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Ezreal Build Guide by birdturd60

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League of Legends Build Guide Author birdturd60

Blue Build Ezreal, the King of Kiting

birdturd60 Last updated on June 25, 2013
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Welcome to the legendary Blue Build Ezreal guide. This guide is about putting as much damage onto your Q as possible and being able to fire them out in rapid succession. This build will be very very fun for those who like/are good as kiting. Once you have an iceborn gauntlet, you can slow them will your Q and chunk them down 3-4 bars in the process.

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Items are a bit weird for the average ADC, no Bloodthirstier, no Infinity Edge, no Phantom Dancer, nothing like that. You want to rush thebefore boots. Grab normal boots of speed after you get these just to have a little bit of movement speed. After this get a and start filling your tear up because it does take quite a while to get that to the full 750. After this get your sheen and upgrade it to an as fast as possible. Here is where the fun begins. With the combo of your and and kit fools likes you own the place. Now that you have your 2 essential items, you can start to buff up your Q just a tad bit more. Remeber that tear you were filling up? Well at this point it should be around 450-550 full so go ahead and grab your . Now just go around spamming your Q (by this point you should have you cool-down boots) and filling up your tear and eventually it will upgrade itself into a . With the Muramana be careful of how often you have it on. It does drain mana quite fast so when you are trying to poke them down you might find yourself out of mana. To avoid this predicament I have my Muramana on an easily accessible item active slot and only have it active during fights. this saves your oh so precious mana and really helps you pick off those cowards running for dear life. Now that you have your Muramana you can focus on getting your last 2 items. First you're going to want to pick up a to give it a bit more of a kick and help you out with some of those annoying tanks that like to f**k up your day. Now the last item depends on how you're doing in these teamfights. If you find yourself unable to be a kite master and you are dying too often then start to build a to come back to life and continue your kite rampage. If you are destroying these bronze fools and you feel like you want to hit even harder but still be able to survive, then is for you. This item is similar to the Muramana in some way, it has a very good item active that can save you for a lot of sticky predicaments so make sure this is in a accessible item active slot. There you have it folks, this is still a very raw idea so feel free to play around with that last item slot. I've seen some people go for a Bloodthirstier as their 6th item, and i've seen some people go with an Infinity Edge as their 6th so if you don't like your 5th item feel free to play around with this idea.

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Pros / Cons


- Amazing kiting ability
- Easy lane harass
- Great for poke comps
- Very fun!


- A bit harder to last hit early on.
- Auto attacks are not as strong
- Hard to play correctly if you have a trouble with skillshots.