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Renekton Build Guide by Drake6401

Top Complete Guide to Renekton

Top Complete Guide to Renekton

Updated on October 19, 2021
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Drake6401 Build Guide By Drake6401 1084 54 2,423,647 Views 40 Comments
1084 54 2,423,647 Views 40 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Drake6401 Renekton Build Guide By Drake6401 Updated on October 19, 2021
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Runes: Team Fighter

1 2 3
Legend: Tenacity
Last Stand

Second Wind

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2 3
Lane Dominance
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


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Top Lane
Ranked #72 in
Top Lane
Win 45%
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Top Lane Ranked #72 in
Top Lane
Win 45%
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Champion Build Guide

Complete Guide to Renekton

By Drake6401
Current State of Renekton
11.19 will bring a faster W animation and small HP buff.

With a new buff on the way, Renekton will most likely get to leave his status as the lowest success top laner in the game. No longer will his W be self-defeating and he'll have a little more HP to work with after his ultimate got gutted. This won't be enough to fix Renekton, but it's an appreciated step in the right direction.

My hope, like many other Renekton players, that we will see another buff in patch 11.20 once Worlds is over.
Wild Rift

When you are the team's main frontliner, build tankier items like, , and

This is the newest item added to Wild Rift that has use on Renekton. Only buy this is hard snowballing or in need of armor penetration. It synergies with Renekton's ultimate amazingly and makes escape almost impossible for more champions. Last Whisper, its ladder item, is also great for fast armor pen if you need it ASAP.

Core build order for the majority of games. Boots should be adaptive but Ninja Tabi give you a strong edge over many top laners and scale well against fed ADCs or junglers. You can replace Sunfire Aegis for Guardian Angel if you feel more comfortable with the meta build. I've had a lot more success with Sunfire though. It synergies well with the HP Renekton buys and gains from his ultimate which also has an AoE burn of its own. because of this large HP pool, I take Conqueror for great teamfight capability. Keep track of how many enemies can build Blade of the Ruined King. If up to three can, it's better to go for GA or an armor item.

Runes: Conqueror, Brutal, Second Wind, Sweet Tooth.
Enchantment: Teleport, Glory.
Spells: Ignite, Flash, or Ghost.

Rune mentions.

Unlike normal league, you actually wanna get Ruthless Predator second after Cull the Meek in most games. I'll be calling them Q,W,E from now on, cause we all know what that means. In early fights before you've bought Blade of the Ruined King, you typically want to empower your Q. It has a better overall value early because you max it first and heal, creating a larger HP gap than empowered W does. Once you complete BoRK, your empowered W will hit harder than Q.

As usual, you play for the early game and snowball, using sustain to create a lead in lane. Zoning enemies away from minions is less effective in this game because you get a portion of minion gold even if you missed the last hit. This means you need to be more aggressive in order to dominate.

Once you have Teleport, stick to the side lanes to level up faster and be ready to teleprt in to help your team secure objectives or win important fights. This is easier when you can beat anyone in a 1v1, further implying how much you need to win lane. (NOTE) Renekton's W can now be used on towers to mow them down very quickly! This is a great tool for splitting that PC Renekton doesn't have.

MobaFire's owned Renekton guide for WRift is also a good place to get info and the build is spot on for the best items in the average game.

Wild Rift vs LoL

So how is Renekton different between both games? For the most part, he behaves about the same like most champs apart from Mundo since WRift is the classic version.

Q/First: Heals twice as much flat HP on non champions, deals a lot more damage, but no champion enhanced heal.

W/Second: Base damage is slightly weaker when maxed, but base damage early is better than PC.

E/Third: Empowered Dice does more damage and shreds 5% more armor than PC.

R/Ultimate: Un-nerfed. Has 750 Hp as it should be. Shorter cooldown.

Vs medium armor 1v1s

With the changes coming with 11.7, Trinity Force is now on the table for the next Renekton item and may shake up his playstyle in light of his nerfs that made team fighting much harder.

