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League of Legends Build Guide Author Customtm

Bloody Murder - Raping Solo Top with Renekton

Customtm Last updated on July 8, 2012
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Guide Top

I) Welcome the Havoc!

Hello guys!

This is Customtm and my new Renekton guide "Bloody Murder".

What made me writing this guide?

There are many guides out there how to play Renekton and I've tried many of them but none seems to suite me. I didn't like the items such as Sunfire Cape or Youmuu's Ghostblade . They scale bad into late game, are too expensive or must be sold in the end. So I have decided to try different items and finally found three builds that I want to share with you. As with other champions experienced player I was very successful with these from the first game on which surprised me as thats pretty unusual.

What does this guide cover?

I will focus on the use of Renecton's abilities and the item selection

What does this guide NOT cover?

Following things are absolutely necessary to be successful with this build:

- Last hits: One of the most expensive items are included and want to be paid
- Map awareness: Open your eyes! If you die by a gank it is YOUR fault!
- Champions: You need to know the enemy you are going to face on top lane

If you think that you don't have this requirements you can't play this build as effective as I do because you can't efford items, get ganked 24/7 or get raped by Kennen's triple stun.

Who should read this guide?

This guide is made for beginners and veterans as I explain everything I know about Renekton. This contains a lot more information than in other guides because I will also include things that everyone else just does but doesn't explain or include.

Also if you want to counter a champ you have to know him. As written above reading this guide will make you understand Renekton better. Many players don't know how the fury system works and try to farm along Renekton to get owned in the lane. This is just partly natural but 50% of the fight is won before it even starts. So if you think Renekton sucks *** you need this guide too :)

Guide Top

II) Skills and their Sequence

His skills are what Renekton defines. He doesn't use Mana or Energy, so each of his skills is limited by cool down only. But his true power depends extremely on his passive:

Reign of Anger (Passive)


- Renekton gains 5 Fury per autoattack
- Below 50% health the generation is increased by 50%
- Fury stacks up to a maximum of 100
- After staying out of combat for 12 seconds he looses 5 Fury every 2 seconds
- As soon as 50 Fury is reached, the next use of Cull the Meek, Ruthless Predator
or Dice gets bonus effects
- Fury empowered abilities produce NO Fury

His passive is one of the biggest problems Renekton players have to face. Sounds weird? I'll explain it:

- It makes Renekton a lane pusher if he wants to dominate. You are forced to auto attack
otherwise you cannot build enough Fury to harrass efficient. This leaves you very
vulnerable to ganks and leads you into last hitting under the enemies tower
- Before any teamfight you need to build up Fury and keep it, otherwise this will hurt your
damage pretty much. Items won't solve the problem as the ratios also increase
- The time to use the Fury proc. can't be decided as for example Karma's Mantra

Cull the Meek (Q)

"Cut them into pices!"

- 6 seconds cool down
- Renekton swings his blade at 450 Range dealing 60/90/120/150/180
(+ 0,8 bonus ad) physical damage
- He heals for 5% of the damage dealt( 4x more vs Heroes) up to a hard cap of
50/75/100/125/150 HP
- Per target hit he generates 5 Fury up to a hardcap of 25
- Resets the auto attack timer

- While consuming 50 Fury the damage increases to 90/135/180/225/270 (+1.2 bonus ad) and
heals for 10% of the damage dealt up to a hard cap of 150/225/300/375/450 HP

This ability makes Renekton such an amazing farmer, pusher, heals for a ton and also deals quite good damage. With 6 seconds cooldown it is absolutely spammable and can also work as short range harassment. Try to hit as much minions as possible to get the half of the fury back. The heal is not very much but increases with the level you get and is truly amazing when empowered with Fury. But be very careful when using this on lower levels! It may feel good to use it in all the minions but it happens quite often that it's just not enough damage to kill the minions and you loose them. Last hit as much as possible with your auto attacks and only use it as finisher or to get two minions at once. Usually champions don't fight in minions but Renekton gains more heal and more fury while doing so. Don't be afraid to use your and the enemies minions in a fight. Because of the range it gives us and the very high damage and ofc the strong heal and the increase per level + bonus scaling when Fury is active we max this ability first.

Ruthless Predator (W)

"Nasus cannot escape me forever!"

