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Jarvan IV General Guide by HemoDynamic

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author HemoDynamic

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HemoDynamic Last updated on September 1, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Jarvan IV : Is one of the Best Ingame Initiators In my Opinion, While he Is Tanky in Early game He gets shutdown by Chain CC's ( Every one Does, Expect Irelia Nerf Plz RITO!) But still does Tons of Damage Early/Mid/Late Game Just by Using 2 Spells and an Auto Attack ( Passive hit ) Only , There are Tons of Playstyles for Jarvan IV, Here is Where I tell you My Playstyles ( 450+ Games Jarvan IV Experiance ). even Tho Jarvan Got a Couple of Nerfs ( Incoming Nerf for ( Q And Passive Soon ) He is Still one of the Best Champions I've Ever Played and forever will be ( NOW AND FOREVER -Jarvan! ),

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Early Phase : Jungling

Starting with Red buff at the blue side, or Blue buff at the Purple side doesn't Really matter that Much since You'll end up At the Same place ( Top Lane ) But What I like to Do is Take the Buff ( Red for Blue Side - Blue for Purple side ) and aim for a Fast Gank which is Either Midlane Or Botlane, Be Smart about it and Go for the Lane with Less Mobility Spells ( Wasting the Enemy Flash is worth + Making them an Easy target for the Next gank ) For Example botlane has Kogmaw Easy Flash Waste, Midlane Xerath Easy Flash Waste, Remember you'll reach the Lane and They are still killing The first wave meaning ( level 1s ) but most of the Heroes have Moblity spells LB, Zed, Ziggs etc. They may be Easy targets but they have enough mobility to not waste a Flash

Beware : A Fail Attempt on a Gank ( Dying ) or a Gank that Took to Long may End up For the Enemy Jungler to Either 1. Counter Gank, 2. Steal your ( Blue - Red Buff ), 3. Camp At your Buff Waiting for you To come When He has already a Double buff.

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Early Phase : Laning

Mid : You Should Try Poking as Much as you Can with your ( Q ) Ability, When you Drop him Low Enough you Should Pop the Elixir and DO the ( E - Q ) Combo with Ignite and an Auto attack and its a Done deal.. either a Flash should be Wasted, Dead, or even better both.. Worse case scenario You die :P

Top : You Should Pretty much Focus on CSing as much as Possible Untill the Jungler Arrives.. Meanwhile CSing try Killing Minions with ( Q ) and at the same time Hitting the Enemy Champion, its Easy if He is a Melee, But its hard if He was ranged with Practice im sure you'll hit some In the End Practice makes Perfect :)

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Mid Phase : Jungling

After Getting your 2nd ( Blue - Red ) You Should Attempt a ( 2nd - 3rd ) Gank on Bot lane or Even 4th If you are Tryharding enough ( Lel ) You should try calling for you Team mates to assist you in Killing Drake, Drake plays a Big Role in the Game Killing it every time it Spawn will give you a HUGE advantage in XP and Gold,

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Mid Phase : Laning

Mid : Jarvan Has a Heavy Nuke Especially In the early game use that to your advantage by Roaming botlane, Toplane or Even Helping your Jungler to Counter Gank the Enemy Jungler, At level ( 6 ) You have A Knock up + Armor Pen + Attack Speed Buff + A Slow + A Cage that Forces a Person to Either Flash ( Use a Mobility Spell ) Or die. Afk Farming Is a Waste to your Ganking Potential

Top : You Have The Teleport Summoner Ready whenever your Team Decides to Start a Fight at Drake , Botlane Or Whereever Wierd place the fight may Start You should always Teleport In No Mattar What, This is How a Top Laner Works, Team > Farming Minions.. Jarvan has a Big Role in Team Fights. After all.. ALL his Spells are AOE

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Late Phase : Jungling

Glass Canon : You Should Always Let the Tanky Team Mate Initiate Never you, ( your a Glass Canon you Either nuke or Get Nuked ). You Always Focus the Attack Damage Carry Or The Ability Power Carry. Attempting to Nuke a Support Or a Tanky Top/Jungler isnt worth it Since they Will only be The Frontline for these Carries

Semi-Tank : Here is the Part where You Initiate The Fight On a ( APC - ADC ) or IF you cought some one alone or Out of Position and Try Zoning Their Carries While protecting your Own .. That Sounds silly but There are multiple ways for you to do that.. for example Ulting the Jungler/Top laner and ( E - Q ) One of there Carries Or Knocking up Who ever is Zoning yours

Full Tank : This is a Role I dont like Playing Alot since Its Completely Brain Dead.. The only thing you Do is Stand in a Position where you Soak all the Skillshots/Damage instead of your Carries and Cover Them, ( I Know Covering your Carries is Important But Dealing No Damage is what makes that Sad for me )

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Late Phase : Laning

Mid : Your Job as Midlaner is either to take a Perfect Position ( Away From Harm ) and Prepare to start a Fight where you are able to Nuke some one Important in their team Or Nuking who Every is Attempting to kill Your ADC.

Top : As a Toplaner your a Semi-Tank You'll Be one of the People who Initiate Fights Or Covering and leaving the Initiate For the Better Champs ( Example : Amumu, Malph, Wanna Be Insec LeeSin And More. ) But you Could always Initiate If you Think you are Able to perform better or cought one out of Position

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Glass Canon Runes : Attack Damage, MR per Level, Armor and Movement speed.. I've Tried To Add more Attack Damage Instead of the Movement Speed runes But After A couple of Games I've found out I Needed More Mobility In the Jungle

Semi-Tank : Attack Damage, MR Per Level, Armor and Movement Speed ( Same As the Glass Canon )

Full-tank : Attack Speed, MR per Level, Armor and Movement speed.. Attack Speed is Needed for Early game Jungle Clearing Since you're Building full Tank and Buying ( Hunter's Machete ) as a Starting item which gives you an extra 10 Damage on each Hit Attack speed will help you with that since you have Such Low AD at the start ( Nerfarino )

Mid Lane : Attack Damage, Flat MR and Armor The Classic AD Page

Top Lane : Attack Damage, Flat MR, Armor and 6% Life Steal.. Sustain is needed at Top lane since most of top laners are Tanky+Pokers ( Example Vlad and Nidalee )


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