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Annie Build Guide by 140 IQ Plays

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author 140 IQ Plays

Annie, kill them all

140 IQ Plays Last updated on November 3, 2016
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Threats to Annie with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Yasuo He cancels his passive if he attacks you when you have your E activated and then, an aa q stun aa thunderlords decree will make you win the trade easily. His windwall has a big couldown and doesnt block your tibber. You can zone him since he is melee distance and punish him for every mistake.
Veigar Veigar has no mobility ans his atcks are all skill shots easy to dodge. His abilities cost a lot of mana too. You should be agressive against him and push the lane at his turret (dont forget to ward to avoid ganks). If you do your job correctly, he will be too low hp and will not have enough mana to help his jungler if he ganks you. Veigar can still oneshot you late game if you dont kill him first, but I think annie is way better overall.
Aurelion Sol Aurelion Sol can clear really fast and roam, so it can be an annoying match up for your other lanes. Try to push the wave as much as you can and whenever you have your stun, poke him with your q, it will cancel his passive and allow you to win almost all trades.
Zilean Try to poke him as much as he pokes you with your q and try to dodge his qs. If you all in him lvl 6, you should be able to kill him before his ult or just restun him after his ult.
Twisted Fate Whenever he has a yellow card, stay away from him and try to poke him when its on couldown. Push the minions wave and dont let him roam freely. You can probably kill him easily if he stays in lane or camp the bot lane and kill him if he ults to help his teammates.
Miss Fortune AP Miss Fortune his annoying because of her e that slows a lot, but you can probably all in her lvl 6 and get an easy kill. Make her regret picking a marksman at the mid lane.
Kog'Maw He will be annoying if he gets rylais and seraphs embrace, but you will probably be able to get 2 or 3 kills before that, if not more.
Karthus He has low mobility and not a lot of damage early game, you should be able to get close to him and win trades if you dodge some of his skillshots.
Katarina She needs to get in melee distance to get some cs so poke her whenever you can. Be cautious because she can snowball really hard if she gets a few kills and you will need to be fast to stun her before she bursts you. Most katarina will ew to bait your stun and then, ult. You can pick exhaust as a summoner spell against katarina to be safe.
Heimerdinger You can kill his turrets with 2 aa and one q easily if needed. It will probably be a farming lane, but if you get abyssal scepter first item, you should be able to kill him and sustain his damage well enough to survive.
Corki Easy match up, bully him as much as you can, you should win all trades.
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Hi guys. I'm mastery 7 with Annie and I climbed from silver 5 to plat 3 mostly with that champion. I actually have 317.3k mastery points with her. I have 60% win rate on 250 games with Annie in Platinium 3. I hope this guide will help you understand how to play that champion better, even if its not that difficult !

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Core build

Most people playing Annie like building ludens ekko/Rabadon deathcap with a zhonia and oneshot squishies. I dont really like those builds because you are vulnerable to crowd controls, dont have much hp to get close to ennemy ADCs and not a lot of magic pen early. Ludens, rabadon and zhonia cost a lot of money when you could get abyssal scepter, void staff, rod of ages and even protobelt and have more utility, be more difficult to kill and still have enough damage to oneshot ennemy carries.

With sorcerers shoes, abyssal scepter and hybrid or magic pen marks, you reduce almost 50 magic resist. Against an ADC, that's huge, you almost do true damage against a squishy. 50 MR is almost 25% damage reduction.

With Rod of Ages, you have lot of HP and your E reduces more than 30% damage late game. It allows you to get close to the ennemy team without dying too fast to get a good ult that can win you the game. The sustain that gives you in lane makes that item my favorite to build on Annie.

Against tanky comp, you will not be able to oneshot them with a combo, so bulding rylais to stay close to them if they try to escape and kill them with a second or third rotation of abilities is really useful. Your tibber will have more utility with the slow from the rylais too and like with Rod of Ages, the HP is always good on Annie because of her E that makes her naturally tanky for an APC.

