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Master Yi Build Guide by MmmPotatoes

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author MmmPotatoes

Better way to play Yi - Jungle Tanky DPS

MmmPotatoes Last updated on January 3, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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This is for Master Yi who in my opinion is the character with the best lore in the game. A lone soldier from a far away ionian village who knows the awesome fighting style of Wuju. After helping out on the frontlines of the Iononian defence his town is attacked by the evil Chemist Singed . He returns to the village and finds it and its inhabitants absolutely destroyed. Instead of venting his fury and getting killed he isolates himself and trains in the art of Wuju hoping one day to pass it on. While in Isolated training he finds a power hungry Kong ( Wukong now) and teaches him the art of Wuju and proclaiming him Wukong. Besides the awesome Master/Sensei lore he is a gun in League of legends making some of the most awesome chases and getaways in the game. He is a great hero but in my opinion is played wrong. So many people play Yi as a straight squishy DPS hero and usually the person on the team that is shut down by one combo of nukes from the teams nukers. Hero's like Brand can dominate Flat DPS Master Yi if they hit him right and leave without one scratch. With my Tanky DPS build you can still fork out enough damage to RAPE most characters but with the difference that you can actually get to them without getting bursted/shut down. ENJOY :)

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Pros / Cons

Nice burst
Good sustained damage
Awesome Team Fighter

Not as much DPS as flat yi
Not as much Lifesteal as Lifesteal yi

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Build 1:
Wriggle's Lantern
Mercury's Treads
Trinity Force
Warmog's Armor
Atma's Impaler
Infinity Edge
The Bloodthirster

Mercury's Treads
- The MR and Tenacity is more useful then the small amount of AS that you get from Berzerker's Greaves as Master Yi is usually the First person to get targetted in a team fight.
Wriggle's Lantern
- This is self explanatory as your jungling and the Madred's Razors Passive is useful for jungling. This is Master Yi's main Lifesteal item for the majority of the game till you switch this for The Bloodthirster
Trinity Force
- This is an all round good item for Master Yi as he uses alot of his abilities in and before a fight. As any decent master yi player would know you Alpha Strike to the Hero your trying to kill giving you a Double damage hit. Also proc'ing Wuju Style gives you another Tri Force proc giving you another double damage hit and if you kill that hero while Highlander is up, you get all your cooldowns back and repeat.
Warmog's Armor
- This is what makes Master Yi Tanky DPS. Gives a solid chunk of health making him more useful in team fights and easier to play as he will survive for longer. Simple Really
Atma's Impaler
- Because of the health increase from Trinity Force and Warmog's Armor this is a quick way to increase you AD. Also the Armor given from this makes him more Tanky and the Crit Chance increase is always helpful
Infinity Edge
- After Your Warmog's Armor and Atma's Impaler you don't need any more tanky items so you focus on AD. Infinity Edge is the highest AD item in the game as well as the Extra 50% crit damage this item will let you tear another ******* into any squishy champion that you should already be raping.
The Bloodthirster
- Late game Wriggle's lantern is ****

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Situational Items

The Black Cleaver
This can be used to replace infinity edge if you have high stacking armor tanks on the team like: Rammus, Singed or Alistar

Madred's Bloodrazor
For high health stacking champions replace Wriggle's Lantern with this and get a Vampiric Scepter. The 2% max health of target is converted into magic damage meaning that you shred high health champions. Also the small armor and AS increase is handy.

Frozen Mallet
This can be used to replace Infinity Edge if you want to make your chracter more tanky. The on hit slow is also useful to make sure that no one gets away. Also the 700 HP = extra ad from your Atma's Impaler

Quicksilver Sash
This item is under used in lol. This is an improved cleanse and a decent amount of MR for a very low price. This item has saved my life quite a few times and suprised the other team when their perfect plan of CC'ing me to **** and killing me, fails and i run off laughing :)

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The Masteries i've chosen for Master Yi are 21 Offence, 9 Defence.