Sheen's passive is something that has always been tempting for Renekton, but he didn't need Trinty's attack speed or mana from the old version. Now, the attack speed is lower in favor of damage, haste, and MS which is very good for Renekton. He can ramp its passive very quickly with his combo. Do note, that you will want to put two auto attacks between your W and Q uses so that you can proc Sheen for them both, maximizing overall damage in exchange for burst when it's suitable to do so.

Vs medium armor teams and team fights

This is my go-to default mythic for Renekton. Its healing at low health is insane. It has Tiamat’s active built-in that heals for a lot of damage when low. It provides solid stats and is ideal for a heavy CDR build. You’ll need to get into the habit of no longer using this in your W animations every time as it’s best saved up for when you’re low. The active is basically triumph plus Q combined. Its passive, Aggression also synergizes with Renekton’s risky outplay playstyle.

Vs kite teams
Ideal for ranged matchups or games with a lot of backline enemies that you need to stick to. The removed dash makes getting to targets but the slow is much stronger and the damage is roughly equal to Goredrinker's. Because of the huge slow, using this in the middle of a fight give your team easy skillshot hits. Though you never want to be in a losing situation with Renekton, this item peals well too since it slows enemies that are chasing you.

Vs medium armor 1v1s
This is a popular dueling item that specializes in a balance of durability, sustain, and assassination which work on Renekton rather well. Once he lands his stun combo, he’s given a shield that protects him from retaliation briefly. The shield is fairly small however and not the most optimal choice for surviving large team fights, but is still usable in them, just much less optimal than Goredrinker.

Vs heavy armor teams
Works on Renekon but not nearly as well as it does other champions. It goes well with a high CDR build to maximize ability value, and make sure to space out your abilities to proc the item passive every time when possible for maximum value.

Vs Low armor teams
This performs a similar task to Stridbreaker but is better geared for assassination. Despite being a bruiser class, Renekton is quite at home with assassin items. This item is better picked over Stridbreaker when your team needs assassinations over backline rundowns. Build this item first vs ranged laners to gain a third dash on them. This is great for Renekton because he can dash a second time without the concern of burning Fury on his E.

Legendaries and other Items:

This is a good item for wave clear and while it doesn't shove quite as hard as old Tiamat, this new item has an improved active without the passive. Why is this good? Because now you can choose to hard shove or freeze a lane since the auto attacks no longer trigger the item's AOE. If you want to freeze, just don't use the active. When it's time to push, use the classic Q+Tiamat combo in the center of the wave to one-shot the minions.

Recently reverted to its near original self, Black Cleaver is your best anti-armor rush item. The old missing health damage felt nice for extra tank-killing, but the movement speed buff is still nice to have. This should be one of your core items for pretty much every game. Armor break is better than penetration to me because your allies benefit from it as well.

I personally love this item. It’s like a Crystal Scepter for AD. While this item may not seem ideal for Renekton at first glance, recall how Mordekaiser utilizes his passive to slow his foes. Slow any foe in your sandstorm by 30% where only drastic measures will allow them to escape your jaws. Its stats are also very nice, giving damage, a great amount of armor pen, and CDR. I plan on building this every game at some point.

A few discouraging changes have come to this item recently. Its passive has been nerfed and the active is now passive, procing on three hits. This is an issue for Renekton because these hits will usually be his W which the enemy is stunned anyway. It can no longer be used to snipe speed from a target you’re chasing. This has made the item less mandatory for Renekton and more of a situational pick.

The Omni-Vamp is also very good for him because his Q, E, and even R DoT damage heal him. This item also gives a lot of AoE damage to the enemy team in cluttered fights which stacks very hard over a short time if you land W on a target surrounded by their allies.

Though it lacks the improved passive of Ravenous, Titanic Hydra can still come in handy when you’re building more HP for a defensive bruiser style. With Cleaver, Steraks, and this, you will actually see more on hit damage than you would with Ravenous Hydra.

Changed in ways that favor Renekton. This item now gives you combat sustain and a very impressive shield that Renekton can max with extreme ease using his Q range to hit all his enemies instantly. This amounts to a massive shield when you drop too low, providing the change to heal back up to keep on fighting.

