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Caitlyn General Guide by aphidinvasion

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author aphidinvasion

Caitlyn, One does not simply run from my ulti :)

aphidinvasion Last updated on November 19, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello community, i am aphidHD and this is my caitlyn guide >:0

After playing League for ages now and have finally decided to upload some guides from my experience in game.

Since I own lots of the champs riots released i have played and been matched against a variety of ad carries, expecially overplayed ones like Ashe and Varus.

The reason I am making a Caitlyn guide as my first mobafire submission is because is because she is my preferred AD carry

This guide will feature a overview of my playstyle with caitlyn, some alternative summoner spells, situational items and why i generally stick to the masteries and runes ive set out.

Hopefully you get some useful info out of this guide, leave comments below and enjoy my first submission :)

IGN: aphidinvasion

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Pros / Cons

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
  • Impressive range
  • Good map control
  • Escape mechanics are decent
  • Wall jumping
  • Able to ult enemies that appear to have gotten away
  • Squishy
  • Damage lower then some other AD carries
  • Can be focused easy without proper zoning
  • Abilities not spammable
  • Ult can be blocked
  • Traps visible and limited to 3 at a time

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Greater Mark of Attack Damage

Greater Mark of Attack Speed

Greater Seal of Attack Speed

Greater Glyph of Attack Speed

Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage

The only runeset I am going to touch on is the one listed in this guide, simply because I believe armor pen has no real use with Caitlyn's mechanics and I think the attack speed runes synergise with the build.

I pick Greater Seal of Attack Speed and Greater Glyph of Attack Speed runes as the glyphs for damage only provide a measly 2.5 attack and 4.7 attack damage for the seals.

I also calculated out by replacing 2 of the marks with Greater Mark of Attack Speed runes you get close to a flat 13 damage total which minimises wastage, you also retain an exact 16% attack speed boost

With just 2 phantom dancers and zerkers you should have just under 2.0 attack speed

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Some of you may be tempted to put some of your remaining points in the defensive mastery tree, DONT. Caitlyn is a SQUISHY ad carry. She also has range which ur sposed to be actually utilizing, plus if you do get caught by a jax or anything up close that tiny bit of hp and armor isnt going to do anything.

Offensive tree


Its pretty straight forward here, your char is AD and you need every lil bit of damage for your autoattack to poke at your enemy.

Take everything on the left side of the tree bar the third point of Vampirism , then grab a point in Demolitionist to gobble up some towers.

Dont worry about Butcher and all the AP tree abilities they wont do anything for your champ. Same with Havoc its useless.

Utility tree


I chose the utility tree over its defensive counterpart because I believe as a ranged squishy you should not be getting into situations where you are getting mauled by melee carries.

Even though caitlyn isnt a caster her low mana pool benefits from putting points into Expanded Mind and Meditation .

Flash cooldowns and rune duration boosters are also nice so i take 1 point in Summoners Insight and 1 in Runic Affinity

Feel free to swap the points in Improved Recall and Meditaion for 4 points in Swiftness . In my opinion its not worth sacrificing damage and lane presence for the extra mobility but its your call

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Summoner Spells

First choice in summoner spells


Exhaust can be either defensively or offensively and provides a solid +10 armour pen when combined with Summoner's Wrath . It provides a decent slow for 2.5 seconds and is designed to nerf damage taken during that period for 70% on AD champs or 35% on AP casters. It also the perfect thing to counter ghost users. So why wouldn't you pick this spell again?


Flash is used either as a escape or chasing tool and can be quite useful when your E is on cooldown. It can also be useful to snag an ulti just before they get out of range

Other choices

Teleport -my most recommended substitution out of the 3 abilities listed, can be used to teleport to an allied tower, minion or ward and boosts ur map control by giving u pushing power and the ability to defend your towers a lil more.

Ignite -ive seen some guides with this but i wouldnt take it, your ult is the finishing move, and by the time u have your end build they shouldnt be getting away anyway

Heal -can be useful in some fights or to survive those last bits of damage whilst fleeing to your tower, generally exhaust works better though and you shouldn't be getting hit anyway

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Boot choices

Berserker's Greaves -i choose zerkers greaves over boots of swift usually because i already have attack speed runes and the extra speed helps
Boots of Swiftness - a viable alternative to zerker greaves, you will uncatchable without cc

Core items

Phantom Dancer - this makes caitlyn, her crits will go through the roof and her attack speed helps with refreshing her critical hit timer
Infinity Edge -you need a bit of damage so why not get this, it gives you 50% extra damage when you do manage to crit, 80 solid AD and 25% crit chance
The Bloodthirster - as a squishy its crucial you have some form of lifesteal to ensure you can hold lane and also boosting your chances of killing enemy champs.
Iconic Spark -with all that power and speed why not utilize your auto attack? this item will be proccing non stop and will widdle down the remaining enemy champs as well as your target of choice


Madred's Bloodrazor - Substitute Iconic spark for this if their team has tanky/high hp champs
Thornmail - If their ad carry starts to get out of control then thorn mail might be a suggestion
Banshee's Veil -use this to reduce caster damage or block abilities every 45 seconds
Frozen Mallet - if the enemies seem to be getting away a lot or baiting between each other grab a frozen and stop their mobility in its tracks :)

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Skill Sequence

Yordle snap trap
This can be extremely useful and usually will deter enemy champions hiding in the bushes at least for the start of the game. Upon activation it will stun a champion for 1.5 seconds and reveal them for 9 seconds. These should be spammed and used in conjunction with wards.

Piltover peacemaker
This your primary source of poke and can be used to damage and annoy the enemy. If used correctly you can out zone the enemy and make them mad enough to chase you into allied teammates

90 Calibur net
I would use this apart from escaping mainly, you can use it to bait but be careful. This ability is useful when trapped in Catalysm or when you simply want to jump away from an enemy for a better defensive position

Ace in the hole
I absolutely love this ulti, its what makes caitlyn OP and so useful in shutting down enemy teams. If you save this ability for the right moment you will be able to land it every time. If enemy teammates try to block it just try to maneuver yourself around into the jungle for a more stealthy(unsuspecting shot) or wait a few seconds before activating it to surprise them

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Team Work

You and your team

This is more or less a conclusion section and wraps up how you play caitlyn with your team. Notice how I linked the two together? Thats because its crucial you work with your team to secure kills and dont overextend like a boss. You may think your invincible but without the aid of your team your not gonna be doing anything except feed.


Make sure you place your traps down and ward at suitable intervals within the game so that the enemy doesn't manage to sneak up on you and turn you into a gank sandwich

Minimap awareness

See that thing in the right hand corner, that should be your religion when playing lol. It will save your *** more times then you can count, and make it so much easier to effectively rack up kills. So many fail jungle ganks or get 4 man dived because of their lack map importance. To map awareness is even more crucial then champ abilities themself

Be pleasant

Lastly, don't go off yelling like a douchbag every time a summoner makes a mistake. Try to encourage them and remind them about the map. Also try to ping to establish a good communication, that way you wont end up yelling when the enemy gets away

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Tips and tricks (Walljumping, ward locations etc)

will be updated

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Done and dusted

Thanks for reading my guide, no doubt there are a few grammatical errors and bits of improvement to be made but I hope you enjoyed it.

Don't forget to leave comments and ill do my best to update this guide accordingly



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