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Leona Build Guide by TheBestestBork

Support Bruiser Leona S13 Guide

Support Bruiser Leona S13 Guide

Updated on May 31, 2023
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League of Legends Build Guide Author TheBestestBork Build Guide By TheBestestBork 54 5 136,841 Views 0 Comments
54 5 136,841 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author TheBestestBork Leona Build Guide By TheBestestBork Updated on May 31, 2023
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Runes: Standard Heartstealing Leo

1 2 3 4 5
Grasp of the Undying
Font of Life

Manaflow Band

+8 ability haste
+6 Armor
+8 Magic Resist


1 2 3
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


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Champion Build Guide

Bruiser Leona S13 Guide

By TheBestestBork
The basis of this build
Hello there, (GENERAL KENOBI!) I am TheBestestBork, you wont know me. I was new to LOL in season 10 & 11, but regardless I just do not do ranked. I play for fun! and so should you, but i main Leona and enjoy the fun builds in this game. By doing these "Fun" builds I have found oppressive builds that have turned my concrete flashbang of a bunker into a full on Tank Flashbang with a 120mm cannon.

This guide wont be for everyone obviously, and I will update it periodically. The main thing to take away from this is the beauty of seeing your Damage meter be higher than 3/4 of the players in the game as a *Support* or top/mid Leona. People discount her in teamfights as just a flashbang, but that only benefits you as they leave you and allow you to focus their squishies with your damage, and OH MY do you hurt mid-late game. Sadly with the sorry state of 100 million damage characters, this build is less for fun and more required, as being a traditional tank leo is getting less and less viable since health just straight up out does RESISTANCES on her kit... that is made to scale... with RESISTANCES. Thanks Rito...

With this build done properly, you can eventually solo many of the most annoying characters in this game late game, such as Sett, Darius and Garen, so long as you build properly and abuse your Breaching kit of a champion to its fullest. I have turned many games from a clear loss, to nearly a win or carried just from the fact me and my botlaner got so fed, and I was so damn annoying to kill that it gave us a break to catch up.
What is this and why?
The guide before you may seem odd to some... "AD? on Leona? But everything scales off AP?!" Well, there is a reason for this. You see for some god awful reason leona has abyssmal AP ratios on her abilities.

This may be for balance so she doesn't Q you for 500 damage (Even though you still can with this build). But what I find odd, is that walking abomination ( Rell) of metal and flesh with funky hair getting some Crazy good AP ratios for her abilities. for a comparison, Leona's ult has a 70% AP ratio, so you will never get full use of your built AP. But that THINGS gets 110%. Why RIOT, why do you bully sun girl.

But enough of that, for you see clearly someone at RIOT has a big brain, bigger than Rossboomsocks' brain possibly. Okay probably not, but still, either they knew of the viability of this build or they just hate Leona mains. In any case, with this build you go from a flashbang that only stun's and annoys a team, to a Flashbang that shrapnels and tears them apart from the inside. There are tricks to it, but they are mainly centered around using Leona's abilities to cheese the enemies abilities and keep yourself tagged on a champion.

+ Great Damage Potential Late Game
+ Good Damage scaling
+ Improved Sustain and pressure
+ Better Teamfight Presence
+ Great 1v1 Potential Mid-Late Game
+ Being able to do (I am the ADC now) jokes
Eclipse, Shield of Daybreak and an fully upgraded Zenith Blade can turn any 2v2 into an easy double kill, that coupled with the tankiness and damage output of this build late combine to give some great benefits . \COmbining these with Grasp of the Undying, Aftershock or Conqueror can make you a machine late game.
- Low Early Game Potential
- Falls off easily if put behind
- Struggles with Mana
- Lack of Mobility in most cases
- Loss of Support items hurts ADC
- The Flaming
The most annoying thing about this build, the the flaming you get for making a bruiser Leona, or just for playing her out of lane in general. You aren't exactly the general team player most people are used too with a Leona, you lack any Support Items in exchange for solo damage and tanking. With this though, you can actually make yourself a larger threat late game than usual. Though doing this leaves you weaker to threats such as Pyke, Bard, Nautilus and other roaming or tankier supports.
How to build this, and How to use it
To start, you go standard stuff for a support. But if you lack a friend to take ADC, you had best let your ADC know you arent planning on Supp items. Below is your first choice to make depending on team comp.


Divine Sunderer
Trinity Force and Heartsteel build quite differently than my old style with Divine Sunderer. The big question between the two is, do I want some Sustain and % HP on-hit damage, or MS to keep on them? Trinity will scratch the Movement Speed and some of the Damage itch, allowing you to stay on those speedier champs without much hassle. Heart Steel is the item to go when looking at becoming a mega tank, and being a strong anchor in teamfights. Your Zenith Blade does give great engage either way, so you can stack that Heartsteel early and get into the action with little worry late game.

Once this has been chosen, you then have the next big decision, Boots or a second item? In terms of viability if you have trinity sitting with T1 Boots is quite okay, allowing you to focus your second item depending ont he enemy comp.

Generally Boots are wanted right after Divine Sunderer, and if you're THAT ahead you can rush them too. I personally prefer Ionian Boots of Lucidity solely for the .5 second reduction in your Q time, and this will come to net you SO many kills. I can not count the amount of times an AD Carry gets to tower with half a second cooldown till I could Q her to doom.

