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Alistar Build Guide by DixonTheGuideMaker

Support 🐮Complete Alistar guide by Dixon 📜 12.14 ✅

Support 🐮Complete Alistar guide by Dixon 📜 12.14 ✅

Updated on August 4, 2022
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League of Legends Build Guide Author DixonTheGuideMaker Build Guide By DixonTheGuideMaker 851 Views 0 Comments
851 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author DixonTheGuideMaker Alistar Build Guide By DixonTheGuideMaker Updated on August 4, 2022
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Runes: Aftershock

1 2

Biscuit Delivery
Cosmic Insight

+8 ability haste
+6 Armor
+15-140 HP (lvls 1-18)


1 2
Flash + Ignite
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


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Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
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Champion Build Guide

🐮Complete Alistar guide by Dixon 📜 12.14 ✅

By DixonTheGuideMaker
Hello everyone and welcome to one of my guides! This guide contains useful information and general knowledge based on my own game experience + open source info from Internet about the champ 💡📚📈🔍

My name is Max, but you can call me Dixon as well. I'm from Ukraine so English is not my native language and I can do some mistakes (I'm sorry for that). However, you can also write me comments and I'm able to answer you in English, German, Russian and Ukrainian languages since I understand all of them, but in different levels of knowledge. 😄

I started to play League of Legends in 2016. My highest ELO at the moment is Platinum 2 (soloQ) and 💎Diamond 4 (flexQ) on EU-West server (top 5% best players at the server).

I would like to invite you to subscribe to my YouTube channel where I'm going to make a lot of League of Legends content in English:
You will also find my streams on Twitch by following this link:

I'm not a hardcore high elo player, but I enjoy this game and share this passion with all the people who find my content as interesting or useful.

I hope this guide will help you to improve your champion's understanding so it would be more fun to play!

Let me know in the comments section if you find any mistakes or outdated information so I could fix it! Thanks in advance!

Have a nice reading! 📖🤓
1. Alistar is a very easy Support to learn which makes him a great starting Support for players who want to learn the role.

2. Your Headbutt is really versatile which offers you tons of outplay potential in lane and in team fights. During the laning phase, you can use your Headbutt on minions as well as champions to make it easier for you to land your combo.

3. Your Ultimate Unbreakable Will offers you tons of protection. It allows you to tower dive the enemy and be the frontline champ your team needs in fights.

1. Alistar has limited range. With good enemy positioning, it can be incredibly difficult for him to engage.

2. Unfortunately, Alistar relies on his team more than some other Supports. Before engaging with his Headbutt + Pulverize combo, he needs to make sure his team is nearby and ready to follow up.

3. Once he’s gone in, it’s difficult for Alistar to escape unless he has Flash. Even with his tanky stats, he is vulnerable in a team fight.

Thanks to his passive skill, Alistar can periodically restore health to himself and his surrounding allies. All you need to do is to use the basic skills correctly and be in the area where the enemies are dying. It may look like a small cure from the outside, but in reality it helps a lot when playing on the line. Especially the allied carry will be happy with it. For the automatic healing to work, you need to accumulate 7 charges. Every minion that dies on the line will give you a charge. Also, a charge is given if Alistar stuns an enemy champion or rolls him with Headbutt. In fact, after each wave of minions, Alistar will activate his passive. It is advisable to make sure that the treatment is always received by an ally.

A superb skill that gives control a group of enemies. The main use of this skill is, of course, controlling enemies and initiating combat. Damage is of secondary importance, though the skill can do a lot of damage in total. It's important to understand that the skill is not applied instantly, and Alistar takes time swinging his hands. This can be used, for example, to cast a Flash right after the skill is cast and get close to the enemy. You should also take into account the fact that if you're just running towards your enemies, then at the moment of impact they can use a small delay and e.g. jump aside. Of course we are talking about fractions of a second, but even that is enough to make a mistake and give the enemy the opportunity to escape from you. The fact that the skill first tosses and then stuns is actually a very interesting and important feature. It's important to understand that 1.5 seconds of stun and 1 second of toss + 0.5 seconds of stun are not the same thing. The point is that the duration of the stun effect can be reduced by various artifacts or hero abilities, while the duration of the toss will always be 1 second (specifically in this skill). Thus, regardless of whether or not the enemy has bought the Mercury's Treads item for example, the minimum control effect will be 1 second + the remainder of the stun effect. Initially the ability's cooldown is quite high, but increasing the level of the skill can significantly reduce this figure and already at level 4 the cooldown will be comparable to level 1 of Headbutt, which means that we can make the main combo as often as possible.

