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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Gangplank Build Guide by STIERNACKENTYP

Top Cometplank is dead, will update @preseason

Top Cometplank is dead, will update @preseason

Updated on October 16, 2020
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League of Legends Build Guide Author STIERNACKENTYP Build Guide By STIERNACKENTYP 363 43 1,111,569 Views 50 Comments
363 43 1,111,569 Views 50 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author STIERNACKENTYP Gangplank Build Guide By STIERNACKENTYP Updated on October 16, 2020
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  • LoL Champion: Gangplank
    Comet vs ranged/magicdamage
  • LoL Champion: Gangplank
    Graspplank vs hard matchup
  • LoL Champion: Gangplank
    Graspplank @ Freelane


Arcane Comet
Nullifying Orb

Taste of Blood
Ravenous Hunter

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+8 Magic Resist


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


Threats & Synergies

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Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
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Ahoy Captains!

I am STIERNACKENTÜP, a Gangplank addicted Player since ever with moar than 1.000.000+ mastery points on him. I peaked in Season 7 @ Diamond III with an average 55% winratio on my mainaccount. Lolskill said, I was #543 GP World at the end of Season 7 :O I played him alot before his rework and started to main him after his rework. For me Gangplank is the first champ I can play like 20 times a day and he never gets boring. He has so much potential, so many different builds/playstyles which make him so much fun for me. Gangplank isnt easy to master but hella strong if u increase ur experience with him. I decided to create a guide since I luv this champ and I luv Cometplank.

This is a Toplane guide, since i dont play Mid and i dont like GP Mid because u have no roam potential and in this meta, the Midlaner who has early pressure and can roam, will win the game.

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Comet vs Grasp vs Klepto

# 30-100 physical (+0.35 bonus AD) AOE damage
# 20-8 sec CD (reduced with Q/E/R)
# Procs on Q/E/R (E/R 95% hitrate)
# Scales very well with AD

# Deal 4% magic damage + heal 2% from ur max hp (after 4 sec in combat)
# Get +5 hp each proc
# Procs on AA/Q
# Gives u the best lane harass + sustain of all keystones

In the main tree I use 50% Grasp of the Undying. Vs all the Bruiser and hard matchups it helps us the most in lane. The other 50% I choose Arcane Comet. Arcane Comet will almost always proc on every barrel and ult. In the lategame ur ult even procs it twice, which is more damage than old Thunderlords decree. Since patch 8.4 Arcane Comet is by far the best keystone. Grasp of the Undying / Summon Aery all rely on heavy Q spam on ur enemy, what isnt really viable anymore after Q mana nerfs. So u need to play alot more defensive early on and use ur Q to farm. When u get ur powerspikes then (lvl 7/13 + Sheen / Trinity Force) u start to play around ur barrelZ and this is the time where Arcane Comet scales much better than all the other keystones.

Choose in champselect:

# U can dominate ur lane opponent and maybe kill early? U play vs a hard matchup and really need lane bullyness? U play vs a hard splitpusher/bruiser and need 1vs1 survivability GO Grasp of the Undying!

# U play vs a ranged toplaner? U play vs a Mage top? U can't hit ur Q often and want more Cannon Barrage pressure and will group alot? GO Arcane Comet!

To me, Arcane Comet is nearly like old Thunderlords decree, just better since it procs on every Parrrley / Powder Keg in lane and on Cannon Barrage - in lategame twice. The early lane harass is ok since nearly 50%+ of ur Parrrley will proc Arcane Comet because nobody has boots early. After u reach lvl 7 and can start ur barrel spam, every Arcane Comet hits from the barrel slow.

The Cannon Barrage damage is nearly the same like Thunderlords decree, in late even more. Ur burst potential is good and ur lane harass even better. In Mid/Lategame u are just a beast in Fights.

