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Olaf Build Guide by Roku Pawner

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Roku Pawner

Brolaf isn't op!

Roku Pawner Last updated on March 28, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hello everyone to my Olaf Build guide, in this guide you will find many cool things you maybe didn't noticed or never knew about Olaf, this guide explains more about how to use Olaf in the best ways and the most comfortable things for you, in short, Olaf is an excellent AD carry and recommended to be used in any good team which respect herself and are looking forward for a fun and challenging game.

If you are first time playing with Olaf you should totally read this guide, this guide explains every possible thing known about Olaf and even if something isn't written this guides gets updated each day for at least 2-3 hours just so you can enjoy your reading.

Some information about Olaf build made up, the main point is that all these items are for you to choose by the way the game goes, if you feel you're missing in health, you should get yourself Warmog's Armor if you feel like you are missing in attack you should get Infinity Edge and so on, the choosing is up to you, everything is going to be explained in the continuation of this guide.

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  • I take this mastery to improve my Ghost and Exhaust spells, improves Ghost movement speed bonus to 35%, Exhaust reduces targets magic resistance and armor by 10%.
  • Also if you like Olaf Berserk Rage you can just get your self higher amount of attack speed, which will provide you higher damage by the fact that you deal damage quicker.
  • I think this is useful mastery because when you use your skills with Olaf you will need them the most unlike other champions Olaf Needs to use his skills, and the lower the cooldown is the faster you can cast the skill again, and the more damage you can deal to your enemy.
  • This mastery is good for Olaf no matter what you play with him, you can use this on giving higher damage to towers, which is quite useful if you push any lane with your allies or yourself.
  • As the Armor penetration runes i use the option of getting Armor penetration by masteries, Armor penetration is the most needed thing for Olaf no matter how you play him, the more you get it the better you deal damage to enemy targets.
  • I like lifesteal i always try to get it as early as possible, mostly on tank champions like Rammus he is tanky and he goes straight on Thornmail this item gives me 30% damage back from what i'm attacking, and if i use the lifesteal it will just deal damage and i will almost get no damage back, the mastery provides me low but successful early first blood.
  • Once again the more Armor penetration i get, the more i be stronger against my enemy champions, this provides me 2-6 Armor penetration and gives you only from masteries 16 Armor penetration! which is a lot!
  • I take this mastery because its first of all finishing my tree, and this is the strongest by stats, and also because it increases attack damage, to champions that has low amount of health.
  • Olaf should be builded in any way you like, but even if you don't like him tanky, you should always get your self even little bit magic resistance just so you can be stronger and defensive in fights.
  • Same as magic resistance, Olaf needs to be a bit tanky so he won't be squishy in team fights, even tho the lower her gets the more powerful he is, but if he will be to squishy he wont be able to beat his enemy.
  • This mastery is good just because if you even died you should come back to life faster just to carry your team, and not spend any second possible on other things like being dead.

On these masteries i focus mostly on getting Attack Damage , Armor Penetration , and also Life steal .
Olaf The reason i take attack damage mostly is because Olaf has already high amount of attackspeed from his Berserker Rage, but i also get the only option of getting attack speed from Alacrity .
I also focus on armor penetration because Olaf unlike champions like Tryndamere isn't focusing only on attack damage, he mostly use hes abilities in fights, so when he uploads hes Reckless Swing to the maximum level its like 2-3 attacks of hes, but this doesn't stack on attack damage, and not on armor penetration, i take armor penetration so i can deal higher damage from throwing Undertow on enemies, when you attack with your basic attacks you should try to use all your skills before you use your basic attack, because the lower you get the stronger you are, you lose health from Reckless Swing and also getting damaged by your enemy champion.
In fights when you know that your enemy team will focus you, you should know that you need to get lifesteal, like Vampiric Scapter that gives you 10% lifesteal, it is high when you get lower and you deal high amount of damage and huge amount of attackspeed.

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Skill Sequence

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Berserker Rage - For every 1% of his health missing, Olaf's attack speed increases by 1%.
I would want to tell you that you can use it really often against your enemies, and enemy turrents/ also when your low you are the strongest position with Olaf, you get insane attackspeed that you can just get 3 kills with eyes closed!

Undertow - Olaf throws an axe to a target location, dealing physical damage to units it passes through and slowing them for 2.5 seconds. If Olaf picks up the axe, the ability's cooldown is reduced by 4.5 seconds.
I take this skill on levels : 1,5,8,10,15 - this skill isn't really needed in early game, its really useful for first blood and early solo top.

