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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Evelynn Build Guide by Ezrea1

AD/AP Double Evelynnssasination

AD/AP Double Evelynnssasination

Updated on October 26, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Ezrea1 Build Guide By Ezrea1 86 16 416,675 Views 72 Comments
86 16 416,675 Views 72 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Ezrea1 Evelynn Build Guide By Ezrea1 Updated on October 26, 2011
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  • LoL Champion: Evelynn
  • LoL Champion: Evelynn


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


LoL Summoner Spell: Ghost



uhhhh too lazy to write a new sections explaining how everything works but after that one patch where they removed her stun, a lot of people where QQ'ing about that. Not sure how my AP build will do after it, but Minicoops said that his AD build still works really nice. Would like to hear some feedback. kthxbai.
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Hey Guys! TerraAquaVen here with my 3rd guide for Evelynn. This time, I present to you all, a double feature with AD and AP. The AP build is my own and the AD build is used by my good friend Minicoops. Both builds carried tons of games and I hope you guys enjoy reading and using them!

I first started playing Evelynn in a practice game with all my friends. I just clicked lock in and got Evelynn and had ZERO idea how she worked. But I did play Twitch before and had some background with stealth characters back in DoTA with Clinkz. So I grabbed Teleport and Flash and went on with the game. Don't remember details of the game but end of story, I RAPED. So I start using her in regular games and did pretty good. After that, I found out that my friend(Minicoops) also play and mains AD Evelynn which went against everything I believed in. But everytime we played, he hard carried the entire game even when we were down 15 in team kills and 4 towers. So...uh....HERE'S THE GUIDE!
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I know Evelynn is a controversial champion and people want to get specific with her. I'm just going to say that I don't like math. I DONOT know how much of each exact stat this build has and the calculator is pretty bugged sometimes. Just trust me that the numbers are A LOT and damage is high. I don't like math. I like to estimate my output and chances after having enough in-game experience. yay. So don't give me flame about not knowing the exact DPS of Hate Spike. Once again, THERE WILL BE NO MATH INVOLVED in this build(AP atleast, Minicoops likes to crunch numbers though), just pwnage.
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Uhhh....I don't have a song for you guys this time. I'll think of something to post soon while you guys read. :P


-Worst character to be feeding to
-HIGH mobility
-Strong burst(strong picker)
-Great Carry(anti-carry)
-Stealth. Derp.
-Stunning surprize butt secks


-Weak laning phase
-Stealth screwed up by DoT(continual hinders rate you enter stealth)
-Useless when unfed
-Always focused. derp.
-Item dependent
-That feeling of frustration when you get a triple kill 1v3 then realizing the rest of your team dies to a Tryndamere on the other side of the map
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Summoner Spells

My main choices:

I like this because with this move you have pretty much maximum mobility. The trick with this is that when you Shadow Walk, Teleport to your target turret/ward/minion because you fade into stealth and you actually arrive there stealthed. It's funny as hell when that Ashe is sitting in a bush waiting to gank your buddy Singed and you Teleport to the ward right next to her, your Singed runs in at maximum speed at her. You stun. She goes derp. +2 for Mejais. PORT GANKS FTW!!!

Very self explanatory. Since, you have ghost built in, flash is icing on the cake. Pop it to finish off that running Ezreal or when you run into that Shen in the jungle. Goes over walls, blah blah blah blah generic Flash knowledge.

Minicoop's Choices:

He likes to Ignite runners with this as well as jacking up healing in teamfights. I like to Flash to finish since it comes with a double purpose. Ignite is just fine too since it goes well with the overall damage combo and need one especially if your team doesn't have one.

You can never have too much mobility. Use when Agony's Embrace is on CD.

Other Legit choices:

Also nice to have since you'll be ganking a lot. But since it's a "gank". Chances are that that they don't survive past the initial stun off Shadow Walk. It's also more of a 1v1 spell(which you should NOT be doing much).

Good for anti-CC since it's pretty much guranteed since you're Evelynn because you have a global taunt. But just build a Banshee's Veil for that or even better. Play smarter so that they can't even touch you(like Minicoops).

I've seen some Evelynn do some pretty scary shyt with that. Personally I don't like the 9 minute CD. Mainly because I don't think the frequency you use this will be as frequent as Flash saving you from dying at all. But take if you know how to use.