This is the perfect item if you’re super ahead and are needed in team fights. With this, you can maybe even 1v5 an entire team, granted you play it out properly. In a team fight, the passive will heal you for even assist kills, so much like Sterak’s Gage, one big Q in the crowd will set you up to heal every time someone falls in battle. This item is however much weaker than Steraks if you get bursted down.

A perfect complimentary item to a Stridebreaker build. This gives you an extra boost of speed outside of combat with its passive and activates for speed in battle, letting you rundown and assassinate priority backlines.

As an assassin, you’ll want to be certain the enemy is not aware of your presence. This item gives you that peace of mind, knowing whether or not you passed a ward. It’s also nice to have for sweeping dragons and Baron by simply jogging by.

I feel like this is an improvement from the usual Mortal Reminder, giving HP and CDR. The grievous wounds part has also been buffed to 60% on half HP targets. Thanks to Renekton’s burst damage, rushing an opponent to this health percentage is a breeze and will throw many matchups like Mundo, Sylas, and Vladimir more in Renekton’s favor.

Since you will be buying this item after Sterak's Gage, note any Serpants Fangs being built. They counter shields. Either don't buy Stoneplate that game or make sure the holder of that item is killed quickly. Usually, ADCs or Assasins buy it so bursting them isn't usually an issue.

This is a lineup of builds that I will continue to experiment and improve on as we all learn the new season. Note that these builds do not have to be followed exactly as different games call for different items and mixing it up is to be expected. This will usually come in the form of Grievous Wounds or specific defensive stats.

Builds are listed in what you will likely build most likely, down to less likely in a game. Goredrinker is viable on every build here so building it first before knowing what build you need is fine.

Team Fighter
“Massacre them!”


Designed for high ability cooldowns, and combat sustain, this build is the best one for the widest variety of games that your goal is to join your team for full-blown team fights instead of split pushing. This build can play front to back as well as diving for backline priorities.

Black Cleaver and Titanic Hydra scale really well with your shielding item passives to make you surprisingly tanky even though you're building damage. Armed with the Grudge passive, this Renekton build thrives in the center of battle, slowing enemies for his team while dishing out devastating damage in rapid succession with his short cooldowns. Unless you're absolutely crushing and can run max damage, pick between Black Cleaver and Grudge based on armor and kite threats.

This build synergizes well with Teleport or Ghost for either side laning and always being ready to join your team, or speeding after your prey. Without your summoner spells you are a bit more susceptible to be kited than some following builds. If the enemy team has a lot of melee champions, this build is ideal.

Generally build Goredrinker first complete item, unless I'm against a tank which I will get Black Cleaver or Last Whisper. Black Cleaver second is a strong pick and then Sterak's Gage. Titanic Hydra or Stoneplate based on your best judgment of that game.

“Lethality Amplified!”

This build is very difficult to counter build after three core items. You have lethality, armor pen, armor break, and percent HP damage. Prowlers and Youmuu's provide a lot of mobility in combat while Black Cleaver breaks down armor to give your lethality stat more value. This build is very high in damage but very fragile in defense. Best used as a mid lane role, but can be fine top lane if your team has two durable champions in other places.

(I'm Taking a hiatus from League at the moment, but worry not. I'm still keeping up to date on patches and new content so if I believe any items require changed info, I will be on it in a timely fashion.)

First Mention

The first thing I want to establish is a very important misconception about Renekton many new players to him have. Renekton is NOT an easy to master champion. Many people will say he's super easy and that's how you know they haven't invested much into learning him. Renekton's Fury takes time to get used to because that passive divides the good and bad Renekton players. Renekton also has A ton of combos to learn. Way more than most champions would ever consider. If you go in every fight with the same E-W-Q-E combo, you will be killed by a select amount of champions often. Learning what combos are needed in what situation, how much fury you need and can obtain in how many attacks will make you a better player.

