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Renekton Build Guide by Drake6401

Top Beginners Guide to Renekton (RIP Shojin)(Needs editing)

By Drake6401 | Updated on October 27, 2019
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Runes: Team Fighter

1 2 3
Legend: Tenacity
Last Stand

Second Wind

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2
Lane Dominance
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


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Top Lane
Ranked #46 in
Top Lane
Win 50%
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Champion Build Guide

Beginners Guide to Renekton (RIP Shojin)(Needs editing)

By Drake6401
(With Spear of Shojin gone, I have a lot to redo here. Too much to fit into my schedule right now. Look for guides that have adapted or take the team fight and power spike portions of this guide with a grain of salt because they have really changed now.)

Renekton as a champion is fairly simple. Keep trades short, do lots of damage and exit. That's your laning phase. Mid to late game, your job is to KILL EVERYONE! Take a Spear of Shojin , Black Cleaver , Sterak's Gage , and just destroy your enemy team. Renekton's combos are easy but satisfying to use. His ultimate is one of the strongest in the game, giving him a massive level 6 power spike. It's often said that Renekton is the mid-game monster. Hell freaking yes he is! If Renekton is on par with everyone else in an even game, he can likely win any 1v1 fight he comes across. If he gets ahead, it will usually take 3 or all enemy player to bring him down. It's also said Renekton starts to fall off late game. With PTA this is true but the new Conqueror keystone on helps Renekton stay very relevant for the entire game.

As Renekton, your sole job is to ruin lane for the other guy, and if you do, go ruin life for the enemy jungle or mid while you're at it! Good Renekton players will take a winning lane and carry the entire game with it. You're a harassment champion even if you gotta take the blood bath all the way down to bot lane. Take ignite for more powerful trades or teleport for map presence. Renekton is a Bruiser class champion. he's tanky but not a tank. Deals ton's of damage but isn's an assassin. He's a two in one, being a split down the middle. The good from this is that Renekton is tanky enough to act as one to an extent but is too dangerous to ignore in favor of the ADC.

Current Status
How is Renekton fairing in 9.14?

Given his new shield busting buff, a lot of his matchups are going to change for the better. How much better I don't yet. Best way to put things right now is you'll have to outplay the enemy champion if they can shield. they will try to do the same. Change your behavior to keep them guessing and try to bait out their shield before using W. This is not always the case in laning phase so instead, you can use this to get some damage off and back off after your W. Shield's won't help them if you just ended the trade. The threat of you breaking their shield can be enough to play some mind games.


Ability keys: Q= W= E= R=
Tiamat's active=

Your full trade combo is to Slice in, do all your damage and Dice out while adding auto cancels to the mix.

Full Combo: -Auto- ( )-Auto- -Auto- out.

Cheap trade: - - - out

Poke combo or bait: - - out

Long gap closing against super low HP. off minion- - -

Wave clear. Auto-( )-

When the kill is certain, this is a good chase combo to pick off the last bit of your laner. Chase with -Auto- (Get ahead) Auto- -Auto- .

Tiamat plays an important role in your combos. The best way to add it to your damage is to use it's active at the same time your stun lands. This does not cancel your W animation time but you can add actives during the process since you're stuck for that brief second anyway. Another trade power Tiamat has is wave clear. Engaging your enemy in a crowd of minions will force clear most of the way so you won't take much minion damage in your fight. This makes it harder for your opponent to chase you after your escape since your minions are probably still alive.

The faster you can use can ability after your auto hits, the more damage you can do in a shorter period of time. This is a skill all melee champions put to use in some way. Renekton can use an auto between all of his ability actions if the situation allows it.

Embrace the Jaws of Death!

The MAGIC NUMBER is 35! This is your holstered gun for an empowered W even though your bar isn't red. When you have 35 Fury, you can trade. Slice in, making sure it hits, land and auto and you will have 50 Fury for your W. This can often catch your laner off guard for an easy and devastating trade. Build your Fury without shoving lane too fast so it's ready when you get level 2. I make this my first trade very often and it gives me instant kill pressure and lane dominance.

You will often have to drop a few autos from the combo based on the situation. Experience will make you wiser in when these decisions need to be made, but for starters, if the enemy will flee from you upon dashing in, proc your W stun instantly instead of auto canceling. if the enemy can lock you into a trade, E out right after Q, skipping the auto. It's pretty simple to say, if your enemy will die from a few more hits and you're healthy, chase them with your second E.

