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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Singed Build Guide by Asfastasican

AP/MR Singed - Classic & Dominion [Updated 9/21/11]

AP/MR Singed - Classic & Dominion [Updated 9/21/11]

Updated on November 19, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Asfastasican Build Guide By Asfastasican 117 29 254,436 Views 79 Comments
117 29 254,436 Views 79 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Asfastasican Singed Build Guide By Asfastasican Updated on November 19, 2011
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*NEW* Updated Masteries

I've updated the masteries in my Singed guide, even though I've been taking a break from League. I've redone the masteries in the spirit of my old build and how it plays. I feel like there fewer ways to build the masteries of AP/MR singed now personally. This new build will give you generous amounts of movement speed while being more defensive with a tad less hp and mana regen. You can still creep block and it seems creeps will do less damage to you than before. Combined with taking less damage from creeps, you will also weaken towers during split pushes and team pushes with Siege Commander.

There's one thing worth mentioning about the new build though. You may put the 6 points into Resistance, Hardiness or Tough Skin in whatever amounts you wish. I just prefer taking the least damage from creeps during the early game while also taking less damage from physical carries. The item build eventually gives you plenty of MR during the course of the game and your regrowth gives you adequate hp regen.
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AP/MR Singed Introduction (Scroll Down for complete item builds)


AP/MR Singed (Primarily a 5v5 and Domination guide, but the build kicks butt on 3v3 too!)

Hey guys. My name is asfastasican and I wanted to post my AP/MR Singed guide here on this site. I wanted to post this guide here mostly because I wanted to give something back to you guys. I've read some great guides on how to play other champions here so I wanted to return the favor. I wanted to throw my two cents in a year ago and I didn't bother reposting it after the troll downvoting phase this site went through. I'm posting my build because it's my pride and joy! You should definitely try this build out once or twice to feel the difference between using this one and other builds.

Playing an excellent Singed is all about how you move him around and not necessarily about how you micro your abilities. The fact of the matter is that most players can't learn that by reading a guide. You need experience Singed to learn how to move him around and that's why you should try the build out instead of theorycraft it.

I made this build way back in beta and I've tweaked it over the past year since there have been some new items added to the game. If you want the other versions of my guide, click the following links:

If you want more basic details of playing Singed as a new league player, please read the original guide on the official forums above.

You will easily have over 3k hp (sometimes over 4k) in any given game and you can get 5k+ hp if you really want heavy hp's with warmogs thrown into the mix. Keep in mind that this build gives you great EHP, which is better than having a bunch of HP with no durability to back you up! You can achieve the same tanking results without stacking obvious tank items and by having high movement speed.
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Why is this build great?

AP/MR Singed focuses on three key stats that makes a great Singed amazing in most any team composition. You have ability power to do damage, magic resist for surprisingly good durability and movement speed to improve both damage and durability. You will be surprised at how well these core items synergize with each other and begin to swear off other tank, pure ap or forced hybrid Singed builds out there. Don't say I didn't warn you! You will have the best of three worlds if you play this build: decent damage, great durability and ample versatility (movement speed does wonders with Singed!)
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*NEW* DOMINION! (Below chapters explain the classic build!)

Ok guys, so I played a single game of dominion during the limited beta today. You can nerd rage at me for trying to make another guide section after only one game if you want, but this is my play style and I've played this guy a lot! For now, I think I have an idea of how I will play Singed on Dominion. I'll try to hit the major points to teach new players seeing that I'm cramming all of this into one section.

Singed's Main Role: PUSHER

Singed pushes lanes with minions and caps points, plain and simple. He can also defend and bait well, along with being a good off tank in the late game (15-20+ minute marks.) Building to go full-tank in such a short game mode would mean you would sacrifice a lot of other non-tanking potential Singed has.

With this build in Classic, Singed capitalizes on his farming strengths and also being able to run around fast to attack and bait, push lanes, join team fights, etc etc. In Dominion, you can basically play in the same fashion by pushing lanes with your minions.