Also, this guide will not make you a master Renekton. No amount of reading will prepare you like actually getting out there, but this guide has everything I can think of to help any level of player who wants to learn or improve with him and be a better top laner in general. The threats tab is a great resource for on-demand into of nearly every opponent you will meet in the top lane and a few mid laners I've faced. Knowing your matchups is a huge deal for snowball champions like Renekton so know your enemy.

Pros and Cons

Strong early and mid game
Nearly unrivaled lane sustain
No mana
Fantastic duelist
Item versatility
Great outplay potential
Can destroy when ahead
He looks awesome... That's a pro, deal with it.

Doesn't have late game scaling
Usually weak without Fury
Cooldown reliant
Long cooldowns early.
Hard to come back if behind
Can be predictable


As Renekton, your main goal is to get ahead in your lane and extend your lead to the rest of the game and establish a lead that will hopefully result an early victory. This goal is not always achievable of course, so this guide will help you increase the times it does and give you ways to handle times when the dream game doesn't come. The first and most important thing for Renekton is combat and Fury management If you can't fight with Renekton, then you probably need to either learn asap or move to a different champ.

Ability keys: Q= W= E= R=

Your full trade combo is to Slice in, do all your damage and Dice out while adding auto attacks to the mix.

Full Combo: -Auto- -Auto- -Auto-

Sustain Poke: - -Auto-

Safe Escape: - -Auto- -
(Use this against champions that can pull you back in like Darius, Mordekaiser, and Sett)(Don't use Q if it will be empowered. Empowered W is required)

Long gap closing. off minion- - -

Empowered W from 0 Fury: Auto- -Auto- -Auto- -Auto-

Empowered W from 25 Fury: - -Auto- -
(Same as Safe escape but I wanted to list it in the Fury specific spot too)

R: Gains you 20 instant Fury which is a good mental note when pulling off outplays with surprise empowered abilities.

- -Auto- will give you about 40 to Fury because you generate Fury over time with Dominus active. Take the Fury generation into account when working combos.

W, Ult cancel: W-R (Can dash instantly after ultimate as well)
I don't use this often but it does work. Better for dives if you need the added HP to survive the tower.

There are many more combos than this, and there's typically a very optimal trade pattern for every situation. Only experience will prepare you for them all but these are the most common combos you will need to remember. These combos also change based on your Ultimate which adds an entirely new layer of experience required to this character.

As I live, all will die!

Your main combat goal with Renekton is to inflict short heavy damage trades to gain kill pressure in your lane. You will rarely want to stay and auto-attack your opponent on the first fight. Renekton is an outplay based champion who capitalizes on his enemy's mistakes in lane. This is why Champions like Camile, Riven, Jax, and Fiora often struggle against him. They have less room for error which puts players in tough spots. Renekton is not made to sit there and auto-attack for fights. Only by establishing a lead with proper trades will you be able to kill most top laners in a fresh HP fight early on.

Establish lane dominance and zone your opponent off if you can. Renekton is extremely powerful with full Fury but is also very weak when he has none. This means that you will usually crush your lane or get crushed yourself because of how easy you are to zone off if you mess up early. Succeeding in combat early and managing your wave properly will ensure a very strong lead and the power to shut down your opponent so bad that they are too weak in the mid-game to do anything.

Renekton has a few Fury amounts he can engage with. 35 and 25 are the most notable amounts BEFORE reaching 50 Fury. The combos are listed above in the combo section. Knowing these will allow you to fight much sooner than 50 Fury which is where most inexperienced Renekton players will look to wait for. These are also very situational. At 25 Fury, you actually have the potential to do more damage than 50 Fury against champions like Darius. This is because W always ends your trade with him so by starting with 25 Fury, your E and Q will be used first and W will allow you an escape. Going in with 50 Fury will avoid using Q so that W is empowered.

