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Blitzcrank General Guide by stinkle

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author stinkle

Blitzcrank Preseason/Season 4 (Support)

stinkle Last updated on December 5, 2013
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Introduction To The CrankYanks

"Season 4"Hello! This is my Blitzcrank LoL guide as well as my first submitted guide.
For what its worth I am Silver 4 if that makes this guide anymore trustworthy.
The reason that I will pick Blitz as much as possible is because of his Q. The Pull/Yank. When mastered, you can easily pick enemies out of fights and pull back enemies that are running away. In conjunction with his E (Knock Up) it is very difficult for the pulled enemy to escape. (Assuming you are building support and will be relying on your ADC or other nearby champ to assist in the kill) If you are building AP Blitz you are able to take enemies down with the same combo. It will really depend on the way the game is going and your job/position you are trying to fill. I will cover one of three main builds I recommend for Blitz. I will be excluding AP Blitz and tank Blitzcrank because I find support blitz is much more useful.

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Why Listen To Me? (Disclaimer)

Ill start by saying I am by no means an amazing LoL player. I would like to think however that I have a great understanding of the game and how it works. The purpose of this guide is not to make you a pro player or destroy other players. It is simply me sharing my knowledge and recommendations to try and help new/current players try to have much for fun playing Blitz AND more importantly, enjoy and have fun with the support role.
This is my average Blitz Game. If you can hit at least 15-20 assists per game you would have fulfilled your support role. Remember, its OK to die as Support. You want more deaths than kills. Although, do not turn it into feeding and also DO NOT be afraid to take a kill or get a kill if it seems like your ADC or teammate might not be able to get it. However, the ultimate goal is to let your teammates get all the kills and you get all the assists.

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When To Play The Blitz?

All the time. Always.
He is far to great of a threat to the enemy.
Master the W,Q combo and your ADC will be 10-0 before the 20 minute mark.
Plus, hes way to fun.

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Ranked Play

Ill get this section out of the way pretty fast by saying 99% of ranked games I play I will see Blitzcrank banned.
Good for me because I hateeeee playing against him but I loveeeeee playing as him. Ahhhh hypocrisy.

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Pros / Cons


    - Fast MS
    - Decent CC
    - Upon landing a Q (pull) almost always secures a kill.
    - Threat to other team (scared of pulls)
    - Can easily chase enemies down
    - Great wave clear with R
    - FUN

    - Mana hungry
    - Q (Pull) takes a lots of practice and skill
    - Painfully long cooldowns with no items
    - Weak if not build tanky
    - Not much damage output if not building AP

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I recommend a pretty simple Rune page and here is the breakdown.Reasoning: So as you see all this page includes is Armor and MS. Why no MR? My thoughts behind the extra armor is since you are support and going bot lane and fighting against (most likely) an ADC and another support. Your main source of incoming damage early game (should) be from the enemy ADC.
Adding that small movement speed bonus will help you get that small amount of needed speed to get into that Q (Pull/Yank) range.

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I suggest a 4-2-24 setup here.This is a pretty basic page that works great with Blitz. Focusing on cooldowns and movement speed as well as gold and EXP income. With Blitz, its all about making sure that Q (Pull/Yank) is ready at anytime.
Now, keep in mind you are still a Support. That is your main job. As cool and as fun as it is to pull and run around, do not forget about your role. Wards,Wards,Wards and protecting your ADC no matter what. As well as later game, your team.

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Da Spells

So spells. So many options but so little choices. Support...the meta....exhaust....heal...clarity...teleport...hmmmm

Well let me first say as cool as that is I dont believe in it. Pick what you like. Pick what you know. Id much rather have a Sona ADC with Teleport and Smite played by a good player than have the perfect Jinx ADC and be clueless. My point is dont be afraid to be unconventional and play what you like and more importantly are content with.

With that said. Spells for Blitz.

I always run Clarity and Ignite

WHAT?!?!? Ignite

Why Clarity
Because #1. Mana.
You need it and your ADC will need it. No brainer.

Why Ignite
Because I as important as Exhaust is. Im counting on my ADC to have it.
That might seem selfish but this is my reason.
Say we are in a 2v2 bot lane. I land a grab with my Q and land an E to knock them up and my ADC gets a quick kill. Cool good job...but wait! Whats that?! That support Draven (lol wut) didnt recall yet and has low health. I land a Q but have no mana to follow it up. My ADC has no mana either. We are forced to auto attack. My ADC dies from Draven attacks. Its a 1v1 now. Me with Blitzcrank and him with Draven running back to his turret. I still have no mana but he has no health. Do I run? Do I wait for a gank? Do I stand around and wait? Nope. Ignite They will not expect it. They may try to come out and attack you since they know you wont do much damage. They will not expect you to actually stick around. So they come in on you. You Ignite and by now you have enough mana to W out and live as the Draven runs away getting melted. You pick up a kill and that Draven doesnt get to escape with 10 health and recall....
I know that is a far fetched example. My point is that by having Ignite as a backup spell. You have a better edge in those special situations where you find your self saying "Wow he got out with 20 health and im dead" You might get lucky and make it out. If not....TAKE THE TRADE.