For the sake of explaining your routes as a pusher on this map, assume that you are on the blue team (left side team.) All routes are basically flip-flopped if you are on the red team. Example: Quarry -> Boneyard for blue... Boneyard -> Quarry for red!

Play the same as you would considering your own playstyle or by using mine, as described in the rest of this guide but...

Your typical pushing route would be...

Spawn -> The Quarry -> The Boneyard... and continue counter-clockwise!

Why? Well, bot lane is a full lane with a lot of open field to run around, push and mess with the enemy. The Quarry is easily defendable with Singed's mobile playstyle as well (if you are Blue.) Also, The Windmill up north is easily traveled in order to defend or ninja cap with your mobility and use at any time.

Your alternative route would be the opposite...

Spawn -> The Refinery -> The Windmill -> The Drill... and continue clockwise!

I don't prefer this route due to it having "closer" gaps and lanes, but it's the only other linear route from your spawn point. After dying, Singed can easily reinforce and defend the closest points after deaths. Don't be afraid of dying!

Also, a lot of players don't understand the concept or the potential of a split push, so please ignore idiots that act like you didn't do anything by sticking to your game plan. Ignore morons that think you played poorly because your Dominion score at the victory screen was low. The score doesnt add points for herding the enemies around and making them waste their time. By delaying the enemy from capturing your point and by constantly agitating their points on their side of the map, you will draw the enemy to you and precede to bait them around while you team accomplishes their own objectives.

Buffs and Quest Objectives

Pick up Health kits whenever possible. You're mobile so take advantage of those babies!

You will most likely get Quest Objective Buffs as you push points, having at least a point in Utility Mastery will let you have these buffs for a little longer.

The Major buffs located in the center of the map should be reserved for carries or other tanks. Pick it up if you want, but in my opinion, the shield buff should be saved for tanky melee types that dive into fights, like ! Enemies that get the shield buff can be easily tackled and tossed right behind you as you continue to kite or engage key targets.

As for Quests, you can usually stick to your routes and only work on objectives on or near your route. You should let the other players on your team to invest their attention on them. It's your preference though. If you want to drop what your doing and focus on Quests, go for it. You can also just adjust your route to head towards them at a reasonable pace.

Item Build Explanation

Your AP/MR build remains relatively the same...

But why is that, Asfastasican!? Are you just lazy and boring!?

No, don't be silly. Hear me out.

The main difference in the build is buying one Dominion-specific item in the early game... and that's .

Priscilla's is sexy. It's pretty obvious why it's sexy, but the major perks are the early game health regen, the capture bonus that compliments your pushing strategy and most importantly the clickable movement speed buff! You can gun down even fast champs like or kite anyone whenever necessary.


Sadly, we cannot afford at the very start. Due to this problem, we purchase two , your and at the start. When you return to base, mostly likely after dying, you can complete and then follow the above item order.

But why do we still get in a short game mode? Well is just a great item with core stats for Singed in the early game. Also, you WILL get the full Rod Bonus by the end of the game, because you get Rod early with the increased gold flow and most games last 20 minutes. You will also level VERY often so that regen buff is very nice during all of that the fast paced action.

are pretty standard. Pick whatever boots you want but Singed is a pain in the butt with the additional CC reduction. In my opinion, other Tenacity items aren't worth getting on Singed in such a short game mode like Dominion.

is still great, because of the mobility it gives you. Nuff said.

has always been a hot topic with Singed players and I hated it on him back in '09 and early '10. I have now used it as my core in classic for a while now and probably will also in Dominion. Why? Well first off, the raw health is a no brainer, period. Second off, the main reason to get it is because Singed has a lot of freedom to run in many different directions in Dominion. Having the ability to tackle, fling and continue running to following targets is very useful. Plus, enemy carries have all kinds of new toys that can burst you down better in Dominion, so slowing them means you will be a major pain in their butt if they decide to catch up to you and kill you. If they decide to target your teammates, they will be slowed by your . Either way, their effectiveness will be tampered with.