Alistar's most difficult skill to use. Most often the ability is used in conjunction with Pulverize. That is, we dash to the enemy and activate Pulverize skill during the flight. This way, when the enemy comes into contact with us, Alistar will immediately throw him in the air. Of course, this is just a small illustration and in general the skill can be used in different situations. Alistar can not only throw enemies, but also throw them over small obstacles. Sometimes this can make you throw the enemy into a trap, or save his life in case of bad luck. Of course the main use of the skill is knockback, but nevertheless the ability can deal decent damage and has a good AP damage boost. An interesting thing about this skill is that Alistar ignores obstacles when jumping. In this way you can, for example, overcome small unevenness of the terrain. Of course, Alistar needs a target to activate this skill and that target can be a neutral monster in the forest. We set a ward and apply the skill on neutral monsters. Alistar will jump to the monsters and overcome a small obstacle. This is definitely worth considering, since Alistar has no other ways to hide from enemies and in fact Headbutt is the only skill that gives Alistar some mobility. Throwing can be used to disrupt the effect of various jumps that other champions can use (like Maokai, Lee Sin or Vi). The effect is not always predictable when applied to bouncing enemies. It can be glitchy. For example, the game may wait for the enemy to fly to the endpoint and only at that moment is Headbutt applied, or vice versa, it may use Headbutt first and then the enemy makes his jump. In other words, during the attack you should take into account the fact that Alistar can behave quite strangely.

A very important ability in Alistar's arsenal. The damage of the skill is more of a nice addition here and the ability is mostly used as an additional source of control. First of all, I want to draw your attention to the fact that when activated for 5 seconds Alistar can pass through units and this is quite important for a champion with melee attack. When playing in a lane, minions can just block the path and you won't have time to get close to the enemy and use Pulverize. In combat, this extra second of stun plays a very important role and this feature combines very well with the other abilities of the champion.

The 70% protection provided by the Ultimate makes Alistar one of the best tanks, even without any defense artifacts. It's important to understand that the ult reduces incoming magical and physical damage, but the skill will not help against true damage. So keep a close eye on the composition of the enemy team and consider the skills that can deal true damage (e.g. Cho'Gath, Vayne, Olaf, Fiora or Darius have this kind of damage). It's a good idea to calculate how much mana you need to use all your basic skills and ultimate. It would be a shame if you jump into a crowd of enemies and find that you are 20-30 mana short of the mana needed to use CC.
is a good protective item for supports to increase survivability of your champion by increasing HP, armor and magic resistance and to cover your allies nearby by a massive shielding.

is a protective item that increases damage your allies are able to deal on-hit. You should buy this item mostly in a game with at least one good auto-attacker in your team.

This item will increase survivability of both your champion and ADC. It's especially useful if an enemy team has champions with burst type of damage.

is a particularly effective defensive option when facing down opponents whose damage is dealt primarily through basic attacks, or against opponents that utilize healing from attacks to survive fights (such as life steal). It's very useful against such champions like Aatrox, Warwick, Nasus, Darius etc.

The item also works well with champions that desire ability haste, have mana problems and make very good use of the passive for extra dueling potential. It is one of the few items to counter champions that function heavily around using basic attacks, such as most of marksmen or champions like Kayle, Yasuo, Tryndamere, Master Yi and other auto-attackers. If the enemy team has no champions who deal most of their damage by auto-attacks and don't buy items for attack speed then it can be better to buy something like Gargoyle Stoneplate or other protective item instead.

buy this item if you want to have nice movement speed to roam across the map or to split push. The item provides also some HP and armor that makes it a good choice for tanks and bruisers who lack mobility.

buy this item if you want to have nice movement speed to roam across the map or to split push. The item provides also some HP and magic resistance that makes it a good choice for tanks and bruisers who lack mobility. It's also a good option against teams with lots of champions with magical type of damage.