Summoner's Wrath because of Exhaust
Butcher for extra damage to creeps for faster Jungling
Brute Force and Havoc For extra AD
Alacrity for Extra AS = More Crits = More Damage
Lethality and Deadliness for Critical Strike = More Damage
Vampirism Lifesteal for surviving the Jungle
Sunder and Weapon Expertise Armor penetration = More Damage
Executioner Because you would be an idiot if you didnt get the last mastery in a tree
as well as its beast 6% Damage increase when the Enemy is below 40% health. Not that anyone gets away when you in Highlander anyway :)

Summoner's Resolve 10 extra gold on Smite is helpful to get your full build
Hardiness 6 extra armor
Tough Skin Reduced damage to minion for surviving the Jungle
Durabilitiy Extra health is always useful
Vigor Health Regen is always useful
Bladed Armor helps Yi get through the Jungle faster by incresing his DPS

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9x Greater Mark of Desolation

Greater Glyph of Attack Speed
- Attack Speed is useful for getting more procs of your Double Strike and making Wuju Style more efficient
Greater Seal of Health
- Because Master Yi is naturally squishy without items these help him survive through the start of the jungle and generally throughout the whole game.
Greater Mark of Desolation
- Because Yi's build is completely Devoid of a The Black Cleaver , Last Whisper or a Youmuu's Ghostblade these help him get more damage out from auto attacks
Greater Quintessence of Health
- The same as Greater Seal of Health

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Creeping / Jungling

Jungling Master Yi is fun and suprisingly fast.
Here's the way to do it.
1. Pop Health Potion as soon as small Golems spawn and attack the left one 6 times
and Smite then Uses Wuju Style and attack the Right one till its down.
2. Pop another Health Potion and Alpha Strike the Wraiths. Hopefully you will get the
Proc on two of the Wraiths and just autoattack them down.
3. Pop another Health Potion and kill the Big Wolf first and then the two small ones
4. Only attack Blue Buff if you have 3/4 Health left. If so Pop a Health Potion, if not
pop a Health Potion. Alpha Strike and kill the two small lizards then kill Blue Buff.
5. By now you should be able to Gank top lane. Tell top lane that you are coming in to gank and sit in the bush till the other team has pushed to your tower. Ping target and Alpha Strike and Wuju Style= Secured Gank.
6. B then get your Madred's Razor and Vampiric Scepter then kill Red Buff and Gank Bot or Dragon.

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Skill Explanation

Master Yi has a cool set of skills making him an awesome AD hero.

- Nice Damage that stay constant through each target. Also has a 20% chance to do extra damage to creeps making it really good for Farming and Jungling.

- Gives at max level 300 armor and magic resistance making it easy to soak up bursty champions combo's and then retaliate with a good dose of Sword and ***. Also gives a decent regen even with no AP in your build. Useful to take against Karthus to survive his cross map ult.

- A great amount of AD especially early game and on activation gives double the amount of the passive. Also if you kill someone in Highlander with Wuju Style activiated its gives you triple the Passive damage.

- In my opinion one of the most useful, fun and annoying ults in LOL. Gives a massive MS and AS boost as well as making him immune to any slow effects meaning he is able to run through alot of team fights and kill the casters. Careful though this skill can make you very cocky and can make you do stupid things. Use wisely to great effect.

For Jungling I pick Wuju Style instead of Alpha Strike because the effectiveness is more useful when your attacking Wraiths at level 2 when you get your first level.

While Ganking after my Trinity Force:
- Alpha Strike, Trinity Force, Wuju Style, Trinity Force, Highlander, Trinity Force = Kill. then repeat :)

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Summoner Spells

Smite is used for Jungling so its self explanitory

Exhaust is a great spell for Yi as it slows enemy chracters and lowers there damage

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Hopefully this build will help you find a better way of playing Yi. In my opinion Flat DPS Yi is over-played and is devoid of skill and HP ;). Hopefully Tanky-DPS yi will help people to realise that yi is actually a good and useful addition to a team. Feel free to comment feedback on how i should change this guide as this is my first time :) Enjoy.

"I think i'm good,- therefore i am good" -Ryan Jones