Mostly used for junglers. Only possible use I can think of is when the enemy is team is doing baron/dragon. Stealth up next to them, chill until dragon has like almost no hp. Smite and pop Agony's Embrace and gtfo.

anything just no.....
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AP runes:

~Mpen, standard, staple, penetration, take.

~since this build offers no real mana solution and [[malice and spite only refunds HP, we want this in case blue buff gets jacked or there's a better option on your team.

~ Evelynn can use that early game AP for Ravage nuking.

~because we want Hate Spike to be on .6 sec CD. NO I'm jk. It's for Ravage and Shadow Walk

~squishy. need HP.

~penetration. 'nuff said.

Minicoops runes:

Just follow what he does, I have no idea why. He gets boatload of kills with it. Ask him in game if you're really curious.

*rant time!* Plus runes aren't even that important. Those noobs are goes around peoples guides trolling and QQ'ing about runes and masteries and dropping the downvote bomb needs to get a life or get good. RUNES AND MASTERIES DON'T MAKE A PRO PLAYER, skills and understanding game mechanics and how things work do. Use your head, not some minuscule advantage that gets you nowhere late game. kthxbai. /end rant
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9/0/21. Standard mage with some mana regen. One thing I have to mention is that the mana regen masteries + blue buff are the only things sustaining your mana pool. Agony's Embrace only refunds HP.


Do what 'coops say. Can't ever go wrong trusting a guy who hard carries every game.
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Skill Descritions

This may not seem like much, and it isn't(it's completely useless late-game), but in lane it allows you to Shadow Walk and poke or just poke without taking too much punishment from minion aggro.

Very spammable spell with pretty much no CD. Used to farm. derp. I see this move gets underrated a lot in terms of actual "using it on champions". It may not look like a buttload of damage, but realize it's less than 1 second CD. It does AWESOME DPS for when Ravage and a Lich Bane procced auto attack doesn't finish the job.

STEALTH YAYAYAYAYY!!!! This is what makes Evelynn such a force. No one can see you AND you get a stun from it. You want only 1~2 level of this early on for scouting/ganking purposes. I don't like maxing this first and leaving out Hate Spike because it hinders AWESOME damage. You don't even need that long of a stealth. Play smart and you'll be fine with shorter stealth and more damage. Also, This is your only hard CC and a valuable one. Use it to stun people who are channeling their very strong ultimates. i.e.~ Katarina's Death Lotus, or Nunu & Willump's Absolute Zero. PROTIP*: When that Galio has your entire team trapped in his Idol of Durand, cool your head, put on Shadow Walk, and walk in the circle to make him stop the channel, dealing minimal damage to your team, and GTFO with Agony's Embrace if it's a teamfight since you don't want to be focused.

1:1 AP ratio newk!!! with -armor/mres bonus!!!! The -armor bonus works really well with AD builds. -Mres allows you to DPS harder with Hate Spike. Not too much to say, strong nuke, good debuff, open Shadow Walk with it and make enemy shyt their pants. OH YEAH! also some people fail to realize this(seriously), once an assasination attempt fails, you chase after them using Hate Spike to slow them with Rylai's Crystal Scepter procs. Use Ravage again when it cools down. YOU CAN USE IT MORE THAN ONE TIME!!! AMAZING!!!!

MOBILITY WEWT!! Don't ever hesitate to use this baby. I use to hit this whenever I'm moving. Now with this nerf(duration: 15 sec--->10 sec), I actually have to be smart and think when I actually need this. But still, It CD's whenever an enemy on the map dies. Pop it when making an assasination attemp. This is also why I chase as Evelynn(although people advise against it strongly). Chasing them lets my free mobility come off CD, making me harder to catch. If I just leave them to run, I don't have any more energy legs and it also exposes me to ganks since I'd probably get out of position for ganking.
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Things to watch out for(Lane and Fights)

This is usually where you see my giant wall of items section. But I'm kinda not feelin' it atm. So for now, I'll explain things to watch out for playing Evelynn.

Damage over time spells: Ignite as well as Teemo and Twitch's poison and Swain and Malzahar's Torment and malefic vision deals continuous damage and prevents you from entering stealth. Exercise caution or employ meat shield when engaging similar enemies.

Flash: can make a good gank go to waste. This is why we take our own Flash to finish them off. But if you don't have it hopefully you have an Ignite with you or a teammate with a finisher technique like Trueshot Barrage. But then again, targets should NOT survive the initial 1.5 second you stun them for to use it anyways.

