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Diana Build Guide by maumatsuu

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author maumatsuu

Ap Mid and Jungle Diana Build. WIN NAO NIGGUHS

maumatsuu Last updated on August 13, 2012
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Jungle/ Offensive Build


Ap Mid/SlightlyDefensiveBuild

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hey guys! This is my first guide. Yeah yeah, you hear that a lot, but we gotta start somewhere right? Anyway, I'm one of those noobs that waited all night JUST for the Diana patch to come and had enough ip saved up to buy her IMMEDIATELY to play her and I fell in love with her <3 Back to the point I never even made to begin with, Diana is a burst mage that excels at either solo top, mid or jungle. In this guide, I will be showing you some of my insight on how to play her as a jungler.

Edit Aug 13: I'm going to be adding an AS Version, AD Version, and a more Tanky Jungle build so stay tuned!

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Build 1 Runes

Although the runes are pretty standard for the most part, ill expand on my choices.

I grab the Mark of Magic Penetration for early magic pen which is needed for that extra damage that can make all the difference during the early ganks.

I grab the Greater Seal of Armor for the early def needed to jungle.

You might ask why I get the flat ap Greater Glyph of Ability Power as opposed to the perlevel ap or per level magic resist. I get these because you build Rod of Ages pretty early, and it might make your ap scaling pretty low for the current game state without the flat ap. Also, your early jungling will be slightly better due to the fact that your shield also scales on ap. More hp after your jungle route = less chance of dying during ganks C:

Lastly, I grab the Greater Quintessence of Ability Power for the same reasons I grab the flat glyphs above.

On a side note, Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist is also a viable option if you decide to build your high Ap items like Rabadon's Deathcap before the health items. This will help you survive the mid game fights while dealing significant amounts of damage.

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Build 1 Masteries

For masteries I build 21/9/0 with the basic mage offense build while taking some early def and hp on the defensive tree. I will expand on this more if asked but to be honest, I really don't think I need to.

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Build 1 Items

Alright. The most controversial topics about , her items.

Most of you might have been wondering why my build does not include any attack speed items as opposed to many of the current guides that do include them. Honestly, although they are in fact viable, I don't think it suits Diana all that well. On another note, most of those guides include little to no defense or health items, which means the damage they THINK they will do in the fight will probably REALLY be 0 due to the fact that they'll die as soon as they get there. Diana is squishy enough, and thinking that she can stay in team fights long enough to get three strikes in to trigger her passive, Moonsilver Blade ENOUGH times to do SIGNIFICANT damage is just beyond stupid in my opinion. It's MUCH more reasonable to play her as a burst assassin based champ, that plans to go into the fights and deal massive damage to high priority targets and SURVIVE due to your health, mres, and def.

To start off I grab Boots of Speed and 3 Health Potions as the standard Cloth Armor 5 isn't needed due to the fact of her Pale Cascade's shield. On my first return, I'll usually take a Doran's Ring and/or a Sapphire Crystal, but you can grab double Doran's Ring if you feel you need the extra health and ap early on.

You generally rush the Rod of Ages to combat the fact that to do damage, she needs to be close to her enemies, but if you feel like you're dominating the game, you can grab a Rylai's Crystal Scepter instead, but make sure to build into at least ONE of the early on. It's crucial that you get early game health items to stay alive when you gank and prevent any mishaps. So many things can go wrong with the gank if you rush in and don't have enough health to survive an exchange or if your allies don't follow up. So play safe and get the health!

Now i'll specifically talk about the items and other items that can be subbed in based on the game state.

- Generally speaking, most burst assassins get this, but if you feel like your're having trouble with cc, or their ap carry is trouble for you, feel free to get a pair of Mercury's Treads instead.

- This item, paired up with Rylai's Crystal Scepter is what enables you to rush into their team, and do your job,(Assassinating high priority targets like their AD Carry or the enemy team mage) and stay alive if their team retaliates. Although this item is great, since you're the jungler and not the Ap mid caster, it might be a better idea to grab a Will of the Ancients instead, to help your AP mid caster. It might save their early money and allow them to invest into high Ap items like Rabadon's Deathcap instead. Also, the Spell vamp is a nice added bonus which helps also helps you stay alive during teamfights or in smaller fights.

Edit: After play testing the build, the early Rod of Ages and giant belt is a bit overkill and just isn't all that needed. Instead, while laning, pick up a Kage's Lucky Pick and upgrade to Deathfire Grasp during late-mid to late game.