Minion Slapping

Renekton is very hard to gank once he gets ahead. If the enemy jungle tries to shut you down, you can most likely get a double kill unless your team fed them. Save your ultimate and play safe if it's down or the jungler is too strong for you to fight a 1v2 against. If you find yourself in a risky gank, E off something even if it's the jungler and E again. Flash if necessary.

One of Renekton's struggles are champs with either hard to punish pokes or high CC kits. As stated before, you want your trades to be no longer than your full combo. Any champion that can prolong the trade and deny your escape is a problem. Renekton does, however, keep leads very well so if you have a tough matchup, your jungler can easily get you back in shape if they're good.

Overall, Renekton is a very aggressive top laner and sometimes a mid laner depending on matchups. The key to winning a game with Renekton is killing. Kill everyone and everything you can. Be smart with your trades and decide what fights you can and cannot take. If done right, you will become a terrifying top lane and mid game bully. Get ahead and stay ahead. If you can't get ahead, don't feed your lane and make a split push come back later on.
Items Back to Top
Your order of building is heavily based on your matchup. This is a basic rundown of what to go for and when.

This is a strong early pick in matchups that you want to roam a lot in. You can clear waves extremely fast with this item's passive and active. It can also be procced mid-W animation for more burst damage. The Tiamant and Hydra set are good for team fights because they allow AOE damage.

If you enemy laner can shove the wave quickly, this will help you push back so you don't end up under tower. Don't pick this early if you want to freeze lane where you have absolute dominance. Instead, pick Phage or B.F.Sword.

Phage: Rush against ranged matchups for extra stick. This also helps your burst escapes because you get more speed regardless of the direction you're moving.

B.F. Sword: Very high damage spike in laning phase but hard to grab without hoarding gold. Pick this over Phage when against tanks or when Spear of Shojin is a must have asap.

Spear of Shojin: One of the largest power spikes a single item can provide. This item will make you almost unbeatable in any 1v1 and extremely dangerous in team fights. Grab this at some point EVERY GAME. No reason not to.

Black Cleaver: Balanced item and completes your Phage building. The added armor break can be almost instantly maxed with your combo and helps all your AD allies kill the target.

Sterak's Gage: Not perfect for every game but it's a great item. It provides AD scaling, health and burst resistance. Grab this early when the enemy team does a lot of damage.

youmuus ghost blade Youmuu's Ghost Blade: Great roaming item for ganking lanes. The Lethality will help when the enemy team builds against you but provides no defensive effects so keep that in mind. I don't build this very often anymore but it will give you a lot of map presense.

Titanic and Ravenous Hydras: Obviously don't get both. Ravenous is good for 1v1 fights where you can't get bursted so quickly or team fights with a lot of tanks. Titanic gives 450 Health and an HP scaling AOE. Chose based on if you are going high damage or mixed with tanky bruiser.

Runes Back to Top
A basic rundown on what runes to pick based on preference and matchup.


Currently the strongest rune for Renekton. His full combos proc it almost instantly. The late game falloff Renekton was criticized for has mostly vanished thanks to this rune and the fight sustain and true damage it provides. I personally use no other Keystone on Renekton but that's not to say he doesn't have other options.

Formally the only solid rune pick for Renekton. His combo will also proc this near instantly which was the main focus but now Conqueror is running the same proc style. PTA is still really good at single target takedowns. This is your split pushing Keystone. You do however fall off the late game because your team fights are much weaker than what Conqueror will get you.

Also use this. Overheal isn't as good in the long run. This gives you way more team fight sustain than you'll realize.

My preferred run of this rune page section. Renekton hates CC more than most. He always gets focused in team fights regardless of if he's ahead or not. This rune lets you gain some CC resistance without going Merc treads though they do stack with this.

More attack speed is a good choice if you know the enemy team has very weak CC in team fights. Your ability to win extended trades is higher if using this.

Always go with this. Renekton is very capable of fighting even if he's low of health. This makes him do more burst damage to catch your opponent by surprise.


I'm currently experimenting with this one now that Renekton's Q is more reliable. All healing from all sources is increased. This means your Q, Death's Dance, Conqueror, and lifesteal are all enhanced. This gives you more high-risk sustain when at low health during team fights. I do like this paired with Sterak's Gage because you get a moment of pure healing while your shield proc is up.

