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Caitlyn Build Guide by Shadow AceQ

Caitlyn - Bullets are Magic

By Shadow AceQ | Updated on December 7, 2011

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This is a guide to midding with Caitlyn but it will go over some laning. Also this build will give situational items for instance Madred's Bloodrazor and also help out with common problems most Caitlyns would face.
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Pros and Cons


--Great mid and laning partner.
--Good source of damage early and late game.
--One of the BEST harassers in the game.
--Most likely to win a 1v1 early game.
--Great Farming skills.
--Great chaser with 90 Caliber Net.
--Can kill low hp enemies at an insane range.


--Biggest glass canon you'll ever see.
--Slow as hell early game.
--Low mana.
--Blockable ulti.
--Visible traps.
--Abilities nearly useless late game.
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First, the normal build:

Greater Mark of Desolation

-- This build focuses on the attack speed aspect of Caitlyn so this rune is a clear choice under normal circumstances. This would be the first rune you should switch out if you need to.

-- Since Caitlyn's main skills are attack damage based, this would be the clear choice. This is the rune I never change unless absolutely necessary.

Greater Mark of Desolation -- This deals with tanks like Volibear, Rammus, and Alistar. Yet again this is something I would never switch out unless absolutely necessary.

-- Another rune that you should never switch out under normal circumstances.

Now, the alternative build:

-- This is when there is a high magic damage team and you could use the extra protection from Annie, or Brand, or LeBlanc.

-- This rune is to make up for the loss of attack speed from switching out your glyphs but if they still have a tanky team don't use this.
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Now these are pretty self explanatory. You want to grab Brute Force for obvious reasons and then you want to grab Summoner's Wrath to finish up that first part of the tree and also in case you want to go with Ignite or Exhaust.With Caitlyn, you always want to grab attack speed so Alacrity is a pretty obvious choice. Next, grab Weapon Expertise and Havoc to deal more damage and slice through any tanks you see. Crit chance is important to Caitlyn so Deadliness and Lethality will be the next masteries you get and then finish up with Sunder and Executioner for the armor pen and just easy kills.

Next grab Summoner's Insight so your flash has a shorter cd and you can save your *** (or kick some) more often. After that, you grab Good Hands so you are never waiting for insane amounts of time (or less of an insane time) and can get right back into the fight. Now you grab Swiftness since Caitlyn had her movement speed decreased slightly and you need to be able to haul *** to survive. Last grab Improved Recall or Runic Affinity depending on if you want blue buff to last longer or what have you.
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Early Game

Now, most of you are looking at me like, "What, no potions?" The reason I don't use potions is because Caitlyn should be having lane dominance and taking little damage. Also, Teleport should easily be able to get you back to lane before any major pushing has been done.

-- This item is great! The additional health can keep you in lane longer than most other champions who do not take a Doran's ______ item. Also the attack damage makes you hit harder. The damage might be a slight boost but it still does help.

-- I'm not going to go into boots of speed and dagger because they both build into this item. These are the boots I will always grab! The attack speed increase is insanely helpful early game and you don't need to be crazy fast... yet...

Mid Game

-- The first three items in this part of the build obviously go into to Infinity Edge so I will skip those. This item by the end of the game will make you nearly unstoppable. The additional crit chance along with the amazing passive will make you instantly see an increase in the damage you do, not to mention the fact that you also get an attack damage boost.

-- Obviously, grab the Dagger and Brawler's Gloves so it will be much more easy to buy Zeal. Zeal is a great item for Caitlyn for two reasons: one, it increases her movement speed and, second, it gives that attack speed and crit chance we all so love! Now, of course, this item is just a stepping stone into Phantom Dancer but until you get it this item will hold you over.

-- Of course, on the way up to this, you grab a Cloak of Agility to make this cost less. This is just a super Zeal and when you get it your attack speed will start to wreck the other champions.

Late Game

-- For Madred's Bloodrazor first you want to buy a Recurve Bow and then sell a Doran's Blade and go for Madred's Razor. The reason you want this item is for the attack speed and the passive. The attack speed just helps in general while the passive kills tanks and just destroys the squishies. This deals with guys like Volibear, Cho'Gath, and Udyr.

-- With the open spot you have from making Madred's Bloodrazor and go for Zeal. Once you finish this Phantom Dancer you should have about 2.25 attack speed and about 89% crit chance. If you are being destroyed by magic damage champions like Brand, LeBlanc, or Karthus, go for Wit's End first.

-- Sell your final Doran's Blade now and buy a Recurve Bow. When you get the measly 950 gold you should be at 2.5 attack speed and will now be able to stand up to any magic nuker that is even the slightest problem. Now if they are physical damage heavy, or the nukers aren't bothering you, go for another Phantom Dancer or a Black Cleaver if need be. If you get the Phantom Dancer you will have 100% crit chance and will most likely be unstoppable by that point.

Alternative Boots

-- Grab these if you for some reason cannot out run the enemy team or if you just want to be on the safe side.
League of Legends Build Guide Author Shadow AceQ
Shadow AceQ Caitlyn Guide

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Caitlyn - Bullets are Magic