- This item is a must to help her do her job, which is to assassinate. Pretty standard for the burst mage concept so it's pretty self explanatory.

- This item is one of my favs for Diana. Not only does it give the health she needs to survive, but it also gives her a really good amount of ap too. On top of that, the slow debuff greatly increases your ganking potential and minimize the chances of your enemies getting away, EVEN if they burn flash. This, alongside your gap closing Lunar Rush, will make it nearly IMPOSSIBLE for your enemies to get away!

- Alright, this is about as CLOSE as it gets to any of the other attack speed builds. Although in this build Diana doesn't CONSTANTLY attack, as soon as you use your Lunar Rush into your target, you SHOULD always land an auto attack almost immediately. This item basically adds onto your burst with that ONE auto attack proc. The movement speed and magic resist bonuses are also very nice!

- Standard for most ap casters. This is completely interchangable with Abyssal Mask so only get this if the enemy team stacks MASSIVE Magic Resistance. Also, generally speaking, it would be a better idea to get Abyssal Mask to aid your Ap mid Caster AND for the extra Magic resist that will help you stay alive.

Please note I will be adding other iteams very soon such as Zhonya's Hourglass and Deathfire Grasp so bear with the current build as I will add more items as I add my other builds!

Please note that when jungling, it might also be a good idea to grab gold per second items like Philosopher's Stone and Heart of Gold that grant decent stats and give you the extra gold income. You can sell these later when you've gotten more than your money's worth out of them c:

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Build 2 Runes

For this second build, it will be essentially the same as the first, but instead of getting Greater Glyph of Ability Power Glyphs you'll take the Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist. These glyphs are awesome when going mid. They help you make positive exchanges frequently which will ultimately result in a kill or forcing them to recall and letting you farm or roam.

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Build 2 Masteries

For masteries, instead of the extra point on Mental Force you'll put it on Summoner's Wrath since you'll be running Ignite. The rest of the offensive tree will look the same, *** your job is still to be an assassin. On the defense tree you'll wanna grab 3 points in Resistance and 1 point in Hardiness since you'll more often than not, be facing an ap caster at mid. The rest of the defensive tree should look the same.

This route is a lot more defensive, which is what Diana needs. Imagine how vulnerable you'll be if you Lunar Rush into a Ryze or a Brand without your extra Mres masteries or runes. This is exactly why we go this route instead of taking the mana regen seals or masteries.

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Build 2 Items

- While facing off against another AP caster at mid, you'll wanna take these boots to come out on top on every exchange. Also, since Diana lacks hardcore cc, you'll need these to help combat heavy cc champs at mid, such as Anivia or the chain stunning Kennen

- All in all, this is a great item, and it should almost always be built into any type of AP focused build on Diana The built in slow, health, and Ap are all great stats on Diana

- Now, after this item's revamp, it's become one of my favourite items in the game. You can build it on most AP champs now, and the stats are AMAZING! Not to mention it's active.. which is just INSANE. Who wouldn't wanna deal up to 40%+ of your enemy champ's max health in less than a second? The CDR is amazing, and helps you harass with your Crescent Strike non stop. You're probably already getting wet just thinking about how awesome this item is, but there is one more thing that makes this just a little bit better. To build into it you get Kage's Lucky Pick which is a gold per second item! That means you will get extra income just for deciding to build this!

- I cannot tell you how close of a relationship I have with this item. My main is and always will be Kennen and the combos you can pull off with his ult and this are AMAZING. Alright, back to the point, this item not only gives you a whooping 100ap but it also gives you a decent amount of defence to combat those pesky Bruisers like Riven or AD Carries like Miss Fortune. On top of that. the active can save your life from a Karthus's Requiem or help you survive ballsy engages to assassinate their carries! With this item you can rush into the battle field first, assassinate their carry, and pop Zhonya's Hourglass's active and wait for your team to follow up and clean up the rest. It's an amazing item for an amazing champ. c:

- Get this. Just do it. DO IT. DO EEEET

- This, alongside your Mercury's Treads and Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist runes will give you a good amount of MRes to combat the other Ap Casters. It also rounds off your build with a bit of extra AP and a negative aura of -20mres for the enemy team! So, you get to increase your defences while decrease the defences of the enemy team? How is this item NOT good? Although this item is seemingly perfect, it wont help much against STACKED MRes enemies, so if you notice the enemy team building loads of Mres, try building a Void Staff instead.