Hitting minions with Q can also spike your Fury amount a lot so you can often pull these off with less Fury than listed. Minions waves are just very diverse from each game and time so my combos are listed to work even when there are no minions. Knowing this will still help you. Say you have 22 or 13 Fury which is a bit awkward. You can still use the Escape combo so long as your Q is sure to hit a few minions. You gain 2.5 Fury per minion hit with Q. 5 Fury for 2 minions hit.
Laning Phase
Laning phase is a big decider for champions like Renekton. What happens here will often decide how you handle the rest of the game. Do note that Renekton has a tendency to either dominate his lane or flunk it for one huge reason. He has to hit minions to gain fury. This means control over the wave is the most effective way to win or lose with this champion. If Renekton can't safely access the wave, he cannot fight. If he can zone his opponent with the fury he's built, he can be an unmovable object between your enemy and farming.


Renekton's level 1 is rather weak and most top laners can beat you in this state. Occasionally you can turn the fight by starting W which they won't expect but it's unlikely. I strongly recommend not unlocking any abilities before you enter lane for multiple reasons. You can unlock E if for any reason you need to get out. I've been ganked by the enemy jungle before the minions even collide. This is extremely rare, but I survived because I held my unlock and pulled E to dash back and wasted their time which put my jungler ahead. You may also find yourself in a favorable position to win a trade with W before level 2 if your opponent gets too aggressive on a champion that can actually lose at level 1. If the lane seems like a farm lane early, Q is great for securing the three melee minions at the start.

When level 2 is near, you have the chance to look for a level 2 all in if the enemy will not be hitting their level up when you do. The same can be done with level 3, so look out for these level spikes to get ahead in lane very early.

In cases where you are heavily disadvantaged before level 3, against champions like Darius, Fiora, Riven, and Irellia, you will most likely lose the race to level 2. When the second wave arrives, fall back before your opponent kills the front line minions. You can't afford to be killed so soon. This may have to be repeated for level 3 until you're ready to safely trade back. Vs Darius, I recommend this, but the others can be traded with once you have Q and E.

Turret Diving

Renekton is a really good diver but not all champions are easy to dive. If you can dive the matchup, make sure not to dash before your combo. Walk in with a large minion wave and test your opponent with the threat of an attack. This is aimed to bait out their CC based abilities or dashes. If they hit you, they will likely get minions aggro as well which will help with your burst damage. When the time seems right, kill them quickly and dash out. Champions that are risky to dive are ones with hard CC. Jax and Fiora are the best examples of hard to dive champs for risky CC moves. Shen and Rammus should usually be avoided because taunts will certainly doom you. If you can't get them to waste these abilities, back off from the kill. You can't afford to die to these champions even once.

In less dangerous cases, you can just walk in to cut off their path and get in for the kill. This works on the majority of champions at low HP. As long as they can't completely negate your W, you can usually just dive them with little concern.

Vs Ranged Top

These picks usually involve ranged bullies like Vayne and Quinn or passive farmers like Hienmendinger a d Velkoz. Your options can often be limited in these situations, but you can also snowball extremely hard if you get a lead vs them because they don't build armor, making it easy to repeatedly tower dive them at full health if you get a completed damage item over them.

Play safe for your first level until level 2 where you can look for E-Q poke combos to start healing and chunking them down. by level three, you have a few options. Either unlock W for a potential kill early or just level Q instead for better healing and poke. Unlock W by level 4 if you did.

Early into Mid Game

Renekton gets ahead in lane in most of his games. For me this is about 98% of the time. So now is the question of what the heck do you do now? How can you make your lead impact the game? Well it's super situational but I have a few methods that Renekton is great at.

Freezing: By not buying Tiamat early, you can freeze the lane effectively denying your opponent gold. These strategies can least to 50 CS differences between you and your laner which is a lot. This is generally effective against champions who need the wave to fight or are extremely item dependant. It's also effective when you are unable to 1v2 your laner and the enemy jungle or mid laner. Another reason to freeze lanes is to set up a large minion wave to crash into tower to either gain a back or roam timer for yourself. Better yet, dive kill your opponent which will force them to miss most if not all the minions you crashed under tower. This dive strategy is extremely effective when well coordinated with your jungle for two-man dives.

