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Miss Fortune Build Guide by Ezrea1

Bullet Time with Sarah <3

Bullet Time with Sarah <3

Updated on August 2, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Ezrea1 Build Guide By Ezrea1 42 16 199,119 Views 55 Comments
42 16 199,119 Views 55 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Ezrea1 Miss Fortune Build Guide By Ezrea1 Updated on August 2, 2011
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LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ghost


Change Log

3/29/11~Guide Launched
3/29/11~ Bullet Time section added, game stage description added. Minor generic coding fixes(thanks Riplak) ^w^
4/15/11~Actual tips added to the "tips and tricks" section.
4/16/11~Revamped entire item section, Early game "extensivized"
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SUP GAHS! Ezrea1 here(AKA by my IGN TerraAquaVen)! AND I am back with everybody's favourite sexy bounty hunter, Miss Fortune. MF was the first champ I've ever played back when she was free for the first time in week 11(in Q, deciding....OOOO SHE LOOKS HAWT!!!). So I was that one insta-lock MF with heal and ghost for a week. To your(mine too) surprise, I actually rocked pretty hard with her at lvl 1~5 ELO. Then when I bought her later(around lvl20), I sucked. So I had to recreate a new playing style for her. Now you might ask: Why do your item route look so messy(what differs this build from the others)? Well to be honest, I've always thought was carries as a little baby that grows into a super hero. In the beginning, they're weak and can't do too much. But when they grow(LEVEL UP!), they get really strong and have the potential to "carry"(therefore the name) their entire team. The biggest problem I have with the pre-existing builds is that they all tend to "RUSH" their big items. It lacks stability and that usually leaves them very vulnerable(one side or another) early on in the game. For example, a Mallet rush build lacks early/mid damage but can survive whereas an IE/BT rush Fortune build will do nearly insane damage early on but will get screwed if an enemy(Eve's trolololol) gets smart and picks you off. That's why I think building sub-items one at a time and then rebuilding them into bigger items late game is a better choice to go on carries. So here's the build. Enjoy~ ;)
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Oh hai guys! I finally found a song to attach here so you guys can enjoy awesome music while you guys read. Not too relevant to LoL or anything. The color just reminds me of the blood you will spill playing MF! ;)

    -Built in heal reduction(for dem MUNDOs)<---ohs noses last patch nerf! D:
    -Deceiptively long range
    -Easy to learn and master
    -Built in IAS(increased attack speed)
    -Free mobility
    -AoE slow
    -Ultimate tears apart team fights
    -Just so damn HAWT!

    -No escape mechanisms
    -Poor mana pool(gotta be mana smart or get golem buff)
    -Nerfed over and over
    -VERY team reliant(can get kills without team but just can't win without team)
    -High priority on "to kill" list
    -Vulnerable to CC(which carry isn't?)
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Summoner Spells


Standard escape spell. On rare cases used to catch up and last hit enemy with .

Also used to escape(or at least in most cases). Otherwise used to chase.

I make this standard because she has no built in escape. Some guides run Ghost and Exhaust. I'm not saying that it's mandatory to run flash ghost or ghost exhaust is bad. It's just that you need insurance as a carry that you can survive every(or every other :P) grim situation and leave the CCing to your team(because you trust them).

Also viable:

This spell saves carries. But if you think about it, the time it takes for you to cleanse and run out is actually longer than if you were to take the full duration of the disable and flash out. Upsides to this being that if enemy chase, they have less chasing power and that it's on a shorter CD.

Fortune lacks hard CC. Take this if you're confident enough that you'll survive with only one summoner spell(I lag, HARD, so I'm not :P). This makes her a great solo fighter and somewhat eliminated her need for teammates. But since you're going to have teammates anyways, might as well rely on them and take another slightly more useful spell instead(aha). But hey, take this when that insta-lock Alistar tells you he's going ranged dps.

I used to play insta-lock MF with heal+ghost. It's pretty useful in pinch situations and a well placed heal can change a teamfight. But I in no way, recommend it.

