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Nautilus Build Guide by Tierlin

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Tierlin

Big Daddy (Tank/Support/jungle) Nautilus Guide

Tierlin Last updated on October 7, 2012
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Support/ Tank Bot Lane


AP Bruiser Top Lane

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hello Summoners! This guide is geared towards making a beefy tank that can easily support an AD carry. Naut is a great solo top and he can also be pretty scary as an AP off tank as well, but I feel like he is best played as a Tank.
This is a quick guide to how I enjoy playing Nautilus!

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Greater Mark of Magic Penetration
There aren't a whole bunch of great marks for AP tanks i feel, so since Nautilus has some pretty decent damage, these are the way to go.
Greater Seal of Armor
These should be self explanatory. They give you armor which you definately need as a tank. Hurrrrrr Deeerrrrrrrrrrrp.
Greater Glyph of Magic Resist
Similar to the armor runes... only its magic resist. Greater Glyph of Replenishmentis also a possibility, however I feel like Naut has a low MR in the beginning if you don't have the MR runes.
Greater Quintessence of Magic Penetration
Mpen blah blah blah truck like Big Daddy

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I run 0/22/8. This Optimizes your damage soaking and movement speed, since Naut is a fairly slow walker. I choose the Reduced death timer over the mana cause lets face it... The mana isn't that great unless you go for the MP5 which Philosopher's Stone gives enough MP5 if your not spamming all of your skills. This build is also fairly expensive so I usually get Philosopher's stone and Heart of Gold along with Mercenary to help the build go along. Also the more GP5 the better because you better be buying wards and not killing minions to get your AD carry fed.
Another possible set is 9/21/0 grabbing
Arcane Knowledge to have more magic pen to do more damage but then you lose that little speed boost from Swiftness and that really does help a lot in the long run IMO.

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Unique Skills

Super OP passive that can stun an enemy every 12 secondson melee. This is really the only time that Nautilus's auto attack is useful. His first hit does average damage but each subsequent hit is just pitiful damage. Naut's damage is completely dependent on his skills. In team fights use this at the right time on the right people to:

  • Stop carrys and assassins from hurting your teammates for a moment
  • Stop their tank from CC'ing your teammates
  • Stopping supports from supporting
  • Helping teammates run when they are being focused
  • Stopping enemies from running
all from a simple,well timed melee.

This skill is so useful. It allows you to close the distance between you and the enemy and use your passive to stun them and then you can use Riptide to slow them down and damage them.
This is also a GREAT escaping and mobility tool. Its fairly low cost allows you to be somewhat mobile if there is usable terrain around. The CD is reduced if you use it on terrain too! This is also a great tool for ganking other lanes.

Nautilus is actually a great jungler because of this ability. It sets up ganks so well. This combined with his passive and
Riptide allow for great ganking potential.

Pretty cut and dry. It's a shield that scales off of health. Some like to max this first if they are rushing a Warmog's Armor which is viable. A lot of Naut's damage comes from this skill. His Auto attacks are actually worth something so long as this skill is activated. The AOE DOT is very nice from this for farming and clearing minion waves, especially when combined with Riptide

This is Naut's main source of damage. The expanding effect of this is perfect for enemies who are running away. Each slow diminishes over time so it is important to try to hit all three of them to get the maximum amount of slowing and damage. Use this in conjunction with Staggering Blow

Excellent CC'ing ultimate with a decent range. This will pop up all enemies around the target as well as those that are in its way on to a champion. I usually try to target an squishy in the back. Preferably the AD or AP carry.

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Support/ Tank Bot Lane

Bot Lane support is a very rewarding experience when done correctly with Nautilus. His grab allows for excellent setups for kills, and his CC and slow allow for the maximum amount of time for your AD carry to get as much damage out as possible in a short few seconds. He doesn't give too much sustain to a lane, but If your AD carry plays smart, sustain isn't as critical.
I try to spend a good amount of time in the bushes to zone the other team. I look for good opportunities to run in, stun, slow, and then grab (best case scenario in that order) However, his shield allows him to run around outside the bush to zone as well.

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AP Bruiser Top Lane

This is a difficult lane to play IMO. Your damage output isn't nearly as much as most bruisers top lane, but If your jungler is a high damage jungler, ganks top lane are almost always a success if played correctly. Naut's damage isnt too good on the sustain, but he is very survivable up top with just a bit of health regen.

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Tips and Tricks

Most of Naut's abilities are pretty straightforward. His best mobility comes from the use of his Dredge Line. This skill takes a bit of getting used to when using it for mobility because of the width of the spell itself. If you are running parallel to a wall and you need to get away, you can angle this spell slightly towards the wall (very slightly) to get the anchor to barely brush the wall and cover some ground quickly. I recommend trying this a few times in a custom game so you can get the hang of it. Also, any time you are on higher terrain than where you are throwing your Dredge Line, it actually goes over it. So if you are standing around tri-bush on the ledge, you can get into the fight by hitting an enemy champion with it. However, trying to get back up the same way will get you face planting into the wall of the river. Play around with Dredge Line to find out more about how it works.

Staggering Blow Is such a useful passive. If you are mindful of the 12 second timer, and if you are paying attention, you can be a real pain in the butt. This passive is so useful in team fights as well. Whoever is attacking your squishies, JUST HIT EM LIKE A BOSS. After all, your main focus on your team should be protecting your teammates.

Skill Sequence for Initiation
If you don't need to use dredge line to initiate, DON'T! Saving this for running champions is ideal, however saving this is not always the best option. Whenever you initiate, or go in for a gank, activate Titan's Wrath and use Dredge Line To close the distance. Quickly get an Auto attack in to stun them and as soon as they start to run away, use Riptide to slow them down.

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These are generally the kinds of items you want to go for. Every game will be different, however Rod of Ages is super effective for Nautilus. Many people rush Warmog's Armor on him because of his health scaling with his shield. This is viable, but you wont have any damage to help your AD carry get kills. Plus when you go for Rod of Ages first, Catalyst the Protector gives you a bit of sustain in your lane.

Beginning Items

First Back
  • Philosopher's Stone Sight Ward
Mid Game/Late game Core Items Situational and Optional Items

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Skill Sequence

I chose this sill sequence because I feel as though it is important to have that second point into Titan's Wrath at level 4 instead of at the usual level 8. This helps out tremendously when you are harassing. The extra little bit of shielding does wonders.
Some choose to max out
Titan's Wrath first because of the shield and this is also viable if you are rushing Warmog's Armor But from experience, that always seems very unrewarding because of your lack of mana regeneration and the loss of reliable damage that comes from Riptide.

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Summoner Spells

Since Naut doesnt have any ability to give his laning partner any sustain, I go heal to give them just that, along with the ability to tower dive more effectively and to surprise the enemy with "extra health" from time to time.

Clairvoyanceis a fantastic tool. You can use it to find their jungler so you can know who is in danger, and who is safe, you can use it to safely check bushes, or to see if someone is changing lanes to go for a gank, or even to see what the other team is buying for their items and to see which lanes they go to. The uses of this summoner spell are innumerable and any support should be carrying this if possible.

Other Possibilities

FlashIs also a great tool for initiation or running away. I can see this as a possibility, however it reduces your utility as a support champion. This is more geared towards a Tank Naut (sort of).

This spell is very useful for saving towers, getting back to you lane quickly, and crossing the map to get into a teamfight. This would be an excellent selection for a summoner spell for those with great map awareness.

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This is my first guide so any suggestions would be fantastic!

Thanks for checking out the guide!