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Gangplank Build Guide by AP xin

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author AP xin

Arrrrguably the best Gangplank Guide!

AP xin Last updated on August 10, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Threats to Gangplank with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Cho'Gath Super simple matchup, harass early game and deny as many creeps as possible.
Garen Apply passive for move speed and jet away from his pesky spin to win. Using this and kiting with the barrels and you won't be touched by this clown.
Maokai Fire burns trees.
Nautilus Pirates beat submarines. Harass early and take advantage of nautilus's 20 second cooldowns early game.
Shen One of the absolutely easiest matchups there is. Harass harass harass.
Singed Fire + Chemicals = Big fire
Tahm Kench Easiest matchup. You can W out of Tahm's Devour and then spend a few seconds laughing at him before killing him.
Yasuo Wind can't do sh** to this pirate king. W as soon as you get hit by his knockup to ensure he cant ult.
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My name is AP Xin and I have recently picked up the updated and glorious Gangplank. I'm currently Diamond 5 on NA and have been playing since season 2. Champions confusing kits have always been my favorite and that's exactly what GP brings to the table. This is going to be a quick guide for now but I plan to add on frequently as I learn more about guide making.

Leave a question if you have one and I'll be sure to include it :D
Coming soon: Mid gangplank addition!

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Quick explanation of the build

Gangplank is a unique champion that doesn't require any defensive items. That being said if you're uncomfortable playing him or feeding try some tankier items until you can fully understand the barrel mechanic.

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Pros / Cons

+ True damage passive scaling off of AD
+ High damage output melee and ranged
+ Safe laning and farming
+ Very very few counters
+ If mastered can be incredibly strong
Gangplanks updated kit is all around freaking OP.

+ Very hard to master
+ Difficult to lane against ranged champions
+ Relies slightly on RNG crit chance
+ Can be bursted in a team fight
I would go so far as to say all of Gangplanks cons can be nullified if you're an experienced player (which the exception of crit which can be a pro or con.) Something important to keep in mind is the late game. In a teamfight if targeted with more than one cc GP can easily be bursted by an enemy. GP also struggles against ranged champions but through safe farming will eventually reach his mid-game fantasy and deal tons of damage.

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Summoner Spells

You should almost always take flash as it's a versatile spell.

Just got a pentakill bot and need to stop a wave of minions top? Teleport. Enemy trying to backdoor while you're soloing baron? Teleport. Teamfight? Teleport. About to miss a cannon minion top lane? Teleport.

I recommend ghost rarely and only against opponents which you either need to kite or absolutely run away from.

Take this against other champions who run ignite. (Pantheon, Riven, Rengar, Darius)

If you aren't so confident with ignite and you're up against a duelist and you hate teleporting.

Take this when... You're experimenting with penta true damage DoT's (5x Dragon, Red smite, Ignite, Passive, Red buff)

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I'll go into this briefly because most of what you need to know is in the notes. Trinity force will allow you to clear caster minions with only a barrel and Q which is integral to piling up that Q gold. As for building shiv or IE next it fully depends on what you can afford and how well you're doing. Shiv if behind and IE if ahead, but you'll end up building both. Last whisper does not give you 95% penetration with your barrel but more around 70% therefore it's not necessary until later.

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Learning to combo with the barrel

Your barrel decay rate increases at level 7 and 13.
Your barrel capacity increases at levels 6, 11, and 16.
These two facts are very important because as your decay rate and capacity increase so does your potential.

Simple combo: E within your Q range and wait until the barrel timer drops to 1, at this E --> Wait til timer ---> E on enemy --> Q first E. This causes a chain reaction damaging your enemy pretty heavily. Make sure your barrels are withing chain range.

Early game combo: Pre 13 enemies have plenty of time to run away from your barrels, fear not! What they do not expect is you will attack it before it times to 1. E --> Auto --> E on enemy --> Q barrel

Zoning combo: This is perfect for denying an enemy minions and harassing (Works best against melee champions). You want to place your barrel on top of your melee minions and wait until your enemy tries to farm them at which point you explode it or drop a barrel on them and Q. After a while or if they're a lil b**** they 'll back off and stop going near these barrels hindering their own ability to farm.

Illuminati combo: Best for when you are targeting multiple enemies or need to create an AoE field to demolish your foes. E ---> Wait for 1 ---> E twice diagonally to cover your enemies ---> Q your first barrel

Wall combo: In case your enemies aren't within your grasp or you need to steal a dragon/baron. E on your side of the wall ---> E as far as u can and use barrels to connect the location where you are ---> Q the near barrel. This is a makeshift rumble ultimate with much more burst.

Teamfight combo: E ---> E everywhere you can chain it where enemies are or to reach the backline ---> Q

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Early laning: Before your first back you want to rack up 1275 gold for a sheen and ward. To do this you want farm frequently with your Q and look for kills. There's a decent chance your enemies won't know how to defend against your pirate ways and get clobbered by the high damage output early game netting you some cheeky gold.

Early-mid laning: You have a sheen, now's your time to Q your enemy and be the aggressive pirate you are. Keep wards up in the river/tri bush to avoid getting ganked.

The rest of laning phase: Try to siege and always look for ults around the map. Killing your opponent in lane will allow you to put some gnarly damage on those towers.

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In a teamfight your playstyle will be similar to a long range mage like xerath or ziggs. Look for opportunities to surprise your enemies with barrel placement and ultimates. What's important is you stay in the backline and only use melee to finish off close enemies.

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7/27/15 Guide was created
7/28/15 Matchups and summoner spells added
7/29/15 Changelog was created