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Thunderlords Decree is a most on Annie in my opinion. Your w costs too much mana early to poke with it, so one aa, q, then another aa + the thunderlords decree will be most of your damage to trade with the ennemy.

Since your auto atcks have really long range, 5 points in precision is really good. It helps you cs and gives you more damage when trading.

Dangerous game gives you up to 20% of your mana and hp in a teamfight so everyone except maybe supports should get it instead of Bandit.

You don't really need meditation on Annie, since your q doesnt cost any mana if you executre something with it. It's free farming. Just aa minions until they are low hp enough to kill with q and you will never lack mana except if you trade a lot with all your abilities (try not to use your w to trade if possible, it costs too much mana for the damage it does early) or miss your cs. Take 5 points in Merciless, you want to kill people.

Since you are puting a point in double edged sword, it's good to have some sustain with biscuits in lane. You should put a point in secret stash. If you put a point in "Assassin", maybe if would be wise to take Feast for the sustain. Expose weakness is good enough and safer than double edged sword if you want your team to do more damage.

You dont really need savagery on annie, but I take it to get some farm more easily with aa when I want to keep my stun. 5 Points in Wanderer would be a good choice too.

Opressor or bounty hunter is your choice. Since you have an easy stun, I would say to go for opressor.

I think natural talent is better than Vampirism for mages, except maybe swain or vladimir.

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Laning Phase

Early game, you should try to get your level 2 as soon as possible. Use your auto attacks and qs as much as you can to push the minions wave and if you clear it before your ennemy, poke him with one aa, q, aa. It's even better if you have your stun. The thunderlords decree will help you do some more damage.

Whenever there is less than 3 creeps in front of you and you have your stun, poke with 2 aa and one q + the thunderlords decree. Don't use your w except to stun or if you are sure you can get the kill, because it doesnt do a lot of damage early and costs more mana than your q.

You should always try to push as fast as the ennemy. If he only last hit and the wave is pushing in his turret, it could be because his jungler will gank soon, so try to last hit and pull the wave in the center of the lane. Don't forget to ward.

If the wave is in your turret, it can become harder to farm and you have less space to dodge skillshots like luxs e, so try to push a little bit more, you can use an e if really needed. Chances are the ennemy laner used some mana to outpush you, maybe because he wants to back or roam and gank other lanes.

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Mid/Late game

Lvl 6, if the ennemy recalls or your wave is pushed enough, you should back for the first time and get a blasting wand for your rod of ages and maybe boots if you have enough money + 1 or 2 cookies. That's a good time to roam bot lane or top lane and get some kills if you don't think you can kill the other mid laner.

If you successfully kill the ennemy bot lane, its often a dragon or a first turret bot lane.
Your bot lane can then help you mid and help you get your turret. If you roam, always be sure to push the minions wave first at the mid lane or have your jungler hold for you.

If you are on the left side of the map, you can put a pink ward in the bush behind the dragon. If your bot lane put a pink in their tribush, you will know when the ennemy bot lane has vision or not to see you if you gank.

In mid game, you should be with your adc and support most of the time. If you can, oneshot the ennemy adc or engage a teamfight if you can stun more than 2 people, but otherwise, stay close to your ADC and peel him. You will kill people way faster if you and him are focusing the same target. People underestimate the range of Annies tibber a lot, so you dont always have to flash to stun someone.

Often, your toplaner will splitpush with teleport while you and the rest of the team are pressuring mid. If you kill 2 or more people, you can get an innib or a baron.

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Pros / Cons


Easy mechanics
Not hard to master
Doesnt cost much IP to buy
Lot of damage
Tanky for an APC
Easy farming
Can carry games even when behind in gold
Good champ to learn map control, objectives, roaming since you dont have to focus on the mechanics of the champ that much.


Can become somewhat boring to play
without flash, its hard to get a good ult
weak against tanky teamcomp with lot of cc. If you dont kill anyone with your ult, you dont have escapes to get away.
Linear champ.

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I hope this guide was useful and dont hesitate to review !