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League of Legends Build Guide Author Kosel

Ashe: Damage + CC

Kosel Last updated on March 6, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hey Guys this is my first Guide, so i just want you to show the way i like to play .

Its not an all time use but it suits my playstyle very well and i want to share my xp with you.

My english sucks pretty much, and my spelling is bad. But np if you know what i mean im fine.

With this Guide you can be quite good but i have to say, you cant play it in every Game. I try to show you a Corebuild which i think suites to Ashe.

Have fun reading this.

Btw: This Guide is still under construction if you have some improvment im glad to hear it. If you wanna flame, save your words.

Update: After Patch which made Doran Items more expensive and Glyph ~30% less i still test to go for a good way.

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For Runes i use

9x Greater Mark of Desolation
3x Greater Quintessence of Desolation

Greater Quintessence of Desolation is useful from the start, i could go which supports the early till Level 6 but after i wont need them and you do more damage with Armor Pen.

, well you can go for Greater Seal of Vitality thats quite ok but if you use dodge, you just have to dodge two attacks at lategame and the evasion is better.

Ashe needs some Mana to harass her enemies with Volley and Frostshot, provides me every Game with enough tho i dont need any item which gives Mana.

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After the last Patch it really depends on your playstyle, if you need more Mana cause u cant efford Manaregen Runes or you think those Runes doesnt give enough Regen then skill Utility Tree and go for Movementspeed too. Otherwise you can stick to my normal 21/0/9

The Masteries are quite usual, you go straight for full Offensive, another option would be the Utility Tree with Flash CD Reduce and Movement Speed but Phantom Dancer and Boots of Swiftness are enough and i dont think 15 Seconds CD Reduce on Flash worth to skill the Utility Tree instead of Attack.

Lets see what you get through Offensive Masterie (important things to Ashe)

2% Critchance
4% Attack Speed
6 Armor Reduction
3 Attack Damage
10% Critical Damage
5% Damage

The extra 4 Damage to Minions are quite nice, especially at Beginning but you are free to change.

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Summoner Spells

For Summoner Spells i always go for and

There are other great like and but i prefer those two cause Ashe has no real escape Skill like Tristana or Ezreal.

Sometimes i saw Ashe with , its quite nice especially if you want to shoot from fountain and port to your mid tower to go for a kill. But you have to sacrifice one of your Escape/Chase Spells.

Those skills support your chasing too but i always try to save them for escape.

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Items (Kill in no time)

Since you cant buy a Healpot anymore is a really great Item but you can still get a and kite for your life. I prefer and 5x . You also could get 4x and 2x

Why no ?
Well i wont say its a bad item but i think it dont fits to Ashe at start. When i compare it to it gives no Health, no Damage just quadra of Lifesteal. The main reason why i dont get it, you want to Lasthit and farm with Ashe and if you are lowlife you have to push to get Life back.

At your first trip back to base buy 2x and you need at least 1395 Gold.

Farm as much as possible, if you can avoid ganks keep farming. Get nearly 90% Lasthits. If your Team really needs you for a gank go for it. You also could use your Ultimate for a quite lucky shot.

Next Trip back buy and some or Green/Red Elixir

Now get your and your Corebuild is complete.

The next Items depend on your enemie team so i can just give you some advices which could fit.

2 Champs with 80+ Armor =

Just a bit Armor = or (I prefer Black Cleaver even if the CDR on Youmuu's is nice)

More Damage =

More Attack Speed =

Heavy Magic =

Heavy Physical Damage =

Annoying Magic = Gives you Attack Speed, Magic Resist and with every Hit 42 extra Damage

Lifestacking = This item is incredible on Ashe you get Armor, AS, Damage and the passive make it really strong, but have in mind the passive does Magic Damage

Most of my Games end like this

Why no Attack Speed or Armor Penetration first, well i aim for squishy Champs and damage dealers, i wont target tanks and with Infinity Edge you get them down in no time, Phantom Dancer provides you with nice Atack Speed more Crit Chance and Movement Speed thats why i dont use a lot Armor Penetration. Attack Speed seems to be nice cause you attack more often but if you hit the enemie once he will run away, especially early game, i just think its better to hit him once with about 150 instead of 2 hits with 60. When it comes to lategame and you cant aim for squishys Bloodrazer is awesome sometimes i even skip Phantom Dancer and buy it immediately.

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Skill Sequence

I like the R>W>Q>E Skilling Order.

I gess first is the best way to go. With your passive you have a Crit anyway, combined with Volley your first Attack does ~200-250 Damage. Also it slows if you skilled your Frostshot, thats why you always Skill Frostshot at Level 2, on Level 1 your Volley wont slow!

The on Level 2 is awesome for early Ganks and provides your Volley with slow, save it for Champs and dont waste your Mana on Minions.

Extra Gold from is cool but only get it to spec bushes and important Creep Camps like Redbuff and Dragon or before Teamfights but some of the enemies arent visible on the map.

Your should be skilled everytime you can. The Damage is decent and the stun is awesome. Dont waste it and try to aim for enemies while you are at fountain, those shots are pure luck. Try really hard to hit every skillshot, you can initiate, escape, stop an enemie from escaping and even last hit in Teamfights.

Also with the AoE you can steal important Creeps, if the Enemie is near the Creep just try to hit him and the AoE hits the Creeps too, like Dragon.

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Pros / Cons

-Attack Speed
-Croud Control


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Creeping / Jungling

With you just need Redbuff, Dragon and Baron. If your Team doesnt need the Bluebuff you can get it also, but you dont need it with my Glyphs.

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Team Work

You do damage and the Team must babysit you, so try to improve your kiting and dont rush in. If you want to initiate with your its ok but a tank should initiate.

Stand behind your team and use Frostshot and Volley to slow and please have in mind, a dead Ashe is a bad Ashe. You wont do Damage and you dont support your Team. No kill worth a death.

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With this Corebuild you get really fast a great damage output, feel free to buy Healpot or Green and Red Elixir everytime you can. It helps a lot.

Your farm is important, try to lasthit every minion you can to get more Gold (at least you should get 90% of every Wave), dont miss Teamfights to get at least an assist (if someone was ****ty enough to steal).

If they gank top with 3 Ppl get Dragon if its up or push their Lanes and destroy a tower. Most of time you cant be there in time to save your ally or the tower, that means punish them for leaving a Lane!

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Go Midlane and farm as much as possible, help in teamfights and if they gank punish them. If you cant join a teamfight wait for an opening and dont hesitate things. Death equals no damage so avoide it.

Thats it I hope you enjoyed reading this guide and before you rate or comment try this guide.