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Twisted Fate Build Guide by MaxieSStyle

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League of Legends Build Guide Author MaxieSStyle

[AP/Hyb/AS/AD]Twisted Fate - We're all Doin' It

MaxieSStyle Last updated on February 6, 2012
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AP Carry/Hybrid


AS - on hit eff/AD Carry

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Twisted Fate is a ranged mage that can snipe somebody, or take him down very fast with impressive attack speed ratio. He's very ultimate pick which can build ap/ad/support and even tanky (yes I tried to), with abilities to stun somebody and take him down at 1vs1, or slow all the team with a very good damage output. I hope you'll enjoy this excellent guide for Twisted Fate - The Card Master.

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Types of Twisted Fates

There are 4 types of Twisted Fate at my guide. What does they do?

AP Twisted Fate - Focusing on Spell Damage, Great Pusher with Rabadon's Deathcap and Lich Bane.

Hybrid Twisted Fate - I love this way of playing Twisted Fate, he has abilities of AD and AP Twisted Fate, Great Destroyer late game.

AS Twisted Fate - Mostly against Tanky Teams, Insane damage at 4th attack.

AD Twisted Fate - Based on huge critical damage, very good after his range buff (from 510 to 525)

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(Bugged icon)
Twisted Fate and his allies receive an additional 2 gold per kill.
That's great passive for a good farmers ( Gragas) won't carry your game but additional 100 gold per 50 last hits is almost something...
Twisted Fate throws three cards, dealing damage to each enemy unit they pass through.
Only good at AP Twisted Fate. May be used to stop recalling, but still, it's a waste of skillpoint at non-AD Twisted Fate.
Twisted Fate chooses a magic card from his deck, and uses that for his next attack, causing bonus effects.
This is your bread and butter, ability to last hit by using it, slowing all the enemy team and stunning one of them, also a good mini-game.
Every 4 attacks, Twisted Fate deals bonus damage. In addition, his attack speed is increased and his cooldowns are decreased.
Must-be on all non-AP Twisted Fates, Your bonus damage, attack speed and cooldown reduction up to 15% - For The Win!
Twisted Fate predicts the fortunes of his foes, revealing all enemy champions and enabling the use of Gate. While Destiny is active, Twisted Fate can teleport up to 5500 units away.
Personal Teleport, a very good for finishing off enemies that escape at low health ( Kassadin) used as Global CV is also good, as just a lane-teleport.

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AP Twisted Fate

Ability Power!

AP Twisted Fate focuses on doubled damage from his Pick A Card and additional damage from Lich Bane. You may do some serious stuff with it. (Check videos below)
I always try to take middle as an AP Twisted Fate, good range for last hitting and instant mana regain works great with good damage output from Wild Cards and Pick A Card.

I always try to harass my enemy by locking on Blue Card, using Wild Cards and regenerating mana by auto attack at minions (and of course last hitting :3). Stacking Blue Card and Stacked Deck is a very good trick for doing insane damage while regenerating mana!
Team Fights
Try to don't be at the middle of the Team Fight Twisted Fate is also squishy and will get focused very fast. Lock in Gold Card and use Wild Cards to make your enemies lower at health. Get closer and do insane damage by stacking Gold Card and Lich Bane. Your CD on Wild Cards should have been ended use it again and repeat.
As for AP Twisted Fate :
Greater Quintessence of Ability Power - It gives 15 AP on Start, which is needed at all AP Carries.
Greater Mark of Magic Penetration - Magic Pen is a must have at AP Carries.
Greater Seal of Vitality - For bonus survive ability.
Greater Glyph of Ability Power - It's almost good to have more AP at the start :3 May be changed by Greater Glyph of Scaling Ability Power but I prefer Potency way more.
I prefer 21-0-9 Getting Bonus AP, % of AP and Some Magic Penetration.
Item Sequence
Core Items

- As for every AP Caster

- At start, you've got more AP than AD (probably) Building it into a Lich Bane. Gives additional 25 AP.

- Magic Penetration, Must have... huh...

- Best item, which gives tons of Ability Power, also rises AP gained from other items.

- Another Core item, converts your ap into bonus damage.

- Getting Focused? Use Zhonaya's and they'll switch the target.

- Bonus Spell Vamp is also viable choice.

- Health + massive slow

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Hybrid Twisted Fate

Hybrid Twisted Fate Focuses on both - Attack Speed and Ability Power. Does a magic damage by using attack speed with spellvamp and life steal (thanks to Hextech Gunblade. It's my favourite and the hardest way to play Twisted Fate So far. So be patient, it's not for that new Twisted Fate Players.
As Hybrid TF, I'm not trying to take middle lane so far, I'm not a sniper, as AP Twisted Fate. Hybrid TF is way better at a lane with a tanky dps/solo lane against solo laner.
As Hybrid Twisted Fate you've got to focus on last hits.
Team Fights
Guinsoo's Rageblade! Yes, you need to keep up your stacks on it. Try to focus as first the squishiest enemy at their team, then go for the biggest damage dealer, next target is AD/AP Carry or Support, depends on your previous picks. Remember that you're not DPS and you need to keep out of fight.
Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed - Bonus Movement Speed, also viable flat AP Runes
Greater Mark of Desolation - Armor Pen. Marks works great with Magic Penetration boots.
Greater Seal of Vitality - Survive Ability which is a must have for a long match which shows full power of Hybrid Twisted Fate.
Greater Glyph of Scaling Cooldown Reduction - Cooldown Reduction Per Level works with Basic CD from Your Stacked Deck
21-0-9 For Armor Penetration, Magic Penetration and a longer buff duration.
Item Sequence
Core Items
- Hybrid Twisted Fate Just needs to start with it, Boots are also viable.
- This time building into a Trinity Force. Stacking this with Stacked Deck and a Blue Card will give you insane harassment on lane.
- A must have, cause of Armor Penetration Runes.
- I love this item so much, Gives everything that Twisted Fate needs, AD/AP/AS keeping it stacked will win for you so many fights.
- As Above, Gives everything that Hybrid Twisted Fate needs, AS/AP/AD and a lucky slow.
- You'll love this heal and also a slow from "active".
- Cooldown Reduction and we're getting closer to 40% maximum.
- Good against tanky team.

