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Blitzcrank Build Guide by CrysHgamerSVK

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League of Legends Build Guide Author CrysHgamerSVK

BlueBuild Ezreal, meet BlueBuild Blitzcrank!

CrysHgamerSVK Last updated on August 18, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 21

Honor Guard

Defense: 0


Utility: 9

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1. Introduction - Me and my guide

Hello! I am CrysHgamerSVK. Welcome to my first MobaFire guide!
This guide is Work in Progress. THIS IS NOT FINAL VERSION.


Some of my personal history:

I started playing LoL when S3 came out, so if you say im newbie, youre right... Like many players, when i reached lvl 30, i wanted to try ranked.. I was not good at this game, and i got to Bronze V ... It was hell, and it is still, cause now i am Bronze II. I learned 2 play, and now i did not lost like last 15 games (and i hope it will continue like that). Im climbing up as fast as i can.

So, before we start, I would like to say something about this guide. One time, i was playing with my friend (Playing Ezreal) as Blitzcrank. It was first time i saw BlueBuild. We were like lvl 12, i did not knew how to play as Blitzcrank. So i built some pointless build -_- Players were like "WTF? That build blitz, rofl." so i sold all items and bought same items as my friend, just for fun. I find out that it is so fun to play with this build and it is extremely strong. Now I want to share it with you. :)

Why Blitzcrank?

Even if my favourite champion is not Blitzcrank, he was one of my first champions.
My fav. champions are Veigar, Kassadin and Jax, so i would like to create guides to them in future too. Blitzcrank is great champion for teamfights. Properly used pull + stun = secured kill for team. With this build, you will be able to do it much easier, eat towers in 10 seconds, kill enemy without getting fattal damage , +your shield will be colossal. But remember! This is for fun build, dont take it very seriously!

Note : Updated every day.

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2. Lore

The city of Zaun is a place where both magic and science have gone awry. The unchecked nature of experimentation has taken its toll on the city. However, Zaun's lenient restrictions allow their researchers and inventors the leeway to push the bounds of science at an accelerated rate, for better or worse. It was under these conditions that a team of doctoral students from Zaun's College of Techmaturgy made a breakthrough in the field of intelligent steam automation. Their creation, the steam golem Blitzcrank, was developed to exercise judgment on-the-fly in order to assist with Zaun's hazardous waste reclamation process, since so often the conditions did not allow for human supervision. However, he soon began exhibiting unforeseen behaviors.
Over time, the scientists were able to identify a demonstrated learning process, and Blitzcrank fast became a celebrity. As is sadly often the case though, credit for the golem's creation was scooped up by another - Professor Stanwick Pididly - though most now know the truth. In the wake of the ensuing legal maelstrom, it became evident that neither party truly had the steam golem's best interests at heart, and Blitzcrank humbly petitioned for personal autonomy. Backed by overwhelming support from the public, it took the liberal Council of Zaun only a few weeks to declare Blitzcrank a fully-independent, sentient entity. A unique being, the golem left Zaun, distressed by the controversy and feeling there was no place he could fit in. His travels led him to the one location in Valoran where unique beings have a place - the League of Legends. Fortunately, he was easily able to adapt his design to suit the rigors he would face on the Fields of Justice.
"Though Blitzcrank may batter anything that stands in his way, he really has a heart of gold...encased in a framework of a carapace of steel."

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3. Pros / Cons

+Mega combo burst!
+Clearing minion waves with Static Field
+Short CD on skills with full build (35%CDR)
+ Mana Barrier is so strong
-Bad Mobility
-Relies on Rocket Grab
-Item dependent
-Hard laning phase (No damage, sustain early)

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4. Items


Sapphire Crystal+2x Health Potion
This is my classic start. It gives you some mana and you will be able to use more spells.
2 Potions for survivability, be careful, you have no damage or sustain early.
Enemy will poke you every time you give him chance to.


Rejuvenation Bead+ Faerie Charm+2x Health Potion+1x Mana Potion
This start is good if you want to survive on lane longer. If you think that enemy will poke you often, start with this. Rejuvenation Bead and Faerie Charm can build into Spirit Stone, that helps you with farming.


Boots of Speed+4x Health Potion
This is great against champions with skillshots. ( Dr. Mundo, Nidalee, Ezreal)
Cause blitz is slow champion , boots will give him enough speed for dodging skillshots.


Crystalline Flask+3x Health Potion+1x Mana Potion
This is safe start, if you know that your opponent will poke you (for example Ryze with his single-target spells, Veigar, etc).

Early Game

Rush Tear of the Goddess and Boots of Speed if you did not get them earlier, then go Spirit Stone.
Get Ionian Boots of Lucidity for mobility and CDR, then Sheen.
After, buy Spirit of the Elder Lizard when u get enough gold.

Mid-Late game

Get Iceborn Gauntlet and Frozen Mallet for CC, Muramana gives you mana and damage.

Last item

Ohmwrecker is good item for pushing - Late game youre TowerEater.
Blade of the Ruined King gives you AS , LS, and great passive - Recommended.
Last Whisper Gives you good armor penetration, and some AD.
Zhonya's Hourglass is not recommended, but it can give you AP, Armor and survivability.


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5. Skill Sequence

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Blitzcrank is based on Rocket Grab. It is his main spell. So max Q first, and after it Overdrive. I saw many people maxing Power Fist after Q. Why? It just reduces cooldown by 1s, nothing else, no upgrade, nothing! If you max W second, it adds 4% movement speed and 8% attack speed per level.

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6. Runes


Greater Mark of Scaling Attack Damage

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Gold

These runes will give you:armor, magic resist, 3gold/10s and finally, at level 18 you get 22 AD.
Anyway, runes are your way. You chose if you want to be more tanky, have more AD or AP, more speed or anything else.

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7. Masteries

These masteries will give you some CDR,AS,Damage,Mana and MP5. Its not that much, but it works with build really good.
As i writed at runes section, masteries are your way too. U can change it if u want more Defense, Magic Damage or Utility...