is a strong counter against basic auto-attackers that stack well on critical strike chance, like Yasuo, Tryndamere, Yone and most of marksmen. You should consider to buy this item if the enemy team 2 or more champions who rely on critical strike damage.

you should buy this item and use this effect on such champions which are:
- An enemy champion that deals a lot of damage in general.
- An enemy champion that consistently matches you and contests your pushes on the side lane.
- An enemy champion that is very ahead, or poses a much greater threat than other enemy champions.
- An enemy champion that is the only reliable source of physical or magical damage on that team (this means you are able to choose them as the Nemesis and itemize against everyone else).

is good in particular early-mid game on roaming champions that want to quickly gank different lanes. They lose most value when team fights start to happen. The boots are also good for chasing and escaping.

are very useful against heavy AD teams or particular AD champions with strong auto-attacks. If the enemy team has at least one auto-attack based champion, you can buy these boots. However, if there is no auto-attackers at all, you can spend your money to buy other boots.

This rune offers your champion some additional protection and gives you access to the Resolve rune tree.

This rune gives you opportunity to destroy enemy towers faster. You can use the rune to get more gold early on from enemy tower platings after you killed the enemy or if he left the lane to restore his HP or to roam to another lane. So this runes gives your champion some additional tower pressure at all stages of the game.

The rune will give a good amount of additional protection in the mid and late game, especially if you buy some items with armor or magic resistance.

This rune will give you 200+ additional HP in the late game which can be a matter of life and death for your champion sometimes. This rune is also an indirect protection against assassins and other champions with strong burst damage. Thanks to the rune, you can survive their combo and be able to respond somehow by using abilities, summoners spells or active items.

This is a great utility rune which is able to slow down several enemies at once and reduce their damage to your allies, excluding your champion. It's very useful during team fights.

This rune allows you to teleport your champion on a short distance and to replace standard Flash while it's on cooldown. But you have to remember that you can use it not immediately, but after some delay. Usually this runes is used from a bush to suddenly attack an enemy champion.

The rune helps you to live through the early game and permanently increases a little bit your mana pool which is also helpful since you will not be in need so fast to do Recall just to restore mana.

Cosmic Insight is one of the most popular runes to take when taking the Inspiration Tree. Cosmic Insight grants the user 18 Summoner Spell haste and 10 Item Haste. If the Champion relies on items a lot, it may also be a good idea to take this mastery because it will lower the Cooldown of those items.


Flash is the most frequent choice of all players in League of Legends. Such popularity of the spell is caused by the fact that Flash is able to instantly teleport you on a short distance. This distance is enough to dodge some hostile abilities or to jump back and avoid an unexpected gank. With the help of Flash, you can overcome various obstacles like walls, pillars and other different obstacles. Flash is equally good to use for both attack and defense. This gives the spell some versatility. The summoner spell cannot be used if you have been silenced (you cannot use skills for some time). Also, Flash cannot be used under the effect of hard control abilities such as stun or fear.

Exhaust is an extremely powerful tool for disabling champions who mainly autoattack, as well as any champion that can deal a high amount of damage. When your team is chasing an enemy and he is getting away, using Exhaust on him will help your team gain the upper hand. Using it against enemies when escaping can help you as their movement speed will be greatly decreased.

Ignite provides players an offensive utility and damage spell that scales with level. A well-placed healing reduction debuff from Ignite can severely limit the effectiveness of enemy healing items, as well as healing abilities from champions like Soraka, Aatrox, Vladimir, Volibear and Warwick. It is considered a direct counter to Dr. Mundo, Soraka, Aatrox and Swain because they are reliant on their healing-based abilities. The healing reduction debuff also applies to life steal, omnivamp, etc.
EARLY GAME (average):
Alistar’s first power spike is once he hits level 2 as he will gain access to the two main CC tools he needs to start skirmishes with the enemy. Hitting level 2 first and unlocking both your Headbutt and Pulverize is crucial to gaining an early advantage. After Alistar has picked up his Boots, he can start to roam around the map freely. As he has a lot of kill pressure, he should look to roam when opportunities arise. At level 6, Alistar can go for riskier plays thanks to the added protection his Ultimate Unbreakable Will provides him. At this stage of the game, he can look for potential dive opportunities in the bottom or mid lane.