Nullifying Orb: I used to play Manaflow Band but tbh u dont need the Mana. Since u always go for Essence Reaver and get a early Sheen, the time u stack ur Manaflow, ur Q is G3-5 and u dont have Mana problems anymore. Nullifying Orb gives u a good mini Hexdrinker.
Transcendence: Gives us 10% CDR and bonus AD if u oversize CDR ( Youmuu's Ghostblade + Essence Reaver + Trinity Force). WE LOVE AD + CDR!
Scorch: After recent buffs, very good since it procs on every Q/E/R. If u want to go for full lategame scaling, go Gathering Storm.

In the second tree I go for Domination.

Cheap Shot: Cheap Shot gives us 2x true damage on Cannon Barrage and always true damage when u attack after ur Powder Keg. Very good for our captain! Take it over Taste of Blood when u play with Grasp of the Undying since u dont need the sustain.
Taste of Blood: Take this if u play with Arcane Comet for the early Q sustain in lane.
Ravenous Hunter: U ever bought Death's Dance on GP? Holy moly, 14% healing on ur true damage passive + barrel damage + ult damage is alot! The perma heal is just insane in 1vs1 or splitpush!

U can go Inspiration second if u have a freelane, 45% CDR or Cookies or freeboots are always good, but the healing from Ravenous Hunter in Mid/Late game is just insane, try it!

Grasp of the Undying is still the strongest 1vs1 Keystone in lane and I take it in hard harass/splitpush matchups. Decide wisely, if u dont need Grasp of the Undying in 1vs1 trades just go for Cometplank since it scales so much better in mid/lategame.
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Standard build

I usually always go for Sapphire Crystal + Refillable Potion as starters. After Parrrley nerfs in 8.4 u just cant start a gp10 item anymore, since u really need the extra mana. U could also start Corrupting Potion - take it in hard early lanes.

If u have atleast 700g I would recommend to back off, get ur Sheen.

If u need to back up early and only have 450g, Cull is decent, since u get freegold, 7 AD + 3 life on hit.

Always try to rush Trinity Force.

With patch 8.12 and Sterak's Gage changes, its no necessary item for GP anymore. We used to build it to increase the Trinity Force sheen procs, but this is gone now. U can still build it for tankyness, especially when they have AP + AD assassins but a Guardian Angel or Maw of Malmortius will be better now.

Now I usually rush Caulfield's Warhammer for the 10% cdr. Decide how good u are in game for ur next item. Finish it and get ur Essence Reaver.

Now I love the new Edge of Night. Gives us AD + Lethality + HP and a Spellshield.

Get ur Infinity Edge for the 75% Crit and more Crit damage.

For the last item, check what u need. The new Edge of Night is a good roundup, since it gives us hp + ad + lethality and a shield.

Mortal Reminder when u play vs 2+ hard healing champs.

If u need sometankyness get a Guardian Angel or Maw of Malmortius or Sterak's Gage.

75% Crit should always be core now!

Ninja Tabi: I always go for Ninja Tabi, since u face 70%+ AD toplaner/jungler. Even when they have much magic damage, Ninja Tabi are always worth since there is always an AD-Carry u play against. And thx to ur Remove Scurvy, u have a perma Quicksilver Sash and dont need the tenacity from Mercury's Treads. I recommend Mercury's Treads only when every champ has CC and they dont have much onhit/AA damage.

Trinity Force: Not much to say about, this item is selfexplanatory and ur must have, always.

Edge of Night: Lethality is still very good on GP, since it scales so good with the 40% armorpen from ur Powder Keg. Just dont build Edge of Night when they stack armor. After 100+ armor, Lord Dominik's Regards is better.

Infinity Edge: After crit update @ 9.3 we love Infinity Edge, again. Sure its not as strong as it used to be with 250% Crit damage, but 225% is still alot.

Essence Reaver: It went a good item again after patch 9.3. Gives us 25% Crit chance + 60AD + 20%cdr. Together with Infinity Edge we have our core 50% crit chance. If u crit, its insane damage. If not, u still got alot of ad and together with ur Trinity Force and lethality/armorpen items its good damage.

Lord Dominik's Regards/ Mortal Reminder: Since they give full armorpen again and especially after buffs @ 9.3 they are really good roundups as last item. But only take them if needed! Lethality is nearly always better, u only need them when enemies have hard healing or 3+ armor stacking tanks.

