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Renekton Build Guide by NAPKEtheBLOODY2

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author NAPKEtheBLOODY2

Berserk Renekton

NAPKEtheBLOODY2 Last updated on March 25, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hi my name is NAPKEtheBLOODY2 and this is how I play Renekton. Most top rated guides on this site tend to build Renekton too defensive for my liking. That's why I dicided to create this guide to show you the offensive way to play renek; How he wants to be played ^^

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Philosophy behind the Guide

Renekton is a great laner, so he really doesn't need a defensive set-up to survive top lane. We instead focus on Damage with our Masteries, Runes and early items. By doing so we dominate top lane, mid game and will be able to instagib a carry almost as if we were playing an AD-caster.

All of this is possible because of Dominus and Cull the Meek which gives us survivalbility, sustain (based on the Damage) and ridiculous AOE Damage to dominate Mid game.

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Pros / Cons

-High Burst
-High Mobility
-Area of Effect Damage and Armor Pen
-Tanky because of Ultimate
-Easily kills Carries even Late Game

-Relatively Squishy early with this Build
-Needs a strong tanky teammate
-Unintentional Pushing with Cull the Meek

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Runes & Masteries

Not much to say about this. The 21-9-0 masteries make this build more offensively orientated that most other Renekton Builds.

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Starting Items

Easy Lane: Long Sword + Health Potion or Doran's Blade
vs High sustain: Doran's Shield or 2x Rejuvenation Bead+ Health Potion
vs AD: Cloth Armor + Health Potion

Note: Don't pick boots anymore as starting items, bacause of the nerf they are weak starting items now

Items you should rush:
The Brutalizer into The Black Cleaver

You should have bought lvl 1 boots as well and upgrade them to either Ninja Tabi or Mercury's Treads after you finished Black Cleaver.

2nd item we rush is:
Tiamat and if we're tanky enough upgrade this to Ravenous Hydra before buying Tanky stuff ( The Bloodthirster is a very good Alternative )

You should be dominating Teamfights but we need to prepare ourselves for mid-late game by buying defenses

Health & Armor: Firt buy Giant's Belt, which can later be build into Sunfire Cape if the team needs you do even more damage or Randuin's Omen as more defensive option or if kited a lot

Magic resist & Cooldown reduction: Spirit Visage is without a doubt the best magic resist item for Renekton. Even gives some extra Health too!

Final item:
I usually prefer to buy an attack speed item to increase your DPS (especially with Ravenous Hydra) and rage generation. This will also make you one of the best duelers in the game. However, sometimes you just need to be more tanky.

Attack speed:
Zephyr: If you bought and want to keep Ninja Tabi this is probably the best option because of the tenacity. Cooldown Reduction and Damage are, offcourse never a bad thing
Sword of the Divine: With its active, makes an excellent choice for carry hunting.
Blade of the Ruined King: Good versus high Health teams and also gives you even more sustain and a nice slow/drain

Guardian Angel: Very good item if you get a lot of focus and die early in teamfights. Especially with Renekton's sustain you can often get back into the front lines after rebirth!
Randuin's Omen: If you need more armor this is the one. Can be bought as alternative to Sunfire Cape but also in addition to.
Runic Bulwark: Great for additional tankyness, especially magic resist. Also very good for the team. It goes against the philosophy of this guide but this item is just too good. If the support or jungler didn't pick this up, you probably should.
Wit's End: Could have been in the attack speed section, but is a more defensive option if a little magic resist is needed. The other attack speed items are more offensively orientated.

Other cool stuff:
Hextech Gunblade: Great sustain because of the addition of spell vamp and more life steal!
Guinshoo's Rageblade: To all-ot-1vs1 other bruisers. There are probably better choices though
The Bloodthirster: In addition to Ravenous Hydra for assassin style bursting down carries

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Skills Sequence

I'm not gonna explain every skills as the description of each skill is done well in-game and here on mobafire.

Skill order:
Renekton's basic skills are all good and it really doesn't matter very much which skill you max first, as you will use them all during your harass-combo. I usually start out with a couple of points in Cull the Meek, because it's good for harass and sustain. As soon as I have my sustain covered i go Slice and Dice because of the armor pen of a enraged dice will make you do most damage. Vs strong harassers or hard pushers you should probably max Cull the Meek first.

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Renekton Gameplay

Early: the Laning Phase
Just relax at the start and try to get some farm and maybe harass your victim a it with cull the meek, but try not to push.

When you are lvl 3 and have all your skills and can do some serious harass using the following combo. Slice in(E1)-> W-> Q-> Dice out (E2)
Tip: use smartcast on E

This should be pretty save harass and u can Cull the Meek sustain any taken damage. If your opponent can't retaliate or sustain himself in an equal fashion you should be gaining an advantage rather fast.
Now it's time to zone or kill him. Try to stop him from getting any last hits and when possible slice through a minion with full fury, dice to the enemy to reduce his armor, Auto Attack (AA), W, AA, Q (follow up with any summoner spells to secure a kill if u can.

The above is the preferred scenario offcourse. However, if your opponent can take/return your harass you should just chill, try to farm and sustain yourself and asking the jungler for assistance. Even if the jungler is busy, fear not; you'll eventually turn lvl 6. This is huge for Renekton. He can now 1vs1 almost other top laner and becomes a hard target to dive or gank. You should try to win the lane now, if you didn't already

Mid Game: Roaming & Teamfights start happening
This is where Renekton shines, especially with our offensive approach. With your sustain and tankyness with your ULT activated, you are not a good target for the enemy team to focus. In addition you have a kit that gives you the ability to slice & dice through the enemy front-line onto the enemy carry and kill him with your combo! If you can't reach the carry, destroy their frontline by shredding their armor with enraged Dice, and deal massive AOE damage with your ULT, Cull the Meek and Ravenous Hydra and peel for your carry with Ruthless Predator.

Seriously, if you finished your Black Cleaver and Ravenous Hydra you can easily with 1vs2 fights as long as you have your ult up and can't be kited by them forever.

Late Game: 5v5 teamfights and destroying towers
With Renekton you should have been dominating the teamfights in during midgame. The enemy team will likely be a bit passive and defending their turrets. This is where a tank comes in real handy. He should initiate and draw turret fire. However sometimes you just have to do it your self. This is why we still build some tank items. Your job is to eliminate the enemy AD and/or AP carry. If your own carry is uber fed or the enemy's carries are to well protected, destroy their front line and peel for your carry with massive armor pen, a stun and AOE Damage.

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IMO this is the best way to play Renekton as he will still be able to kill carries late game and win team fights with massive AOE damage and Armor Pen. The more standard, tankier Renek falls off to hard late game.