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Brand Build Guide by Redsundark



Updated on December 20, 2020
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Redsundark Build Guide By Redsundark 4 3 26,343 Views 9 Comments
4 3 26,343 Views 9 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Redsundark Brand Build Guide By Redsundark Updated on December 20, 2020
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Choose Champion Build:

  • LoL Champion: Brand
    Brands Inferno {Quick info}+{Guide}
  • LoL Champion: Brand
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Runes: Inferno Runes

1 2
Summon Aery
Manaflow Band
Absolute Focus

Cheap Shot
Ultimate Hunter

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+15-140 HP (lvls 1-18)


1 2
Inferno Spells
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


{Please play Brand how ever you Like as long as your enjoying it}
{I Have My MAIN Build at the top and ON HIT Version on this guide on the bottom}

BRANDS INFERNO Play Introduction

So you want to play Inferno Brand Well its very fun , high Damage bursting Combos but also you are very Squishy so yeah that's a thing, so let me go ahead and start off with how the combos and stuff works for any one who is not Familiar with Brands Kit in this guide I will Cover My Main Build and My ON HIT Inferno build(DONT RECOMMEND IT) but we will cover it any way as well as lanes and so on.
List of all his Abilities

{Passive}Blaze {Q}Sear {W}Pillar Of Flame {E}Conflagration {R}Pyroclasm

Any one of his 4 Abilities will Set your enemy's a Blaze that is his Passive and a very Key thing to keep in Mind during any of your time in combat
List of Tricks with Passive
Passive: Blaze + Q Sear = Stun
Passive: Blaze + W Pillar of Flame = Extra Damage
Passive: Blaze + E Conflagration = Spreads the Blaze
Passive: Blaze + R Pyroclasm = Slows
Abilities Placements:
{Q}Sear Level placements
Levels: 3/9/15/16/17
{W}Pillar Of Flame Level placements
Levels: 1/4/8/10/13
{E}Conflagration Level placements
Levels: 2/5/8/11/14
{R}Pyroclasm Level placements
Levels: 6/12/18
Combat Ideas:
Getting the Exploding Ring to trigger from the 2nd part of your passive

(Combo #1: Best way to get your combos off when fighting someone is to W + Q for the Stun then E and it will pop off the Ring

(Combo #2:Another Way to go about doing this would be to E them then Stun with Q then and Then W

(Combo #3:This one is harder to pull off but more Damage can come out of it E them to a Blaze them then W then Stun them with Q then Ult right after the Ring will pop off and then your Ult for the bouncing effect in case there not finished off yet

(Combo #4:)Now I would have said Ult in a lot more combos but because it bounces you don't really need to worry about getting it to pop off the Ring thing also now with his Mini Rework the Ult bounces off of you if you need it to so come in handy a lot

(Combo #5:)Last thing I can Mention in a combat type thing is if you are ever caught out and about to Die like there right next to you best thing you can do is W or Ult Immediately then try to Q them and then E them or run away while there stunned i prefer to go out with a Bing bang cause most of the time you will Kill them as they kill u or someone will follow it up
Lanes & How To Play Them

so in these roles your Going to apply Pressure with your abilities as much as you can using your W Pillar of Flame to hit them or make them back off or kill them if there low enough just Keep your distance cause almost everything will hurt you


So i don't really do this lane with him but it is very possible only and if you play Safe or get lucky enough to get an uncommon top laner you can deal with cause this lane has alot of Tanks and Damage dealers you have early game advantage for sure but focus your CS here to get items quicker cause u have a good Wave clear if you must stay under tower to fight for Extra firepower

CSING/Creep Score

Minion Clearing you have an amazing clear once you get used to doing your ability's more 2 ways you can go about Clearing CS let them Group up and then W Pillar of Flame them and then after they A Blaze then E Conflagration them to finish them off and what ever lives just last it them now I could be Wrong but not sure anymore but I think if you kill a Minion with your E Conflagration you get mana back but I could be wrong (i forgot as i was Writing this might check later to update it )


ok So Same as before only in this Case you want to Not to Take the CS and Work on Damaging your enemy's for your ADC and Stunning them to catch them or stop them careful on your mana till mid to late game.


OK So this is where the Main part of this comes in for the Name
so his Passive Blaze gives them burn damage and well we gana keep that up with
1st item Mythic: Liandry's Anguish:
So this Item will Also Burn them but will hurt more From its Passive
(Ability damage causes enemies to burn for 60 (+6% of ability power) (+4% target's maximum health) magic damage over 4 seconds and grants the user 5% magic penetration per second for 4 seconds against burning targets, stacks up to 5 times for a maximum of 15%.) as well as your Getting 80 AP and 600 Mana just your first item Alone and since your Going to be doing at least 3 stack combos this will be Very great for you
2nd Item: Demonic Embrace:
So this Item and your Mythic Are your 2 Main Key Items
(Dealing ability damage to enemies causes them to take 1.2% of their maximum health as magic damage every second for 4 seconds. Gain 10 bonus armor and 10 bonus magic resistance while enemies are afflicted, both increased by 2.5 for each additional champion affected.) with this you will be able to Stay in a fight Longer and hurt Tanks a bit better and in combination with your Mythic Item it will bring great pain to your enemy and your getting 70 AP and 350 HP and with that Armor and MR helping you again like I said last longer in fights not by a lot but its something
3rd item: Sorcerer's Shoes
So we Mostly Want this To give you More penetration to further damage your enemy's and Movement speed lol
(Past the 3 items i feel like you Take what you feel is need between the next 3)
4th item: Morellonomicon :
this one Will Give you 70 More AP and 250 Hp and Will be Needed To Fight Healers Trying to Stop your damage to better combat them last thing you want is some one like fiora or War wick coming up in there you get them low and they heal So much you can do any thing so this will help you and your allies Greatly
5th Rabadon's Deathcap :
there's not to much to Say about why this item will Help you out your getting 120 AP and Increases your AP by 35% so Just More Damage out put
6th Rylai's crystal Scepter
This Item is Mainly if your having trouble with enemy's that are to fast for you to get or catch because your ability's will slow them down once hit so more or less helping you secure your kill Feel free to get this sooner if need be but you also get 90 AP and 250 More HP