Getting a after this core will ALWAYS be a great choice considering you have taking up a slot. That combined with your armor per level yellows will make you durable often to deal with any enemy team comp by the end game. Also, it's worth mentioning that the game might end very soon after you get your core with . By buying a you can still easily upgrade into a Warden's Mail or a before the end of the round. Depending on your up-time and how many times you died, you can sometimes build those into a or respectively.

Skills Explanation

I'll be using the same skill build.

Now, if you want Goo early on, you can always get a point in each skill right off the bat and level it whichever way you like.

Why won't I be getting it early game? Mostly because I honestly don't like early levels of and see them as expendable. doesn't last very long or slow for very much at low levels. Also, in Dominion, the action is fast paced, so getting more damage out of your toss is even more important than in classic. You will also be leveling into the teen levels MUCH faster. This means you will level quickly in the late game and that's when matters most!

Most importantly, use your often. If you have even the slightest inclination to use it, just use it!

Runes Explanation

I'm going to keep the same runes for now just to test them out.

I can SAFELY say that movement speed quints are amazing in Dominion and I'll be keeping them. Since you level so fast, the armor per level yellows remain as useful as they are in 5v5.

Considering the fact that your enemies have more damage and standing power early game, the flat mana runes will give you that extra little bit of hit points to take an extra hit from them early on. Also, flat mana blues along with your mana crystal sure you won't go oom (considering Dominion's buff aura) before you die the first time as well. The mana blues are still debatable and the red magic penetration are even more debatable. You can use whatever reds you like and even consider cheap alternatives like flat armor reds.

Masteries Explanation

As for the Masteries, you can't get teleport so you can put that extra point elsewhere, like I did by putting it into . One point in Utility Mastery means that health relics will give you a little more health and you will get more out of your quest objective buffs.

With more Dominion experience, I might change the build in order to include an improved promote mastery if it's possible. It's not likely though.


is amazing on a lot of champions, especially on Singed. I highly recommend it on Dominion as well as Classic.

Now, since teleport doesn't exist on Dominion, I honestly believe that fits your role as a pusher better than any other spell.

Whether Riot buffs Promote or nerfs it, it doesn't really matter. Outside of just picking (decent choice) (seeing that spell on Singed makes me puke) (always a good choice) or (yeah I went there, deal with it) is just plain great on Dominion and its cooldown is just perfect.

Whenever you kill the enemy minions and finish pushing to a point, you can pop this bad boy and your big minion will mutate and do its job. You can pop it eariler to have the lane push itself while you fight enemies, but it's very helpful when directly tackling points. It will beat up other minions, tackle that turret, help you capture that point and also give an extra something for your enemies to worry about while fighting you.


Dominion is fun. Playing Singed with this build on Dominion is fun. In this game mode, the power of split pushing and baiting is even stronger than it is in classic. Also, dying more often than you should isn't a big deal and you might even be encouraged to act more reckless. Playing more recklessly is rewarded if you are able hold onto that special point for a little longer or spiking/capturing enemies points to mess with their nexus score.
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Classic Item Build

Your core items are Rod of Ages, Mercury Treads, Force of Nature and Rylai's.






Once you get these you can get a variety of luxury items in your 5th and 6th slots.

Abyssal Scepter can be used to improve your overall effectiveness.

Randuin's Omen is good for fighting fed AD carries, mid and late game.

Frozen Heart Good for tanking turrets and AD champs and provides a great team aura.

Lich Bane is picked up if you want even more movement speed. It will give you extra key stats and allow you to hit buildings harder, but you should only pick it up nowadays if you need more movement speed.

Exilir Stacking can be help you after filling up your inventory.

Other items can be used in these last two slots and it comes down to a player's preference. If you want to throw in a Banshee's Veil, Thornmail, GA or something else, go for it.
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Ghost is chosen because it will give you a boost of speed along with using to escape, run through while gassing enemies and also to catch up to enemies. It increases both your offensive power and defensive power at any given time.