Malphite: His Seismic Shard can screw up a perfect gank. It steals your speed and screws up your chase. Just sit back and let your team make play with him and make sure he uses Seismic Shard before you engage.

Banshee's Veil: This WILL BLOCK your stun off Shadow Walk and the damage from whatever spell you proc it off of. If you blindly initiate thinking you can take them, you can easily end up getting picked off yourself. Simply have a teammate like Caitlyn to brush it away with Piltover Peacemaker and you're good to go.

Shen: very worthy mention here. Once you go into stealth. Shen is the ONLY one able to force you out of stealth for free( Galio can do it too, but wastes ult). The taunt forces you to attack him therefore breaking stealth. This is why you have to move in a unpredictable pattern when playing Eve. People like Shen will be trying to break your stealth.

Aura items: getting an item with an aura on Eve is awesome because it can have the effect and your opponent won't even know. UNTIL THEY CLICK SOMEWHERE TO SEE BUFFS/DEBUFFS. Sunfire Aegis and Abyssal Mask and great items and great for lols but it casts a debuff which reveals your presence. Keep that in mind.

Skillshot characters: People like Dr. Mundo, Cassiopeia, and Ezreal have either skillshots that will react even when hitting an invis target. Mundo has HP refund from Infected Bonesaw, Cassie has speed boost, and Ezreal procs Rising Spell Force from hitting people with spells. LEARN TO MOVE IN AN UNPREDICTABLE PATTERN BY THINKING "WHERE WOULD I HIT FOR AN EVE?" OR "WHERE WOULD THEY EXPECT ME TO BE AT?" AND RUN DIFFERENT ROUTES REALLY QUICK IN YOUR HEAD TO DETERMINE WHERE THEY CAN'T SCOUT YOU OUT.

Ezreal: Back when I started playing Eve at pre-lvl20 ELO, I thought those noob Ezreals make easy delicious targets. But when I first played Ez against an Eve after I mained him, I realized that Arcane Shift can be use to scout out stealth units!!!

Teemo: Again, those shrooms are annoying as F**K. Messes up good escapes and hinders your stealth fade time as well as vision of your while you take damage. Avoid "usual teemo shrooming spots"(see chart below)

"Revealing" moves: Nidalee's Bushwhack and Kog's Living Artillery WILL REVEAL YOU if you're hit. But you can still run up to them for the stun. But that takes the fun out of surprize butt secks.

Silences: Pretty underrated as a CC but used on Eve, it's pretty scary. Usually around 2.5 seconds and longer duration and shorter cooldown than a stun. But while you're silence, you can't DPS(even AD build gets controlled), nuke, or even escape with Flash or Agony's Embrace. Renders a fed Evelynn almost completely useless. Don't underestimate silences.

2 People: Sometimes people in lane get very scared of you. They tend to bunch up together. This is especially trouble some for your team and you to gank if it's Taric+ Sion, a usual lane combo. Both have stuns and one has a shield and another with a heal. If your teammate is waiting to gank, simply stealth up, wait for an opportunity where those 2 are the 2 closest unit to you and pop Hate Spike, stunning them both. This technique is also pretty good for interrupting multiple channeling ultimates in teamfights.

Pink Wards/Oracles: You also have to be aware of these. Simple way for this is to play with more aware teammates who announce "mid is warded" or just watch for enemies doing it. You can also buy an Oracle's Elixir to counter these wards later on when you're somewhat fed.
Early game, if you want to completely screw up your enemies you probably have to ask your lane partner to buy some pink wards of your own and ward them at usual pink ward spots. As for people with Oracle's. The range of this thing is very limited. If a tank has it, stay clear of him. Squishies with oracles....LOL. Mobility Boots+ Agony's Embrace run in at max speed and nuke them with Ravage(it's ranged too) and kill them before they can even get out of your stun. Only thing you can't do anything about is a full team with oracles. But then you should just be glad that they're wasting their money and hurting their items.

URGH!!! my friend txted me and interrupted train of thought. I'll add to this later. :P
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Teemo Shrooming Chart

Definitely NOT the best or 100% accurate. I made it for this guide and possibly a future Teemo guide. Pretty much what the average pub Teemo would do. It's just for reference and game mechanic purposes. Use it for your guide if your want. Just credit me a little. :3

Pertaining to Eve guide. Just watch these spots when you roam/gank. Shrooms are annoying. As well as Nidalee and Caitlyn traps.
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Items(AP)~read for lulz

Time for mah all extensive items section! But because of the core structure of 2 unique guides, this part will look slightly different than my other guides.