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AS Twisted Fate

Attack Speed!
Attack Speed Twisted Fate focuses on damage dealt by on-hit-effects. His true power can be devastating at tanks and high health based enemies. With this build, you get insane attack speed ratio (2.5 with AS quints and masteries imo) and % damage of enemy health. You've got great armor penetration (thanks to active Sword of the Divine. He can take squishies within seconds by Stacked Deck Sword of the Divine stacked.
Attack Speed TF laning isn't as easy, as AD or AP one. You don't deal so high damage early game and you shouldn't be able to take someone down. We are starting with Attack speed item ( Dagger) which won't make our last hitting eaiser (like Doran's Blade) Saved gold also lets you to buy some pots which TF needs...
Team Fights
!!! REMEMBER TO ACTIVATE THE SWORD OF THE DEVINE !!! As AS Twisted Fate, you are pretty much based on your items in teamfights. When you don't have got Mardred's Bloodrazor yet, don't even think about hitting a tank. Focus on a carry. But which one? As AS Twisted Fate, you should focus at the carry that has the highest amount of Health. Why? Cause you make them more squishy, and you deal true damage every hit. It's not like ad carry that deals other amount of damage based on enemy armor/magic resists (as for ap carry). After getting Bloodrazor, you may hit anyone with the same devastating effect.
Greater Quintessence of Attack Speed - Basic Attack Speed Quints. You will reach with them about 2.5 Attack Speed ratio in late game.
Greater Mark of Desolation - Armor Penetration, You still deal more normal damage than magic one.
Greater Seal of Attack Speed - Flat Attack Speed Seals - Buff for the early game AS.
Greater Glyph of Scaling Cooldown Reduction - Cooldown Reduction is almost viable at any kind of champion. You need it for your ultimate to use it more often.
21-0-9 Getting Utility buff duration for Red/Baron
Item Sequence
Core Items
- Starting with it and building it into a Berserker's Greaves
- Boots for Attack Speed, which you're based on.
- Stacking it with your Stacked Deck is really sick.
- Huge attack speed buff and Ability power for your Pick A Card and Stacked Deck spells. And of course additional magic damage every hit rocks.
- Same as above.
- Your Bread and Butter at late game. You can take with it tanky enemies without higher problems...
- You're SQUISHY. This item will stop it, giving you Health and also great passive for ranged champions.

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AD Twisted Fate

As for me, easiest and very good way to play as Twisted Fate. You've got stunning ability, attack speed passive from spell which you max out and personal TP. He is not hard to play and you are mostly right clicking.
As for every AD Carry, at bottom with support focusing at last hits. You may use your Pick A Card Spell to last hit more minions (and harass at the same time). Hard to gank, because of his stunning ability. Best support for him? Taric - 2 stuns at lane, heal and high damage output with great passive that gives you armor.
Team Fights
That's how you take down targets at teamfight :
1. Enemy AD Carry
2. AP Carry
3. Jungler/Support
4. Tanks/Offtanks.
Greater Quintessence of Attack Speed - Attack Speed Quintessences are good for twisted fate, may be replaced by Physical Damage Ones.
Greater Mark of Desolation - You deal normal AD Damage... so Armor pen.
Greater Seal of Armor - Armor against Other AD Carries.
Greater Glyph of Magic Resist - Resist for more survive ability.
21-0-9 For Exhaust buff, Critical Damage'n'Chance and also finishing off enemies with higher damage. Basic AD Carry Mastery Build.
Item Sequence
Core Items
I'm not usually explaining Core Items, but some people asked me about "Why is there a Banshee's ?" Twisted Fate doesn't really have escaping system. If you would use a cleanse, you don't have got any dash to get out of range/escape an enemy. If you'll get stunned, You're dead. That's why you need to have a banshee's. Even Quicksilver/Cleanse isn't as good as Banshee's. If you'll get Stunned, you're already using cleanse/qsash in about 0.5-1 second. It's enought to get near you and kill you/do another stun, that's why you've got to be spell immune.
- Doubling it gives you enought survive ability to be sustained before you'll get your banshee's.
- Attack Speed Boots Normal think as for ad carry.
- Your main source of damage. Critical Chance - Damage - Critical Damage
- You've gotten yours Infinity Edge, now you need some crit chance to make it more useful.
- You may get the Vamp. Scepter before to have some kind of health regeneration. It's also highest amout of Attack Damage in the game, always keep it stacked.
- Health Mana and Resists With Awesome Passive.
- At Late game people usually have some armor, so it's your armor penetration.