Vicious Strikes - For 6 seconds, Olaf's attack damage is increased and he gains life steal and spell vamp.
I take this skill on levels : 4,12,13,14,18 - i take one point early game cause its good against champions/minions and turrents, you can use this on minions after 1v1 you slain an enemy when you got low hp/ignited you can restore yourself hp really quickly by the fact of your passive you can get high attackspeed, against champion 1v1 you can abuse it while you get low and you want to restore yourself hp and higher attackdamage - recommend you to use it against tanks.

Reckless Swing - Olaf attacks with such force that it deals true damage to his target.
I take this skill on levels: 2,3,7,9,17 i take this skill early game because this skill is the most important skill that Olaf needs, early game, and late game, its good finishing killing your enemy, its good also to deal tons of damage to any enemy, any tank enemy, this skill deals true damage to all enemies you click on, i recommend you to finish it as soon as possible, another tip you can run into a bush when your enemy and you are low, let him chase after you and when your in the bush he can't see you but you can see him you got advantage from him by skill that can deal 100,160,240,300,360 damage and 1-2 attacks in less then 1 seconds, if you are lucky you can kill him and get not even 1 attack from him, if your not lucky you might die but also get a kill

Ragnarok - Olaf instantly removes all crowd control effects from himself. He is also immune to disables (including silences and blinds) and has increased armor and magic resist.
I use this skill on levels: 6,11,16 - I take this skill on each option i can get, i recommend you using it on 1v1, or when you try to chase somebody/being chased and you know he can stun/slow/fear/blind you.
This is a really useful skill, and you can get really high armor/magic resist from it.

I normally use these order of skills, but i would recommend you use it this way:
If your playing against ranged champion for example Nidalee - you should finish the Undertow skill before everything else, if your playing against melee nearby attacking champion for example Udyr, you should finish your Reckless Swing, the same with tank champions like Nasus, you should finish your Reckless Swing, because it deals true damage and true damage is damage that is given to any champion the amount that is written.

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Greater Quintessence of Lethality

Greater Mark of Attack Speed

Greater Seal of Attack Speed

Greater Glyph of Armor
Greater Quintessence Of Desolation - Olaf needs armor penetration as much as possible, he deals tons of damage, and it doesn't mind if you get huge attack damage, its good against tanks, and in 3v3/ranked 3v3 there are high chances of getting tank against you, this will make your Q skill more effective, to slow and deal damage.

- Olaf needs attack speed as well to get his enemy in a faster way per sec, even tho his passive gives him the chance of getting huge attack speed, he should not risk him self to death just for a fast attacks, besides extra attack speed never hurts for Olaf.

- This amount of attack speed is lower but the fact is the same, as long as he has more attack speed, low health or high, it never hurts in team fights, he deals the highest damage with this attack speed, if he will be focused they enemy team will be forced to get higher attack damage and faster, as long as they focus your teammates they save them selves time, either way they get the same amount of damage, Olaf is the best in team fights.

- As i was saying earlier, Olaf needs to be tanky in team fights, even if its not a team fights, solo top lane 1v1 against a random enemy, he should deal tons of damage while getting lower damage from his enemy, it keeps him a live longer and the attack speed is gaining higher and higher, so they enemy champion won't have a chance against him.

