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Tryndamere Build Guide by Navarobirsk

Assassin [ARAM] Tryndamere Assassin Nuker

Assassin [ARAM] Tryndamere Assassin Nuker

Updated on December 19, 2014
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Navarobirsk Build Guide By Navarobirsk 183,764 Views 1 Comments
183,764 Views 1 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Navarobirsk Tryndamere Build Guide By Navarobirsk Updated on December 19, 2014
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This guide is for Tryndamere in the ARAM game mode.
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Spell Usage

  • Bloodlust is for increasing AD and healing.
    Should always be used with at least with 50 Fury or when idle for long periods of time.
  • Mocking Shout is for lowering the enemy AD, and lowering their movement speed if their back is turned toward Tryndamere.
    If the enemy is engaging, cast it to reduce their AD.
    If the enemy is retreating, cast it slow them down.
    If an enemy is about to die, cast it to obtain the assist.
  • Spinning Slash is use to dash while inflicting damage on any enemy along the way.
    Use it as a movement ability, not as a damaging ability, except when dealing with minions.
  • Undying Rage makes Tryndamere impossible to kill for a moment.
    Don't wait until his lifebar is very low, best to use it little too soon than too late, which means never.
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Summoner Spells

Tryndamere has spells that can act like Summoner Spells: Plus, many useful items on Tryndamere can act as substitution for Summoners Spells, so choose those you prefer.
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  • Enchanted Armor if ever building some damage reduction with Armor and Magic Resist becomes viable.
  • Unyielding is for resisting early damage.
  • Juggernaut is not wasted on Tryndamere since he has a high base Health.
  • Oppression is put to good use by the use of Mocking Shout for extra damage reduction, even against magic damage.
  • Reinforced Armor and Evasive is just in case.
  • Second Wind is useful if Tryndamere survives a teamfight at low health so he can quickly regenerate through Lifesteal and with Bloodlust.
  • Legendary Guardian is put to its full usefulness since in ARAM its all about teamfights.
  • Tenacious since it is very likely the enemy team will use crowd-control against him to prevent him from unleashing his huge damage output.
  • Remaining Masteries points goes to Fleet of Foot for pursuing enemies.
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Start Items

  1. Avarice Blade is for Gold, Critical Chance which builds Fury faster, and it because builds into useful items for Tryndamere.
  2. Relic Shield is for fast killing minions, which builds Fury faster, extra sustain and Gold for the team. Upgrade to Targon's Brace for even more Gold and sustain. It is only a temporary item, so it should be replaced if the game drags on. By that point, the Gold bonus should be greater than the purchase cost.
  3. Rejuvenation Bead is for sustain, and because it will build the Ravenous Hydra.

Core Items

  1. Ravenous Hydra for Lifesteal and Burst Damage.
  2. Statikk Shiv for Critical Chance and Burst Damage. Can be replace by Phantom Dancer if Critical Chance and Attack Speed are preferred.
  3. Infinity Edge for damage and Critical Chance.


Counter and Substitution Items

Oddball Items

  • Black Cleaver provides useful stats. Should only be built if there are AD allies that can benefit from the Armor Reduction. Can be used in conjunction with The Lightbringer for faster and longer Armor reduction.
  • Zephyr if crowd-control is a problem and Mercury's Treads are not purchased.
  • Zeke's Herald if there are several AD poke on ally team, so Tryndamere won't need to throw teamfights.
  • Trinity Force provides useful stats and a burst through the first auto-attack after casting spell. The AP is not wasted since increase the healing of Bloodlust and the damage of Spinning Slash. Also good for pursuing fleeing enemies.
  • Entropy is similar to Trinity Force, but more focused on attack damage and pursuing with the active.

Example Build Order

  1. Targon's Brace
  2. Ravenous Hydra
  3. Any Boots
  4. Statikk Shiv
  5. Infinity Edge
  6. Afterwards, free to choose.
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Before level 6, the early game should be focused on killing minions and accumulate gold. No engagement unless the risk is very low. If allies are capable of scoring kills, cast Mocking Shout for easy assists.

After level 6, attempts to score kills can be made. However, never initiate a teamfight without Undying Rage ready. Nevertheless, priority should go on killing minions to push, and destroy towers to secure a comfortable advance. Chase to shoo away then go back to kill minions, not chase to score kills and risk getting killed and feed the enemy team.

Always keep in check the numbers of alive champions to know if it safe to push with a low number of teammates.
If the numbers of alive enemy champions with high health is higher than those of the ally team, DO NOT TAKE UNNECESSARY RISKS.
League of Legends Build Guide Author Navarobirsk
Navarobirsk Tryndamere Guide
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[ARAM] Tryndamere Assassin Nuker

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