I don't recommend this as a main spell because you have 1/2 of this already built into your abilities. MF also deals so high damage, the DoT is hardly needed. But if you like the bonus true damage it adds to your output, by all means take it. But remember you're sacrificing survivability for this.

This is usually used to get back to lane or to gank via minions/ward/shrooms/turrets/boxes. I prefer ghost over port on MF because she has built in mobility(which is heightened with ghost), longer CD, and you can't use port to escape.

Not recommended. But I have a friend who plays Clair on EVERY character. He seems to do fine with it. He can keep himself in lane quite long checking for ganks and etc. with this spell. Take it if you REALLY want it.

Like I said, Fortune is a carry without any actual escape mechanisms. You NEED you flash and ghost. Even though she's mana hungry, runes, mana awareness, or blue buff will totally eliminate the need for this. Leave this for that Sona or Janna.

Don't wanna be like Nerf Master Suck Town and rally Fortune. D: (go read the patch preview comic if I lost you right here -.-")
....CD too long for it to be any actual use, let someone else worry about this one.


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One of those little bonuses to the game. Playing the game, I don't think this is all THAT important because player skill will top all that little stuff off, even items(I got a funny story for this but that's for another time). So whatever works for you is fine, just take w/e. XD
Not too much to explain here. You want to maximize your damage output as a carry. Down in the utility lane, grab improved ghost(NEED).

This set tends to be more for mages. It gives you pretty good mana regen and other little perks. But if it kills you NOT to get it, then get it. =.=

9/21/0 or 21/9/0
Is why we take so many Doran's blade(2!). So you don't need to waste point on defense tree at all.
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Very standard. ArPen. Boost damage. WANT.

You want MP5/LVL here. Fortune has poor mana pool while her moves have pretty high cost considering how often you have to use them. Provided that you play mana smart early game, mid game and late game you won't have mana problems(at least major ones). This works especially well if you have blue buff. Most importantly, this eliminates the need of a and , which can be replaced by another high end damage item.

CDR/LVL. Also very standard for a carry. Plus, who doesn't like CDR? You want this for ultimate teamfight rapage.

Flat HP for a solid and safer early game or ArPen
for a better harassing early/mid game. Your call. I'd go with Flat HP.
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Skill Description


It's like a free Boots of Mobility. Gets you in/to/from lane very fast when combined with other boots. This why you don't need high speed boots on her. In lane, this is great for spell dodging from that annoying Karthus or that Caitlyn. Of course, if you get hit at all, even if it's a minion, all that speed goes down the drain.

Double Up

This skill gives Fortune her deceptively long range because because of how it bounce off off a minion and onto the champ for 115% damage. Hurts. Harass like crazy in lane. In team fights, bounce this off the person in front to nuke the carry. This move is pretty much a secondary auto attack, use whenever you need to do more damage.

Impure Shots

This move is maxed second and comes with 3 awesome perks. First one is a passive that's like old Malady's passive. As you continuously attack one target, they take increased magical damage each hit. Secondly, you activate it for a % based attack speed increase. Last and my favourite of it's abilities is that it inflicts grievous wound on the enemy, which reduces their healing. Screw up that Dr. Mundo or that annoying Swain big time.

Make it Rain

This is an AoE slow with a little bit of damage. It's Miss Fortune's only form of CC and a minor one too. It has very high range. I would seldomly use it in lane as a harass tool. Even though it works very well, it is too mana costly to be considered viable. Good uses of this can be dropping it in a jungle path to slow down chasers. Dropping this in a teamfight is also good for causing confusion as well as slowing them down so that your Bullet Time has a higher chance to hit all of them. It also scouts out enemies if you drop it in a bush. All kinds of good stuff.


OK! THIS! IS! what makes Sarah such a monster beast at team fighting. This is the reason I still can't get over MF even though I got over TF, Tristana, and Jax. Get a good position off and you can rip those noobs apart. Get caught somewhere you shouldn't and you're more useless than an Ashe. This will get you a pentakill if there's a smart Amumu or Veigar on your team if they can throw down their circle at the right time. Learn this right and you'll be making noobs cry "Fortune OP nerf n0w pl3z!! QQ!!!"
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This section the reason why this guide took so long to write >.>
I want to be pretty extensive explaining every single item so......HERE GOES NOTHING!!!!