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Summoner Spells

My first summoner spell is ghost because it gives him advantage against the enemies if they decide to run away with low health, when i use the Ghost, i throw my Undertow and slow my enemy target, and hes screwed , unless he gets lucky and the Undertow will miss. Ghost is also awesome to run away from your enemies in sticky situations, of a fail team fight, when you run away/chase after somebody make sure you have enough mana for 2 Undertow. right after you use Ghost, use your Undertow, to slow your enemies (when you run away from them) or slow your enemies when they run away from you,
This is also awesome against people who Flash, i mean not people who Flash through walls, but even if its through wall and they have less then 150 hp you can just throw your Undertow and kill them at 1 shot, when enemy flashes away in the lane after you use Ghost,you need to try and get him with you Undertow by slowing him and giving yourself the option to reach him. you need to know more or less if your enemy has Flash if you know for sure that he has Flash and you know that in this situation he will Flash i would recommend you use your Undertow and throw it as far as possible because if the distance between you both is short and he will flash, your axe can exactly be touched with him and it will slow him.
My second summoner spell is Exhaust because i think that Olaf in hes early game can't be really op 1v1 against any champion, there are champions like Jax that can finish him off with some health remaining, or any champion that will take Heal and use it against you, mainly in good 1v1 fight when the enemy see you have high attack damage or you are low he will use hes Exhaust on you just so you will be weaker, against Olaf it doesn't work when you use your ultimate, all the fears,slow,stun,blind will be disabled, the same is with Exhaust, so you have advantage against any enemy that has Exhaust, but unless your playing against Olaf you have the option to return the Exhaust on them, and have full advantage of your enemy, like you don't see 1 of his spells because its effect less against you.
The fact you have your Undertow slows your enemies if they run away is destroying the fact you need to use exhaust, you don't need double slow, but the exhaust can make your enemies attack damage be weaker for a few seconds, Exhaust is also good saving your team from the enemies, by the slow you give and the damage they deal, it can save you and your team, especially if you are in team fight, if you focus an enemy target just because for example he is their carry, or he is the one that deals the most damage, you can exhaust him and make him way easier to kill and die.
I don't usually use Ignite when I'm playing Olaf but i see many players that actually does use that, it is useful at late game when you fight against an enemy that always gets away with really low amount of health, in early Ignite has no influence on anybody, well i would recommend you to use that when your not sure rather he will die by you or will he die by the ignite, what i can tell you for sure, you can start using it from level 6 with damage of 150+ and this will be quite useful, but there are champs like Riven that can use her Valor and get herself armor with the amount hp that Ignite deals.
also people that have Heal will survive, or for example Volibear can use hes passive Chosen of the Storm and it returns him the health that ignite can deal, there are many champions that ignite won't be good against them that's why i never take ignite, i wouldn't recommend you to.
I saw many people who takes Heal for Olaf and i just want to understand the scene, if Olaf uses hes passive mostly then why would he prefer get him self health and get his attackspeed lower, i never took Heal and i just don't understand why you take heal, if you are in team fight abuse you Vicious Strikes which gives you awesome lifesteal and spellvamp.
Also, if you know that you are playing against an enemy Olaf let him use the heal, let him chase after you a bit, get in a bush that you are sure he will enter use your Undertow and Reckless Swing together and you will get his health down to the same spot it was, even not needed to go in the whole map just so he can chase for you, wait for the cooldown to be completed.

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When you and your team are in a really bad situation with the kill/death ratio, you have nothing else to do rather then jungeling, when you lose to your enemies 1v1, or team fight, that means that they are stronger then you, maybe not in the items but they give high amount of damage, but also can be in the advantage of items they got against you, there champions like Pantheon that he deals huge damage, and that he got advantage of you by kill/death ratio, but sadly he is really bad against minions, unlike Olaf that can jungle really easy, i would recommend you to just get your self as much as possible creeps by - letting your minions deal all the damage to them and you 'last hit' them, this will provide you not only experience points it will also provide you with gold.
you need this gold to stick with your champions kill/death, lets say for example that 1 minion gives you 30 gold - 10 minions and you get the same amount of gold for that 1 kill that your enemy has, in each wave of minions there are 7-9 minions that are coming together.
if your playing with a partner in the same lane and he has his kill/death ratio really good, ask him to leave you the creeps so you can both be in the same amount of money, if he won't listen to you let him push and then just kill steal his minions, i would recommend you to not push when you are having a bad game, i would tell you let the enemy creeps push and you just clean them really slowly with the money to yourself, not only that you can farm, you can also jungle, jungle provides you higher amount of experience and also higher amount of gold.
also it can give you buffs that can help you get back to the game.
If you really got a bad game and you have got a bad team with you, try using the build only with the tanky items, not only these items are good you can also use Thornmail Guardian's angel and more tanky items.
this will give you a free way to tank while your team deals the high damage, this can give you nothing but for the team its good.
If the jungle is completely clean just try to run between the lanes and get yourself creeps for any price.
I wish you good luck!

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If you take top or you carry your team, i would recommend to use this build as a carry build, this build is more of a carry build than a regular build.