A decent scaling rune for late game team fights. Since Renekton really only builds health as a tanking stat, this goes well with him. If you are running Demolisher, this will add to the damage but don't choose this strictly on that rune pair.

More lane healing and great for countering high poke champs. I recommend running this and Revitalize if you want maximum lane sustain. This is currently my default pair as Renekton can go very far with a strong start.


Domination isn't a huge rune set pick for Renekton but I've seen some Renekton's try it so I have my input as to how your playstyle works to utilize this one. Like PTA, Electrocute a split pushing rune choice. You have a lot of single target burst for assassinations but the rune won't help you after your first proc. team fights are usually too quick to get it off again. You can maybe get two procs in rare cases. This can work rather well in laning phase because of Renekton's burst trade style.

The first tier of the Domination tree is often the hardest to choose from. I recommend Sudden Impact because it gives you more damage after you dash in for 5 seconds. You will get almost all of your damage out in that 5 seconds so your full combo is basically buffed.

Cheap Shot only works off your W stun. Renekton has no other natural CC to proc this again in the same trade. It's still plenty viable and won't do you wrong.

Renekton's ultimate is amazing. This rune allows you to use it more often so that there are fewer fights where you're caught without your ultimate move available. I prefer this because when split pushing, you will have a series of small fights instead of one huge one. This helps ensure your ultimate is up for each one of them.

This is the rivaling pick for Renekton. The lifesteal is certainly nice but in a split push build, I feel you will have enough of that as it is. Still not a bad pick.


5% total cooldown reduction buff on all factors and increases your cap to 45%. This is pretty standard and gets the idea across from that alone. Everything comes back a tiny bit faster.

Free boots/300 gold, but you have to wait a while for it. The timer for the wait was recently increased by 2 minutes but so was the time that's taken off per kill.

Laning Phase Back to Top
Laning is usually pretty self-explanatory. Go into your lane, which is top for Renekton most of the time, and wait for minions to arrive. I personally recommend waiting near your tower instead of waiting in bushes because as stated before, you are rather vulnerable at level 1 against many champions. If your jungle is starting on top jungle and asked for a leash, help them get their buff and watch for invasions. Leashing can sometimes put you a little behind in lane but your jungler will almost always pay the favor later on. The most important thing to keep in mind is don't tank the jungle buff when leashing. You don't want to enter lane with half health. You're just helping speed up the kill.

Once the minion wave rolls in and your opposing laner arrives with their wave, you make the decision of what ability to start with. Even in draft picks players will swap lanes with each other sometimes so you may not always be against who you expect. Play according to your knowledge of that enemy champion and make the safest calls without losing too much CS. Usually, you will pick Q. You lack trade power but it helps farm safely. You can also use Q on the first three melee minions unless your opponent messed with the wave and made the damage uneven.

Trading and Warding
Get map vision! Ya need it!

Once you get to level 2, you can start poking more and sustaining the lane. E-Q-E is your poke combo and makes sure to only go for it when your Q can be empowered. With the new buffs, this will really start to put an HP gap between you are your opponent and one that's in your favor if done correctly.

Once you are about level 4 and overextended, warding is something to look for. River warding is the standard and most effective. If you are on Team 1(Blue side), River is the only defensive ward you really worry about. For Team 2(Red side) top laners, it's a lot harder. There's a path between the river and tower that junglers can gank from. It will cost you some gold but if you are on Red side, buy a to place in the tri-bush. These can be destroyed but only the enemy jungler will end up doing so early on. You'll see him do it and know to fall back. He was probably coming to gank anyway. Don't place a Control Ward in the river bush because your enemy laner will bust it every time they go to ward. You basically gave them 30 gold.

Multitasking and Saftey
Roam some and don't feed. Easy right? ...Usually.

If you end up shoving your lane into your enemy, you'll want it to come back your way. Instead of standing there, look to take Top side Scuttle. Don't take it from your jungler if they're intending to grab it soon, but it's better you take it from the enemy jungler instead. As Renekton, you can beat most junglers in a 1v1 right now, if you are up to par in level. Having Scuttle on your side allows you to save your river ward most of the time. The enemy jungle CAN bypass Scuttle, by using the blast plant on Blue side or the alt route on Red but it's much less likely.