So um....since Sarah is mainly AD scaling and her extremely OP ultimate(the one that makes all them noobs QQ hard), So we'll be focusing on building AD items with secondary perks to it.

*NOTE~no item build should be followed verbatim. DO NOT ever follow a strict single route build all game very game. You need to be versatile.

Example 1: You stay in lane forever(which you shouldn't, Fortune can gank) and B for the first time with loads of cash. You might skip the second Doran's Blade and MAYBE even The Brutalizer and jump to Black Cleaver. Whatever seem to fit the situation.

Example 2: The enemy team have an average IQ of 3. They don't target you AT ALL in a team fight. Don't complete Phage into a Frozen Mallet. Leave it as a Phage and rush your Infinity Edge. Tear them apart.

Example 3: When the enemy team has Malphite/Rammus/Shaco/Teemo/Lux, and they all seem to be doing pretty well(better than you)...don't do Berserker's Greaves, go for Mercury's Treads.


^The 3 BF items. High damage. VERY high damage. Comes with BAMF effects. WANT. Now Banshee's Veil has also been added for survivability issues.

Basic Stability Items:

I don't think an intro is needed for this item but for you new guys out there, this item is LEGIT to start with. I used to go to lane with 700+ HP, but due to recent nerfs, I start at around 600, which is still pretty BAMF for a carry. Point with this item is that you buy 2 of these badboys for the stability and sell them as you get your build in.

This item has always been my carry early/mid game item. It provides adequate AD, 15% whopping armor pen., as well as CD for ult. WANT. You sell this later on to make room for more expensive items.

This item gives DPS their "sustained" damage title. As long as you're doing damage, you gain you HP back. All DPS characters need to carry one of these or something that includes this, to stay alive and stay sustainable.

Core Damage Items

Good damage + atk spd + armor reduc on-hit that seems to be proc'ed by . Also seem to synergize with Impure Shots pretty well what's with the IAS(increased attack speed) and stacking damage and whatnot.

Should be your first late game item or last mid game item. It's absolutely amazing in terms of boosting damage and all that jazz. It gives boatload of AD as well as damage boost when you crit!!!

BT is also a great item. Provides lifesteal, which is BAMF. Gives LOADS of AD for your auto-atk or that OP ultimate of yours!!! >:O

I've never had a great love for this item but this guy sure comes in handy when you see your entire enemy team(5 prem.) is all tank/all fort./all revive. Generally a really good item against people who stack armor. You usually get this when Black Cleaver doesn't do enough for you. Let's do math for a second(OH GAWD TERRA DOING MATH WTF!?!?!?), but only basically. LW gives 40% of ArPen. Black Cleaver is a flat 45. That means Last Whisper will have 45 ArPen when target has 112.5 armor(X=45x100/40). But also factor in the fact that Cleaver gives more Damage as well as increases attack speed. So if we do an estimate, I should probably safe it's better to get LW when at least 3 enemies have over 150 armor(if someone has a better calculated answer to this estimate, please tell me).

This is your second attack speed item and usually last item used against tanks or HP stackers. It also provides some minor AD/Armor stat, which is always good. But we mainly want this item for its passive, 4% magical damage to target hp. Taking one of these babies lategame mean that you tear apart that ***** Sion so much fast when he thinks he's a BAMF with over 4k hp and 150 armor and no MRES. Also works great on those pubs that like to stack Warmog's(With the exception of Lee Sin, because, he is Lee Sin, the Blind Monk).

Survivability Items

THE NEW SURVIVABILITY ITEM added to the main build. BV blocks the initial burst damage in a fight in case you get targetted, it can cover you enoough for you to react to it. Such as when that sneaky Kassadin tries to silence you when you're ulting. The HP it gives isn't as much as mallet, but the included MRES makes it more effective HP. The mana included helps out a LOT with with her mana problem if you don't have runes or blue buff. Since Frozen Mallet is removed as a main item, this mandates you to always have your team(the the enemy team's) red buff if you want any constant CC at all. I implented this item as a main and removed the much loved mallet because when you get caught roaming later on by enemy disablers or when there's a Lux on the enemy team. If you look at my 3rd screen cap below, I had 4 death that game. All 4 by Lux. Usually you would be pretty safe considering tanks and whatnot. But that girl Lux has MAD RANGE with her spells(your range can't even compare) and get through to you amidst a fight. Having a BV is really helpful in this and similar situations.