Teleport is taken to help your farm big time and your team as well. You can use it to buy and return to a lane without losing experience, switch lanes, defend or even gank.
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Movement speed quints are very powerful.

Greater Seal of Defense

Yellow armor per level runes [/b]are taken to strengthen the one weakness this build may have.

Blue flat mana runes are to make the early game easier and also to let your passive give you a few more hit points.

Red runes aren't as important, but I personally use red magic penetration to make the most out of the AP you'll get during the game.
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Farming Potential

Singed is an amazing farmer when played correctly. You can and will outfarm and outlevel both your enemies and teammates. My optimal mastery build, spell selections, and runes are designed to help Singed make the most out of his farming potential.
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Singed can be a very valuable tool in pushing lanes and establishing lane control. Because of this, you should jungle very little. You can tap your around creeps so you can poison them without using any mana as you auto attack them down. Golem is great on occasion because you can recover lost mana or leave your on indefinitely. Lizard can be useful in some situations when you are killing fleeing champions while gassing them down at the same time. You can assist in killing dragon, but since you do very little to hurt Baron, you can instead stand in the bush right outside Baron and watch for the enemy team if they decide to gank you during a Baron kill. Singed makes for an excellent Baron guard!
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Classic Singed's Roles

Besides being an excellent farmer, Singed can be a decent initiator and one of the best baiters in the game. Baiting involves distracting enemy champions over to your lane and fooling them into trying to attack or gank you. By moving Singed around with great skill, you can make the enemy think they can chase you down, while you wither their hp's away, soak damage for your team and allow them to set up a surprise counter gank.

Soloing a side lane is always a great idea if you play conservatively and just focus on last hitting. Choosing a side lane is also a better choice for Singed, because of his ability to tower dive and cut off towers by fighting behind them. To use a few DotA/HoN examples...

Singed can creep block behind towers like Axe/Lego...
and power push as fast as Tinker.
He can also kite enemies around very well like Bristleback/Armadon.
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Top Solo? Yes please!

Singed usually takes a side lane, makes an excellent top solo, rarely jungles for buffs and can also go mid if his team composition is poor. keep in mind there are many reasons for you to take top solo...

1. Being Top solo allows you to farm effectively and not take any gold from a carry or teammate.

2. Off tanks (like yourself) and even tanks make good counters towards solo champions that are trying to level and get their farm on.

3. You are able to tower dive past their tower and creep block a lane from behind, forcing your enemy to fight the minions on his own or hug his tower and lose a lot of last hit potential. Most enemies that fight will take minion damage. Enemies that tower hug will either take minion damage or let their tower take damage. Meanwhile, you can come in from behind and help auto attack their tower down while moving out to kite incoming minions backwards, giving you 100% of the gold and experience from that lane. If you creep block in a lane where you have a partner, you may kill the tower faster but your partner will lose all of the experience because you will be hogging it all.

4. Singed can run away fast and is durable, making him harder to gank in the solo lane. By placing wards in bushes, Singed can easily get out of most bad situations by knowing where and when the enemy is coming.

5. Being in a side lane on your own means you don't have to worry about protecting your partner and you can just worry about yourself. This means that you can become a major distraction. If their entire team comes for you, your team will either counter gank, push a lane, or even take dragon/baron/buffs while you distract the enemies. Singed's split push can be very effective or at least, extremely annoying.
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Singed's Best Allies

Top Solo is probably the best lane assignment for Singed, but if need to relinquish top to a more deserving AP or solo champ, you can still lane in bot.

If you decide to lane with someone in bot lane, you may want to consider your partner, especially if it isn't a support champion. Choosing good lane partners isn't very crucial in a normal game, but it can still make a difference that's worth considering.

Janna is probably Singed's best friend in my eyes. They should seriously consider getting married and start having fast little bald headed Singed babies. Her aura makes you pretty awesome from lv 1 and throughout the whole game, no matter where she is on the map. Her bubble makes you and your teammates harder to deal and increases attack damage. Along with her slow, annoying tornado and clutch healing spell, you will quickly fall in love with Janna.