Your goal is to hit level three as quickly as you can. Once you unlock your abilities, you should be on the lookout to all-in the enemy whenever they extend beyond their safe zone. If the enemy laners are playing safe, you should roam around and see if you can make plays elsewhere. The roaming becomes a mandatory thing once you get your boots as Alistar roams are very powerful. During an all-in, always make sure you Headbutt the most important/most mobile target when possible. Always try to call your Jungler before you crash a huge wave into the enemy tower as you can set up a tower dive with your Ultimate Unbreakable Will.

MID GAME (average):
During the mid-game, teams will start to group. This is good for Alistar as it will allow him to get a multi-person knock-up with his Headbutt + Pulverize combo. In the mid-game, Alistar’s abilities will be on shorter cooldowns. This can enable him to go for more picks and increase his team's lead. In addition to lower cooldowns, Alistar would have purchased items that make him incredibly tanky. This is good for Alistar as he will be able to take more damage and survive fights. He can also be a much beefier frontline champion.

Keep roaming around and invading the enemy Jungle regularly. Drop deep wards whenever you get the chance and try to keep track of the enemy Jungler. You should always backup your Jungler while they are busy invading. During objective fights, always try to get a multi-man knockup when you can. If such a thing is not possible, focus the enemy Jungler and do whatever you can to keep him out of the objective pit. This will let your Jungler Smite the objective peacefully. While warding, keep looking at the map and see if you can flank the enemy and dive them under their tower with your Ultimate Unbreakable Will. Only do this if your team is in a position to follow up, and displace the enemy carry with your Pulverize.

LATE GAME (average):
In the late game, Alistar will be incredibly tanky as he would’ve picked up multiple defensive items that will help keep him and his team alive. At level 16, Alistar will have put 3 points in his Ultimate Unbreakable Will. With the insane damage reduction this ability offers him, he should be able to survive all team fights for a long period of time. Teams will be grouping together in the late parts of the game. This is good for Alistar as he will still be able to get a multi-person knock-up with his Headbutt and Pulverize combo.

Keep looking for picks when possible, especially in the side lanes when the enemy carries are trying to catch the waves. Try to sit in the enemy Jungle when possible as it can let you flank the enemy when they push up. You will also be able to catch out the enemy Support while they are warding. Due to your short Ultimate Unbreakable Will cooldown, you should try to instigate as many tower dives as you possibly can. Your goal at this point is to all-in the enemy carry/carries, and then move back to your carries while peeling for them. Keep the turret aggro on you if you have to, but drop it once you start getting low. With your kit, it should be really easy to secure picks before major neutral fights. Do your best to play around with vision and set death brushes when possible. If you manage to take the enemy Jungler out before a major fight, your Headbutt and Pulverize should allow you to zone the enemy carries out while your team takes the neutral objective.

Try your hardest to dodge Vel'Koz Plasma Fission in lane. Invest in early Boots if you’re struggling to dodge this ability. As soon as he channels his Ultimate Life Form Disintegration Ray, either disengage, CC him or commit to the all-in. Hard CC will interrupt his Ultimate Life Form Disintegration Ray, but roots do not. After Vel'Koz has a few points in his Plasma Fission, he’s damage output is going to be high. Make sure you’re always near the minion wave so you can run into it if needed.

Force team fights as soon as possible: preferably when his Ultimate Life Form Disintegration Ray is on cooldown. Do not delay a team fight as it will allow him to poke your team down with his Plasma Fission and Void Rift. Avoid team fighting or forcing objectives like the Baron or Dragon when Vel'Koz is alive and nearby. He has great poke thanks to his Plasma Fission, Void Rift and Life Form Disintegration Ray which will make it difficult for your team to secure the objective easily. Avoid fighting in chokepoints like inside the jungle as it will give Vel'Koz an easier time landing his Tectonic Disruption, doing damage with his Void Rift and melting your team with his Ultimate Life Form Disintegration Ray.

Vel'Koz first major power spike is once he hits level 6 as his Ultimate Life Form Disintegration Ray offers him tons of kill pressure. Vel'Koz is really good in team fights thanks to the poke and AOE damage from his abilities. Try to fight when he is not there or when his Ultimate Life Form Disintegration Ray is down.