Edit: Although these builds say they pertain to a certain role, you can totally change it up. In all honestly though, I would stick with the more defensive build when at mid to be better prepared for the other mage.

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Skill Sequence

Early on you'll want to take the point in Pale Cascade to stay alive in the jungle. You'll usually take two points by level 3 to help you clear the jungle with minimum damage. After this second point, you'll add one into your Moonfall and then you'll prioritize your Crescent Strike as that is where most of your damage will come from early on. The rest is pretty self explanatory but if you have any questons about my Sequence feel free to comment and ask. If I see an overwhelming amount of questions ill expand further on my skill sequence.

The general combo will Be Q R R W E which will deal the most amount of damage in the least amount of time. Also this sequence will allow a bit of time to pass before you can reused your Crescent Strike. If you feel like you can wait for your Crescent Strike cooldown. DON'T use your Lunar Rush the second time and wait till you can Crescent Strike a SECOND time before you can Lunar Rush again.. and again. c: LOL

This might be a bit confusing at first, but as you get more used to Diana and the mechanics of her Lunar Rush you'll completely understand this, it just takes a little experience.

This latter sequence goes as follows:

Q R W E ..wait for Q coodown Q R R E

For those of you that want to preserve your second Lunar Rush for their escape like Flash or Arcane Shift used this skill sequence instead.

Q R E .... wait for it.. R W

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Unique Skill Uses

This is the part where I try to give you guys more insight on the skills and how they can be used in unique ways. I'm sure for the more advanced players, this is probably old news since you've already figured it out, but for newer players or players just trying to figure out Diana this is pretty important.

First, is her Crescent Strike. Although this is pretty simple, when travelling through the jungle alone, or attempting to ward, use your Crescent Strike to scout unwarded brushes so you don't get ambushed. Crescent Strike gives you vision of anyone hit, so if someone is there, you'll know immediately and it might be a better idea to ward later.

Her Pale Cascade is really good for blocking pokes in lane, especially pokes that come from auto target skills like LeBlanc's Sigil of Silence. Although most of them will burn through your shield, try to pop the three orbs that come from Pale Cascade to REFRESH the shield and block any follow up moves like LeBlanc's Mimic or Kennen's Electrical Surge after he has placed a Mark of the Storm on you. This is really important to ensure that you don't get pushed out of lane, although this might cause you to deplete your mana very fast, make sure to ask your jungler for Blue buff if they don't need it .

Diana's Moonfall although seemingly mediocore, is actually pretty important to your contribution to a teamfight. Make sure to position yourself so that if you CAN'T assassinate their carries, you can at least take THEM out of position with your Moonfall. This skill can also save your allies by pulling back enemy chasers or interrupting their aim for their skill shots.

Diana's ultimate, Lunar Rush is just so damn good that there is just so much you can do with it. Imagine yourself in a situation like this, your team and the enemy team just had a FORCED teamfight without you, and you get there a bit too late, your team falls, but the enemy teamates are ALL pretty low, three of them to be exact, the only three left alive from that fight. In a seemingly negative 2/4 exchange for your team, you can change that by first landing your Crescent Strike, hitting at LEAST two of them, and if they haven't already died, begin to Lunar Rush them, one by one. That's right, if you afflict ALL of them with your Crescent Strike's moonlight, then you can refresh your ulti up to that number of times. So you're going to ult three times, jumping from one enemy champ to another, and assassinating all three of them as you go, turning the tides of the game, and changing the exchange into a positive 5/4 exchange. Just remember the moonlight from Crescent Strike only lasts 3 seconds, so you're going to have to be QUICK to accomplish this. The second this to note is when chasing, there are usually enemy champs interrupting the chase somehow, by either slowing you, or staying nearby to intimidate you enough to turn back and give up. Use this to your advantage! SAY WHAT MATSU? If you need to catch up to an enemy champion during a chase, Crescent Strike the nearest minion or ENEMY champion and follow up with your Lunar Rush. This will refresh your ult, put you CLOSER to your target(hopefully close enough for your Lunar Rush range) and allow you to Lunar Rush up to your target, finishing him off, and causing him to Rage and yell at his team mate for trying to help.

Lastly, is your passive, Moonsilver Blade. Before attempting to go for a kill in lane, or entering a team fight, try to hit a minion twice to trigger your passive, as the THIRD hit will be the Moonsilver Blade proc. This will boost your BURST and hopefully help you assassinate them before they attempt to retaliate.

These are just some helpful or unique ways of using your skills, if you have any more, feel free to leave comments, and ill be sure to add some of the ways you use these skills onto the guide c:.