Doesn't give a lot of damage. Boatload of HP, and a little CC. An old favorite removed for a better item.

The stats given by GA works really well with the flat hp given by Frozen Mallet. It actually makes you quite beefy and hard to kill. Even if they DO kill you, BAM! You're back up in 3 seconds, you pop that Flash and/or Ghost leaving your enemy and a trail of hearts behind. **** YEAH! >:O

A seriously underrated item. Mres + AD + bubble will make sure that sneaky Cho'Gath doesn't get to you. Or when that Karthus starts to destroy your team. If you can get one of these out by mid game, it should give you a run for your money. Late game it kind of falters but still good.

Situational Damage Items

I don't usually get this, but when I do, I make sure I look like a real BAMF.

NO! I understand we have, a mana problem, here, in summoner's rift, and he be climbin' in yo rune page and snatchin' yo mana pool off but....just no. Takes away too much damage potential from your items. This why we have those mana runes and we play smart with our mana pool and we get blue buff when no one else seem to need it.

Gotta LOVE these great big items. I used to stack 2 of these all the time on her back before I figured out atk spd + crit really isn't the best route to go with Sarah. But having one of them gives you amazing boost and is totally viable.

I don't like snowballs. But if you pwn your lane REALLY HARD early and think you can hard carry like a Wyndamere, then by all means, take it! But be warned that you will(at least most people) RAGE HARD when they lose their 20 stacks and raging makes this game not fun.


~your average DPS shoes. Very stylish and newest fashion in Piltover.
~This is always the way to go when they enemy team have boatloads of CC. Not that you should get caught by those but hey, safety first. Protect those delicate feet and make sure they don't ruin the peddy. :3
/ ~extra speed. 'nuff said.
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Early Game

I forgot to write this section into initial version. DERP. .____."

Grab a Doran's and run to whichever lane you're going to.

First I'm gonna talk about the most common mid lane. Miss Fortune is a prominent mid-laner for the following reasons:
    -deceptively long range
    -spell dodge potential(while it's harder in a duo lane)
    -easy gank access
    -high atk+free room to farm=high cs=$$$
    -harass hurts
    -mids well against Vlads
    -harass hurts(Double Up)
    -can first blood by herself

^and for those reasons, Miss Fortune makes a legit mid. I'm not saying this is the only option for her. She's practically carry Mundo, goes where she please. Just have to be careful about it.


Right when the first minion wave clash, Strut up and Double Up the opponent mid in the face and show'em whose boss around these parts. Then, just randomly click around while looking sexy and not getting a scratch on yourself. When you see that low hp minion, pop a cap in its @ss and get money for it. Every once in awhile, pop Double Up at the last minion of the wave and bounce it on to your enemy. If you lane against a Vladimir, once in awhile pop Impure Shots to screw up his pace and healing. If you've done it right, the enemy(smart enemies not guranteed) should have VERY low hp and trying to B. Run up right outside tower range and aim Bullet Time right in their face. If I'm not wrong, I believe the range should hit and leave a little extra room at the end and finish them off if they try to run. FIRST BLOOD! WIN! >:3

Your best friend here:
-Anyone with red buff and a stun

Soloing top(1v1):

Usually people who solo top are pretty self-confident and there's a chance that they're pretty good. What's different from solo top and solo mid is that top, with that interest bush, is hella lot easier to gank. But it's usaully warded. Early game ganking top is especially profitable. Here, instead of last hitting more, you should try to poke the other laner as much as you can with Double Up so when your partner comes to gank, you can easily finish them off. If they try to run into the bush to escape, throw Make it Rain for the slow and to reveal them. Inversely, you also have to mind your own position. If you see the opponent suddenly get ballsy for no reason, you REALLY have to be careful and fall back slightly and poke him from behind and can't make any big moves. If you're really scared and have excess mana, use Rain to scout the interest bush.