- 13/12/11/10/9 seconds cool down
- Renekton's next attack within 6 seconds swings twice, dealing 10/30/50/70/90
(+1.5 per attack damage) damage per hit (applies on hit effects) and
stunning his target for 0.75 seconds
- Because Fury is a on-hit effect you will build 10 Fury while using it
- The cooldown counts as soon as you hit a target!
- Resets the auto attack timer
- Suppresses yourself for 0.5 seconds

- While consuming 50 Fury his next attack will swing three times dealing
15/45/75/105/135 (+2.25 per attack damage) damage per hit (applies on hit effects) and
stunning his target for 1.5 seconds

This is a single target melee nuke. It scales with your whole attack damage unlike Cull the Meek and Slice and Dice which scale with bonus attack damage only. With Fury the stun duration is much higher and there is a third hit applied. This mostly is the ability you want your Fury used with. You can use the soft stun to interrupt ulties being casted or stop the enemy from fleeing (because that's what they mostly do). Be aware: Bad Renekton players activate the ability before Slice and Dice because they will forget to use it. The problem is that using this ability will make your weapon shine yellow-orange as well as creating a sound like a alien ship landing (no clue who put that in...). So if the enemy is not colorblind he's gonna know you will engage and just kite you until the stun is lost. About the auto attack-timer reset: This ability will make you able to hit 5 x, that means you got an inbuilt WW ult! Due to the Cool down reduction and damage increase we want this maxed second to maximize our inbuilt damage.

Slice and Dice (E)

"Destruction approaches, chaos will follow!"

- 18/17/16/15/14 seconds cool down
- Slice: Renekton dashes over a distance of 550, dealing 30 / 60 / 90 / 120 / 150
(+0.9 per bonus attack damage) damage to targets along the way.
If he hits a target he gains the ability to use Dice for 4 seconds
- Dice: Renekton dashes, dealing 30 / 60 / 90 / 120 / 150
(+0.9 per bonus attack damage) damage along the way

- While consuming 50 Fury during Dice, he deals 45 / 90 / 135 / 180 / 225
(+1.35 per bonus attack damage) additional damage and shreds the armor
of targets he hits by 15 / 17.5 / 20 / 22.5 / 25 % for 4 seconds
- The cool down starts counting as soon as you activated Slice! It's just hidden by
the Dice icon, so using the ability as soon as possible is not necessary!
- Remember always that Slice DOESNT proc. with Fury

What is the use of this ability? This is your multifunctional tool to farm, closing gaps, fleeing, chasing or just faster movement on the map. Dashing into minions deals some good damage to them and probably you can finish them off with Cull the Meek and Dice. Theres so much to show about this but I will create an own section because it is simply too much. The Fury effect is in my opinion highly underrated: It is basically a build-in last whisper to cut those tanky champions down that Renekton sometimes faces. The skill is not limited by one champion and applies armor shredding for your whole team to profit from. But keep in mind that usually you don't want to use this ability with Fury till they got a lot of armor which is pretty much in endgame. And that's pretty much why we need it early but don't level it, as we need the utility and not the increased damage or armor shred.

Dominus (E)

"There's no retreat!"

- 120 seconds cool down
- Gains increased size and 300/450/600 bonus health
- Deals 40/70/100 (+10% of ability power) magic damage to nearby enemies
- He generates 5 Fury per second
- The ability lasts 15 seconds
- This is basically also a heal because you don't loose the gain health
when your ultimate wears off!
- Also note that it increases your range of spells and auto attacks
- The magic damage is actually capped at 1000 magic damage

Dominus and it's in the name. This baby is the ability that makes Renekton so ******* tanky in a team fight. It also is a huge heal, so if you lost 500 health pop this and you will have full health after it wears off. This effect makes it hard to decide when to cast it. The earlier you cast it the more Fury you generate and DPS you deal with the DOT. But then the heal is wasted. It lasts 15 seconds which is pretty much enough to ace their team. The best thing though is the psychological part: You will feel like superman and they are the bugs waiting to be smashed. Due to its awesomeness always get this when available.

Guide Top

III) Skillcombos

Here we come to the most interesting part of his skills: We know now everything about them, it is time to use them right and maximize the damage they might provide. I also list "combos" that need one ability (is this even a combo then? whatever) because we need to understand that it's a matter of mechanical timing.

