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Camille Build Guide by Springflow

Assassin Camille guide: I will wait for YOU to be better [7.7]

Assassin Camille guide: I will wait for YOU to be better [7.7]

Updated on April 8, 2017
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Springflow Build Guide By Springflow 2,888 Views 1 Comments
2,888 Views 1 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Springflow Camille Build Guide By Springflow Updated on April 8, 2017
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Hello, my name is Springflow and I am Camille OTP since her release.
So why should you play her midlane?
Some important facts are that she has quite good sustain, amazing push-power and the ability to roam very well (to toplane or botlane for instance).
All of this combined means an aggressive midlane with the ability to carry your Team.
I hope you enjoy my first guide and maybe carry your team aswell as I do :)
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SO, items is one of the biggest sections in my guide, because it is so flexible.
Your core will always be: Trinity Force and the Tiamat.
Now you should should have a good look on which enemys you face.
If you play midlane, it's highly possible you face AP champs, so rush Maw of Malmortius first if it is the case and the Mercs.
If you face an overall burst champ it is good to rush Sterak's Gage, because it gives you some nice Damage and you mostly survive your earlygame squishieness against the burst.
Think smart and try to cover up what you wish for in the team.
Maybe you need splitpush, maybe tankyness, maybe assassination.
So as you see, try to find the best options, Camille will help you ;)
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Some tips

First of all
If you rush the Trinity Force you already have your first nice powerspike, which means
I think the most important part about Camille is to analyze the enemy and adapt to them.
She will only have very rarely impossible Match-ups in my opinion, just because she can adapt so nice with her passive Adaptive Defenses and her itembuild.
She gets very strong in mid-game which is basically HER game-phase.
Try to get as many objectives in this time so you carry.
Use many wards and buy Pink Wards or Vison wards, so you can safely splitpush and they also help you alot to know when to go in.
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So that's it guys, I hope you like my little championguide to Camille and you learned something.
If you have ANY Questions about her, feel free to ask me

See hopefully next time and ENJOY!!
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Springflow
Springflow Camille Guide
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Camille guide: I will wait for YOU to be better [7.7]

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