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Summoner Spells

Although your Lunar Rush is an excellent gap closer you really have no escape after you DO close the gap. Imagine yourself in a situation where you JUST assassinated their ad carry early game during a gank, but went TOO far into their turret range and wont be able to take those last two turret shots. The solution? Flash c: The only other choice is Ghost, but it isn't as nearly as good as Flash, for Diana anyway.

For your second spell you should ALWAYS take Smite if you're jungling. This is just an absolute must for Diana with this build and no other questions about it. Although I plan to make other builds for Diana in the NEAR future, this is a jungling guide only for the momment so yeah, stick to Smite.

If you plan on laning with Diana take ignite as it helps secure those early kills which can be crucial to building a foundation for end game. Also, it locks down regen champs like Dr. Mundo.

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Ranked Play

Please realize that the idea of rushing in with your Lunar Rush into 5 enemie is usally VERY stupid. In ranked play you must keep in mind that you NEED some other type of initiation before you can do your job. In ranked play, skilled players will WAIT for you to Lunar Rush into them and cc you as soon as it's too late to escape. Keep this in mind and be CAREFUL with your ult. Don't just rush into anything that moves. Not much else to say. This is a Diana guide, not a how to teach you how to play ranked guide.

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Pros / Cons


- Great Early game and late game damage

- Awesome shield that does damage and refreshes

- Strong ganks due to amazing gap closing Lunar Rush and her pull back Moonfall

- Unique skill shot Crescent Strike that enables you to catch players off guard.

- Double gap closing ult Lunar Rush... op hacks bruh

Lunar Rush Lunar Rush Lunar Rush Lunar Rush Lunar Rush All Dayy


- Her Crescent Strike MAY be hard to master at first

- Must be near enemy team to do significant damage due to her Lunar Rush

- Lacks AMAZING CC besides her Moonfall

- Can get mana hungry without blue and lack of mana items.

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Creeping / Jungling

My jungle route begins at Wolves and you must always take Pale Cascade to start off. Ask your solo top and mid to help you guard your blue buff and help you dps the wolves to take minimum damage. Note: Make sure to take aggro of the wolves to keep them at their camp, you do NOT want to be wasting any time chasing leeshed wolves. After this, head straight to Blue Golems and get your Crest of the Ancient Golem buff. Ask for a leesh and activate your Pale Cascade as soon as the the monsters aggro you to make full use of it. After this point you'll wanna head to Wraiths , and then back to the Wolves . At this point, you should be level 3 and have a decent amount of health and mana. If all of your lanes are pushed then recall at this point, if you see some ganking opportunities, gank at this point. Always prioritize ganking top OVER bot. Many people make the mistake of wasting their time at bot when the enemy support have usually already planted a Sight Ward near the river brush at this point in time. This means you'll be wasting CRUCIAL amount of early game time walking all the way bot for nothing while you could've been at top to gank an UNWARDED lane.

After this point you can either go back into jungle and grab your red buff, or continue ganking for your teamates. Be sure to gank often though, even if it isn't to kill. This helps get rid of summoner spells like Flash and Heal early on beforehand and be better prepared when you actually go in for the kill. Make sure to advise your team mate/team mates that you're only going in for some damage or to get rid of Summoner Spells as they might commit to a fight you guys obviously can't win or chase them into turret range.

Diana's only real means of cc comes from her Moonfall, which has decent range but usually isn't enough to do the job. This means you'll have to wait untill you get to level 6 to get any REAL ganks to happen, so advise your team this beforehand but reassure them that when you DO reach level 6, you'll bring the enemy team hell with your double dash Lunar Rush c;.

When ganking at level 6+ you'll usually want to lead with your Crescent Strike to be able to rush in with Lunar Rush and reset the cooldown right away, but sometimes it might be a better idea to Lunar Rush into your target FIRST and then use your Moonfall before they even have a chance to get to their tower. Also, you might miss your Crescent Strike since it might be hard to land for newer players, so you'll give away your position too early and fail the gank completely and waste your time.

If there is anything else SPECIFIC you want to know about jungling in general or about Diana as a jungler you can comment and ill add in some extra tips to help out!

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Final Words From Mauu

If you're reading this, then that means that you either scrolled all the way down like a penor face or actually read through my guide <3. If it's the latter, then I LOVE YOU and please make sure to upvote if you enjoyed the guide. If not, then go up there and read my guide now before I kill a bunch of under aged Pikachus :c.