These other champions will make good lane partners because they can give you movement speed to initiate or escape when they are nearby. They all have their different strengths and skill sets that can assist you while laning, but the movement speed they can provide is the best perk.

The Ryze+Singed combo is pretty awesome and quite a pub-destroyer. Ryze is great for killing guys by using your and his as a lethal combo. He will push the enemy back and allow you both to be the kings of the bush.

Ashe is a good lane partner for the same reasons she's a strong counter to you (see below.) She can push your enemies away, slow or stun enemies for you to run in and initiate. She can also dish out the damage on champions and raze towers when you creep block the lane or push against them.

If for some crazy reason you have GP with you in bot lane, you can both be quite a lethal combo. After tossing an enemy into the air while GP shoots him like skeet, GP will slice him down while you gas him. The burst dps will surprise you and his passive slow will net an easy kill depending on the target.

Sometimes outlasting your opponent while giving them tons of poison to deal with is a good deal. You will wither your enemies down while taking very little damage in return with Teemo around. He will have your back in more ways than one.

Yi, Tristana, Nidalee and Caitlyn all make great side lane partners if you want to play very aggressively. They all can destroy towers on their own if you decide to tower dive or creep block towers. They are also good for attempting hit and run attacks on the enemy, especially if they are tower hugging.
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Singed's Rivals

AP/MR Singed can be considered a very bread and butter build that can fit in and go against most any team composition. That being said, new players trying this build should at least treat the following enemies with kid gloves until they become more experienced. These rival champions might give you some trouble, mostly during the laning phase. If these particular champions are played poorly, it won't matter much, but if they are played by skilled player, it can make or break your early game.When dealing with these champions, either juke them, focus solely on last hitting, consider getting early or just switch lanes. They can still be overcome with experience and skill and every other enemy champion is either very manageable or easy to deal with.

Sion is Singed's arch nemesis during the early game. AP sion may be hard to deal with but AD/AS Sion's are even worse. You see, any champ that either deals great range damage or crits hard will counter this build well enough and give you a good fight. His passive helps him shrug off your and damage while he stuns you and beats you down with his auto attack. play cautiously early on against him and you will crush him once you get some items and levels under your belt.

Ashe is the 2nd place pain in the butt being able to kite you and deal decent damage, plain and simple. She's easy to kill if you charge her, but just like heavy critters like Sion, be cautious when laning against her, especially if she opts to get early damage items.

A well played Tryndamere can take advantage of his crit-tastic dps potential and chop you down. Unlike other melee champions like Yi or Xin Zhao, who you can easily toss away from you, Tryndamere can chop you down, while slowing you and keeping up using his spinning slash. Even if you still manage to kite him around, he can always use his ultimate to shrug off your gas, finish you off, then heal himself right after.

A smart aggresive Gangplank can also slice you up like Tryndamere does, simply because he is a crit-based dps. The new Gangplank will stack his slow on you and kill you, possibly before your gas kills him since he can heal himself with his delicious fruit and possible life steal.

A decent Tristana may be able to deal moderate damage to you as early as the mid game. Consider picking up a Warden's Mail or even a Glacial Shroud during the mid game before you finish your core items and then complete Randuin's at some point.

Swain is annoying to deal with in a top solo match up. He can snare you, root you and just pour on the damage during the early levels. Consider getting some early MR gear and don't try anything crazy like creep blocking behind the enemy tower. A jungler and swain are enough to end you.

Depending on his lane partner, Kennen may also be able to harass you more than you will like. Pick the right time to charge in and strike, but remember he can also speed away.
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Elixir Use

If you don't have enough gold to buy your next item but have at least 250 gold, you can purchase and pop brilliance elixirs liberally.
You can buy and use Brilliance at any point of the game and they are always worth the gold investment since Singed is a great farmer! Make an effort to drink brilliance before a fight or right before you pop . You can speed up the cooldown of considerably and have it back up again sooner by doing this.