Once these are done, look at their comp. Is there Life Steal/Omni-vamp? Are they Health tanks? Are they Armoured to hell? Depending on these you can make the choice of anti-tank/Grievous items. For grievous, it is always safest to get thornmail, you have so many immobilizing abilities you can even deal with 3 enemy champs at once in a TF if you need too.

To deal with tankier enemies I would suggest Black Cleaver and Blade of the Ruined King. That %HP damage is invaluable VS them,and reducing their Armour combined with the AS increase of BORK can make their once invincible builds meak in comaprison to yours.

Now there is the rare but possivble scenario where you are winning every lane, or only 1 is ahead. in this case you can go straight tank & damage with Titanic Hydra and watch as you constantly scale into a terrifying support capable of 1v2ing in the right scenario.

Once this has been considered, make your own choices too. would you rather stick to pure cc for the team since they are all doing well? or would you see a bigger benefit from adding damage? if you cant decide Sterak's Gage is a great choice, you become VERY tanky, add some quick damage and can cause the enemy team a big pain if you go in first. In every case though make sure to note a carry, did you stomp bot/top but another lane is fed? counter it, get Thornmail or Force of Nature for that fast armor/MR increase. When into an AP carry i ALWAYS go force, due to the MS increase and added MR from abilities, which proccs even on AD abilities.

Now for the late game, this is the best part for you. Did that irelia eat you but its 50 misn in now? enjoy that free AD and tankiness. This is YOUR time to shine. Pick some team fights, or if the enemy team is cocky, grab some lone laners and show then the power of the Sun, make solaire proud. Your ideal build for this will include Heartsteel, Sterak's Gage, Titanic Hydra and Ionian Boots of Lucidity. With these, and some resistance item in there you should be good to go into most champs.


Now this is a special section, got some pesky Vayne, or Fiora? Well here is where we deal with them.

First off, Plated Steelcaps, then go into Randuin's Omen. After that, make sure to max your W. with this you now block 12% of the damage, then 24+ the randuins bonus flat aswell. this can make a 100 damage kraken proc go down to as low as 50 in an extreme case, but by the time you have that much for a bonus from randuins, you wont be dealing with so little a kraken proc.

In any case this can save you, and make them wonder why Kraken is so bad this patch, when it isnt, people just refuse to build randuins since its kinda weak atm.
Using your Abilities to stay Ahead
Now comes the meat of this Guide, for you see being tanky and painful is good, but that is all the toppings of this Pizza. The Crust is Leona's Kit. And the sauce and toppings are her build I guess?

Anyways, using Leona this way is not as easy as just tieing someone down for your ADC to do the work for you. No, with this build YOU do the work with them. With this change of tactics you also need to change how you use your abilities a bit. Instead of the age old "Dive and Stun" you now "Dive and WHAP". This probably makes little sense, and it should because i dont know what the hell im on about here so lets move on.

| Range: 50 Bonus Range | Cooldown: 5 | Cost: 45 / 50 / 55 / 60 / 65 |
The Bread and Butter of Leona, her Q proc's her Passive Sunlight onto enemies for your allies, along with enhancing your next auto's range to hit with it by 50 and is a 1 second stun. It may not be as Damaging as Eclipse or Zenith Blade but it does the trick, and when you have stacked Ability Haste it will easily hit a 2.8 Second CD.
| Range: 275| Cooldown: 14 / 13 / 12 / 11 / 10 | Cost: 60 |
Eclipse is the Premier tanking skill for Leona. This skill not only affects normal damage, but the flat damage reduction it gives while leveling also affects true damage, making it a pain for Kraken Slayer built AD Carry's.
| Range: 700 | Cooldown: 12 / 10.5 / 9 / 7.5 / 6 | Cost: 60 |
Zenith Blade is, imho, one of the best engage tools in the game. Allowing any Leona to engage through walls and minions, or even dive a squishy AD Carry or Mage at the back of a team. Combining this with a quick Shield of Daybreak and poping Eclipse can suddenly make the entire fight go sideways for the enemy team.

The essential things to remember to make this work are that you no longer focus on pure CC, you want to chain your abilities into Divine Sunderer Proc's. How do I do this? well its fekin easy as leo. If you read my reasons for how the skills are lined up you would know by now the reduced E is great to keep on them, but it has another purpose... DS proc's. You see, Divine Sunderer Proc's ever 1.5s, your base Q is 5, but by the time you have divine it should be around 4. Maxing E will get it near 5 seconds aswell, combining this with your W you can now:


You see what im getting at? Ontop of this, your Q is a basic attack on its own, and a reset at that. This allows you to make some great plays for when you or a teammate are nearly dead, for you to catch the enemy with not just a sudden stun mid auto, but also a whopping 10% of their HP gone aswell.

Adding this up with Titanic hydra, and maybe Black Cleaver and Bork can turn a few Urgot/ Darius/ Sett/ Garen into mince meat for your team. I dare say, if done correctly you can even BE said fed person. Impressively, you will also outscale in games when taking Gathering Storm as well. How many enemy teams discount a leona? MANY. How many discount her later in the game? All of them. They may see your insane damage early on and think, Okay well she falls off. But oh no, with the right runes and items you can become an absolute Raid boss late game, and if your team plays off of you like they should it can become an easy GG for it.

That all said, there are also personal play styles. I prefer this one as it has the most utility mid-late game, and these are also the times to turn the game around. If your other lanes are losing, you can become a duo Carry with your botlaner. It may not always work, but when it does OH BOY is it nice to see a 26/3 Master YI run from a Leona+Diana Botlane with 12 kills between them because he dies every time he fights us.
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