Item Sequence

Berserker's Greaves

Frozen Mallet

Phantom Dancer

Atma's Impaler

The Black Cleaver

Madred's Bloodrazor

Maw of Malmortius
A good item that you can always start with, this is good for early first blood and good at everything in the early game - you should sell this item in late game to complete the build (This item changes into something stronger, that costs way more and is more effective)

Best boots you can get in any position, this boots gives you enhanced movement by 2 and 25 attackspeed, as well good item at early game.

This item is good against any enemy by the fact of his passive (Best against tanky enemies) - The passive is whenever you hit your enemy it will reduce his armor by 15 up to 3 times (45 reduced armor)
This item is also good because it give you 55 attack Damage and 30 attackspeed.

This item is really good item for Olaf, it gives him 55 attackspeed, 30 critical strike chance and 15 movement speed multiplier, its good with the fact it gives you attackspeed, higher chances of critical strike damage, and a better chance to chase against your enemies.

This item is really good by its passive which is whenever you hit the enemy team summoner it will deal additional 2% of your max health in damage, besides this item gives you armor and even more critical strike chance, as long as you have higher critical strike chance, you have more chances to get your attack x2 stronger.

As well as this items passive is really important for Olaf against the enemies that try to run away, or chase after your allies, whenever you hit an enemy it reduces hes movement speed by 40% for 2.5 seconds (Its not by every hit, it might happen one in 4 basic attacks the chances are 35%)
This item isn't good by the attack damage that it gives to you, it give you huge amount of extra health.

This item item is good by any possible way, it gives you attack damage,armor and attack speed, he also got a nice passive that each time you hit an enemy, deals bonus magic damage equal to 4% of the targets maximum health.
This is the item you replace for your Doran's shield.

This item was released recently in the newest patch this item give you high amount of attack damage, magic resistance, this item has an awesome passive that in my opinion best for Olaf - for each 2.5% missing health gives you 1 attack damage, If you take magic damage which will leave you less then 30% of your maximum health - you gain a shield which absorbs 400 magic damage for 5 seconds, its like an awesome buff that i would recommend to use, you can replace this item for one of the items from the items in the build.

Extra items you can use:

- Good item to open with for good early first blood, It is good on both lanes you use, but in late game this item should be sold, it gives you good advantage on early, but late game you gain a better item.

This item has an nice passive and stats, you gain 60 attack damage and 12% lifesteal for each kill (Minions/champions) you gain 1 attack damage and 0.2% life steal Maximum 40 attack damage (40 times) and 8% life steal (40 times)
If you die the bonuses lose only 1/2 of its current position.
Very recommended item in team fights and solo fight.

An awesome item that gives you 40 health regeneration, 76 magic resistance, and 8 movement speed, this item has an awesome passive either - restores 0.35% of your champions maximum health every second.
Very recommended if you are low and you try to run away.

Really recommended item for tanky olaf, this item gives you total amount 920 health, 30 health regeneration this item has the same passive with just different type of bonuses : each kill give you 3.5 health and 0.10 health regeneration, also when you kill/assist you gain 35 health and 1 health regeneration Bonuses ends when you reach to 350 health and 10 health regeneration.

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Team Work

How you should work with you team in the twisted treeline,
If you are taking solo top, you should come to your bot lane for many ganks, this will provide you and your team by gaining kills (if you did a successful gank) also gives your team in down the option of getting higher level and maybe pushing bot lane, destroying a turrent and continue in your lane, you can also ask your team to come gank for you when you see that while you were bot helping your teammates and the top enemy is pushing you can ping on him and ask for help by killing him, you can also work with your team by asking them helping you with the dragon, or if they ask you for any buff just help them, you can find out many ways of helping your team you just need to have the imagination of the ways you want to help your team, if you help your team, you help yourself, you and your team success and for the favor your doing to them, they will pay you back, working as a team always help you.

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Personl expirence & Explanation