After you get all of your items, drink Brilliance, Fortitude, and Oracle's whenever you have the money. You can get Agility too for the hell of it, which will help you kill towers, especially if you picked up a Lichbane.
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Ward Use

If you don't have enough gold to buy an item or brillance, but you have 75-225 gold, buy 1-3 wards if you have the space. Place the wards in the bushes alongside the lanes you push to see incoming ganks and prepare yourself to escape, fight, or bait them into their death!
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Asfastasican, why not get Goo early on, you silly noob!?

You shouldn't pick until you are a higher level, but if you REALLY want to get badly early on, you can put a point as early as lv. 3. The reason for this is because level 1 doesn't last very long and doesn't slow for much during the early game. You should be able to solo well without it but if you're dependant on as a Singed player in a side lane, it's because your lane partner isn't providing the damage or support and you're trying to overcompensate for his or her lack of lane presence.

Also, even though looks like a sexy lv. 1 choice, choosing or over at lv 1 means you'll lose a lot of potential damage if you get into a lv 1 fight. is the best choice for damage potential and that's a big reason why I say you should max it first.

Having max'ed immediately is crucial and getting more damage out of your is a better deal than getting early goo. Until you get your mana crystal and shortly after, casting can be a good way to flush your mana down the drain. It's worth mentioning that becomes much MUCH better during the late game for several reasons. It becomes much more important later on when chasing down fleeing champions or for when you create an escape route for you or your teammates.
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Movement speed is huge!

When a lot of players fight against me, the first gripe out of there mouth is usually something about how I'm impossible to kill as early as the mid game. They usually complain about how Singed is OP or how I seem to take a lot of damage for not having any obvious tank items. The main strength of this build isn't having enough AP to do some damage or the healthy amount of MR that does make you more durable. It's not even all about Force of Nature which does contribute to your cause by giving you great regen even when your fighting. It's your movement speed.

I decided to add this section to point out some things to new Singed players. There are several factors we need to consider when we try to unlock Singed's true potential by getting excellent movement speed.

+ Base boots (getting these for more base movement speed early game is slightly less important than getting that sapphire crystal, but still important)

+ Merc Treads or other boots (All other boots are good choices, but Merc cuts CC short and allows you to not even bother with cleanse)

+ Mastery Quickness Talent (A free 3% movement speed boost)

+ Movement Speed Quint Runes (With tier 3 quints, that's 4.5% more movement speed)

+ Force of Nature (8% more movement speed. Pretty huge seeing as it's a core item)

+ Ghost (40% movement speed boost on demand. 32% if you're crazy and don't get improved ghost)

+ Insanity Potion (Gives you an additional base movement speed boost, also on demand)

+ Lich Bane (If you pick up a Lich Bane late game, you'll have another 7% and that's a bonus that's underestimated by many players)

+ Janna's passive (Having her on your team will boost your movement speed 3% from lv 1 onwards)

+ Movement Speed Buff Support (At this point if you have most of the others, these extra buffs and champions will give you more excessive amounts of movement speed)

The bottom line is that if you have most of the core movement speeds enhancers, a Lich Bane and pop your ghost and insanity potion, your movement speed will hit a ridiculous amount of 600 rather easily. Ontop of that you spread your faster and technically increase your damage output. You do this by covering more ground with more within a shorter period of time for the exact same mana cost. You can also initiate, , farm, escape and bait faster. Movement speed also helps when positioning yourself around stationary or moving targets when setting up the perfect . By positioning yourself at a faster speed, you can accurately aim your much more easily and throw the enemy where you want to throw him. In short, movement speed is the best part of this build to let Singed do what he wants to do!
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Lane Presence / Zoning

When describing Singed's personality to novice player, the best comparison you can make is to that of a bull fighter or cattle herder. By moving Singed back and forth across the battlefield, you can control the pace of the fight and also dictate where your enemies go.