In the case that you end up with a hard lane, play safe and let it slow push towards you. It's common knowledge that overextended laners make for easier ganks. Your opponent can either stay overextended to pressure your farming or back off to avoid ganks but letting you get your half of the CS. Most champions can't do both. try to freeze the lane infront of your tower and not under it. This is easier said than done against heavy poke champs so, this isn't always possible.

Turret Diving

This is a risky move to make but Renekton is a really good one at it. His burst and retreat kit is great for dives so you should certainly consider the option. Don't get yourself killed for it though. This is another skill that comes with experience but you should usually only dive half HP enemies or less. The lower HP, the better of an idea a dive can be. Make sure to shove your wave in and walk in after them before doing damage. The minions attack the enemy player if they fight back which adds to your damage per second. You should also remember if your target has a form of CC like a root or stun. Misplaying this will almost always get you killed. Try to bait the CC out without aggroing the turret and if successful, go for it. If not, don't risk dying. If you have full health and are above level 6, you can probably survive. Don't dive at level 3. You CAN pull it off but it's so rare and so risky, I recommend just don't. You can lose so much doing it.

Early into Mid Game Back to Top
Mid game is usually by the 15 to 20-minute mark, but the transition is often subtle. Before that time, you'll see a lot more roaming occur and small team fights break out, usually bot, mid and jungle fussing over Dragon privileges. If you brought Teleport, it may be wise to TP down and help them out. Rift Herald is less common to receive focus, but it is your job as a top laner to keep an eye on it, just like it's bot lane's job to watch Dragon.

If you're ahead and your team is suffering, put Renekton's mid game strength to work in trying to get the game back under control. This will likely cost you your top lane tower if the top laner stays up there while you help your team. If mid game occurs while you're behind, look to farm up by either keeping lane or split pushing cautiously. Renekton has a very hard time recovering from a hard lane so you will have to choose your fights very carefully until you get some items going.

Jungle Pressure

If the enemy mid laner is overextended, you can most certainly look for a gank. Use all the proper pings and info a jungler would give to inform your mid lane of your intentions so they can prepare. Renekton has a lot of engage power against a single target and he has a stun to synergies with your mid laner. Become a second jungler, putting pressure on top lane, top jungle, and mid lane. This way, your jungler can focus on bot lane more which will help them win.

Keep a close eye on everyone on the mini map. You don't want to get caught out by the jungler, mid laner and top laner out to get you. Renekton is all about safe aggression. Sometimes taking a risk that could kill you isn't worth it. Choose fights you can get the most out of.

Team Fighting Back to Top
There are many champions that count as duelists. Champs that can win a 1v1 in almost any situation. Renekton is one of those champions but he's also tasked with a big team fight role. As the top laner, you take up the spot most tanks would, so your team probably lacks engage. Tanky junglers are your best friends in this case because that's going to be the engager right there. Help ensure the success of your jungler or you may end up being both the damage and the tank of your team. That's a demanding role to play, and I'm very familiar with it.

Your core for team fights is , , and . All of these items increase your damage and survivability in battle. You're at your strongest when Flash, Dominus, and your Gage proc are up. Flash has a long cooldown so you can't always wait for it to come back. is another good team fight item. You don't want to get bursted down. gives 300 more HP if you are filling in for the tank role.

When engaging team fights with Renekton, try your best to get some Fury up from minions before doing so. This is a situation so do not abandon the fight if you have no Fury, you will just have to use your ultimate sooner. Shojin's proc only activates with your first basic attack hit, so activating your ultimate early doesn't mean you're burning your 6 seconds.

Best Case Senario
The dream fight.

This is one of the best outcomes for a team fight. Gather at least 35 Fury before the fight. Ult and Flash into the middle of the enemy group or after their ADC. Delete the ADC or best possible target with your combo and dash behind the group. This puts you in their line of retreat and draws fire away from your allies. Land autos so the Shojin proc makes your cooldowns faster. Always save your Q to be empowered unless you won't survive till then. Ability order gets a little wack after your combo since they are coming back so fast. Keep chasing or cutting off with your E. try to stay where the group is or wants to be.

There are too many matchups for this to work every time. Experience will help you decide how to engage the fight and who to target first. It's usually the ADC, but if they have a fed player, lock them down first. Your team will burst them down with you. Q as many targets as possible to stay alive for the entire fight.

