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League of Legends Build Guide Author Popeyez

Blitz - The Steamy Tank

Popeyez Last updated on May 9, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Welcome to my first guide on Mobafire!

With this build i'm focussing on Blitzcrank, English isn't my native language so don't flame me on my grammar please. Blitzcrank is an allround champion, being such a veriable fighter results in many ways to build Blitz, I noticed however that in 2 out of 3 teams there's a desire for a tank and not just a Support/AD/AP. There are no builds on mobafire (high rated builds) for a Tank blitzcrank yet, so here goes!

If you like my build, please vote for it, so other players can enjoy using this build also.

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Pros & Cons

- It's a tank with nice survivabillity skills.
- It's a awesome silencer in teamfights due to his ultimate.
- It's battle changing, thanks to his grabs.
- It's good early game, being able to feed ure lane partner (wich should be the carry)
- It's skill sequence can devestate enemies, Q -> E -> R.
- It's a awesome defender, people are always scared to go to a turret were blitz is standing, becouse if u get pulled it usually means ure quite dead.

- Grab is a hard skill to master.
- If the tank of the other team dives in front of ure grabs, they got a nice initiator to teamfights, wich mostly ends bad.
- Besides ure ult, blitz has not much area of effect skills.

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The items make blitz the tank he needs to be. Blitzcrank's passive makes him a char that can tank well. The hard part is, that his passive needs Mana. This puts in limits for items that are good for Blitz. Things we need on Blitz are:

- Mana: Blitzcranks passive is, if Blitz is on 20% of his life, a armor kicks in that is equal to 50% of his CURRENT mana.
- Health: A tank needs health, no mystery there.
- Cooldown reduction: Blitz needs to be able to perform Rocket Grab alot, and his ultimate also needs to be ready everytime a teamfight is comming. This makes CDR a must have. (CDR = Cooldown Reduction)
- Armor & Magic resist: This is fully dependend on wich champions the other team has, much physical damage output -> you need more armor. Much magic damage output -> you need more magic resistance.

Here's an explenation of the items that are good for Blitzcrank. It isn't a thing that you must follow, its an idea of what I think that works good. Below these there is an section devided for optional items.

Core Items
Starting of with this item is the best thing you can do, since Blitzcrank has a low mana pool in the beginning, and u want to get the catelyst of protector as soon as possible. This item gives you the mana you need for 2 extra grabs, each time you use clarity. Also each time that you use clarity, you will get the 200 mana bonus again. So in my opinion this item is a must.

You have no skills on blitz that can heal you. So you need Health pots to be able to lane longer.

Catalyst the Protector This is were the fun starts! You're able to spam grabs now, becouse on every level that you go up, you receive 300 health and 250 mana. Together with ure clarity, the end of you're mana problems are near, unless u can't aim for **** ofcourse :P

Boots! Magic resistance and CC reduction, all a tank can wish.

Health, mana, abillity power. The mana issue is now absolutly resolved. Also if you can't aim.

Banshees veil, it gives magic resistance, health, mana and one hell of an passive, every 30 seconds you will receive a shield that blocks 1 negative spell.

This item rocks, it gives armor, magic resistance, but also if a fight goes wrong and everyone dies, u rise up put on ure ghost and race out in overdrive so you can defend that turret in need!

Optional items:
Mostly I choose this item as 6th item. It has some nice effects, it gives you health, armor and magic resistance aswell as an aura that gives 12 armor 15 magic resistance and 8 damage to nearby allied units. Since you're always present in teamfights, this can often safe ure teammates from alot of damage!

This item is were you should go for if the enemy team contains alot of physical damage output. It gives mana (to boost ure passive), armor, cooldown reduction, and its passive is quite sweet in teamfights.

It gives health, armor, a nice health regen boost, a small cooldown reduction boost, a nice anti-being chased-passive (slow on being hit). And the best of this item, since you're always in teamfights, is the active, it slows aspeed and mspeed of surrounding enemies. But if you're not familliar to using actives, I suggest u shouldn't buy this item.

If the enemy team contains alot of magic damage, this item is a must. Alot of magic resist, and a nice health regen & movement speed boost.

If you're getting killed by alot of CC (Crowd Control, stuns, snares, slows), get this item, its active removes all your current "crowd controls" and it gives a nice magic resist boost.

If you're railing them in 1 by 1 and there's no stopping you, but still a few are escaping, then get this item! it gives a nice boost for your health and ability power and if you grab ore slam ore ult someone, that person is slowed by 35% unless it are multiple targets, then there slowed for 15%.

If the enemy team is dishing out alot of physical damage, you need this item. It gives armor and it returns a whopping 30% of all physical damage thats done to you. And since you have so much armor by this time, you get also about 20-30% damage, you got more life, so you can basicly do nothing back to the enemy and he still dies!

When you got everything, dont forget to buy elixirs, to get that finishing touch!

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The masteries i picked, is 9/21/0. Early and mid game you will pack quite a punch with your Rocket Grab combo's therefor you need the 9 points in the offense tree to get the cooldown reduction, the increased AP and the 15% magic penetration.

I did the other 21 points into the Defense tree, this gives you some nice stats like damage reduction, 48 health and more.

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Skill Sequence

Here I will explain the skill sequence,

#1 Skill is ofcourse rocket grab, this alows to punish idiots wo come close to your tower.
#2 Skill is Power fist, at this moment you can start doing ganks, if you're in lane with the right teammate (see section lane partners). Just perform Grab & Fist combo's (this is almost sounding very wrong) and ure partner wil finish them off.
#3 Skill is Overdrive, just 1 point here, becouse if things go wrong, you need to be able to get out of there!