You can use to damage and harass your enemies by running alongside them with on or by running ahead of them. If you see an opportunity to get a kill, turn on , run up to a bad guy and him. Remember, by turning on your and walking towards the enemy, you can dictate their movement and establish a lane presence. Enemies will be reluctant to attack you since you can kite them or them.

Many players will be convinced they can kill you if they see that you're very low on hit points, but you will simply run in one direction and have them cough on your until they break away or die. You can also simply turn around, decide if you want to boost your speed, chase them down as they retreat, turn on before you them and murder them in cold blood. The hunters will become the hunted!

Enemies will also backpeddle if you walk towards them, because your is dangerous and your can be lethal with your team sitting next to you! Remember, ranged champions can't fire at you if they aren't standing still. Feint them by moving forwards or by fake targeting them.
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Tower Diving

Remember that you can always turn on your , tower dive, the enemy behind you and into your teammates, while continuing past the enemy tower. You can end up weakening or killing tower huggers while only taking 1-2 hits from the enemy tower. It's much easier to do this in a side lane, seeing as that the three mid lane towers are practically right next to each other, unlike the side lane towers. Use wards and common sense if you decide to stay behind their towers and intercept enemy minions. That means don't get ganked and bait like a champ!
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Classic Early Game

During the early game tap your alongside minions and use your auto attack to last hit minions. Your focus during the early game and also the rest of the game is always to farm gold and out-level everyone else. Singed can be a bit of a gold hog so consider this when deciding which lane you will choose. Consider if you need to solo mid if your team is poor or if you will be starving a carry in your lane by stealing all of the gold. You won't be stealing gold from a carry if you are solo.
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Classic Mid Game

During the mid game, you'll want to push the lanes that the enemies have pushed back towards your base the furthest. You can do this by simply running up lanes while leaving your on and aggro'ing incoming minions. As they turn and chase you, they will choke on your and die as you continue down the lane while your minions run up behind you. This form of power push can get your minions and your teammates up against enemy towers much faster.

You can also walk past towers as your minions engage them. You can then turn on your and intercept minions further down the lane to farm them and cut them off from their own tower. As long as you watch your radar, use wards and anticipate ganks, you can take all of the gold and experience while your minions and allies take down the stranded towers. Enemy champions will tend to hug their tower if you use this aggressive strategy. You can also use to auto attack towers down faster if the coast is clear and you're in a hurry to destroy the tower. Saving for fights against enemy champions is usually a better idea though.
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Classic Late Game

Continue to power push lanes and join in on team fights as much as possible. It is sometimes possible to let your team go 4v5 while you push into the enemy base and use minions, your and elixir stacking kill minions around towers and inhibs and help destroy them. Choosing Lich Bane in the late game also helps raze buildings. If your team plays defense, you can easily distract the enemy team towards your lane while you back out. If you stack exilirs, use or opt to get a Lich Bane, you can actually hit enemy buildings pretty hard with your heavy AP and enhanced auto attack. You can also bait multiple enemies into or out of lanes, or from within the forest to wear them down and set up ganks for your team.
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Conclusion / Proof of Effectiveness

Try this build out before you rate it. Trust me. If you move Singed around the screen with grace and caution, you can and will wreck your opponents. You don't need niche items like Warmogs or multiple rods/catalysts or force tanky items on Singed. All of that is excess and unnecessary. You can achieve the same or even better results if you have a good balance and for less of an item cost. Excellent balance and synergy is what this build provides for you. Go ahead and try it for yourself!

Here's some proof of how well this build works in 5v5...

17 wins in a row! :)

Keep in mind that even if you get a poor score during a match, you will most likely have a high number of assists and also influence the game in a positive way. If you take one home for the team several times and get focused down by the entire enemy team, you will simply have the rest of your team punish them and score an ace. Also, you will still push lanes hard as long as you don't completely screw up.

Leave comments if you want any more notes or advice added to the guide. Thanks guys.

EDIT 9/22/11- Added the Dominion build and Dominion section yesterday. Tweaked little details and fixed errors.
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