Phantom Dancer: Probably just better than a Sterak's Gage after Phantom Dancer rework. Same passive hp shield, just better stats (25% crit - movspeed).

vs heavy AP

U face heavy AP (Ap Top + Jungle + Mid)? Get an early Hexdrinker and upgrade it later into a Maw of Malmortius. Its still a very good item on GP.

Remember that ur Maw of Malmortius shield passive dont stack with Phantom Dancer shield so u shouldnt get both.

vs heavy AD/heal

U play vs heavy AD? Get a Guardian Angel last. Heavy heal enemy team ( Fiora/ Nasus top + Warwick Jungle etc)? Get a Mortal Reminder.


With Ninja Tabi + Youmuu's Ghostblade + Trinity Force + Infinity Edge + Essence Reaver + Lord Dominik's Regards u deal ~900 damage with Powder Keg on targets with 100 armor without critting. If Powder Keg crits, the damage is about 1400+.

When u sell boots in lategame for Phantom Dancer u have 75% crit chance then for more consistent bursts.

Oneshots are gone since they removed good old lethality rune times. Here are 2 juicy oneshots back from Season 7:


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Skill Sequence

Gangplank is one of the hardest champs to master. Sure, u get his Powder Keg mechanic after 50 games, Panthom Barrels, Tripple Barrels etc isnt thard hard to master but the difficult thing about GP is to know when to go in or not, when to split or not, what build u need in which situationetc. Especially in Plat2+ elo, enemys know how to fck GP. They know they can permadive/gank u in lane. They know they need to clear barrels in fights. And to not feed and get ur items to smash them, thats the difficult part on GP, especially when the elo gets higher.

After patch 8.4 i recommend to play more passive early, dont spam every Parrrley on ur enemy, use Parrrley to farm, save ur mana since u get fast oom. U really need to stay in lane until u got atleast 700g for ur Sheen. Our captain isnt the Q spamming early bot anymore, we are back to roots now!
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After Teleport nerfs patch 8.14 I came back to use Exhaust in a few matchups. Especially vs hard burst matchups (Riven/Trynda/Zed) etc I would recommend to take Flash + Exhaust. But overall Flash + Teleport is still our best choice.
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Team Work

Gangplank is a great splitpusher and u should ALWAYS splitpush and farm. Before u dont have 2-3 Damage items and especially before lvl13 its just useless to group since ur Powder Keg are sh1t and u are sh1t. After u reach lvl13 and have some items, try to split as hard as u can, since u have Cannon Barrage and Teleport to help ur team. But dont make the mistake to only split, since ur team needs u.
I usually split very much, but always have an eye on my team. If they get engaged on, I ult and tp to the fight. If u fall behind or they have a better splitpusher ( Jax/ Fiora etc) u should consider to stay grouped since ur Powder Keg are such a good teamfighting tool.
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Farming is the most difficult thing on Gangplank, especially in Plat2+ Elo. U really need to learn that u sometimes have to miss like ~20 cs early to stay in game. U will get sitted, u will get countered and a few lasthits arent worth dying for. U need to give up some farm very often, to stay in game. But thats ok since u have ur Q for tons of bonus cäsh.
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All in all our captain got one of the best reworks and is one of the funniest champs ingame. At the same time he is one of the hardest champs to master, especially in high elo. Ur core mechanic is the barrel managment. Pre lvl13 and especially pre lvl7 ur Powder Keg suck so hard. 1.5 and 1.0 sec to proc them make them very useless to start dynamic plays. So try to harass ur lane opponent as much as u can with ur Parrrley but always keep a defensive Powder Keg to be save. If u have no Powder Keg left and they are on CD, play passive for a while in this moment since then u cant do anything. Once u get ur items and reached lvl13, u will become a monster.
And never forget, if u kill an enemy or more, always write in ALL-chat: GET GOTTED! :)

League of Legends Build Guide Author STIERNACKENTYP
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Cometplank is dead, will update @preseason

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