AA = auto attack

1) Farming: AA, creep still alive? --> Ruthless Predator or Cull the Meek
Explanation: You may not hit the minion in time to secure it from your own.
Both of your abilities reset the AA-timer so use them as finisher
to secure farm you might loose

Farming: AA caster minions all to low health --> Cull the Meek
Explanation: Faster farming with AOE damage and pushing

Farming: AA melee minions to half health + 50 Fury -->
Slice into casters + Cull the Meek + Dice back through melee
Explanation: Both AOE spells used to secure all minions and pushing

Farming: AA and Cull the Meek the Double Golems till 50 Fury --> Ruthless Predator

2) Note: If you got 50 Fury when performing Ruthless Predator you got more time per combo. Always try to get this happening as it provides damage through ability and gain time

Harassment: AA --> Cull the Meek or Ruthless Predator + AA
Explanation: AA-timer resets so you can hit 3 - 5 times in 2 seconds which equals max. AS

Harassment: Cull the Meek
Explanation: Your only ranged skill, so just use it as what it is

Harassment: Slice towards enemy AA + Ruthless Predator + AA +
Cull the Meek + AA + Dice away
Explanation: Biggest damage output, hardest to perform, try with 50 Fury for max. damage

Harassment: Hide in brush, enemy comes close --> AA + Ruthless Predator + Slice
through him + Cull the Meek + Dice away
Explanation: Zoning even when weaker than the enemy

3) Healing: Cull the Meek
Explanation: Hit as much targets as possible, always aim for the enemy as the heal is
way stronger if performed vs. him!

Healing: 50 Fury --> Slice into Champion + Cull the Meek + Dice out
Explanation: Strongest heal possible, most dangerous as well --> add Ruthless Predator

4) Chasing: Slice and Dice
Explanation: It is a dash, so why not using it as such?

Chasing: Slice and Dice through walls
Explanation: Use this to cut off your enemies path to flee while catching up

Chasing: Slice towards enemy + AA + Dice behind him + Ruthless Predator
Explanation: The important part is that you got only 4 seconds to cast Dice so
DO NOT use Ruthless Predator BEFORE Dice. You might loose the stack and
due to your stun they can't move anyway. While they are stunned afterwards your
Slice and Dice got time to get off cool down

Chasing: Slice through minions and Dice into the enemy + Ruthless Predator
Explanation: Sounds easy? Hardest to perform correctly when Ruthless Predator
shall apply the 50 Fury and not Dice (99% of all cases)

Chasing: Dominus
Explaination: You don't even have to stop to apply damage? Sounds legit.
Also increases your range of spells and AA, making towerdiving much easier and
some fury for some serious damage and stuns, so why not performing it!

4) Fleeing: Slice and Dice
Explanation: Get some distance. Best performed through walls like dragon basin

Fleeing: Go into a brush Ruthless Predator + Slice and Dice away through enemy
Explanation: Good to avoid ganks because their try to cut off will let you escape

Fleeing: Slice into minions Dice further
Explanation: To perform Dice nuff said.

Fleeing: Slice through a wall into jungle creeps, Dice through next wall or back
Explanation: Best escape move ever! You Slice to blue, they flash, you Dice back

Fleeing: Dominus
Explanation: Whenever performing one of the fleeing moves get this on, massive Health and
some Fury to pull off the long stun if needed. Psychological effect:
Fat target fleeing = don't chase

5) Iniating: Slice and Dice + Dominus + Ruthless Predator + Cull the Meek

6) Just kidding! There is even more use ( how about killing people? :) ) within his abilities but that belongs into another section

Now you should have some ideas how to use these amazing abilities that you can perform for free. I know it is pretty much but you want to become not a good Renekton but an awesome Renekton! And this is exactly what you need to become one :)

Guide Top

IV) Runes

Greater Mark of Desolation
Greater Mark of Desolation

In my opinion the best marks to go with. Solo top champs stack some armor we need to cut through. If you got problems with last hitting though you should run the Greater Mark of Attack Damage as they provide some more damage. The scaling of these is worse in late game but help a lot dominating early game as well.

Greater Seal of Resilience

Mandatory on solo top if you are facing champions that deal physical damage. As we get a lot of health pretty early, these will synergy providing more effective health. Note that I replace them with Greater Seal of Vitality if facing an AP character like Rumble or Vladimir.

Greater Glyph of Shielding

Also one of my favorite choices providing us some magic resistance that we need when it comes to team fights. When facing AP-characters top you may replace them with Greater Glyph of Magic Resist as they kick in straight away.

