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Anivia Build Guide by Dark Riolu

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Dark Riolu

Anivia Jungle - When you just want to scale.

Dark Riolu Last updated on October 13, 2016
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Yes I'm serious.

You say: "Ohmigosh, this guide is so troll. The idiot didn't even put on a keystone."

This is a real guide, and I've won more than half my games as jungle Anivia - even when I had no idea what I was doing. Thought and experimentation has led to a build/playstyle that lets Anivia safely farm early, delaying her power spikes but allowing fairly easy ganks. While I wouldn't suggest playing this in ranked games, it's definitely an option if you're bored or want to break the meta. Read on to discover the oft-flamed beauty that is jungle Anivia.

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Clearing the Jungle

Initial Clear

Anivia can and should clear the entire jungle without any help. If someone were to leash you, they would either have to take all the hits or kite in tandem with you. I always ask for no leash, since the first option is undesirable and the second isn't going to happen unless you're playing with a friend.

Start at your blue buff since you'll need the mana. How well you clear this camp will determine whether you can actually make Anivia jungle work or not. Start at max AA range and next to the top or bottom wall. When the buff spawns, attack it as you kite backwards, to the point just before the golem starts to lose interest. When it gets close, take one AA as you kite towards the other wall. This is the start of your triangle kiting formation. After bringing the golem to max range in that direction, stun it and kite towards its spawn location; you should be able to do this without being attacked. Just beware of losing vision if the golem goes into the bush. Once it gets close, take another hit as you go to your original position. Continue this pattern, stunning the golem at every other point on this triangle. Finish off the small golems with AAs once you have the buff. If done correctly, you'll have nearly full health at the end without using your potion. This part doesn't have to be done perfectly to finish the clear, but you have to practice until you can do at least a decent job.

Note that I accidentally took an extra hit since I went too close to the wall and lost vision of the golem in the bush. Avoid this by leading the golem just to the side of the grass, as I did the first time around.

After blue, wait until your Q is back up and attack the gromp, stunning it while you use E and smite. Kite above/below gromp and back, using E in between Q's and after the second Q, a total of three times. Follow this pattern of using Q and E whenever they come up and go to wolves, raptors, red buff (smite it), and krugs (may have to smite - depending on how much health you lost). Having trouble with the last two camps? Use your wall as a barrier so the monsters can't attack for a few seconds. If you want enough money for a vision ward, kill the rift scuttler, but run if anyone sees you.

Here's how the entire first clear should look:

DO NOT GANK DURING THE FIRST CLEAR. You need enough money for Stalker's Blade and Hunter's Potion, and a gank will cost too much health/mana for you to complete the clear.

Second Clear

After buying Stalker's Blade and Hunter's Potion, go to gromp and simply clear every camp in order. This clear will almost be harder than the first since you have no mana regen. You can start ganking at this point, but more than one gank will leave you unable to clear all camps. I wait until I have my ult so that missing my Q doesn't make the gank meaningless. I finish clearing all camps and go for a gank (usually through lane), but I don't wait to recall if it looks like nothing will happen.

Subsequent Clears

The blue buff will be up sometime around the finish of the second clear, which will help tremendously with mana problems. However, using abilities inappropriately will still drain your mana pool, even with the buff. When clearing camps, start by Flash Frosting the monsters and using E. Then wait until E comes back up to use it with Glacial Storm. You can now leave your ult on for a couple seconds, but definitely turn it off before the large monster dies, finishing it off with a couple AA's as you move to the next camp.

Side note: It's possible to kill the dragon solo at level 8 with full health, mana, and Hunter's Potion, along with Smite. That being said, it's almost always better to have help unless you're sneaking it - in which case you should place a vision ward / have raptor vision.

Getting Counter-Jungled

Some junglers will see the "troll" Anivia jungle with no keystone and figure that you're easy pickings for them. Unfortunately, they're half right. If an enemy comes into your jungle pre-6 and has around half health or more, you can't kill them with one Q + E and it will be around nine seconds before Q comes back up. Therefore, you should simply stun or wall them, waiting until after they've used their gap-closer (if they have one). If they decide to keep farming your jungle there isn't much you can do for fear of missing your all-important Q. Try to get a laner to assist you and provide the extra damage you need to get the kill. After you have your ult you can try to kill intruders by yourself, but it will usually take until you get Rod of Ages and one other item before you can fight solo.


Ganking is pretty straight-forward as Anivia whether she's jungling or not. Get behind the enemy laner by waiting in a lane bush or going through the jungle, then ult underneath them for an easy slow and E for damage. If they run into a bush, your wall can provide vision. Otherwise use it to block their path unless they have a dash to get over it. Once they get ahead of you, lead them with your Q so that they'll either get stunned or have to turn back for a second. At some point, your laner(s) should be able to finish them off.

IF your passive AND Flash are up AND the enemy is squishy, it can be easy to go through the enemy jungle and walk straight through their outer turret from behind. They'll be taken by surprise and have no easy means of escape, and you can CC them so that your teammate(s) can get in range. Additionally, you can turret dive them if you have minions under their tower. Draw aggro with R + E + Q and stand near the edge of turret range while your laner finishes them off. These strategies are a bad idea if the enemy has a lot of CC.

Late Game

Around the time you get Archangel's Staff, you should have enough mana to clear camps easily and quickly without going OOM. If nothing's happening on the map then you should be farming, but now's a better time to group if you can. With Anivia's amazing amounts of AOE damage and CC, you can either peel for your carry or try and delete theirs. Her ult is also the best waveclear in the game - perfect for sieging. For more details about late game/teamfights, check out my original Anivia guide: Fear the Freljord

Here's one of my early games as jungle Anivia:

A few things to point out:
  • Even after a HORRIBLE perfomance at blue buff, I was still able to complete the clear - with a little improvisation.
  • When ganking, I tried to place my ult right in front of the enemy, and I waited until after Gnar bounced to use my Q so that it would be harder to dodge.
  • At level 6, they got the dragon because I tried to pick a fight before I had any damage
  • 20 minutes in, I caught Lucian by surprise and was able to delete him with a Flash-R-E
  • After buying Rod of Ages I'm able to give away blue buff - just watch your mana if you do so.
  • My internet sucks.

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Again, I wouldn't recommend doing this in ranked, but it's a solid strategy that works surprisingly well. This is also perfect for anyone who wants to play Anivia but can't seem to survive laning phase. If you have any questions or comments I'd be happy to respond to you, but flaming I'll likely ignore.

Good luck and happy hunting~