Proxy: This method requires a Tiamat and the guaranteed ability to either win a 1v2 or 1v3 or escape safely. Instead of staying in lane, you roam to the enemy top jungle and get vision, kills, or camps all while catching minion waves before they reach their ally outer tower. You can watch your minions as they leave base for an exact idea where the enemy minions are. By Proxying, you force your opponent under tower and command the top half of the map.

This can get even more bloodthirsty if you killed your laner and proceed to proxy the lane while preventing them from getting to the wave AT ALL. This is basically murder and your opponent could be pushed into irrelevance for the entire game if you end it soon enough. Your jungle can also invade the top enemy jungle while you do this so not even the enemy jungle can break your proxy.

Having your jungle invade the enemy side while your pushed up can be an effective strategy to snowball both lanes. This also requires competence from your mid lane to keep mid in check. For your side, keep heavy pressure in top lane and force your enemy under tower without burning your dash because you'll be overextended for ganks. If you see your jungle get into a fight with the enemy, go to help them even if not needed as sometimes mid laners will come as well so you'll be ready.

Rift Herald

You should look to take the Rift Herald with your jungler when they are nearby. Renekton doesn't have the tools to solo this unit like some top laners, but you can duo it just fine. Don't burn your W on the Rift Herald because you will want you E and W up in case a fight breaks out for it. With you missing from lane, your attempts may be obvious. This is however benefited by roaming a lot prior to this so your absence is less of an alarm that you're on Rift.

If you're jungler lets you take the Eye of Rift, you have two plays with it. Either use it to create pressure on top lane while your team goes for the dragon, or use it to take down the top outer tower so you can roam more. Your jungler will likely follow to help with the dive if you ping your intentions.

If you manage to run Rift all the way into the enemy base, you will have to decide if you can wand want to destroy the enemy inhibitor. If you do, your next priority is to go bot lane and help push it as hard as you can with them. You're almost certainly ahead if this opportunity arises so Renekton's dive power makes it practically free towers.

You should avoid top lane for as long as the inhibitor is down and create pressure everywhere else while the enemy team will be down a man, managing the super minions.
Split Pushing
As a split pusher, you will solo lane for much more time than most other players and gain a level lead in an even game. Your goal is to draw attention away from objectives or punish the enemy team if they don't address your push. As Renekton, you don't blow through towers as quickly as say, Tryndamere, Nasus, or Yorick. What Renekton has as an advantage is his combat threat. Renekton is more likely to require two or more people to stop his push than the others. You will want to solo farm by default and only break that behavior for oppertunities to pick up kills and set up objectives.

Split pushing isn't the jack of all trades move though. You have to choose your pushes wisely. If your team has no pressure on the map, you don't need to be overextending. If your team is pushing bot lane, then push top. The same goes for objectives. Push the opposite lane from the objective to hopefully draw people away. Push the closer lane if you're the only thing that decides success for the objective or push the mid or nearest lane if you don't have TP and they will need you to secure it. As a pusher, your job is to create pressure on the map, and it's your team's job to complement that pressure. If your team all dies while you're away, you will be likely forced to back off the push since there's nothing keeping the enemy team from 5v1 running you down.


You want to be as annoying as possible and not die. To do this, I will typically fake a back when someone catches my split push that I can't safely kill. They may be too healthy to dive or the threat of others being nearby is too prominent. In this situation, I will run up my side of the lane but instead take a tour through the enemy jungle to ward and take camps. This lets you prep the jungle with vison and do something while you wait on the minion wave to push back up a little. Your opponent will usually just send the wave back and not push too far. If they do, you can kill them and then really get to work on the tower since yet another person will have to leave the map to deal with you.

Even when I'm pushing uncontested, I will take detours in the jungle unless I see every enemy player and they are not responding at all. This is to get some pressure off me before I reach the tower and potentially make the enemy second guess if catching my push is worth it. In the meantime, I'm taking camps and warding the jungle so I can more safely continue. The timer to clear one camp and place a good ward is enough time to get back to your push, especially if every enemy is visible on the map or you see them recently enough to know they can't get to you quickly. Another advantage to this is making a brief freeze, letting a second minion wave arrive. Return to lane and fast push the arriving lane for a better wave crash into the tower.