I really am not sure how to describe AP Evelynn Core items. Her items will vary depending on how well you're doing and who you're playing against.

Doing Well

Very simple build. Mobility. Mejai's because Eve can easily get kills for AP rather than farm and buy. Lich Bane to proc that sweet damage boost with Hate Spike. Rylai's for HP and slow. Void is for late game when people learn to stack MRES.

Doing Well but don't Want to get Mejai's

If you hate Mejai's Soulstealer with all your heart and don't want to get it, rush as much AP as possibly. Morello's Evil Tome is pretty legit for replacing a Mejai's but getting your Lich Bane out quick I also a good idea. Maybe sell it late game for a Deathfire Grasp.

Having a Bad Day

If you're not getting them Mejai's(build that Amp Tome into a Guise) stacks you should be worrying about getting AS MUCH MPEN as possible for the burst damage that you can hopefully cause. Sorc Boots, Guise, and Void provides MPen while Hourgalss and Rylai's provide survivability and Abyssal provides both. Guise gets useless late game so sell that for a Deathcap if you're doing well or Lich Bane if you are doing ok. If the enemy team is VERY tanky and hard to burst, invest in Deathfire Grasp.

Against Tanky Teams

I once went up against something like this in a ranked game. The entire enemy team had tanks. Me and my friends were just chatting until we realized they have all tanks during 3rd & 4th pick. Pretty much the same idea. Stack MPen and AP at the same time but grabbing key anti-tank item Deathfire Grasp. I also didn't put Rylai's in this build because tank teams tend to not kill you very fast. Just waft around stealth be careful not to get CC'ed and you're good to go.

Autoattack FTW Team

YES THIS DOES HAPPEN. Once in awhile you seem in load screen enemy team: Jax, Master Yi, Xin Zhao, Pantheon, Teemo and it's like WTF?!?!? Well, Tabi for the dodge self explanatory. Everything else has the same purpose but now, we have Hextech Gunblade. Since they're cocky DPS guys, they want to fight you, and chances are you'll have to 1v1 them sometimes, and you can't count on that HP refund from your ult since they do a lot of damage too! So we get Gunblade because: One, we'll be needing that spellvamp for Hate Spike and MAYBE Ravage. Two, those Lich Bane procs makes you do so much AD damage as well that you can vamp off that for profit. <---Thanks Slizer002 for info!

Mage/AP Heavy Team

Like said above, you would also see teams such as: Sion, Taric, Poppy, Teemo, Morgana. They all have fair amount of Crowd Control and magical damage. Build's pretty much the same, HP and MRES for survivability. Here's I even pulled out the all famous Banshee's Veil because if you get caught by even 1 of those sneaky crowd controls, you're screwed(pretty much). If they CC's become TOO serious, you might even want to consider buying a Quicksilver Sash and throw away an item from the build.

Tanking as Eve

True story. I was duo Q'ing with a friend who was playing Miss Fortune. I got off to a GREAT start in lane and mid game with 20 stacks on Mejai's and running 13/0/4(or something), friend was doing pretty good as well. Anyways as soon as late game hit, we realize that our feeder Alistar wasn't your average feeder, he was playing on a friends account and has no idea how this game works. So me and my friend pretty much got focused and I got so angry I sold most of my items for tank items preparing to troll. When I popped out of stealth that first fight I got all the focus. My friend as Fortune(who kept all his DPS items) got a triple kill and we aced their team. That's when I realzed the potential of this. Characters like Evelynn pretty much has build in global taunt. Everyone will attack you. Also, other tank items to consider: Thornmail, Force of Nature, Aegis of the Legion, Frozen Heart. Aura items on Eve is for lulz.
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This part should look more like my usual build. I'm no expert on AD Eve and Minicoops hasn't told me all the alternative items you can get and also didn't explain to me why he doesn't do runes/masteries the conventional way. But uh... I'll do my best!!! ^___^

Minicoops: "With these items, you get around 3100 HP, 2.1 ATK SPD, and 300+ AD with lots of crit.

Core Build


Mobility is key. 'nuff said.