Swain is super squishy and immobile. Good times to trade with him are when he’s walked forward trying to harass. When laning, make sure you’re always stood far back but in front of your Caster Minions. This will make it impossible for him to land his root Nevermove and CC you. At level 6, his kill pressure and survivability increases. Unless you have the advantage, disengage as soon as he activates his Ultimate Demonic Ascension.

Swain is good in team fights thanks to his AOE Ultimate Demonic Ascension. Forcing a fight or fighting when Swain isn’t around will make it easier for your team to win team fights. Avoid grouping too closely around objectives or in team fights as it may allow Swain to land a really good multi-person Nevermove and start the team fight. Burst and poke is the best way of winning a fight against Swain. Try to poke him down before a team fight starts. When he activates his Ultimate Demonic Ascension, burst him down so he is unable to dish out lots of damage.

At level 6, Swain’s damage output and survivability increases. You shouldn’t commit to a fight with him unless you can burst him down quickly as his Ultimate Demonic Ascension will offer him extra protection and health regeneration. Swain’s early game is abusable as he is really weak early on. Once the mid-game hits, you’ll have to play more respectable. He is really good in team fights thanks to his AOE Ultimate Demonic Ascension. Bursting him down at the start of the fight will make it difficult for him to deal damage and win the fight.

Janna will try to poke as often as she can with her Zephyr and auto-attacks. If you’re playing as a melee champion, try to minimize your time spent overextended while getting warding quest stacks. She may wait for her shield Eye Of The Storm to be up before trading. This pattern is pretty common against champions who can return fire when she looks to trade. Use the Eye Of The Storm cooldown time frame to poke her. When playing as a melee champion, make sure Janna doesn’t bully you down with basic attacks. When you can’t engage, stand out of range and in line with your ADC so she can’t harass and bully you.

Janna may try to ward alone in the mid and late game. If she does, try to ambush her by camping in a bush near the Baron or Dragon. In team fights, Janna will try to use her Howling Gale and Monsoon to knockback/knockup enemies to delay their engage. If you need to get on to the enemy to kill them, be prepared to flank from the side to make it harder for her to anticipate your movements.

Janna is very strong once she has a few points in her Zephyr. This can make it difficult for you to trade against her when she has her Zephyr available as she may come out ahead. Go for all ins rather than short trades. Once Janna has her Ardent Censer, she is going to become really obnoxious in lane and look to poke whenever her Zephyr is available. Try to engage on her as soon as possible and do not let her poke you down. Janna is always going to be strong once she has her Monsoon because it provides so much utility to herself and her team. Look to play hyper aggressive when she doesn’t have it available to increase your kill potential in lane.

Alistar can and probably will engage as soon as you get into range. Try to stay at max range at all times to limit his ability to engage with his Headbutt + Pulverize. Even though Alistar’s Headbutt is a point and click ability, you can still dodge it by dashing, blinking or flashing before it hits you. You can also interrupt the dash with knock-ups, knockbacks or knockdowns. Alistar will look to roam if the lane gets stale. Make sure to punish him by looking to fight the enemy ADC or zone them away from farm while he’s gone. Make sure you ping as soon as he leaves lane so your allies know he’s gone.

Alistar will not hesitate to Flash over walls to start fight. Be sure to ward your flanks when sieging an objective or starting the Baron or Dragon. Alistar’s Ultimate Unbreakable Will provides him with a ton of extra defensive stats. In team fights, don’t focus him as it will be very hard for you to kill him. Instead, try to peel back and wait for his Ultimate Unbreakable Will to end before focusing him down. Avoid grouping very closely as a team and never stand together inside the jungle. Alistar’s basic Headbutt + Pulverize combo has a rather large AOE and you may lose the team fight if he can get a multiperson knock up.

At level 1, make sure to harass and poke Alistar with basic attacks to get his health low before he reaches level 2. His level 2 all-in is pretty strong, so you should try and get a health advantage to make it impossible for him to engage. Once level 6, Alistar can engage freely and tower dive with his Ultimate Unbreakable Will. If you’re lower than 50% health, make sure you recall as he can easily tower dive and survive thanks to his Unbreakable Will. Once Alistar picks up Mobi Boots, he can roam and help other lanes. As soon as he leaves lane, ping that he is missing. Communication is key and you need to communicate with your teammates when he’s gone.