Decision Making

Deciding to dedicate to your push, back off, or Teleport to help with an objective is very situational and won't be the same every time. These are some good guidelines though. If your team is guaranteed to get the objective like Dragon or Baron without you, then keep pushing. This will stack the pressure on the enemy team. If your team has a shot at Baron but will likely need some help, Teleport to the fight after you shoved the wave as long as possible. This is usually the case if the enemy is aware of your team's attempts to take Baron and is ignoring your push to trade it for Baron. If you being there has a good chance of securing it, then go.

If the team is so far behind that you simply will lose any team fights, then your pressure is better than you being at Baron. Continue to hard shove the opposite lane in hopes of doing two things. Either trade baron for an inhibitor instead of dying for the lost objective, or draw attention to your push either making the enemy neglect Baron, be down some people or have to surrender taking baron because you can end the game if they don't.
Team Fighting
General tips: Look for team fight opportunities when your or and ultimate are up. Consider split pushing when they are down. You should rarely team fight when your ultimate is down. It's far too important to Renekton. Ping your spells and Ult timers at proper moments to keep your team updated on your combat reliability.

Your job in team fights is to dive after the enemy backline and kill off their damage carries. It's your team's job to follow your engage but applying front line pressure so they enemy front line can't turn on you without punishment. In most cases, the presence of a Renekton in the area will deter a lot of fights unless the enemy is just too out of control to be stopped. When the game is even, Renekton is generally strong at zoning enemies off because no one wants to get blown up by his burst.

When fights do break out, try to get on their main threats for a kill tha will be extremely beneficial for your team. This is made easier by using the active of Youmuu's Ghostblde or Ghost to charge after your target. Its new ability to pass through units is especially helpful. Reframe from landing the auto before your W stun and just stun immediately. More often than not, trying to get that auto in has made things awkward for me or gives them time to flash or use any other forms of broken mobility ADCS are gifted with.

Serylda's Grudge is a great item for team fights because you will almost always fight with your ultimate active. This means anyone in range of your sand storm will be slowed by 30%, making it easier to chase, kite, or slow enemies for ally skill shots.

Once your target is dead, consider quickly if you can stay in the fight or need to get out if able. While Renekton can make some big plays even at low health, you probably just used your Q and W so you'll need time to get them back. If you are running my Team Fight build, you will be able to sit in battle when you have three items and more because your cooldowns will be so short.
Pick Making

Renekton's strongest time in 1v1 duels to 3 man skirmishes. Larger team fights are not particularly his favorite spot, but there are builds to make Renekton team fight very well. Despite this, you should be dedicating the majority of your attention to picking off stray enemy champions. Killing enemies without losing allies is the best way to set up successful objectives. Thanks to Renekton's burst damage and mobility, running down lone targets is easy unless they get help. Be aware of who's on the map when looking for these picks so you can get a good idea of who will come to your target's aid.
Bad Matchup?
If you have trouble in lane, your best bet is to maintain side lanes to recover levels and gold. If your team as an alternate win condition, complement that champion by pushing lanes opposite of them because they are strong enough to demand multiple champions to keep in check. You can recover your income by side laning and trying to take towers down. If your team wants you to follow them, do so. Typically when behind, it's best to allow the game's current win condition player to call the shots.

Communicate with your team so they know your intentions, and always look for opportunities to come back into the game.

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Tower Diving List
A basic list of champions put into tiers of how difficult they are to successfully tower dive on average. These obviously vary with skill level, items, level, and minion count, but I can't really account for every factor. Before you tunnel vision into diving the tower, consider this list. Harder champs will require lower HP to safely dive. A failed dive can give your enemy a kill and throw away what lead you may have built. A successful dive will almost set your lane win in stone.

Champion difficulty usually regards their durability and CC potential. Tanky champs naturally take a beating better and are harder to burst down even when low. Lots of carry champs are easily killed with a burst and have more skill applied CC

Very Hard




Very Easy

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