From now on, max Rocket Grab first, ulti when possible. When Rocket Grab is maxed out, go for overdrive. Other builds may say to max Power fist first instead of overdrive, to this I do not agree for the following reason; Power fist only gets a lower cooldown timer when leveling this skill, wich u in my opninion you do not need becouse 9 out of 10 times you use this skill together with rocket grab. And since rocket grab has the longest cooldown timer its more important to level this as soon as possible skill so you can perform grab fist ult combo more often.

As soon as Rocket grab is maxed, in my opinion you should max overdrive and for the reason mentioned above. You only use power fist in the combo, so as long as rocket grab has a longer cooldown timer, leveling power fist would be useless. So level overdrive after rocket grab becouse u can escape, get back into fights and chase much better with high level overdrive.

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Summoner Spells

In my opinion this is the best summoners spel for blitzcrank, it allowes you to escape, chase, ore get back to the fight fast! This also is a nice combo with overdrive for a example in the next situation: you're in the bush, 1 enemy is tower hugging, pop overdrive and ghost and surprise him by running in very vast and grab him power fist him ult him and your teammate does the rest. For this you can also use flash, but this spell lacks on escape and chase possibilities, but it's youre choice.

I normally used Clarity with this build, although someone pointed me out that this spell is better replaced by teleport. So, my conclusion is that teleport indeed is a better choice, since clarity is good until mid /late game, then it becomes useless. Teleport however stays good troughout the whole game. Special thanks to: DiscoGrind, for pointing this out to me.

Optional summoner spells:

As explained above.

If you think youre fast enough without ghost, this spell is also a very good choice. It can safe your turrets quite some damage, mostly thanks to the idea that most enemies dont even bother to stay at those turrets and sure they're not waiting the 6 seconds to do even some damage as soon as the fortifie is over.

Also a good spell, allows you to lane longer in early game, and if you are always playing with a very mana dependent lane partner, then this is a good spell to take.

I also have seen alot of builds and ingame Blitzcranks going for ignite, this is something you should NOT do. Blitzcranks job is to tank, and to feed the carry, if you put in ignite, your aim is to get the last hit on champions wich isn't your goal, if your playing blitz well.

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Lane partners

This is were i discuss what champions are smart to lane with.

In champion selection you are looking for a lanemate with a stun ore heavy slow, pared with nice damage.

Blitz pulls them and power fist (if possible under tower), other champ stuns, and kills it.

Good champions to lane with are:
- Brand
- Taric
- Pantheon
- Xin zhao
- Anivia
- Veigar
- Irelia
- Sion
- Tryndamere
- Swain
- Twisted Fate
- Renekton (probebly the best situation you can have)
- Ashe (massive slow, damage, and if you pull under tower and ashe ults, this is a insta kill

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Laning phase

Early game:
Start by walking next to your turret, in bot ore top lane. Do not go mid, since Blitzcrank is a bad mid-laner. Don't Rocket Grab until you hit level 2 and you got Power Fist. Unless you can bring the enemy champion far into your tower range, then do it. As soon as you are ready to go back town, this should be around level 4-5, buy a ward, and deploy it at 1 or 2, depending on in wich bush they spend the most time. Use to get back fast, so you don't miss any XP. Your lanepartner should do the same and place his ward at 3.

There is an exception if the enemy got a jungler, then your lane partner should ward Lizard elder / Ancient golem, depending on your position (Top or Bot).

Mid Game:
You should now have Catalyst the Protector and and your mana problem should be over. Early in this phase you should deploy wards at 4 and later in this phase, your team should have all the ward locations covered, the yellow and the green.

Blitzcrank is a good pusher, and can get rid of the most tower huggers. So push out the first tower, as soon as this is done and the wards are placed, push the minion wave behind the tower and then go reinforce mid. A nice gank can be set up from out of the bush. This succeeds mostly unless he is towerhugging, but then again, your Blitzcrank right? Tower huggers fear you! Push mid tower, and then do the same at Top or Bot depending from where you was starting.

Late game:
Time to start walking as a team! Make sure all the wards are in place and start pushing Mid together. If you have problems pushing mid, and you see that your minions are in far progress in other lanes, then teleport there and try to backdoor a tower. Even if you can only get it to 50-60% of its life, it was worth it. Just remember to do not take to much risk and get out before you get ganked. This wil result in the enemy team leaving the mid tower, then your team can push again in mid!

Stay aware of being backdoor'ed, and keep your teleport ready for worst case (being BD (backdoor) or best case scenario (do a backdoor). If your team keeps up this pushing the game is yours.

1) Keep in mind, that its your goal to focus the carry, not to make kills yourself.
2) If you are at low hp and your enemy team has a karthus, but your Mana Barrier (passive) ain't up yet, walk into a enemy minion wave so your barrier goes up. This way you will survive Karthus ulti, wich you otherwise would not, since it blows your 20% life away without Mana Barrier being triggered.
3) Use a team chat! Things like Skype, or other communication tools rule with Blitzcrank. Blitzcrank only comes to his best use when the teamwork is at 100%.
4) You can Rocket Grab trough obstacles, surprise the enemy by pulling him trough the wall without he even had seen you!
5) If you are in a team with Jarvan and he casts his ultimate you can pull people in it that were getting away.

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Oke guys, this was it, my first build on mobafire.

Thanks for putting in your time to read, and perhaps even follow this build.
If you got some ideas ore tips, or if you have seen some mayor defaults ore if you just like this build, please comment and vote, im looking forward!

GL & HF playing Blitzcrank!

The time of men has come to an end!