SPACE Hello everybody here is the Olaf Champion spotlight SPACE

Olaf is my 3rd champion i ever tried in league of legends.
Why did i choose to play Olaf?
  • My type of champions that i like to play are: Melee,Ranged,Carry,Fighter. Olaf has 2 of my favorite types of champions in 1 champion.
  • Olaf can deal true damage, which not any champ can do.
  • Olaf Is good against any type of champ, and can be played in many possible ways just as AD Carry, AD, DPS, Tank and many other possible ways that you can find playing with him, he can also be hybrid (I don't like him that way).
I wouldn't actually try him if one of my friends wouldn't recommend me about him, at first it was difficult for me to play him because i didn't find any good build to use, so i had to use the recommended build which is already updated and it is normal to use.
After long time of playing him and using builds of other people, i though of making my own build so i can play good with him, i found my self perfect build which i made my self, i use Olaf for 2 different ways: AD Carry/DPS or AD/TANK.
Once i used Flash and Ignite when i just started playing with him, but to tell you honestly, you don't really need it, i find it really epic to use flash on 3v3 at all, if you are chasing after somebody , you should just use Ghost way better and gives you high movement speed for quite long time, if you are being chased, its way better that you can run faster then your enemy rather than flashing some distance and getting caught.
About Ignite, this item nearly deals no damage early, and if you want good late game, you should have awesome early game , Ignite deals 60-200 dmg for 5 seconds in early levels, its really useful late game, but you need 2 useful spells that can help you any time during the game.
Ghost and Exhaust are the best spells for Olaf

Some tips i would like to give you when your playing against ranged champions like Caitlyn Nidalee Miss Fortune And so on, you have your Undertow Skill that throws your axe by the distance you want it to be used, i recommend you load it to level 5 as quick as possible against ranged champions, because you can't actually come to ranged champion as Caitlyn and not have your hp down by 500 damage just by coming to her, its quite a loss, the range between your axe and caitlyn regular attacks are the same [650 range]

If you had a really bad early and you didn't get the chance to get your level higher i would recommend you to upload your Vicious Strikes by a level or two, i would recommend you also to start jungeling at level 8-9 (If you had bad early, Or even if you have good early), getting jungle and minions is good way to get yourself money advantage from your enemies.

You can use your Undertow to get yourself sometime to run away from your enemy champion or to get yourself time to stick with your enemy champion, what do i mean? your axe that you throw slows your enemy by 24-40% for 2.5 seconds, this gives you the option to stick/get away with/from the enemy, also this gives damage.

When you are in a fight, and you see you are low with health you should run into any bush possible wait for your enemy to come use your Undertow Reckless Swing and Vicious Strike this gives you advantage of your enemy by at least 300-400 damage (Depends on the game time) - when your enemy gets the option to attack you, and he stuns,slows,fears,knockbacks you, i would totally recommend you to use Ragnarok - After the newest patch it gives you disables to any possible crowd control effects, and gives you 10-30 armor penetration.

When you play TANK/AD/DPS (everything that has to do with health) your passive Berserker Rage is being way more effective by the fact that your attack speed is being increased, each 1% you lose in your health, returns to you by 1% attack speed, when you get lower in health and it gives you way more strength (by the fact that you attack your opponents with the same damage faster in the same time) in team fights/solo fights, just so you know, whenever your being focused in team fights its good from one side and bad from the other side, from the good side, you deal higher damage in faster ways,in the bad side you eventually die, and if you are the carry of your team, it should be really bad for pushing, i would recommend you to get your self items with life steal such as The Bloodthirster.

When you are playing against non-ranged champion like Noctrune Master Yi Sion Shaco and so on, unlike ranged champions that you need to load your Undertow you need to level your Reckless Swing to level 5 as fast as possible, why? Reckless Swing is a skill that gives true damage which means that this skills deals to any kind of champion the amount of damage that is written, the champions i putted aren't the only type this skill includes, champions like Sejuani Volibear Shen includes too.
Reckless Swing is the Olaf main skill, i bet all Olaf players use it the most in games, rather he's level is lowest or highest, this skill is really important and is the highest damage dealer rather its ap champion like Cassiopeia ad champion like Tryndamere tank like Malphite or anything, this skill gets to 340 damage, and this skill has almost no cooldown, if you rather buy Olaf cooldown reduction runes, you will have really low cooldown on this skill, this skill also lowers the hp of Olaf, this skill can be used rather you play AD,AP,TANK,HYBRID,DPS or anything, this skill will deal the same amount of damage.

When i started playing Olaf at my first games it was difficult, because i didn't know the skills order i should use on team fights or solo fights, there were champions like Noctrune that were stronger then me early game but had no influence on me late game Unspeakable Horror this skill had really much influence on me because whenever he used this skill on me he has 2.5 seconds attack damage on me while i can't return any attack damage or escape from him, he can deal above 300 damage early game.
when i start using better builds i had a feeling that i understand this champ more i started understanding more when to use Undertow, how to use them correctly, how to use Ragnarok and how to just play Olaf correctly.

