.

Rammus - We made each other useless, I taunt, he taunt, all taunt. Ok.

Shaco - Can steal my buffs with stealth, boxes can stop some ganks (act like wards in bushes)

Udyr - He's everywhere! He clear the jungle so fast, when you're going to take your blue he's with all your jungle.

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Dominion Mini-Guide

If you're playing Dominion, you need to do damage and be fast!

Rammus is op. Taunt, awesome passive and very speed. Use and abuse of your passive, always buy armor and get HP, Atma's is very good too. You'll be tank and killer.

You can buy mercury treads if they got very AP, and CCs.

Don't buy Thornmail if you get Ninja Tabi, that is counter. If you dodge the attacks, you don't proc the Thornmail's passive.

I only get Odyn's Veil because people often got a great-burst mage, and give you HP, Mana and Activate is also great.

Atma's Impaler give you burst of AD and armor, it's your core item, with Sunfire Cape

Your job is killing and capture the points the fast you can.

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Here, some abreviations and some words you can't know what that mean.

AD - Attack Damage

AP - Ability Power

CC - Crowd Control.

MR - Magic Resist

Atmogs - Using Warmog's Armor and Atma's Impaler, the high HP scale with Atma's passive, getting AD.

Post a comment if I forget anything.