Your best friend here:
-Anyone with redbuff and 1 hard CC

Solo Top(1v2):

This is where you have to be very lenient on poking and save mana for Rain. Purposely be VERY lenient on pushing the first couple waves and make sure they other 2 guys fight at your tower. When they disappear into a bush for more than couple of seconds, drop Rain on it and scout them out. But it mostly still depends on who you're going up against and how good the player is. If it's 2 damage type characters with no CC, you can be clever with your long range and poke. If it's 2 characters with hard CC, play smart and use Strut to your advantage and spell dodge. But if it's 1 of each, stay safe and last hit. But in a 1v2 lane, safety and last hitting always come first.

Your best friend here:
- Olaf
- Udyr
- Nocturne

Duo lane(2v2)

MF has really good first blood as well as 2nd kill capability in a duo lane if paired with a good tanky character with sustained damage. Like you can see with my screen caps, I usually lane with my crazy Singed, and we ALWAYS get first blood. You should usually just stay back last hit and do your thang. When he hits level 2 or level 3, he should duck in a bush, pop his ghost or whatever that will scare the panic out of the opposite lane and CC'ing their squishier one(in this case Fling). After that, you should also use your ghost to keep up while right clicking the target. The other teammate will rush in and help, by then the first guy should be dead and you can work on the second one. Drop Rain or whatever you have to do your best, second guy usually just sits at tower(if you fail to kill him) and tries to B, then just non-chalantly strut up and bounce a Double Up to him for the 2nd kill.

Your best friends here:
- Singed
- Blitzcrank
- Amumu
- Jax
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Mid Game

This the part where you gank the poo out of everyone. For me, key and order to ganking is:
Element of surprise > damage burst > movement limitation > chasing capability

When you gank a lane, always confirm with your allies whether the lane is warded or not(or pay attention yourself).

One order to ganking is(and the one I use most often)

^key to this set-up is a good position for Bullet Time. If you can pull that off, they will be either dead or VERY LOW. Then just run up and pop a Double Up(make sure you're in a position where you hit both of them) and you get yourself a double kill. See what I did there ;D? No? If they're STILL alive(which is HIGHLY unlikely), pop Make it Rain to slow them, Ghost and impure shot and run after their butt and keep shooting until they die.

Another option would be:

^this option focuses mainly on scaring your opponents with a summoner spell(since a freakin' bounty hunter just came out of FRICKIN NOWHERE!!!) followed by nuking both of them with Double Up. Then, you pop impure shot when they start running and auto them a little. After they run past you, Make it Rain on them and channel Bullet Time into the direction they're running into(so they stay in the zone longer). That should be 2 kills right there.
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Late Game

Late game is team fight game. As I mentioned before, Miss Fortune is team fight goddess with a good Bullet Time. Before the nerf(I believe it's 3 patches after her release) that destroyed the range on bullet time, she used to be able to cover an entire lane side to side with her ult. Now it's easilt avoided. So it's more profitable to bait a fight into the jungle. In the jungle(especially if you're over a wall), it's uber profitable for you the drop Bullet Time since the enemy can't stop you and that they have to eat teh damage without much escaping options.

The active is awesome because it be jammin' up dat Dr. Mundo or dat Swain up in this joint. Also activate for atk speed. Good for pushing towers.

This is a good tool in a fight when they have a really pro Malphite that won't let you get to their carry. Bounce that off the giant rock dude onto that Lux or that Ashe.

Dis move be jammin' some brothuhs up in dis joint. You can screw up people so bad without them realizing dispite the lackluster damage. Early game you can use this to slow people for you to kill when they have low hp, but it's too mana costly. Later on, dropping this at a key jungle exit/entrance can mean your entire team escaping or blocking enemy runners.
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...GOD! that laugh is hawt!

hurts your enemies(notices the plural) HARD. Even without much boost, eating a full wave can mean a giant chunk of health even for a tank. Not to mention squishies, OR, the entire team. With this in mind, we have to always be thinking where we need to place this for it to be most effective. Usually, as you trek through the jungle sticking with your tank, you see the enemy Sion just pointlessly running through it also. Your tank CC's him and your team quickly burst him down. But OUT OF FREAKING NOWHERE!!! the entire enemy team shows up, including that stupid Amumu and that pesky Kennen. WHAT DO YOU DO!?!?!?
A) Run in and dance like Ezreal
B) Pop a cap, in that Kennen's tiny @ss
C) MAKE IT RRAAAIIINN!!!! and rrrruuunnnnnn
D) Flash across wall like some kind of balls deep summoner and drop Bullet Time on the entire enemy team.