Those Sheen procs. That auto attack slow. That crit. Topped off with AWESOME all-around stats. Pretty core for a lot of AD carries.

Giant AD boost. MEGA CRITS. I think this is needed here.

Farmin' with Hate Spike. Lots and lots of HP coming in.

Another GREAT AD booster with lifesteal!!! WEWT!!!

This works wonders on tank or HP stackers that refuse to die by regular means. Extremely synergistic with Agony's Embrace.

Considerable Items(I don't suggest you switch out, I rarely see 'coops switch his items out. Items I HAVE seen him switch to will be labeled GREEN)

AP+AD+ATK SPD. Very solid item. Good for overall damage output. Should be sold late game for something of higher value. Since you're not Jax, you don't need to keep it.

AD+MRES. Very solid item for anti-magical team. Gets you through mid game VERY well. Lacks high numbers to be there lategame.

RECOMMENDED. Minicoops: "I switch this out with Madred's as last item if enemy team is magical heavy."

RECOMMENDED. When the enemy team stacks a LOT of armor, this baby comes into play.

RECOMMENDED. Since now that she's a melee DPS, you can crit at godspeed with her!!! OMG!!!!

When you're having a bad day vs CC, you KNOW you can ALWAYS turn to QS!!!

Eve's a good snowballer, so why not?

Like I said, auras on Eve is for lulz. Use at your own risk. But -armor for nearby enemy sounds like a good deal.

RECOMMENDED. When the enemy stacks little or no armor. Makes you attack like a boss.

Always lulz to burn people's mana down with uber attack speed. Like when that Malzahar gets fed.

RECOMMENDED. The active is like your ultimate. Except in chasing mode. Very nice of an item.

If there is an item I forgot to mention. Post about it, I'll look it up! :3
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The Evelynn Concept/Role


I play my AP Evelynn as an anti-carry/assasin/nuker. Fun starts right around late early/mid game where you gank. Always go for those squishy high damaging targets like Ashe or Miss Fortune first. Coordinate with teammates to get those Mejai's stacks up. Late game you chill in a bush before a fight. Once it's been initiated, stealth up and find that soft target, pick them off, and gtfo using Agony's Embrace. Rinse and repeat. If you're not as fed and can't seem to do good damage or always get picked off, one thing you can do is play guerilla. You can do this by stealthing up, and stunning that Xin Zhao(or whoever is pretty fed) mid-combo. Chances are he'll start chasing you. Gtfo with ult(try not to Flash since you're baiting him away from the fight), and make sure he can't hit you. Once he gives up chasing run back at him and hit him a little more tell him not to underestimate you. Just keep him busy for duration of fight. This way, you cripple the enemy team of a valuable carry.

Minicoops' AD Hard Carrying Tactic:
From what I see, he likes to roam around even sometimes early game. Coordinating ganks. Mostly same old EVE thing. But his teamfight style is quite unique. He like to INITIATE as Evelynn on the soft squishy carries. Immediately pull out with Agony's Embrace. Have team initiate again while enemy team formation is in disarray from trying to chase him. Once fight starts, he's stealthed again and goes back to finish the same target. He never stays. Always kill one and gtfo, until we hear that "ACE!"
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Screen Caps

Proof that I know what I'm talking about and Minicoops hard carries!

^That's actually quite a meh game. Didn't start out so hot. Later on got pretty intense.

^Hard carrying!!~ Had a douchebag pub tristana though. But that doesn't stop me from OWNING!!! XD

^It works.

^Minicoops doin' some CRAZY hard carryin'

^friends using the same build ^___^
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I feel like finishing the guides sooner because of people asking me for it. So I think the above info is sufficient for anyone to pull off a good even if they use their brain. But these are the parts that are coming along:
-"Early Game"
-"Mid Game"
-"Late Game"

If you REALLY have to know the game phases here's how everything breaks down:
Early Game~scout with Shadow Walk, last hit, stay safe
Mid Game~set up ganks, get fed
Late Game~see "The Evelynn Concept/Role" section.
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Change Log

04/10/11~Guide Launched! Added "Screen Caps". Added Non-Mejai's build.
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Special Thanks

wRAthoFVuLK ~ For teaching me how to BBcode, inspiring me, and making me epic sigs!

Minicoops ~ For "showin' me how it's done!"

philostar(AKA CrazySinged) ~ For always getting me fed.
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