I think if you wouldn't be lazy reading all what i wrote about Olaf you will understand more about him, even if you didn't read some parts, or you skipped a chapter, you will understand more about this, this chapter explains more about the fact how to use Olaf skills correctly how to abuse the power of being in bush against your enemy, and mostly i hope you will have fun playing with Olaf

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Enemy champions*+*

  • When you are playing against Nidalee you should know that you should always get away from her Javelin Toss this skill deals huge damage if it hits you, try to stay behind your minions as much as possible, if the Javelin Toss Touches you from longer distances the damage will be higher.
  • If you are trying to come for a gank to Nidalee i would recommend you to get in the corner of a bush to try not to step on her Bushwhack this reveals you for short time and lowers your armor/magic resistance, i would recommend you to be careful.
  • If you are playing against Nidalee in solo lane i would recommend you to level your Undertow as your main skill (to the maximum level) because just like Nidalee Javelin Toss you throw your axe at her, slowing her and damaging her with huge amount of damage.
  • When you are being chased by Nidalee you should be careful with her Javelin Toss try to run in sides and to get away from any possible ways, also if/when Nidalee Transforms to her cougar you should try to find the shortest and with the less bushes place to run threw/ even without her transform, Nidalee passive is Prowl Which gains her 15% movement speed for 2 seconds.
  • When you chase after Nidalee try to throw your Undertow when you are sure you will hit her, because mostly when Nidalee runs away she will get in any bush and will use her Prowl and if you use your Undertow she will get even slower then her regular movement speed, which will give you the option to stick to her.
  • If you don't listen to the build in the full way and choose to pick Ignite i would recommend you to have sure that she won't use Primal Surge this skill heals her with quite high health and gives her also really high amount of attackspeed. (you can put the Ignite when you saw her using Primal Surge and try to hit her even once before you put the Ignite

  • When you are playing against Xin Zhao in solo lane you should know that you need to try to escape his Three Talon Strike this gives him 3 stronger hits on you and eventually pops you up in the air, while you're in the air he can deal you 2 more attacks, unless you use your Ragnarok you can use it if you are doing full fight against him (i mean the fact that he attacks you till you just die) in that case or in the other case that he runs away from you, just use your Ragnarok and chase him down/ shut him down in a fight.
  • Another thing, when you are fighting him/ attack him 2/3 hits he can restore hes health with his Challenge, this effect restores him health quickly, if you left him low in team fight and ignited him, while you died, he can just abuse your creeps against you with Battle Cry and hes Challenge to restore hes health and try to survive, try to avoid him from attacking you.
  • When you are playing against him you should level your Reckless Swing to the maximum level at the earliest time you can, rather he plays tanky or normal AD, this skill gives your enemy true damage and high amount of damage, in team fights or personal fights it will help you alot.
  • When you try to get away from Xin Zhao when you are low, make sure he has no Audacious Charge or try to keep really far distance so he won't jump on you, unless you have high amount of lifesteal and you use your Vicious Strikes and you think you can beat him (if you already try and do that i would recommend you doing that IF he tower dive)
  • When he wants to restore his skills by your minions with Battle Cry try to push him away from them, by throwing Undertow on him, or deal high damage on him, because hes recharging hes skills to attack you, even in fights, let him waste hes Battle Cry when he attacks you, you can just run away from him and he will chase you and the skill will turn off, and you will be able to attack him with him having no skills to use on you.
  • Another thing when you play against him and he releases hes Crescent Sweep it gives him armor, so try to get your self higher lifesteal by Vicious Strikes the armor will be less effective this way, it give you health, and he thinks that the armor will save him from you, well it ain't!
  • If Xin Zhao goes tanky against you, you should get The Black Cleaver
    If he goes full ad/dps you should get Thornmail
    If you feel that he has to much advantage on you (By attack/armor/attackspeed/movement speed) you should get Force of Nature, this will give you magic resistance and really high amount of health regeneration (50-100 health per second) depends on your health, (it takes 0.35% of your health, and regenerate it)
  • You should totally focus him on team fights, also, when you are dueling him in top lane you should use your summoner spell Exhaust and make him weaker, this will give him the option to run away or to stay in the fight, in anyway, you will be stronger then him and you might actually kill him, if you do good early against him (let him go b the whole game, won't let him touch the minions to regenerate hes health) he will do really bad early, this kind of a champion that needs good early to have good late.