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League of Legends Build Guide Author Updraft

Aram - How to Carry

Updraft Last updated on September 4, 2014
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I play almost only Aram and eventhough this might not qualify me for Normal guides I can definitely see the flaws in Normal builds being used on Arams.

Tear and Botrk are the worst choices in a mode where everybody spams and ults can be seen almost permanently on screen.

They lack early damage and cooldowns.

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Basic Items

Phantom Dancer

Attack Speed, Crit

Infinity Edge

Damage, Crit

--> 80 Damage, 50% Attack Speed, 55% Crit

Build the Infinity Edge first, since most spells will profit from 80 Damage.
If you build like this you can solo any Carry focussing you, as long as he is stupid enough to build tear or Botrk (or even both, wtf?)

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Tear of the Goddess is not efficient enough.

You have a mana regen boost on Howling abyss
You have no damage.
Get damage and attack speed to help your team.

"But Muramana..." - Nope, useless since you wont have real mana problems from lvl 6 upwards.

You need Mana that desperately? Fine, get something with damage like Essence Reaver

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Blade of the Ruined King is not coming into effect.

You wont be able to land more than 4-5 auto attacks in early team fights and that doesnt really change until the enemy bruiser got tanky and most of the time they are already poked down massively so the Passive (Deals 8% of the target's current Health in bonus physical damage) doesn't deal much

You lack damage. You need damage. Invest those 3200 for a B. F. Sword and Crit or Attack speed.

You need Lifesteal that desperatly? Fine, get something with damage like Essence Reaver

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Berserker's Greaves - I usually dont build them.
25% Attack Speed in exchange for some protection isn't worth it for me

Recommended on: Suicidal ret4rds and feeders

Not recommended on: People who love their life

Ionian Boots of Lucidity - Good for almost any champ with useful ults.

Recommended on: Ezreal, Lucian, Jinx, Draven, Ashe

Not recommended on: Twitch, Sivir, Tristana, Vayne

Mercury's Treads - 2-4 champs with magic damage on opposing team? Best choice!

Recommended on: Smart people

Not recommended on: People who like perma cc

Ninja Tabi - 3 Carries, 1 Pantheon, 1 Lee Sin?
Better get these motherf4ckers

Recommended on: People looking at a hail of basic attacks

Not recommended on: People who like lowering their chances of survival to 0%

It normally takes a long time before I upgrade my boots. Infinity Edge and Phantom Dancer are more important.

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General play

Dont run in.

Wait for an engage.

Use your ults wisely.

Take your time when aiming.

Attack the closest target.

Its your teams job to protect you, so if the noobs aren't around you, you are pretty much f4cked. Would be best to have a bruiser bodyguard ( Braum is a nightmare for the enemy team). And have the rest go for their carries.

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Ashe - Tear


I know Tear of the Goddess triggers of her Q, but until Manamune gives you B. F. Sword + Pickaxe damage combined (roughly same Gold investment), it will take a long time and fall off late game.

Having 55% Crit triggers Focus for the 100% crit in the few seconds while going to pick up the Medic Kit for the "desperatly needed mana" brings you back with half mana pool full and a 600 dmg engage on early levels already.

Throw the R and make sure your team knows its the sign for them to engage, then follow them and attack closest targets.

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Jinx - Tear & Botrk

Yeah, she can have mana problems if you permanently attack with rockets.
Use them in team fights only.

Maxing your Zap! first helps with pokes and as soon as
you have the core its the same with every other champ.

The damage for your Zap! and Super Mega Death Rocket! comes from?

Blade of the Ruined King??? Hahaha, stop trolling and get a B. F. Sword

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Lucian - Botrk

"My passive double-procs Blade of the Ruined King!
This must be very helpful! And ill throw in a Youmuu's Ghostblade while im at it!"

Or you just build an

Infinity Edge and Phantom Dancer

since i already mentioned that you
have a massive amount of money and only
have to build late game items.

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Sivir - Tear

I dont really care if you like starting with a The Brutalizer.

Just keep in mind that you get a massive steroid at level 6: On The Hunt

Activating your Ricochet gives you 40%/60%/80% Attack speed for 3 attacks which spreads through enemy ranks like wildfire.

If you have an Infinity Edge you will land 1-2 crits on your first target and knock down the rest of their team to about half health.

Having a Manamune gives you some damage, no crits and a lot of mana which is useless due to the fact that you die because you couldnt kill the enemy before he killed you.

Btw: Spell Shield can be triggered by a bunch of spells, you shouldnt have manaproblems with all the Dark Bindings and Mystic Shots flying around in arams.

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Tristana - Botrk

Guide link:

Dont go for AP Tristana

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More to come soon

In the following days.


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