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Skill Sequence

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Always start with the pull.

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I will go ahead and list build order and MANDATORY items.

So keep in mind one thing. Wards. These little 75 coin items will win games. Although they have changed them to where players can only have 3 each, they are still a must for support players. There should be no excuse during the game as to why there are no wards in your inventory. I will cover some good ward spots later. However Im going to assume you already know these spots.

Starting Build:

Ancient Coin
Stealth Ward x2
Warding Totem

This is a fantastic starting build for Blitz as well as any support.
The Ancient Coin will give a small health and mana regen boost as well as giving extra gold as your ADC farms and you are nearby.

This is good time to mention how Mana hungry Blitz is. His Q (Pull) is going to ring in at 120 Mana per use. Considering Blitz only starts with 300ish Mana, you will burn through mana faster than a (insert pointless analogy here).
The tip here is to be play smart and cautious while still putting as much possible pressure on your lane. (I will go over some more tips and strategy later regarding this point).

I like to keep a Item Build set premade for Blitzcrank
Having one row of "starting items" consisting of what I had just listed above.
Next I will have a Ward section with just Stealth Ward and Vision Ward
This way I have quick access to any Ward I will need. I recommend always having at least 2 Stealth Ward and 1 Vision Ward in your inventory at all times until you at least have Sightstone. Even once you have Sightstone try to keep a backup Vision Ward on you at all times.

The next Section I make is for boots.
I recommend Boots of Mobility eventually upgraded to Captain or Alactiry or Homegaurd
This will give you the crazy movement speed that when you activate your W (Speed) you can easily top over 500 MS. You will be able to easily catch enemies that run away.

Another alternative is Ionian Boots of Lucidity for the cooldown reduction. Remember, at our end build, we will need to ensure max 40% cooldown. This will take your Q (Pull) from 17 seconds all the way down to 9.

So now we have starting Items and boots.
Now what? Well the first item I will rush is a Sightstone. This will ensure you always have wards at anytime which is a MUST as support. It will also give you a small health boost of 180. This item will also need to turn into Ruby Sightstone later in the game.

There is what my early game item set looks like for Blitzcrank
As you can see the Sightstone is always first. Next is going to be Nomad's Medallion which will eventually turn into Talisman of Ascension. With the Talisman of Ascension the active will give you and nearby teammates a boot of movement speed. This, combined with your boots and W (speed) you can easily top 550-600 movement speed. Also, since the boost is transferred to nearby teammates, you will have someone next to you to help attack as you chase the enemies down and grab them with your Q (Pull).
The last item on the list is a Sapphire Crystal which will give you a little extra mana that can help and can be upgraded later into Tear of the Goddess or a Catalyst the Protector or if needed a Glacial Shroud. However I would only recommend the Glacial Shroud if you are going more tanky. My first choice (late game) or if you have finished your build is Tear of the Goddess.

Ok now for mid game.
This point the game time should be around 20 minutes and you should have Sightstone, Talisman of Ascension and a Sapphire Crystal. Along with some sort of boots.

So as you can see my mid game build is not very complex. Priority 1 is Ruby Sightstone and then maybe a Athene's Unholy Grail for the cooldown, AP, MR, and crazy 15 mana regen.
However, the reason I rarely will get the Athene's Unholy Grail is because the main reason we are buying it is for the cooldowns and for the mana regen. Since we already have Talisman of Ascension which accounts for 20% of our possible 40% cooldown reduction, and we also might have Ionian Boots of Lucidity for even more cool down.

My point is this, why yes its nice to have max cooldown and we WILL need it by late game. We might NOT even make it to late game. Well then why is it in the mid game build?!?!?! It is because every game is different and it is just there as an option depending how your current game is going. Also, since our early game build can make a support Blitzcrank last for a very long time, once we have Ruby Sightstone all we need to do is continue to ward and pull enemies and help our ADC. Like I said, each game is different and obviously we need to adapt and build to anyway the game is going. My point is that I found Blitzcrank to be pretty self sufficient with just this small build. Considering you have mastered the Q (pull) and are keeping up with wards

Ugh. Late game. 30,40,50 minute games. At this point its either a really good match. Or your team wont surrender because your 0- 11 ADC Teemo with a Spirit Stone says hes got this.
Whatever the reason is here is what I recommend.