Greater Glyph of Armor: If you can see too much AD incoming get these

Greater Quintessence of Desolation
Greater Quintessence of Desolation

Basically the same as with the Marks but there are more options to go with:

Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage: Good early damage, last hitting included

Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed: Catching up with people is pretty important

Greater Quintessence of Vigor: Can't reach minions? No problem, just stand a bit aside

Guide Top

V) Masteries

I go 21/9/0

Maybe I'll write a longer explanation later but currently I simply don't feel like it

The defensive tree provides me mainly stats that are superior in early game. So does the offensive tree but still in late game I fulfill the job as anti-carry to jump in their faces and kill them before they can hurt my team. Due to that it's necessary to dish out as much damage as possible and this is what the offensive tree provided best. And by the way: executioner is our last name anyway :)

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VI) Our Crocodile - What moba says and what he really is

Health: 3666 + 600 from Dominus
Health Per 5 sec: 45
Damage: 321 + 4% of the targets maximum health as magic damage
Armor Penetration: 31/10% + 25% Armor reduction from Slice and Dice
Life steal: 23%
Attack Speed: 1,6
Critical Chance: 23%
Movement: 432
AP: 70
CD: 30%
Armor: 202
Magic Resist: 79

I took these stats from ingame, not including baron buff, auras etc.
Mobafire got some nice sheets there but they don't display what is put into it :(

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VII) Role & Items

Before listing and discussing the items I will talk about the role my kind of building Renekton is supposed to fulfill. This can be brought down to two kinds of:

1. Taking out the enemy carry

For this reason he has do deal a lot burst damage while having enough health to tank the damage meanwhile. He also needs to make sure that the carry cannot escape because that would mean he didn't do his job. Also he should be able to do it himself, meaning no help of your own carries is necessary

What should items do to get the job done? (sorted by priority)

  • Attack damage and cool down reduction to add to Renekton's AD scaling burst
  • Health to survive long enough to take at least him out
  • Armor/Magic resist (team dependent) to safe that health
  • Movement speed/ slow to catch up to fleeing champions
  • Enough AS, lifesteal and crit. chance to finish with DPS while his skills are on cool down

2. Saving your own carry from death

In this case Renekton needs the kit to stop and kill enemy tanks or bruisers, keeping them away from your carry and best driving their attention towards yourself. It doesn't matter if you die as long as your carry still lives and rapes the enemy team.

Again here a list, most important things come first:
  • DPS mixed, sustained damage vs. high resistance targets with loads of health
  • Any kinds of slow or other CC besides Ruthless Predator
  • Health to survive long enough to safe your carry
  • Armor/Magic resist (team dependent) to safe that health you've got
When you read this list (and you are somewhat experienced) there are some items that come straight to mind, just by realizing the role you wish to take.

This is how I nearly start every game. While Boots of Speed grant us mobility to last hit, harass, zone and run from ganks, the Health Potions make up for getting to low on health when you both are trading. Cull the Meek provides us some life but it's not enough in early levels to stay in lane unless your opposition is extremely passive.

Here comes true terror: Providing damage, health and life steal this item is your choice when facing champions like Nasus that you don't want to get farmed and must be stopped. It can work out very well but it is extremely dangerous. You have no choice but AA minions because you can't get any life back except from 6% life steal and Cull the Meek. AA leads to pushing waves, pushed waves attract junglers and because of your missing boots you are an easy target. If the enemy manages to keep you away from your minions you can't heal up. Also keep in mind that Doran's Blade is built into nothing, so you wasted money you need so bad

x 5

Also a possible start, actually the opposite of Doran's Blade. This gives us pretty decent resistances and endless sustain in early game. Renekton takes less damages and can heal more while lacking in damage and mobility which makes last hitting much harder. Choose this if your opponent deals much early game physical damage like Tryndamere or Yorick to negate a lot of their damage and snowballing potential. Cloth armor is also used to build Randuin's Omen later, so it's not wasted money at all.

As we can see on our list, the next thing we want is some damage and health: The Phage

This item not only provides both but also is pretty cost effective and got a slow to catch this Fiora who is always running away from us :( It has just a 25% chance but Ruthless Predator makes up for that by applying on hit effects up to 5 times in a combo and I usually get a proc. off which results quite often in a kill. We can also build this into Trinity Force or Frozen Mallet later on. You got first blood? Get this. It's the way to get the second

sight ward

These items are absolutely MANDATORY! I put only one in the item list but each time you go back you take one of these with you, if not two. Not the best player can ever know where everybody is anytime but this will make sure you will know it in time to gtfo

Now that we see the jungler coming we also need the movement speed to get away. Our abilities will be even more spammable and we can easily catch up with our opposition.

Phage is nice and cheap but as AD caster it's not enough for Renekton. This item provides us some more damage to add into our burst combo.

Time for some health again: Here comes my favorite item, the Heart of Gold. If you are really stomping the lane get this asap. It got health, will be build into Randuin's Omen and also pays itself by gold per 10. The earlier you got it, the more worth it is. But keep in mind that this item is NOT going to help you very much in lane dominance. It is a luxury item and will reward players that already got control by getting gold advantage. If you are very equal with your lane partner don't get this item too early. You will pay for it.