I do want to take a moment to explain why you never build full tank on Renekton. It's not worth it. Renekton scales on raw power, not percent HP like champions that are made to tank. The best way to build Renekton for team fights getting items that give both damage and health. Death's Dance doesn't have HP but it has defensive passives. This is fine. Tenacity is a great help too. The less time you are under the effects of CC, the more damage you can dish out.

Hopefully this guide was in some way usaful if you're picking up Renekton recently or looking to improve on him. Let me know if you have any questions and if something should be added to this guide to improve it. be sure to read other guides to Renekton. they're all very informative and helpful.
Countering Back to Top
This is a WIP pages I'm working on with various ways to counter many difficult runes, items or playstyles that can make Renekton's lane rough.


This rune makes burst damage very weak, but it's not hard to bait out to work around which is why I personally don't use it. If you see a ring of triangles circle the enemy when you hit them, that's BonePlating's proc. It's on a 45-second cooldown which is huge. If you see this rune, there are two outplay options. E-Q-E combo for a poke which will waste the proc and you can outright trade when you can dash again. The other is to dash in and use about 2 auto attacks instead of one. The timer the proc stays up is only 1.5 seconds so that one extra auto will take that time up THEN cancel into a W-Auto-Q combo and dash out as usual. You don't want to lose your Dice so you may have to cut your trade short so you can back off properly. use your best judgment. Dice has 4 seconds after landing Slice. This is the same behavior you use against Yasuo and Camille.

Tanks and Hyperscalers
"How are you still alivez?!"

These are examples of champions with weak early games but really start to get out of hand if left unchecked. These guys will often force you to stay in lane longer because you can't let them free farm. Nasus and Yorick are very good at farming under tower. Sure they lose some CS, but you can't dive them at full health. Both Nasus and Yorick heal very quickly too.

It's very hard to deal with this if they are really good at freezing lanes. The best way to combat this is to first, try freezing the lane yourself. Some players will just stand there, missing all CS so the wave slow pushes. You don't want to miss your gold so last hit minions and slow push and SLOW as possible. Don't buy Tiamat in these matchups. Straight into Spear of Shojin and Black Cleaver. Once you are close to the enemy tower, fast clear the wave and shove the entire wave under the tower and leave. The enemy will have to battle the tower for CS. While that's happening, back for items and either take a couple of jungle camps on your way back to lane or help your team with objectives or ganks.

Once the top lane pushes back some, return to it and repeat the process. This is currently my best way to handle scaling lanes. Punish them without punishing yourself. Be very mindful of jungle ganks during this entire lane because you will spend a lot of time overextended.

Your Team
"How can my own team hurt me? Wait the enemy ADC is 12 and 0... Oh curd"

This is a weird one but sadly a common one at that. It's more personal for me because about 60% of my games are me winning my lane and everyone else losing theirs if not full-blown feeding. When you're the only one to survive laning phase, it's a bad game. Some people call it 1v9 but it's not always like that. It's basically when your lane goes fine or at least even and or teammates are dying constantly. All other lanes are feeding and your team has failed all jungle objectives. Every enemy but your enemy top laner is fed and way above you in gold. This a tough position to be in and I'm unfortunately familiar with seeing all other lanes but mine in ruins. Some games, I can carry out and others I can't. You want to ask yourself, "How many kills and CS do the enemies have? How many do I have?". If you are behind them in kills and gold, then you most likely can't win for your team. It's better to accept the forfeit than add to the damage. You most likely can't 1v2 a fed team.

From experience, this is usually bot lane's fault. For some reason, bot laners will get fed or feed like crazy. They rarely trade even. Safe play seems to be a dead concept down there. Because you're the top laner, you have very little power to save them in lane phase without screwing your lane over in the process. The jungle and mid lane have to help out when they can.

If you are ahead and your team isn't feeding way too much, you can still carry them. You will have to be there for every team fight. Your team will probably lose every fight they do without you at this point. Ping your ultimate cooldown and make sure they know not to fight without you. If they do, they will keep feeding and things will get worse. Take as much jungle farm as you can at this point. You need to stay ahead of the enemy team as much as possible. if you can kill at least 3 enemies per team fight, your allies should be able to win a 4v2... Hopefully.

Don't feel too down if this happens. Do your best even if your allies don't.
League of Legends Build Guide Author Drake6401
Drake6401 Renekton Guide
Beginners Guide to Renekton (RIP Shojin)(Needs editing)