If you answered A, B, or C, you need to either unistall and play runescape or learn game mechanics. Because of the area Bullet Time covers, you can easily hit the entire enemy team while in the jungle. Flash across the wall is just a safety precaution in case that perverted purple cow Alistar has his eye on you and want to interrupt you while you tear apart his team. But if you're pretty well protected, you can save you flash for another time.

This is part 2 of the Ionian Noxian rematch video. Even though his team lost, Roku(I am a big fan long time! :D) played a boss MF but the part I want to stress on is 3:10, where he cleverly utilizes his ultimate. Rest of game is pretty pimp too, Roku is pro.
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Tricks and Tips as well as other 1337 junk[UNDER CONSTRUCTION]

Because of how I wanted to finish this guide sooner for everyone to enjoy, most of this guide will be still under construction. For game mechanics and tips, refer to my Ezreal guide for now:

Game Mechs

Seeing how the guide got popular I think it's necessary for me to add some pretty common knowledge game mechs. You guys should be able to take advantage of these things in game after playing a few games on her. Anyways it's been awhile since I updated this guide so some of the things MIGHT be recurrent. Whatever, you can never stress important things too many times.

- bullet rain scouts bushes. Use it later on only because it's pretty mana costly.
-If you're chasing an enemy runner without Flash or Ghost(bad idea but it's not like I haven't done it :P). Wait until his allie comes to help him then bounce Double Up on him(helping allie) for the kill. Same rule applies to minion waves.
- Impure Shots and push tower.
- Bullet Time is scary. Don't be afraid to use it to scare off enemies in order to save an ally who is getting ganked. Same rule applies to towers. Keep every body and everything safe.
-Without items such as Banshee's Veil, you need to be careful while roaming/ganking. One disable and it means you ain't goin' nowhere. Luckily, My allies always come to help me when bad things happen. <3
-Be aware of your opponents' action. If they're suddenly shift their playstyle half way laning(like they suddenly get EXTREMELY aggressive for no reason). Expect a gank coming and retreat a bit(or position yourself to be able to escape) and test them with Double Up. Save your summoner spells for escaping and Make it Rain for the slow.
-Usually you get more AD items for Bullet Time for team fights. But in cases where you have to hard carry(see screencaps below), you should stack 1 or 2 Phantom Dancer since you'll be auto attacking more than team fighting.
-Don't get Manamune. EVER. Play smart with your mana and use blue buff.
-Last one was a joke. Don't downvote bomb saying: "OMG ACKNOWLEDGE MF HAS MANA PROBLEM!!" Builds should be flexible, and so should your playstyle.
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To prove that I know what the eff I'm ranting about. Stupid how I have my MF games capped but none of my good Ezreal games. :/

23/9/10. carrying 4v5 with ******ed teammates. triple kill everytime I Bullet Time.

26/4/11. had 2 pentakills. 2 leavers. 2 feeder. =.="

24/4/13. balls enough to tower dive Dr. Mundo at level 6. HELL YEAH! >:D

My ranked stats are pretty meh. I either do REALLY well or I just get controlled all game. Last time I had a Kassadin that wouldn't let me have a single kill and was triple Exhaust'ed in a teamfight. =.="
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Quick Start

Here's Riot's official champion spotlight to get you new people started off on the basics of basics!

*NOTE~Video is quite outdated as Miss Fortune HAS been nerfed couple time(thanks a lot, QQ'ers) since her debut. But nontheless she is still LoL's only sexy bounty hunter.

League of Legends Champions:

Teamfight Tactics Guide