SUMMON AERY: OK it Was going to be Arcane Comet but it dose not always hit its Target as i wanted to So Aery will Always Go to the opponent No matter what so Guarantees Damage even if it is less *updated*
So this will Help with Mana Fixing alot of the time that its main purpose helps alot in the early game cause brand can be a Mana Hog if not carful
so even though you have to be above 70% to get the extra damage you should be able to do this often cause you can cast your ability's from a far and stun them and you should be back enough to where there not always hurting you so Extra Damage the way to go to keep the pressure for this set up
To fit the theme do the inferno of Keeping them Burning All the time when ever you hurt them for extra lingering Damage to melt them away.
2ndary Runes:
This is going to help you get even more Damage on them when you Stun them
ULTIMATE HUNTER: You want this Because you need to get your Ult as much as you can it will Help in the long run
Mini Runes:
2 Adaptive Damages and HP just to help you push your damage out even More so
Starting Items:

Full Build Items:
Liandry's Anguish+ Demonic Embrace+ Sorcerer's Shoes+ Morellonomicon+ Rabadon's Deathcap+ Rylai's Crystal Scepter will be the same as the Main build.the Reasoning will be the same in that Area of the guide

Abilities Placements:
{Q}Sear Level placements
Levels: 2/5/9/14/17
{W}Pillar Of Flame Level placements
Levels: 1/4/8/10/13
{E}Conflagration Level placements
Levels: 3/7/11/15/16
{R}Pyroclasm Level placements
Levels: 6/12/18
Pathing: Start Blue Sentinel then go to Red Brambleback and then Try to invade there Blue Sentinel after if it's there if not head to Scuttle stun it to break the shield it has and then back and continue you how you wish to Jungle id Go Raptors and Krugs next but that's me also know that Your E Conflagration will help you Clear the multi Mob camps easier and then Q Sear to stun them to stop them from attacking u for the Solo camps

GANKING: Ok So with this one you need to not pick fights much and if they come after you will need to Stun them and run and or flash away unless they are coming at you with low HP or even half then go ahead and fight them but you won't be able to hold your own in combat till maybe Level 3 to 6, Also probley best not to Gank safely till level 6

Dragon : So I would Say around Levels 4 to 5 if you can get you ADC to come and help you do it you could get it early, but on your own unless you Feel comfortable about it I wouldn't do it solo till some where in the level 6 to 8 Range just to play it safe and not Get Caught out, only advice past this is that if the enemy is there fighting and low HP Go ahead and try to kill them while there attacking it and Possibly Steal it with your Smite

Rift Herald : this shows up about 8mins in if you can Safely make sure there no enemy vision over there see if you can ping your top lanner to help you Take it then proceed to take it to the lane with the lowest Tower hp/ most pushed in Lane or a lane that can be pushed with Ease, if your top laner is not able to help you early just place a ward on around it and come back to it when you can. {if you see enemy trying to take it feel free to try and stop them}

But this is Do able just extremely hard I feel to get good results


Ok so this Build is for an Auto Attacking for fun Brand Complete Guide
So All roles Apply here {JGL will be even harder}
your going to want to also use the same combat Tricks as used above from the Main build only this time your going to be Auto attacking more often and More focused on Stunning them to Get those autos in, the Items im about to present will help you Auto Attack Faster and Do the damage with your Autos Better then any of the other Choices then i can think of

Mostly want this for the 5% Magic Pen for every item after this and also because Omni Vamp and the longer your in combat 2% increased damage
2.Nashor's Tooth
100 Ap plus your Autos will now Do Ap Damage and Give you Good attack speed
3. Wits End
this will provide More Attack speed as Well as More Magic Damage on hit and will give you some MR to help Survive
& 4 & 5: Ruined King & Rage Blade
Both of these for the Attack Speed Boost and then Ruined King will give some life steal per Hit and has a 3rd auto Trigger Dealing even more magic damage on hit
Boots: Sorcerer's shoes Just to get the Magic Pen out of your Magic Auto Damage

Again this build in General is the idea of Staying back poking with autos and Stunning them to get your Autos off just to beat them down lol and annoy them past that you will die a lot worse form this build just because if you caught in any way you wont be able to auto your way out of it vs the Main build u can at least Blow up with your ability's compared to this but if you really want to have fun and give it a go be my guest lol I would love to see it

Abilities Placements:
{Q}Sear Level placements
Levels: 2/5/10/14/15
{W}Pillar Of Flame Level placements
Levels: 3/8/11/16/17
{E}Conflagration Level placements
Levels: 3/4/7/9/13
{R}Pyroclasm Level placements
Levels: 6/12/18
HAIL OF BLADES: Mostly just for the Boost of Attack Speed and Un Caps you form it for a Few Secs in combat
CHEAP SHOT: this is For when you stun them and getting your autos off getting the extra True damage in there.
EyeBall Collection:
Just for the Adaptive Damage you can get from it.
Now even though you are auto Attacking Getting your ult often will still be useful
2ndary Runes:
DEMOLISH: your Job will be to push towers with your Auto Attacks so this will Help bring them down easier
To Help you gain HP from your CSing witch should be your main focus going this Route so

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