So I listed 3 things. Rylai's Crystal Scepter , Warmog's Armor , Locket of the Iron Solari

Each item will help a certain aspect of your game. It will really depend of what is going on. Do you need the extra AP? The 1000 health? Depending on your needs. I keep these items on the late game list just in case. Im not saying buy all three at one time. Im saying buy the one you think will be the most beneficial for you and/or your team late game. They all suit Blitzcrank very well.

Also, recently I have been trying Sunfire Cape on Blitzcrank and its amazing!
With the armor bonus and health it can help you sustain a little better. The main reason though this item is amazing with Blitz is its passive. Dealing 40 MD to nearby enemies is great. Considering a pull and a knock up with Blitzcrank Q and E. That is about 2 seconds of guaranteed range for the cape. Doing an extra 80 damage at the least. Its a great item that really compliments his abilities and I find my self buying it more and more often.

I hope I covered enough detail on this build setup. If you only remember one thing at least make sure it is wards and cooldowns.

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Not much will go into this section. Since you are support you should NOT be taking farm at all. Never.
At least until later when the lane phase is over.
The only time I will ever farm as support Blitzcrank is when my ADC dies and im trying to hold a lane. Or if i need to go clear a lane. If I am farming and see a teammate come next to me I will stop and let them take over. I try to not have more than 20-30 farm by the end of a game.

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So Blitzcrank on his own is pointless unless built AP.
Since you are going to be a support, you rely on teammates. Most likely an ADC early game and the occasional gank from your jungle.
That being said, practice your Q (pull) until you can grab things with your eyes closed and your mouse unplugged. The point I am making is that if you can have perfect pulls, your team will have more kills and gold. Also, the other team will be scared of you and will not want to come close to you at all.
Learn different tricks with the pull. Stand in the brush. Run back and forth. Stand behind a wall and pull people over it. Be creative and don't be predictable. I always see a W, Q combo. W to run in and Q to pull. Once the enemy sees you get your W speed bonus. The will stand behind a minions to protect from the pull, or just run away and come back while you're on cooldown.

My biggest most importand tip is this, DO NOT PULL NEAR LOW HEALTH TEAMMATES.
Here is an example, you and your ADC are in a 2v1. You miss your first pull and have to back off. Your ADC misses their attacks and takes a bunch of damage. As they run back to the tower to recall you go with them only to see the enemy running after you both. You think "Hey ill pull them into the tower!" Good idea. But you are only going to pull them into your ADC and get them killed. Personally, I have done this before not realizing it. It will happen and not just by towers. You do a run and grab and pull them into you not realizing your whole team has 10 health and now that Miss Fortune you pulled into your team just Ulted and got a pentakill.

Be cautious and aware. That is your job as support anyways.

Here are a few pics of my favorite spots to pull from.

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As a support its your job to ward and ping.

Since you are going bot lane support its your job to ward and not get ganked.

Here are two mandatory spots wards need to be in at all times until at least 20 minutes into the game.

Since you will most likely have 2 wards until you get your Sightstone I will talk about only 2 spots for early game. This excludes the vision trinket you will have in which you can use anywhere you wish.

The #1 Spot ALWAYS needs a ward.
The plant thats in the river. Right on top of it.
This gives plenty of time to see someone coming down the river AND with this spot you can see a little more of that path from their jungle leading down into the river.
Why no ward in the brush? With the ward in river, it gives more time to react and fall back and, unless you have dragon warded, you cant see dragon if you ward the bush. Plus, you will see them go into the bush. Since you can only ward up to three times we need to make sure we ward the best spots. With this spot, you will not get ganked if you are paying attention, and you will see dragon .

Spot #2

I will always keep this warded as extra protection against enemy jungles who are roaming on our side. They might try and come in from this side and dive if they see we are low on health. I recommend also always keeping this brush warded.

Here we can see a example of how much vision you have bot lane with just two wards. (sorry for the zoom quality)
Moving up the lane:
So here are the next ward spots as you move up your lane.
#1 will still be
The plant in the river.

#2 will be this bush here protecting from ganks

#3 will be this part of the path by blue

Here is how the coverage will look

With these spots it will be easy to see enemies moving in toward you as well as still keeping an eye on dragon

Im not going to touch on Vision Ward because they are different this season. They last forever, but can be seen at all times unless in brush. What I recommend though is placing it in a brush that you dont think is often used. This will give you a little vision somewhere on the map that no one would think to look for until they end up in that brush. What I will do is by the 5 minute mark, I will go roam into their red or blue and place one in the brush next to it. This gives our team and idea of where the enemy jungler is and what buff they might have or are trying to get. If that ward plan does not work I will save it for dragon or baron nashor

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I hope that this guide will help anyone who wants to learn a little more about Blitzcrank or how to be a better support player. The ultimate goal is to have fun in the game because that is the point. Thanks for reading!


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