Wow, have you really read the guide till this moment? I hope it was useful and interesting for you. Let me know it please by voting!

And don't forget to visit and check my YouTube channel! Maybe you will like it! 😉
Many civilizations have resisted Noxus, but none as long as the clans of the Great Barrier mountains. Though these fierce minotaurs had protected the overland trade routes to the ancient city of Zaun for centuries, they preferred to avoid Valoran’s wider conflicts.

The noble warrior Alistar was respected among all the clans. Out on the mountain peaks, his roar could scatter even the bravest trespassers, leaving only the foolhardy to face him in combat. Even so, in the moot halls he would always urge his kin to forge greater bonds with other mortal races. Many saw minotaurs as little more than beasts, which soured any interaction and kept them firmly as outsiders.

Then Noxus came, promising something better. Their emissary, the matriarch of House Tewain, proclaimed that the empire was poised to take Basilich, a coastal city to the east. However, she pledged that they would not do this without the support of the great clans of the mountains, and called for parley on neutral ground.

Many of the minotaurs were eager to accept her offer. This was a way to gain the power and recognition they sought, by joining with Noxus.

But Alistar remained skeptical he had encountered many Noxian scouts in recent years, and knew them to be a duplicitous and cunning people. For this reason, his clan sent him to meet Tewain, along with fifty of their mightiest warriors, to reject any alliance. The other clans could do as they wished, but Alistar would not accept the rule of some distant “Grand General”.

Under the banners of truce, he and his kin were betrayed.

The larger clans had already pledged themselves to Noxus, and their representatives turned against him as soon as he made his position known. The battle was swift and bloody, and Alistar himself crushed Lady Tewain’s skull with his bare hands, but soon enough he and his surviving warriors found themselves bound in chains, headed for the distant Noxian capital, accused of inciting rebellion.

These unfortunate minotaurs found themselves cast into the Reckoning arenas of the capital, as part of a grim gladiatorial festival known as the Fleshing.

Alistar was appalled by the chanting of the bloodthirsty spectators. He implored his clanfolk not to fight back, not to give these Noxians the monstrous display they so craved…

When the festival ended twenty-one days later, Alistar was the only member of his tribe left. Pelted with pebbles and rotten fruit from the crowd, dragged out to face Reckoner after Reckoner, he was driven to fight like a beast and think like one. He killed and killed until even his memories of home became stained with blood.

Alistar had fallen far by the time he met Ayelia, a servant girl in the arenas. At first he bellowed and charged the bars of his cage, expecting her to fear or goad him like the others, but Ayelia did neither.

She returned every day, and spoke to him with gentle respect, until eventually Alistar answered in kind. Ayelia’s homeland had also been claimed by Noxus, and seeing his suffering had convinced her they should leave this hateful city together. She whispered her plans through the bars, and for the first time in years Alistar found he could think of home without dwelling on the way it had been taken from him.

One night, Ayelia brought Alistar the key to his cell. She had sacrificed much to arrange this escape, and he swore he would repay her tenfold.

They hurried to the river, where a cargo barge awaited them. However, as they boarded, Noxian agents burst from the shadows. Alistar hurled himself into battle, his vision tunneled with rage, and although Ayelia called out to him again and again, he did not hear.

By the time Alistar had slain their attackers, the boat was gone—and Ayelia with it so he fled south on foot instead. He searched everywhere for the servant girl, but found nothing. Had she been captured? Killed? It seemed there were no clues left to find.

Weeks later, a political coup shook the empire to its dark foundations, and the arena minotaur’s escape was quite forgotten.

Alistar now travels alone, as quietly and anonymously as he can, encouraging resistance in Noxian held territories and fighting on behalf of the downtrodden and the abused. Only when he has cleared the shame from his heart, repaying every cruelty and every kindness, will Alistar return to the mountains and leave his rage behind.

And in every city he passes through, he asks after Ayelia.
League of Legends Build Guide Author DixonTheGuideMaker
DixonTheGuideMaker Alistar Guide
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🐮Complete Alistar guide by Dixon 📜 12.14 ✅

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