This will make pushing much easier, giving some more usual DPS damage as well as a crit. chance that sometimes kicks in. But the best thing is that we got the additional speed for more map control, fleeing and chasing down enemy champions.

Time has come where first surrender votes fail. Time to get one of the best and cheapest items (yes it is cheap with 300 gold!): Ladies and Gentlemen, this is the Trinity Force! Providing us each any every stat we need to fight the enemy carry and on top of that adding even more burst damage to our abilities this is deffo the most rewarding item, while all it's parts suit us in early game. This is where the enemy team will start to focus you.

Let's get a stat we haven't got yet to safe our lives efficient and cheap. This item provides good armor with an amazing passive versus all AA champions, slowing both AS and MS. Good when chasing and fleeing. Will be part of Randuin's Omen later but works pretty well without finishing it.

Where did we stop? Right damage and armor. Next we need some beefiness to survive in fights.

Let's finish what has begun so long time ago with the Heart of Gold. It will rewards us with more health, armor, cool down reduction (where the hell did that come from?) and an amazing active which keeps enemies in place and prevents carries from running. Price lies at 900 gold, so super easy to afford.

Now that our needs of survivability are satisfied, we will continue adding damage to our burst. This item provides tons of attack damage and lifesteal which becomes very handy in man vs man situations that we search. It is also the time where Cull the Meek can't heal us enough and due to only 40 health regeneration we would be forced to go back. As Ruthless Predator scales with AD and applies on-hit effects (such as life steal) it synergies very well in close combat situations.

Remember good old Phage from early game? Time to bring a real beast of CC into the game. Tons of health, combined with a 40% slow and on top of that some AD for our shier eternal thirst. Once you have reached your target, it won't get away. This also allows to protect your carry with a steady source of CC in addition to Ruthless Predator

Did I say shier? Our thirst IS eternal, so we grab this part first to get our

This item is truly overpowered in combination with our skill set and other items. It starts with armor which adds enough to reach the 200 mark (important because of Randuin's active!) Then we get 40 damage which is really nice for some burst. 40% AS? Holy s***, Fury generation incoming, as well as some DPS dealt meanwhile. Sounds good? Gets better: On hit, deals bonus Magic Damage equal to 4% of the target's maximum health. This absolutely amazing. It adds the first magic damage into this build, ignoring all the armor people get. No tank can resist you and mostly suffer will the bruiser champs like you, as they cannot afford the high resistance to counter the AD/MD + AS combo. Remember that I said you can hit 5 times with [Ruthless Predator]]? That means, you don't "only" deal some serious DPS but also apply 20% of their maximum health as magic damage. That's like a spammable WW - ult. Anyone near with Will of the Ancients? Then you will see some funny regeneration that is not based on life steal

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VIII) Situational Builds

As you can see on top, I have included two other possible builds:

Build 2 is should be used when you face three or more AP characters. It provides high resistances versus burst and DPS magic damage while still dishing out a ton of damage.

Getting Heart of Gold early provides us some bonus health to survive early game harass and make up for the farm we would miss. Many AP characters are ranged and can kite you around.

Movement speed, early magic resist and tenacity to counter Kennen, Sear and any other kind of stuff that might stop you from stomping. These are the boots to go.

Time to get some AD while not loosing eye on defensive: Cheap way to counter burst magic damage and still deal damage. We can build this into Maw of Malmortius later.

Same item as the Hexdrinker, just this time versus DPS AP casters like Karthus and Cassiopeia. Deals also magic damage per on hit, so we will get about 250 damage to our combo. Also grants 40% AS to build up Fury even faster.

Provides use more burst damage as Zeal to take down the AP carries before they can react. We also don't need more AS, thanks to Wit's End.

This items impact can be very strong. It provides good attack damage and magic resist, as well as a shield to prevent us from getting bursted. But if loosing health through let's say Veigar's burst combo will make us able to kill him even faster afterwards.

Build 3 is should be used when you face four or more AD characters. It provides even some more armor and drops no damage.

Cheapest, most efficient boots when it comes to counter AD champions. Early armor gives us some protection for our health and 10% damage reduction comes handy throughout the whole game. In late game the negation can be the difference between win and loose. Those are also the reason why we get a Heart of Gold as we got armor already to make it more effective.

Comes into this build much earlier as it provides us its amazing passive together with good armor and nice health regeneration.